Granit Xhaka’s former club wouldn’t want him back

Xhaka’s former club rejects the chance to re-sign him as he could ‘damage’ their club.

Granit Xhaka fell out with the Arsenal fans last weekend and it seems there is no way back for the Swiss midfielder now.

The former Borussia Monchengladbach star was made the Gunners captain this season. He has been at the receiving end of some harsh reactions from the fans this season, however, on Sunday it reached a tipping point and he lost it.

He was substituted in their game against Crystal Palace and the fans began to boo him as he walked off. The 27-year-old cupped his ears at them and swore before storming off the field.

Xhaka has been asked to say sorry to the fans and while he has released a statement it was not really an apology.

Most people now believe that he may have to leave Arsenal to resurrect his career. However, his former club, Borussia Monchengladbach’s chief, Max Eberl was asked if he would consider re-signing him and he said he wouldn’t as such a transfer could damage his club.

“Of course, as a player, I could always picture him as a good player, but it’s difficult to get him back. Not just financially, but also from the point of view of expectations”, he said

“Players develop and change. In the end, you could end up doing more damage than you can win, so I’m not really a fan of return.”

With Mesut Ozil returning to form against Liverpool, it seems Xhaka is set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines.


  1. Sell him for a discounted price, because Arsenal have got a clear message from their loyal fans at the Emirates

    Arsenal should have done more research on the fans forums before awarding any huge contract extension to any Gunner. They have made wrong decisions on Ozil’s/ Xhaka’s contracts and now they have to keep paying those underperformers

      1. Yeah NYG, should we expect to see Raul post on here asking us if Guendouzi (for instance) should get a salary increase😳. Like you, words fail me.

    1. Unlike some on here I totally agree with you
      Ozil had a really good game against Pools B team. Can he do it in the prem on a consistent basis?
      I would love for him to turn his talent and ability in to performances but time and time again he fails to deliver.
      As for xhaka, we all agree he is good bench player but not a first team starter. I would go one step further and give him a free transfer in jan and clear the books. This would allow a youngster to step in to his boots.

  2. What I noticed in most stadia is how fans cheer up their teams even when down. This usually boost the morale of the players. Our is that we start booing as the team list is out.

    1. I feel it’s because the previous regime pushed the fans patience to the absolute extreme. We don’t want that again. If we see a problem, it needs pointing out asap, instead of being swept under the carpet.

      That said, we are still showing patience in all fairness. Xhaka has been garbage for over 3 years, and its only very recently that fans are getting on his back. Same with Mustafi, and Ozil. We’re not hounding them after just one season, or a handful of games.

    2. @Godswill.
      What are you saying? Haven’t we fans be cheering and be supportive enough from the scratch?
      So alil outburst from the fans is now considered suicidal or what?
      To be frankly am happy at some point view that the outburst booing took place at first and it should continue, to any under-performing player on board given paid.
      This’s a wake up call in Emirates..

      1. Jesus really?? So your lumping him in with the online trolls when he was clearly talking about the boo’ing situation? Most celebrities experience online trolling as do a lot of common people at one time or another so why is he suddenly a special case? Poor kids get bullied by trolls every day on social media but you dont give a shit about them but your grieving for a man who gets paid like 200k a week when there’s a simple solution…? Delete your Twitter!! No one is forcing him to have Twitter if it were really that bad he could just delete it yet he chooses to keep it. Stop categorizing online trolls and people who pay money to go watch arsenal week in week out and are sick of the standard of football they play, of course there frustrated.

      2. Exactly what am saying. We are making our players to get tensed up and it affects their performance.
        Imagine our player under pressure from the opposing player and thinking of the fans’ negative reaction at the same time. This can affect his judgement.
        I understand that some of us have not kicked anything in form of a ball in a crowd before. But I tell you that reaction of fans matters to a player. With the fan base behind Ozil now unlike last season, watch out his performance when fielded. I agree with those that don’t allow their players “never to walk alone”.

    3. On point mate! Fans means 12th man, the ones booing and cursing are not real fans and mainly have a mental issue.

      To threat someone & his family, wish his child to die of cancer are just shocking news, derranged, insane.

      To have Emery on behalf of Kroenke taking it on Xhaka before to hear what this man was under, is cowardness, fans were wrong and beyond that it is shameful and scandalous.

      Word fan is wrong, holligan won’t be right neither, derranged and criminal low lives able to take it on your kid that way.

      How can this article appear here?

  3. Well, this whole episode could have been avoided had Unai the acumen of managing men in a top club. Xhaka is a decent average squad player similar to Elneny or Mkhitaryan or even Iwobi, but Unai kept on playing with him as the anchor irrespective of his performances. Yet he was named captain although he could have refused, so he is part of the problem. He should have been benched by Unai or used for the lesser intensity cup games home/abroad. (Remember Arsene would bench Meterseker when he was the captain). The fans in the stadium booed his performance, not him as a person, he got it wrong and threw up the tantrum. He could have sprinted to the touch line quickly, he chose to walk which infuriated the fans.(Remember only Mesut is allowed the privilege to walk on /around /off the pitch with no one to boo him) He does mention abuse to his family which is wrong and needs to be condemned first by the club, second by all fans forums to show we support the individual not his performances on / off the pitch. The faster Unai is replaced, the better for the club, first our performances are going down, out of the one competition, now we have fan / player issues, who knows what next?

    1. @Loose Cannon.
      Totally I agree with yours excellent points.I think that if we do not win the next 2 games Emery should be sack.He is the main culprit of the actual situation.

    2. Totally agree with you Loose Cannon.If Arsenal does not win the next 2 games in the PL Emery must get the sack.He is the main culprit of the negative situation that we have now.

  4. First of all fans like myself adore this club.
    2/ we will not leave this club and support another.
    3/ we dont need to get paid to turn up at a match.
    4/ supporters views should be heard but its not xakai fault he is captain ,he shouldnt be in the first 11 cause he is not good enough.
    5/ why dont we boo the manager he is destroying this club

    1. No Jim, not about Emery neither but Kroenke who set this all thing up, creates division and madness for Arsenal while he makes profits and keeps it all. Emirate was built before he got there and paid for by 2013, 5 after he arrive with 9% share. Then he got to 16%,33, 66 and all shares in 2018, buying 35% Usmanov remaining share.

      So, he pretty much bought all club for not even 100M for 9% share, made profits to buy out club, saving money to do so, restraining our spending while making more profit.

      Today, he can sell Arsenal for 3 billions but in reality has put up 100M at start 10 years ago also! He bought Fans remaining share, used Wenger wich legacy is this stadium and club value today and for years to come.

      Kroenke only fear is for us to not come to stadium or it is the end of it! They got really scraed with that “do you care, we do” campaign, it went viral all over the world!
      No one bigger than the club because the fans make the club.

      Do you think a TV wants to air a game in an empty stadium? Would a sponsor pay to be not seen?

      That’s right, no tickets & shirt sales, no sponsors, no TV right, they have to sell club for $1. The cowboys took over 2 billions back home in collarado in 10 years.

      Year subscription fans get shate, do like Real or Barca Mr Wenger is so admired by,have Prof to be our Foiorentino Perez! This is his club and stadium he made for us for years to come.

      Kroenke wants to right a new legacy, his, a catastrophy in the making!

  5. Why would you make Xhaka look even more guilty and bad!

    I know yo need to pay bills but you do as these fans by taking on Xhaka. It is simply in acceptable and should be a big wake up call.

    It is a game. Players do their job best they can, just everyone has one. Not about money here, you have a bad day at work and people wish your kid to die? From Cancer too! That is awful and terribly wrong! Point blank!

    Fans making monkey screams, dudes taking it on any of our or any kids,wishing such death to a little child is to put in jail before he commits such an act and for praising which encourage others to do so.

    This is way far beyond sport and very sorry how Kroenke greed has led to such an awful spirit and image of Arsenal everyone loved for great values it symbolized!

    This world is going nuts, all backwards and derranged! This is not about football, mental health!

    1. @Mogunna
      Spot on Gooner. Some fans feel that just because they buy a ticket and an odd shirt,that gives them the right to behave and treat players any way they wish. And who should or should not be playing for AFC. Be advised, the paltry pittance fans shell out doesn’t even cover upkeep of the stadium, much less pay the wages of the players… Once again with feeling, get over yourselves.

      1. Thx NY, my fav city in the world, a country on its own, not amaerica these collarado country Kroenke cowboys.

        They creating this mess since june 2013, Emirate Stadium all paid for, we should have more than 40M budget, Luis Suarez had agreed on terms to join for 2013/2014 season. Denied 40M, Kroneke last offer was 40M and 0,001 cent! A year later Wenger gets Kante okay, everybody chasing him then, same exact BS, we miss out both players back to back for 5M Kroenke needed to save, make profit.

        We would be champions in 2013/2014,Suarez new it, wanted Arsenal for that, and year later with Kante addition, Ozil, of course we would be champions in 2015 and after, not have our Prof, father chased out this way from his home by his own kids!

        That”s Kroenke style, making billions, doesn’t care for Arsenal, EPL or football, and not even personal, just business!

        Wenger would have chock him but had too much class and love for Arsenal, which are the fans, making and allowing club to be. Kroenke is playing everyone but football!

  6. Wow there’s so much going on at our club at the moment,will Xhaka play again will he still be captain(i hope not to both) because regardless of what has happened to him he is a toilet player,will Ozil play against wolves (i hope so) will Emery get the sack soon (i hope so) who will be next coach,(who knows).
    Despite all this we have to get behind the team,a win now is imperative another loss will not be the end of the world but the vultures will be circling the Emirates for something to chew on.

  7. Admin posted an article yesterday headlined “ can we now leave Xhaka alone please?”
    Is this leaving him alone? Hypocrisy or what! 🤔

    1. Declan, I was about to wonder how that can happen, maybe some freelance post articles, don’t get a chance to read what’s online.

      Twice retarded for sure and so out of reality. That fake news does sell beside a syndrom!

      Ridiculous, I couldn’t believe this, a derranged so call fan wishing Xhaka child dead I cancer? Or to anyone for a 90minutes game? I can’t believe what Kroenke has created for over 5 years! Driving Wenger nuts as all of us, but some of these goons are just derranged!

  8. Just to clarify Declan, it was as you say admin that posted said article not us,he did so for people to reply to or form an HONEST opinion, I have always stated that I don’t rate Xhaka and never have,i do not agree with some of the social media stuff he recieved but i still feel he is not good enough for the prem or Arsenal FC,quite how that makes me a hypocrit is mind boggling.

    1. Who sent you with that no sense? This is not about poor performance but ignorance you display and derranged people wishing f death to a stranger over a football game. They must arrest that low life and make sure he never comes close to Emirate or any stadium!

      You seat there talking about how he plays? How come no one look into this in a club? Your employe threaten this way should be given a break, not be on a football pitch with such a nightmare off the pitch! Come on now, we were not aware of this horrible thing he is living off the pitch and indeed need to show a lot of support, not boo him after wishing death to his baby girl! Common sense!

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