Granit Xhaka not impressed with Mikel Arteta over mixed messages

Arsenal midfielder, Granit Xhaka has been angered by Mikel Arteta’s inconsistent stance over his future.

Arteta has been open with his admiration for the Swiss midfielder and even claimed that he wanted to sign him for Manchester City.

However, in private, he has told the midfielder that he can leave the club if the right club meets Arsenal’s terms.

This inconsistency has left Xhaka angry according to reports in his native country via Express Sports.

Xhaka has reportedly agreed terms with Hertha Berlin over a return to Germany, but the Germans are struggling to meet Arsenal’s asking price, it remains unclear if that move will pull through next month.

Xhaka started Arteta’s first game and looks set to keep his place, however, his unhappiness at how he was treated by the club during his saga with the fans remains.

It is unclear why Arteta has told him he can leave as Arsenal are short of experienced midfielders at the moment, perhaps the club is looking to bring in reinforcements.

The Gunners have been linked with a move for Adrien Rabiot, but they may have to sign him permanently as Juventus are unwilling to allow him to leave on loan next month.


  1. Arteta might want to replace Xhaka because:

    – Xhaka failed three managers at Arsenal
    – I believe Arteta would want a CDM in the mold of Fernandinho
    – Xhaka has a bad relationship with some fans

    1. Your second point does not make any sense, it’s wishful thinking.

      We already have a CDM in Torreira.

      I honestly don’t understand fans sometimes.

      1. Torreira is awful, stop sugar coating crap players! We have the worse middield trio of Xhaka Guendouzi and Torreira!

        1. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣That is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard in a while, thanks Jimmy

          1. I think we should sell Torreira and Xhaka as they are useless players in demand. Torreira is Napoli priority and they also love Kolas! Swap both and bring Koulibaly home sweet home! Market

            Market values:
            Torreira 45M
            Xhaka : 30M

            Koulibaly : 75M
            Kurzawa : 10M or loan.

            Rowe must be well loaned as Nelson last january, for devellopment as Mav or Holding, they need play time.

            In January we would this way.

            Bellerin – Koulibaly – Chambers – kurzawa
            Niles Willock

            Nelson Laca Auba

            Bench : Pepe Gendouzi, Luiz or Ozil, Mav or Holding, Martinelli, Saka.

            Upon games and opponents we can go for more attacking with Ozil or more defensive with Luiz, knowing that he can pass and good playing forward, pushes team to play higher, put pressure.

            By then, we have 3 games at least, Blues, Man U, at Palace; 6 points/2 games away from relegation with same issue over and over, that CD zone.

            Henry said it, no scoop, we been all saying this all season long and last already!

            If this man does not play a new formation; how can this sinking changes? Auba can score indeed, but with a big hole in damn bucket, it is useless!

            Arteta is on formation for two last games even if not on bench at first one, he should have seen what the all world does; that hole and same CB zone, with same players and formation!

            Must play 4-1 formation with Luiz infront of CBs or we will lose all 3 games, may draw one; that’s 100%! Relegation zone!

            Of course no Sokratis even on bench, Henry didn’t name but who else is played with Luiz?

            This is how we win or at least draw with lots of goals. 4-1 formation which fills that hole up and Luiz hability to play forward, team will be flying and on opponent’s half, possessions…

            Bellerin – Mustafi – Mav – Chambers
            Niles Willock
            Pepe Laca Auba

            Chambers can play there, far more saffer than Saka, considering speed of these teams going forward without naming any players, so many…

      2. Have you ever seen Kante play as a lone CDM?

        Kante played with another DM in 4-4-1-1 formation at Leicester and in 3-4-2-1 formation at Chelsea. Then he played in front of a lone CDM in 4-3-3 formation there

        Torreira has similar role and playing style as Kante’s, which is a mobile DM. I doubt Kante and Torreira can play like Fernandinho, Fabinho, Busquets, Casemiro and Matic, who always sit in front of CBs

        1. OK which mobile DM does Fernandinho play with?

          We overthink things in football these days to try act smart.

          The way Man City, Liverpool or Barcelona play is that every player works hard to win the ball back, they may have one CDM that shields the back and two mobile mids in front of them. Just because they defend and win the ball back like they’re required to, doesn’t make them defensive midfielders, they’re box to box mids.

          Let’s not try act smart and argue symantecs, and say there’s a difference between the CDM and DM please, miss me with that bull sh*t

          Guendouzi and Ceballos with Torreira lying deep can do the job given the time and right instructions.

  2. Xhaka is the only mf we have with the right physique for EPL, yes, he get distracted and hot tempered some time, he is still one of the best we have currently in his position, however, he seems to be unhappy and of course his situation with the fans has really blown over, so what else does he want the coach to say? Put a gun to his head and demand that he stays? His departure will be OK for everyone, though he put in decent performance in his recent game which make everyone silent yet but he can’t be getting 7/10 everytime, am sure a small mistake from him would trigger fans wrath once again, so we don’t have luxury of time for such distraction

  3. Listen Artea is 100% correct, might like you as a player, might rate you highly but if your head is not Arsenal, F CK Off, the club do not want you, oh and close the door behind you.

  4. Whatever the actual truth about the , to my mind, dubious “mixed messages” that Xhaka has claimed to have been given, (which I do not believe for one moment) it is clear to me that Xhaka will not be here next season and for that lovely thought I am thrilled. This dreadful player, who has been hopeless right from his very start here, possessing zero pace, zero quick thinking, who is cumbersome and totally unaware of what goes on around him and should NEVER have been bought, is finally in his last awful season. Rejoice, as his clumsy, rash and slow paced type are totally unsuited to the 100 mph Prem play and he has been holding us back ever since he came. I was posting after just a handful of games that he was a bad buy. And I was right, as are countless other shrewd Gooners too, who will also be thrilled to see the back of him. GOOD RIDDANCE, XHAKA!

    1. I absolutely concur Jon. In addition, whatever his abilities or otherwise, the minute he behaved as he did when substituted should have meant he never wore an Arsenal shirt again. It was absolutely shameful that he did and shows that Arsenal, once renowned for their class and dignity as a club have sunk to the most expedient depths under the current ownership. I abhor any abuse or threats which may have been directed against Xhaka or his family and, if they were true but please excuse my uncertainty, would show that we Arsenal fans would also have lost our dignity – if, as I stress, they were true and I personally have not as yet seen any actual evidence.

  5. I don’t understand this fixation with big bulky players in the midfield.

    We just need players good enough to hold and carry the ball forward, and have great technical abilities and passing.

    Hell I’d take Ramsey back rather than all these untested midfielders you have mentioned.

    A bulky mid won’t do us any good if there is no fluidity and understanding within the squad. Watford have bulky mids but they are not playing well now aren’t they?

    Whatever player Arteta gets for the midfield, I hope he gets what he wants in his plan for midfield and the rest of the team.

  6. You guys keep talking about Ramsey, what was his achievement in his 10yrs? When Ramsey started featuring for Arsenal, Dele has probably yet to start professionals football, and between the 2 guys if I ask you to choose, it’s obvious. Ramsey, Wilshire, had their time and injuries really denied us of a great player we could have had especially Wilshire whom I really rate. Forward thinking only, Ramsey is in the past.
    I hope MA stick with Lacca tomorrow who I see as a big team player, probably Nelson should be dropped

    1. Adajim, Yes, there has been a lot of hasty revisionism about the often injured and very inconsistent Ramsey over his ten years here. Just a year before he left, most on here were happy to see the back of him , due to his regular inconsistency which went right though his Arsenal career. Just because he left when having one of his good spells and because we have even poorer players here now, many self foolers are hastily posting that he was the best thing since sliced bread. He was NOT and honest Gooners will admit that. I really loathe those who are dishonest with themselves. I never do this but call it as I truly see it, honestly and straightforward, whether or not I like the situation. If you cannot be honest with even yourself, what chance have you of ever being an honest person in general? None, I’d say!

  7. If we get Rabiot then nothing like it…
    Torreira, Ceballos and Rabiot as Midfield will b too good to handle..

  8. I fully expect all of our experienced players to leave over the next 18 months. Xhaka, Ozil, Auba, Laca, Luiz, Mustafi, Socratis and probably a few others will leave as we need to reduce the wage bill still further. Our recruitment team will really need to up their game.

  9. Thx Xhaka for ummm whatever you
    provided, best of luck @ HB.

    A Sangare/Partey partnership in the
    midfield would be a mouthwatering

  10. As MA said, you either buy into his philosophy or you leave – he might like Xhaka as a man, respect his way of playing football (of which he has made a career of), but having spoken to him doesn’t like his attitude to the fans…following on from MA’s statement that he needs to get the fans back onside with his players.

    That’s sounds like the mixed message Xhaka is talking about, in my opinion anyway.

    1. kEN, You may well be right but what you outline is NOT a mixed message at all. Xhaka though, being far from MENSA material, as his behaviour over his time here has amply proven, may well be trying to convince himself tht he has received mixed messages. Guilty folk usually try to justify their own faults by blaming others, INSTEAD OF FACING THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR OWN INADEQUACY. THis is lack of character and is one , among many reasons, why Xhaka was always unsuitable as captain. HE WILL BE GONE BY NEXT SEASON. OF THAT I AM BOTH SURE AND THRILLED TO KNOW.

      1. Jon, if he wants to go and MA wants him to go, all parties should be happy…there is no need to delve any further really is there.

        I can never understand what purpose it serves to try and dismantle another person, and, in this case, someone who will retire a multi-millionaire from using his god given talents (no matter how others view him) in football.
        Plus, his career it seems, still isn’t finished, with two clubs currently reported to be interested in him.

        So I would guess, he doesn’t see himself as a failure and I wish him well for the future. as for being mensa material, he’s probably got more in the bank than most of them anyway!!! Onward and Upward….

        1. Well society progresses because of those people so they’ve better work then looking at money.

  11. Well, to be fair isn’t it Xhaka and his agent that made it clear that he’s leaving? And when Arteta said he can leave he’s upset

  12. It’s in the best interests of all concerned for Xhaka to leave Arsenal.However I suspect our hierarchy will be looking for more than the 20m apparently offered by Hertha Berlin.

  13. just sell him, we can even call Melisa fills, Jordan nobbs or Jill roord from our ladies, they can do better than xhaka

    1. Mteeeeeeeeeeeeeew, now torriera is not good enough, moaners, there is no one that would be good enough to you guys even if we get kante,Toni Kross,casemiro,party,Rabiot,Messi, Ronaldo,Van Dirk, when they seem to play for Arsenal, they can’t be good enough, you guys should better get a life other than moaning,

      You think Liverpool are where they are bcux of their moaning Fans?…they stick to their player and give them utmost support even when they are down, it is easier for the player to get themselves up again and running,

      You moan when they give our youth a chance you’ll still moan when they are not given one,

      No constructive criticism,all you see is moaners…you guys should just wake up and leave this lifestyl,it won’t take us back to our glory days,the change you want begins with you…if the players feel love from the fans they are ready to die on the pitch. What the team needs now is love and support

      That is what Liverpool are dinning on. You’ll Never walk Alone

      1. What a load of tripe, talkshite was full of scousers every evening calling for Rogers and Hodgeson and calling all their players crap. It was on a scale never seen before or since.

  14. Xhaka needs to work on his attitude first. A player who masks his mistakes by pointing at others is no team player. All these media stories about Arsenal players loving Xhaka is total BS to me ’cause xhaka has a serious attitude problem. He has only one option: find a new club period

  15. All xakai was good at was his long range shooting, and wenger and emery coached that out of him, in the premiership to be a top class midfielder you have to have good speed, great control, great passer, good engine.. Can tackle.. and xakai had none of the above…

    1. Only one of your comments was binned and that was done automatically because it was such an old post. Other than that everything you post has been posted so not sure what you are unable to read or see.

  16. First good news for the January transfer window. The Swiss error-machine is off to Berlin. The clear-out has begun, prayse the lawd!

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