Granit Xhaka speaks and the fans let him know what they think

Arsenal football club posted up a tweet quoting words from Granit Xhaka and if the idea was to motivate and reassure the fans then they may want to rethink their social media strategy.

Xhaka is fast becoming the scapegoat among the fans, whether that is justified or not is a debate for another day but one thing is for sure, he is not a popular man among Gooners, well, those that are the most vocal on Twitter.

There were many many more but I am sure you get the picture.

Now, not all were negative but the vast majority of responses were and to be honest I am not surprised one little bit.

I gave Xhaka a 4 when I did the player ratings for the Liverpool game and while he was not the worst player on the field he was not far off, he is far too negative, has no leadership qualities and lacks vision and creativity.

His partnership with Guendouzi simply does not work and while Unai Emery has to shoulder a lot of the responsibility for his team selection you still expect a seasoned international to perform better than he does and we are talking on a consistent basis here.


  1. Prefer to see this joker go before mustafi or elneny … No place in a serious team … Offer him to Milan they might be desperate enough to take him

  2. My biggest criticism of Emery is how he sets the team up. Why do we always bend and adapt to opponent but rarely play to our strengths?

    Why not field our best, go at the opponent and see who crumbles and has to change to stay in the game?

    Why not field PAL, forcing FB to stay tighter and less adventurous? It helps take pressure off our lesser defenders, and gives our midfielders some breathing space?

    Why always build up from the back? Liverpool game showed how dangerous we can be playing long sometimes, imagine adding Laca up top as well? Won’t that force teams not to press us so deep all the time?

    Just wondering, because it can’t be more troublesome than building up from the back with players that struggle to do so.

  3. He’s always the first to post motivational and emotional quotes after losing. That’s all he’s perfect at. What a sore loser, honestly I’d get rid of him before Elneny.
    All he does is weaken and slow our attack, I can’t even say it if he’s faster than a snail or not.
    Hell Giroud had a lot of stick but even Giroud was faster than this guy

    1. Fans don’t earn thousands each week
      All we expect is hard work as a minimum, if you cannot do that you don’t deserve respect

      1. Hard work and quality are two different things.Fact is that lots of fans aren’t as loyal as they claim to be.Even if they are paid playing football isn’t easy and some players have died playing this game all for money

          1. ask Wenger,emery and the swiss coach who all believe that he deserves the starting lineup..are you better than them?

      2. john 0711, PRECISELY! People such as Simon , who posted above you, fail to see the duty ALL players MUST give every week to try 100%. Huge wages are earned even by the lowest earner in all top clubs and the moral and legal duty under their contacts demands such full on effort always. This is precisely why I scorn lazy players like Ozil, Mkhi and Walcott(as was). WERE CLUBS ABLE TO PROVE LAZINESS, WHICH IS NIGH ON IMPOSSIBLE TO SO PROVE, THEY COULD LEGALLY NULLIFY THE CONTRACTS OF SUCH AS OZIL. But that could never be proven in court, sadly. Many fans are ignorant of THE FACT that a contact applies to both parties in law. Proving it is, however, a rather different task!

      1. I am actually tired of these whining fans,blame Boss,blame ozil,iwobi,mustafi,Luis,…when none of them can do 1% of what these guys can do…it is difficult playing for arsenal with these kind of fans…always complaining

        1. I’m a uefa licences coach who used to work for a profession club, however, Stevie wonder could see Xhaka is poor

  4. Granit the scapegoat Xhaka, most beloved Arsenal captain of all time.

    OT…just saw a headline “Jurgen Klopp reveals why half-time chat finally broke Arsenal.” My guess would be because David Luiz went to the wrong dressing room

    1. I definitely agree with you 100%. One of the worst players we have with zero workrate and stupid fouls and cards. Very soft player its a disgrace that he is one of our captains.

  5. Fingers crossed Elniney,Mustafi,Xhaka AND Ozil go then we will have no average players,no below average players,no totally overrated players AND the biggest piss taker in the history of afc will be no more !

  6. AFC fans have become so pathetic with unsettling players, yet expecting good results. It is too early in the season to start scapegoating the players thinking that will make the players play better. This time, last year, we were at the back of two losses in three games. Let us just be looking forward to the NLD and plan how we will support the players. It’s only been three games. The negativity is not going to help this club in any way.

    1. @Lionbrave
      Thank you for the straight up assessment of our so called fanbase, who feel that just because they buy a ticket and a t shirt that gives them the right to denigrate the players they supposedly support…

  7. I do not like fans attacking players. But it is unfair to the other players in the same position to start Xhaka ahead of them. For me, Mustafi was better before his confidence go down due to fans attacking him after few errors.

  8. To be fair… can’t blame the individuals. They were selected to play by the manager. He has to take the blame if the player he selects isn’t performing or not suited from the word go. He should know by now who are our first 11 and play our best players week in week out if they’re injury free. My best 11 (if all free from injuries) are as follows…


    1. I would swap Ozil for Willock. He must have it but truth be told, he lacks it at the moment. He can get the ball but don’t know what to do next. I will judge Ozil when he gets a chance to play behind the PAL and ahead of Caballos Torreira partnership

    2. @patrick
      Tierney hasn’t even kicked a call for us, after coming from the SPL. Pepe hasn’t played a full 90. And Dani just had a nightmare game. 3 games in and we don’t know how well these 3 have adapted to the League or if they will. Yet you picked them as part of your best 11, over players who have adapted to the league. Can see why you’re not the coach

    3. Thanks Patrick

      You read my mind, exactly my line up

      Emery should also be very careful because he plays negative football, handing over initiative to Home teams, we’ve got the team to beat Liverpool and City if we play our game.

      Liverpool and City play their own game home or away, that’s what we used to do to teams.

  9. Laca is benched and the xhaka the snail has 90 minutes, welcome to emery ball, mediocrity is rewarded with the armband

  10. Arsenal’s loss was down to Emery’s poor team selection and approach. Emery selects players he likes and not those who can do the job for arsenal fc. a Liverpool game was too big for willock and guendozi and too early for a new signing ceballos. Luiz made errors which led to goals but it’s expected in high intensity games. xhaka can be a scapegote but he is solid when partnered with torreira and maybe micky would have the 10 role and pal as attacking trio to keep Liverpool diffenders at Bay.

  11. I’m totally against insulting our players because that will destroy their confidence even more. If they aren’t up to it, the badger shouldn’t put them on the pitch…better to sell them, instead of waiting till such time their value drops so low that the club won’t make much.
    I’m not a big fan of Xhaka, but it isn’t his fault that he was played against Liverpool who play fast. He may have his advantages against some teams, but not against the big teams. Still it doesn’t warrant name calling. I miss those days when gooners were right behind their players, even when they play bad.

  12. On his day Granit Xaka can be good but he is just too inconsistent when playing a physical and aggressive teams. He need to add a bit of physicality to his play as a team captain. Premier league is physical and fast. We need defensive midfielders that can take responsibility on the field like the departed Aron Ramsey-a box to box midfielder.

  13. Personally I blame our coach for the Liverpool match. You have your big players like Lacazzete and Torriera but you prefer to start with some inexperienced ones . Who does that? Liverpool always play with their strongest 11 irrespective of the opponent in EPL, so do Mourinho…to me that’s how to know a manager that knows what he is doing.

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