Granit Xhaka should have already apologised to the fans claims Arsenal legend

Ian Wright feels that Granit Xhaka should already have apologised.

Granit Xhaka’s relationship with Arsenal fans doesn’t seem to be getting better, does it? His reaction to being booed off on Sunday hasn’t helped his cause that is for sure.

The Swiss midfielder has been a liability for the Gunners this season and fans were genuinely disappointed when he was named the club’s captain at the start of the season.

His performances have been poor and that necessitated frustrated fans to boo him off as he was substituted over the weekend.

The Swiss midfielder didn’t enjoy being booed and reacted angrily to fans. But Ian Wright believes he was wrong to have reacted that way and needs to tender an apology.

Xhaka’s reaction was also condemned by his manager but Wright insists that he owes the fans an apology.
“He should be apologising, he should have apologised already,” he said.

“It’s not a case of ‘that’s the end of it,’ but that’s the guy they’ve chosen as captain and that’s not captain’s behaviour. Arsenal fans have shown a lot of patience with him and the performances he has put in. He owes them a lot more than that.”

Xhaka is playing in his fourth season for the Gunners yet he remains one player that divides opinion. On his day, he can be a match-winner and the fans love to see him score goals from far.

But he seems to lack the leadership quality that the Gunners need at the moment. It is unclear why Unai Emery still plays him when Mesut Ozil has been sidelined due to poor form as well.


  1. Arsenals biggest problem of backward and sideway passing has gotten worse under emery. I was so enthusiastic about us making top four but now i dont see how we will cope. We lack a santi mold player or fab and even if we buy the most creative number 10 he will struggle. We play in such a low tempo that we allow the opponents to go back in shape which makes us look lost and cowards as we are unable to break them down. Its not rocket science but to us it looks like a trip to neptune!
    Xhaka should be sold pronto. Its been 4 years guys!!!! Seriously? I cant even believe it. What are we waiting for? He will find the forbidden apple and all over sudden start to be creative and efficient?
    My heart was killed at the liverpool game. I saw a coward coach playing safe and already surrendering a game before the whistle was blown. After that game i knew emery isnt the man to take us forward sadly. Fast forward to today,my fears came to fruitation.
    We need a manager who has balls. No risk no win. Unfortunatly thats how life is. We are too cautious and mind you our opponents can cleary see this?
    Sadly for us arsenal lacks the balls to sack him now. I believe if we such him now we make top four.

    1. This time last season, there was so much optimism around the club. Arsenal were winning several games in a row and chants of “We’ve got our Arsenal back”, rang through the terraces. We capitulated towards the tail end, narrowly missing out on a CL place and meekly losing the EL final. Still, all was not lost and after a decent transfer window (excellent by Arsenal standards), hope was largely restored for the new season.

      Heres the conundrum: On paper we have a better squad but we’re arguably going backwards and playing worse.

      Disgruntled fans direct their anger towards individual players (Özil, Mustafi, Xhaka), which is counterproductive to building confidence.

      How can this be right?.

      One thing is for certain: Emery has been feeling the pressure to succeed more intensely since April/May and now plays ultra defensively, seemingly unwilling to play to his team’s obvious strengths.

      I think it’s perfectly acceptable to want players to do better, but the same people who criticise players like Özil (board want him out, Emery doing the dirty work) , Xhaka (the club captain who nobody rates apart from his managers and fellow team mates, yet keeps his place in the team) and Mustafi (who is largely unpopular with the fans but has seemed to work his way back into favour), are the same self entitled fans who can’t understand what the 12th man really means.

      For all his faults, why should Xhaka apologise?? Where else could you go in life and take that level of abuse in the workplace??

      1. @Welbeck

        Firstly, I feel you have a very valid point about the “counterproductive” effect of the way some fans have been acting toward Xhaka. However, as captain there are responsibilities that come with the job. Just as a captain must be the last to leave a sinking ship for example?

        As captain, you cannot tell supporters to “f**k off”, no matter how bad the situation. It is not professional and it reflects badly on the club. Xhaka represents the club in a position that arguably he should not be in, which is why are are all talking about it now.

        With that said, I do feel for Xhaka because he is continually being pushed by Emery to perform in a way he just cannot. He he is not suited to the job of creating an attacking midfield and Emery his hanging him out to dry, game after game. Yes, Xhaka should apologise for unprofessionalism. But so should Emery. To the fans and to Xhaka!!

  2. If Xhaka doesn’t apologize, Arsenal should bench him and try to sell him in January. Some Gooners are bullies, but their reactions are the reflections of Xhaka’s lack of contribution in the field

    Most Gunners selected him as their captain, which means Xhaka has big influence and he can spread his negativity easily. Rebels like him are very dangerous to the team’s harmony, hence I’m afraid Arsenal only have limited options to rectify the situation

    About him being a match winner on his day, I can only recall one match when he opened our goal account with one long shot and his long passes are very predictable. I hope Emery would try Chambers in Xhaka’s position

    1. Xhaka should apologize? The fans that abused his pregnant wife on her instagram page should apologize first. The Westham directors had summed us fans up perfectly. we are bunch of entitled fans. We always want things our way. I have watched on this fans had a go at each other because of different options but couldn’t take being told fcuk off by player who we constantly called names for years, whose wife is abuse for no reason. Mesuit has been under attack for how many years, Mustafi for how many years, Iwobi will be so please to escape us, likewise Giroud. We are now playing victim when one player has the ball to tell us fcuk off and now demanding unjustified apology. We need to say sorry to Wenger first, then Eboue, then Giroud and all players we have attacked abused. Was it not Mustafi that attacked on the driveway last season or something. Did we apologize. I will stand by him in this case because some dimwit and entitled fans deemed fit attacked his family

      1. Other clubs’ fans also behave like the Gooners. Abusing a footballer’s family is wrong, but the constructive and the positive criticisms are good for the footballer

        Xhaka’s attitude is wrong as well, because he is supposed to be role model and he disrespected Arsenal by throwing his jersey to the ground. If he doesn’t apologize for that behaviour, I’m afraid he wouldn’t get a lot of support from the fans

        He surely knew the consequences before he decided to be a professional footballer, therefore he can ask to be transfer-listed if he doesn’t like Arsenal anymore. Even if he doesn’t do that, I believe his days are already numbered

        1. I think we are being too harsh on Xhaka. He didn’t even throw the jersey to the ground. Yes, he brought the boos on himself when he defiantly decided to trudge off the pitch instead of running out, in response to the fans cheering his now infamous substitution. However, the fans have been coming after him for a long time and maybe someone needed to tell them to F off. After booing Mustafi we said we should never do it again..I hope Xhaka will be the last player though I feel either of Luiz or Sokratis have a date with the boo boys now that Xhaka will not be around to take the heat.

        2. He is suppose to be a role model! What about the fans that boo him. Ain’t they suppose to be a role model. Are there no kids in the stadium. Is it because they don’t get paid for the shirt they put on, they free to do as they like. Besides, these are the people they call anther human being donkey on the social media and monkey in the stadium but they couldn’t take been told to fcuk off. This the true definition of snowflake generation Jon always talk about.

        3. @gotanidea
          Being a professional footballer doent negate your humanity. He’s human first, and footballer second. I don’t think he owes anyone an apology. Fans need to grow up and accept the fact that they don’t own a damn thing at AFC. They just pay to see the matches. Get off their high horses in thinking that their paltry ticket or shirt buys don’t even cover a fraction of what it takes to run this club and it doesn’t give them the right to abuse any of its employees… Bunch of childish gits…

        4. @gotanidea
          Sorry but that is nonsense.
          There are grown ass men and women that are married, have wives or husbands, have children, grandkids, are in leadership roles at their places of work etc. But they are bullies that want to give it out but then cry like spoilt brats when challenged back. Weak, isn’t it?
          I did not even know that these loons have been targeting Xhakas pregnant wife online, no wonder the guys frustration boiled over.
          I have been the one that has been saying how Xhaka is not Arsenal material since wenger era. I have never rated him. But i know where the line is drawn when it comes to criticism of a player. I never get to level of calling players I don’t rate swear names. Never go on social media and get personal etc.
          But people just go completely mental with cussing at players but expect the players to just take it: “We the supporters are always right and correct with our actions”. Right? That is the delusional entitled spirit. Isn’t it?
          The customer is always right even if they are acting like complete petulant child.

          I call bullcrap to that delusional mentality that rewards bad behaviour.

          I remember a few years back a 20 year old player was being cussed and swore at in a game, I don’t remember if it was at Chelsea, City or Arsenal, I think it was Raheem Stirling or some other young player. But this group of loons with gray hairs were absolutely swearing and abusing him for no reason, i think he gave a bit back to them and they all went mental. Fans were calling into call in football shows complaining about how that young player should apologise for retaliating back against these grown ass men that were old enough to be his father or grandfather. How he should be a role model blah blah.
          Lol. Why do you have such high standards for a 20 year old player to be a role model but not these 50-60 year old men that are instigate these situations?

          Xhaka and his family has been under unwarranted abuse, he is humiliated on live national/ international TV by his own club fans but he is supposed to pretend that like everything lovey dovey?

          I think he should just if that what will make the masses feel good about themselves then ask for a tranfee away from the club in January or Summer.
          It’s not worth it for both parties.

          1. Goonster,I fully endorse what you say about social media and the percentage of nasty loons who inhabit it. But to be to the point on what is, in realiity, about the success or failure of our team and is what mostly concerns most of us, the central fact is that Xhaka has never been good enough to wear our shirt. THAT is widely recognised among Gooners , even among those whose morals would, thankfully, NEVER alllow them to attack a players wife and family on social media. The whole mess is regrettable but we start from where we are, not from where we would have liked to be. The problem started when Wenger saw fit to buy this sub Prem par player and regularly play him. We know very well that Xhaka is not one to run away from confrontation BUT we also know that he seems incapable of seeing anything wrong with how he plays and how he reacts on the field. In short, he lacks self awareness and he lacks it bigtime! Emery has made the problem worse still by making him captain and letting the players decide who they wanted. NO wise manager should ever do that. Much of Emerys problems stem directly from his inability to communicate, both in English and in imparting his ideas to be clearly understood. It is obvious the players are confused; even a blind man can see that fact. The facts surely are that neither Xhaka nor Emery should be in the positions they hold. I fervently hope that both are gone as soon as possible.

        5. Xhaka has crossed the point of no return, given that almost all Gooners want him out of the tea. Yes, only a small percent actually booed him but that is just how human nature is. We should not fool ourselves that he has many who want him to stay in the team, even if not captain. Prior to the incident he had few on his side; now he has even fewer. If the club has any pro-active sense they would not only transfer list him in January, they would also sack the manager who stupidly rates him and plays him. Emery has proven a useless communicator both in ideas and in spoken English. Both are vital and he has neither. I have already given up hope for this season and await a new manager until things can possibly pick up enough to challenge seriously for top four. It is quite clearly beyond us unless Emery is sacked NOW. But sadly, he will not be.

      2. @Mobella
        Soot on Gooner. Fans acting like spoiled brats want to give it but can’t take it. I don’t think Xhaka owes anyone an apology. He’s human and was pushed to the point he’d had enough and gave back. Good on him I say…

      3. totally right…the fans destroyed the club

        Fans just keep abusing if things go their way….

        its time for a change….time for new fans

        1. Mobella, you are right. No one deserves to have their wives/partners or families abused. One tends to lose one’s self control when your family or other innocents are attacked just for being associated with you.
          I hope people remember this before they use inappropriate language, when they attack Emery or other players.

    2. @gotanidea, I think thats a good idea.
      Chambers played as DM at times, during his loan spell at Fulham. I think he’s combative enough and definitely quicker than Xhaka. Chambers, Guendouzi/Torreira, Ozil/Ceballos,will give us a more fluid midfield, that can create chances for our attack.
      Will Emery try it? Your guess is as good as mine.

  3. Admin, why are you not approving my comments? I don’t remember any time I’ve broken any rules here and my posts are not abusive or out of topic! Why this kind of treatment? I use a mobile phone to compose these comments and it’s not easy. Why are you doing this?

  4. “On his day, he can be a match-winner”. When has that ever happened? He is comfortably, our worst player, and has never had a good season for us.

  5. We are Arsenal…X2
    We dont play shit football.

    We are Arsenal…x2
    We dont play shit football…

    Respect my club…….x4

    Respect my club n Walk Away
    We care Do you…….

    1. This is the first time am commenting and giving my views on all this Xhaka saga.
      Let me start by pointing out that fans don’t attend games to only watch the game but cheer. Cheering the team means supporting the team regardless of results . However, fans have every right to show their feelings by all means including booes. In modeen day football and especially in a team like Arsenal where the management is concerned of financial benefits and tends to overlook performance, the only way that a fan can be heard is by application of such attics. Having said that, the players are people too and have every right to show their frustrations as well because at the end of the day, they are not robots. Xhaka is a player I dislike and will never lie to myself that I will ever see anything good in him. However, to be diplomatic, the fans had their right to make it known that they are not comfortable watching him start games. He on the other hand, had the right to show that he was not happy with the criticisms.
      The only problem I have with him is that he is a captain and should know how to save his career by trying to ignore his rightful emotions for the sake of tomorrow.
      Let me point out similar incidents:

      Being a good leader is not just about quality, it’s about personality. Remember when Jorginho got booed? He ignored it and proved Chelsea fans wrong. Xhaka gets booed and tells his fans to f*ck off, refuses to greet the manager and swears against his own supporters.

      Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid era won 4 UCL, 4 Ballon d’Or, La liga, Kings cup, Club world cups, Super cups etc. gets booed for whatever stupid reasons but he reacts by scoring a hattrick and do the talking on the pitch

      • tripped off captaincy
      • Benched by Jose
      • Pundits claimed he downplayed tools
      • Media turned most fans against him
      • Booed him off the pitch vs Cardiff
      • Criticised even for haircuts
      But he Never turned against the fans.

      Xhaka has to change his attitude.
      Ozil has been through all these booing, sidelined, media attacks but he has never gestured at the fans.
      Torreira despite being sidelined, showed character,love and respect as he emotionally broke down in tears in support of his captain. Three more senior players visited Xhaka after the game to console him and it’s okay for teammates. Apparently, Arsenal management is held a showcase meeting yesterday and the most probable outcome is a fine and captaincy strip for Xhaka.

      In conclusion, Emery job becomes harder than it has ever been. He is clearly getting exposed in all dimensions. Poor people management, poor results and overall poor performance..
      Positive outcome, we might start seeing a midfield that excludes Xhaka and that’s why the BOOING might be working and unfortunately if this yields results then am sorry to say that it’s just a beginning because you don’t abandon a tactics that works to favor you and am for it. Aslong as it works and it makes the message heard, then it should be used to serve that purpose. We must stand up for the team. We should not go the AC Milan way as we look on.In England, once a team has become a mid table team getting back is not easy and it takes time.

    2. Yeah-that’s got Xmas No1 in the charts all over it. I can just picture now Sir Cliff singing his little heart out to that one.
      Seriously,have you ever thought about a career in music as a songwriter? You should do.Most music in the charts these days is utter shit so judging by your new tune you would fit in well

  6. The crux of the issue is management.

    We love saying “we’re not like Chelsea”, or “We are not rash and don’t just fire coaches”, but what we really saying is “We’re too mentally weak to make decisive decisions from seeing the real truth and sticking by those decisions”

    Chelsea might fire manager left, right & center, but they have trophies in their cabinet that we dream of.

    Arsenal’s soft under belly isn’t only on the field, its in the stands and the boardroom. Emery has been terrible, he needs the boot. Or we can sit here and do the same thing we do every season and over analyse and criticize our players while other teams who’ve had a change of coach improve their teams with the same players everyone slated (Leicester *couch*, Chelsea *coach*)

    1. CanonSpike – well said. You forgot to mention one other frustrating thing we like to say “let’s give the manager more time” pretending to be calm and measured but in fact being fearful and indecisive.

  7. I thought I was one of the first to be on here and complain about Xhaka walking off the pitch instead of running in the process telegraphing what is wrong with this club, no killer instinct, no fighting spirit, no win at all cost mentality, no “we can not afford to drop points”, no we play for our fans and owe them some special on game day, basically IMO we have turned into a meek and fearful bunch without character or leadership and without the conviction we should and can beat the likes of Palace at home.

    Having said that, sitting here on Tuesday still reading and commenting on articles about this event or in this case on Ian Wright’s comments from 2 days ago, I am thinking that maybe we are overdoing this Xhaka assassination a little bit. The guy reacted like a moron, we have all had our say about it but let’s not overdo. Let it go and see what the club does with this situation and, much more importantly, with our backward slide which is accelerating, and not because of Xhaka.

    Xhaka is not the problem at this club, we didn’t lose the game because of him. If we don’t like the way he plays (which I don’t) it is Emery who should get called on that. If Emery selects Xhaka to start a game do we expect Xhaka to say “I am not good enough pick someone else”?

    Emery could not find a way to maximize Ozil’s talent, and he hasn’t noticed that Xhaka needs Torreira next to him to be somewhat effective. It is Emery who has more shortcomings than I care to list here and this must be equally frustrating for the players who all look like they don’t know what the manager wants from them.

    Let’s focus on that. Not on a guy who made a bad decision in a bad moment and who has heard about it from everybody and their grandmother.

    1. Right on @Truth!

      Exactly what I feel and have said previously. Emery should know by now that Xhaka is not suited to an attacking midfield. He is hanging him out to dry! Emery should apologise to Xhaka and Xhaka should apologise for telling the fans to “F**K Off”.

      I was thinking this morning how Freddie would feel now sitting in the dugout, feeling the anger grow in the stands and listening to his team mates getting booed off!?

      I also thought, “I wonder what he thinks of Arsenal’s style of play now. What is his perspective and how much has it changed over the years”? Then, I though, Freddie should just be manager!! 🙂

      On a slightly “light-hearted” note, I think they may have been tears of joy in Torriera’s eyes. He might have been thinking, “Now I may get the regular start I deserve”? Don’t meat to be insensitive, Xhaka!!

      1. I wonder what Freddie Ljundberg would think about playing with these current Arsenal midfielders, compared to the ones he played with?

        1. Yeah, exactly mate! I doubt he would question Emery’s setup directly but I would almost guarantee he would change that as a priority if he was manager!

          Them, he would get to work on “all the team” defending and pressing as a unit! That is what most of us would do though I guess? Emery just seems to puzzle us all! 🙁

  8. I don’t give a monkeys. That is not fairness. I love Arsenal but I also care about fairness.
    Why the hell is it okay for Xhaka to be humiliated by out fans on live global television but he is not allowed to react like a normal human?
    Stop the Political Correctness and grow up. If you are man / woman enough to absolutely humiliate another human being by booing, swearing and cussing at them then you should be man / woman enough to receive some reaction back. I can understand the heat of the moment. But then don’t think what you did was okay. That is delusion.
    We all have been absolutely abusing Xhaka, calling him all sorts of disgusting degrading names online, social media it’s even worse. I agree that Xhaka is not good enough to be in the starting 11 but what the hell is he meant to do when he is being selected by the manager? What is he meant to do when his teammates / peers have voted for him to be their Captain. They seem to trust him as their leader, the manager seems to also trust him. Now what is he meant to do about his limited ability as a player? He is giving the best of his ability. It is clearly not giod enough for us but what is he meant to do about that? Go to the manager and his teammates that chose him to be their Captain and tell them “Sorry guys, but I think I’m not good enough and the fans don’t like me, so I am going to step down as resign from Arsenal football club?”

    Sorry but i understand the frustration he was experiencing in that heat of moment. It has been building and as a normal human being it is understandable to me the way he reacted. The constant abuse, degradation, cussing, disrespect and disgustingly humiliating booing of him by our grown as men and women on live TV was too much.

    I think Xhaka should not apologise and should just as for a move away in January. It is not worth it for both parties. We humiliated him on live TV, blaming him even if he is giving the best he can and we are all of a sudden acting like entitled snowflakes kittens that bully but when bullied back cry like the helpless victims. Boo the Kroankes for hiring Emery that keeps selecting Xhaka match after match. Smh

    Sorry but this behaviour is not acceptable to me. He is human and we all have feelings. If he was not giving his best then it would be understable. But tibme Xhaka is a very limited player in ability and thisnis the best of him. Can’t squeeze any water from a rock. Emery should just take him out of the firing line and may be for Xhakas mental and psychological wellbeing he should ask for a move away from the club in January or Summer.

    Eboue was treated the same and was inconsolable walking off in tear in an avalanche of boos. Did not react in any bad way towards the fans that were abusing him. But the poor guy had to come out straight away and apologise for being a limited player. Was humiliated by our fans but it is him that had to come out and apologise for being humiliated.

    May be Xhaka has got to be the grown adult here and apologise first then ask for a move away in January. But then the bullies that humiliated him on live TV should also apologise. Then we can all move on.

    But may be that’s just me and I am always in the minority on many Issues.

  9. My fellow leftie Xhaka is not the first captain to be substituted when he still wants to play. He is also not the first player to be booed by his fans. His temperamental reaction (like most left-handed people) was therefore inappropriate from a captain. It actually confirmed the fears that he is not fit to be captain of The Arsenal.
    Going forward, he can swallow humble pie and apologise for the bad gesture. To me, this could be the badly needed reason for him to be benched at least for now.

    1. Ok but it is appropriate for full grown as adult to acted that way. Maybe they ain’t deserved to be an adult and fans

  10. I doubt if any one one of us know all the details of all that contributed to the ugly situation on Sunday. There must be more to things than we are all privy to.

    For example, someone here said Xhaka’s pregnant wife was abused and U think that is way out of line. Why would anybody worth their name wouldndonthat to anybody, pregnant or not. Just because you are a fan does not entitled you to say anything because you are angry. Classless. Despicable. Moronic. Low life.

    Emery did this to us. He was the one who kept on playing Xhaka in spite of his below par performances, week in, week out. He pushed the fans until they began to get nasty, although that is exactly what we are accusing Xhaka of.

    Getting pushed to the limits is wrong. Everybody has their limits and clearly, Xhaka reached his on Sunday. But how come Emery feels he can go on ignoring the fans cries for a bit of change in the midfield? He promised that being captain does not mean you will always play. But he kept on playing Xhaka thereby turning up the pressure on the fans and the player. He should know that they will soon come after himself big time. Then the sh*t will really hit the fan.

    Let him drop Xhaka for some time so that the man can sort himself out mentally. That will at least pacify the fans a bit. Let him also be a bit more adventurous in his team set up to get better results.

    But fans have to get off Xhaka’s back. The man does not deserve to be hounded to a mental break down.

  11. Oh for FFS
    What is an apology going to do?
    The season is rapidly heading for disaster.
    People need to concentrate on that.
    Emery is clueless and I am sure the players want him out as much as the fans.
    Xhaka should not be an Arsenal player much less its Captain – and we all know who is to blame for that.
    There has been no progress under Emery…

  12. The fact that he hasn’t apologise yet is appalling. I think there’s a chance we don’t see him in an arsenal jersey again. He can’t come back from this.

    If he takes the field again the boos will continue.

    1. How I wish we took that apparent $35m in the summer from Athletico or Milan if the rumours were true

  13. Seriously, what did Xhaka do for Arsenal since the beautiful long shot goal couple weeks after he joined? He barely had few decent games in 3 years. He is not influential, does not boss the midfield. And he goes out walking slowly and unhappy because of a substitution when we absolutely need 3 points. it was obvious he was going to get booed. He needs to questions himself, not the fans.

  14. No need for Xhaka to apologise. In my view this is just another minor incident blown out of proportion. Similar to Koscielny video. Personally I don’t have a problem with Xhaka’s reaction. If people are abusing him, his reaction is fine. In fact I would say he is setting a good example to young people by having a go back. Do fans really want players who are happy to be subbed and react in a timid meek fashion when abused? As far as Xhaka the player is concerned, he has been no more of a liability this season than any other midfielder in our team. The Palace midfield is more powerful and vastly more experienced than our midfield. They can play a bit too. I don’t think any of our midfielders are better than theres. Same with defence. The days when we were superior to teams like CP are long gone. We had a poor summer in the transfer market and our squad was weakened. We bought in and promoted a lot of young players on low wages. When we needed a goal on Sunday, we had the option of 2 18 year old kids to send on. It’s going to be a very long journey back to the top.

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