Granit Xhaka stripped of Arsenal captaincy – Aubameyang given armband


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang the new Arsenal captain after Granit Xhaka meltdown.

It had to happen, it was untenable that Granit Xhaka would remain the Arsenal captain following his clash with the fans during the 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace.

Unai Emery has confirmed that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is now the new captain of Arsenal.

If Xhaka had come out immediately and apologised then he may have hung onto the captains’ armband but his later statement lacked contrition and the writing was on the wall from that point onwards.

This will be music to the fans ears who were absolutely furious with the 27-year-old. There is now a huge question over his future at the Emirates.

Xhaka has not been named in the squad for the game against Vitoria and we may never see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

It is hard to see a way back for the midfielder, he was not a fan favourite before the confrontation. It really is difficult to see how he can rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the fans.

To some degree, this is a testament to fan power. They were never happy that he was named the captain and showed their displeasure almost from the minute he was handed the role.

How this all ends is anyone’s guess but it would not be a surprise to see him sold in January.

He may even force the issue himself and hand in an official transfer request.

One thing is for sure, no one comes out of this looking good. Not Unai Emery, not the fans and certainly not Granit Xhaka.


  1. Should have been Auba all along. Not only for his contribution on the pitch but by all accounts he’s great with the young lads in the squad. Seems like a natural leader to me.

  2. Have nothing against Aubameyang but I seriously don’t see a captain in him,, also I don’t like the idea of giving the armband to a player cause you feel he might be your best player which of course must national team do. Nevertheless I still think Aubameyang might be the captain on field and Xhaka at the dressing room(that arrangement would nullify moans from fans who think they know better than people who are with these players 24/7)

    1. He might no be a natural leader, but he leads by example, he’s dragged us through fixtures we had no business winning after our performances, all the players like him so he has to potential to unite the squad, and he’s a respected figure in football and classed among the elite. I’m happy letting him lead all while smiling and nutmegging everyone in training

      1. @alexlaca9 hence why I said don’t like the idea of giving the supposedly best player the armband, Aubameyang is just too quite for me to be the captain.

          1. Thanks for the correction Kam. I have heard of the phrase though I still think (my opinion though) it’s better to have an outspoken leader on the field,i still think players other than captain can be that.

  3. Lol he was official captain for what? A month?? Good riddance, now he can focus on working his way back into the team as a squad player, and stop playing mr hotshot. Be even better if he hands in a transfer request and we replace him with a proper midfielder come January

  4. OT. I like the taste of grilled meat.
    Ajax was making one for me…and the referee showed up with a bucket of water…

  5. As an arsenal fan am so jealous of Chelsea now, what a purposeful football and the spirit from the coach to the players.

  6. Set emotions aside and forget about the red card for a few minutes, do you guys see how Lampard’s Chelsea are playing football and entertaining us?.
    Arsenal? The moment they’re three goals down? Forget it, everyone would’ve given up already

    1. Not against nine men and with the full support of the ref. I thought it was scandalous and Chelsea would have lost by a bigger margin. Not impressed at all with Chelsea tonight.

    2. 3 goals down you said.. when we are 1 goal down we find it difficult to equalize not to talk of 3 goals… Lampard has worked on chelsea fc look qt the way they play, their movement with the ball… When they are with the ball they have no business going back all they do is to attack their opponent which i dont see our team doing instead they keep playing short passes at the back…

  7. As much as i still support Emery to be in charge, he made a terrible call making Xhaka the captain in the first place, forget the players vote BS, it’s his call. At least, we get to have some fluidity in our midfield, Willock should benefit from this development.

  8. Xhaka should have been ejected from this club immediately after his first season. It’s quite frankly insane that he has managed to survive for so long and even con his way into the Arsenal captaincy. An epic waste of £35M and the fact that he has stayed at Arsenal for so long leaves question marks as to whether the management is capable of quickly identifying problems and rectifying mistakes. Man, it took fan power to get him out of the line up. I hope he will be gone in January.

  9. Strikers rarely make good captains. I would have preferred David Luiz, he might be a bit error prone but you can’t fault his commitment and his experience. I just can’t see captain material in any of the others bar Guendouzi who will probably end up as a future skipper.

    1. It’s would be an insult for us if David Louis would come from nowhere and after just half a season be our captain. What’s so special about him to make him captain over all our long serving dedicated players? We have Bellerin, Aubameyang,Lacazette, Holding, Ozil! I would pick Leno before Louis!

  10. My only concern at the moment: Will Auba also become the next victim of the Arsenal Captain Curse?

  11. congratulations to Auba,he will be a great captain for us,and now they say,when a captain performs by scoring lots of goals,the rest have to lift their excuses,lets see how they will prrform ..great leaders inspire team members!

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