Granit Xhaka was only joking about Roma rumours and will stay at Arsenal

The big Arsenal transfer rumour at the beginning of the transfer window was the announcement that Jose Mourinho had made Granit Xhaka his priority signing for Roma when he was appointed to be the new coach.

But Xhaka was at the Euros with Switzerland, and at the start of the tournament he made it clear that there would be no transfer discussions while the tournament was in progress. In fact, what he actually said was…. ‘There are always rumours at the end of the season, that’s for sure,’ Xhaka said in RP Online in Germany.

‘But I still have a two-year contract in London and I am very happy with my family here.

‘First of all, I’m looking at a successful Euro 2020 with the national team.’

And he did have a great tournament with his country, but he was constantly asked about the Roma links, especially when the Swiss were playing their quarter final in the Italian capital. He was actually asked if he was going to do the interview in Italian, and he laughed at them, and this is how The Sun reported it….

And Xhaka, 28, was asked on Monday night if he will soon be answering questions from the press in Italian.

He laughed and replied: “Not yet…

“It is always interesting to learn a new language.

He added: “Let’s see, everyone knows what Roma represent.

“Now I am an Arsenal player, I will speak after the tournament.”

Then in the next interview, he made yet another joke….

As you can see, Granit was simply winding up the Italian media, as he knows full well that Mikel Arteta is hardly going to sell his most consistent midfielder with two years left on his contract. Not to mention that he has a newly-born baby on his hands which makes it a very difficult time to up sticks and move to another country.

But the rumours continued, and strangely, despite Switzerland having left the Euros some time ago, the media are now saying that Roma wouldn’t meet Arsenal’s asking price, rather than admit they were completely wrong about the rumours.

Charlie Watts said this week on his YouTube transfer Podcast: “Granit Xhaka to Roma, that still hasn’t happened. Roma still haven’t put in a bid that is acceptable for Arsenal. Granit Xhaka has been on holiday for a while now as well because Switzerland went out [of the European Championship] a while ago, so it won’t be too long before he’ll be due to report back to London Colney, which just a few weeks ago didn’t look like that was certainly going to be happening.

“But if Roma don’t put the money up and don’t pay up, then that could end up happening.”

Well, that is exactly what will happen, and there will be many apologies expected from JA Readers after I went against the grain and told everyone that Xhaka would NOT be leaving this summer. I was roundly abused and told I was writing “clickbait”. One reader wrote: This article should be be taken down just for your sake or are you waiting for Fabrizio Romano to confirm it?😂

Another famous reader on the site went a little further when he said: An obstinate reluctance to accept the news that is plainly happening is not something done by true thinkers and wiser fans, I’d suggest, Admin PAT. Even you son Patrick, aka Gooner Boy, accepts he is leaving but still you refuse to accept it. Odd, ID SAY!

If anyone wants reminding about their comments, you can read the article again here.

It’s not often I get to gloat, so I’m just going to end with … I TOLD YOU SO!…..

Admin Pat

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  1. The same reader who told us all that Saliba would definitely be here this season and would be in Artetas plans when quite a few of us keep questioning Arteta was told to stop being negative a little like this XHaka one having read it again .

      1. Thinkers, wiser, realists, old, intellectuals. For an intellectual it is funny he post the same comment everyday. His comments are just one comment repeated everyday. Been reading it for close to two years now.

      2. absolutely.. these mature, wise realists are constantly proven wrong but the arrogance of them just doesnt go away.. its unbelievable that some of them try to belittle us who just question the silly ongoings

    1. No, not Keeper for me Twig.

      It was so good to hear David Hillier before the Hib’s game saying how good Leno is, and we’re lucky to have such a keeper.

      Does being an ex Arsenal pro make Hillier necessarily right – no.

      But I for one agree with him 100%

      The problem is we have no BACK UP and serious COMPETITION for Leno, and this is a real problem.

      I believed, and said on here long ago, we were going to make a move for Freddie Woodman.

      1. Agree Leno is ok for us, I don’t know the fuss over new goalie, I think we should have signed Ryan as 2nd choice but he wanted more. So let’s sign someone as back up

  2. In the end,. as painful as it is, we know by now that truth will only be known once the window closes.

  3. Arsenal midfield really need revamp especially creative midfield,for the xhaka if really he wants to go it’s his choice but still has a role to play especially with a good creative midfielder

  4. Oh, please. It should not be a joke. Xhaka should leave, so there will be room for Lokonga and any talented new fast Central midfielder to join.

    Our team and midfield need to evolve.

    1. Lokonga is a prospect, if Xhaka leaves we need someone to replace him but if he stays, that’s a ok

    1. And to see Saliba in Marseilles when Gabi is injured, I hope we know what we are doing. Seems the deal is done though because it’s stupid to let Saliba go without getting Ben over the line, what if Brighton ask for more since they know we are desperate

      1. They’ll probably make us wait until the last hour of the window!! By that time I’ll have had a meltdown watching Sky Sports News!!

        That wouldn’t surprise me, Adajim. I think a lot of clubs will try to screw us over. Skint and desperate – sigh!!

        1. Sue, I wonder how my friend Jon will try and wriggle
          out of this one?

          Taken out of context?
          Didn’t actually say it?
          Spinning the facts?

          I think Pat’s having a real laugh at some of the comments…. thank goodness I didn’t make one!!!

          Personally, I’m happy he’s staying after last season and his euro performances and you have to admire the man after all he’s had to put up with from a section of our fan base.

          1. NO wriggling KEN! Just an honest acceptancde thatI , along with most other Gooners onJA,were sadly mistaken. When one is aplain speaking realist one makes enemies That is how life works and I have many fellow Goonrs who are always keen to bring me down and who are doubtles enjoyimng thie gloating “triumph ” at my(so it appears)error in thinking tortoise Xhaka would soon leave.

            While I am on this matter, I will freely admit that I am the so called “famous reader”about whom Ad Pat is so much enjoying my error , in his won gloating but less than mature article. He might at least have given me the honour of being infamous but I guess I will have to make do with “famous” which is untrue, even though flattering!

            But now to what REALLY MATTERS.The dread realisation that it NOW SEEMS that immobile, tortoise pace, team harming, Xhaka wil continue harming our prospects of team progess.

            I have to congratulate Roma who have shown far better judgement than did AW(who paid that huge fee) by them rejecting him and thus lumbering us for longer with this rank bad player.

            Yes, he did play well in the slow paced Euro tournament but in our 100mph Prem he is hopeless. Total lack of pace is a key weakness in the Prem.

            To conclude, I care nothing about having been proved wrong; that happens many times in all our lives. BUT what DOES matter is that this immobile tortoise, is apparently now staying. Groan!!

          2. Jon, good on you for coming back and joining in the leg pulling.
            Funny how other posters have kept quite and I look forward to your response to Pat IF Xhaka does leave!!!!!

            For me, his performance last season and in the euros makes me think MA can/should be able to improve him even more, so let’s see what happens.

          3. Ken I believe MA can only “improve” him iF he somehow, MIRACULOUSLY, injects vastly more pace into his thinking, moving and passing. I’d suggest that is impossible !

            Sillk purses and sows ears come to mind!

          4. Why keep Xhaka, will he be any different next year?

            1. Start making late runs into the box?
            2. Transform into a creative force?
            3. Become a DM beast like Kante?

            Insanity is to repeat the same thing and expect different results.

            He is the same drag under Arteta that he was under Emery and Wenger.

            His flaws are exposed in the PL and that won’t change. A slower paced league in the wise choice for him and for Arsenal.

          5. Sorry Jon and Durand, but we have to agree to disagree on Xhaka.
            He has improved under MA, he did have an excellent euros and his best season was this last one.

            Now don’t get me wrong, if Roma are prepared to offer £20,000,000 plus, then it should be considered, but why sell someone for less than they are valued at?

            Let’s see just see if his improvement continues and MA changes both your perception of the player.
            He is not our most pressing problem is he?

          6. Aw JF… let’s have a cuddle.😘

            Reading this thread… does it mean we actually agree that MA isn’t the right fit for our beloved club or has my eyes welled up so much that I can’t read?

    2. I feel the Ben White rumor is true. His transfer has all the features of typical Arsenal signings. For that price I hope he make an immediate impact.

      1. I thought it was done and dusted and to be announced after the euros, but we appear to be no closer!

        1. Agreed Sue…would be nice to sign early for 2 reasons:

          – fans health
          – actual pre-season with new team

          We never seem to get a pre-season with new signings then there’s always a delay with them playing games, then only as sub and usually only regular games by October.

    3. I think that the Ben White rumour is exactly that – a rumour. Arsenal can’t afford that transfer. I mean, they could barely afford Partey in a transfer window where they had the EL money and they sold Emi for 20M£.
      This term, no EL money, no player sales, and a 3.5M£ fine for the Super League.
      It literally doesn’t add up.
      And whoever is daft enough to believe that kse will invest their own money in the club can start putting the clown makeup on ASAP.

  5. If Roma isn’t going to pay £20m let’s welcome Xhaka back, I have said it severally he isn’t among those we are desperate to sell, he had a good season with us and a good euro, let’s forget about our personal issues with him, selling him for something less is a bad business he is not part of player we are desperate to sell like kolasinac and laccazet (due to his contract issues)

    OT: AMN is fast becoming another Walcott, confused and inconsistent
    MA will have lots of works to do with Saka after his holiday, it will be interesting to see how he work with the lad as this will determine the boy future and will convince me personally about his ability with young players

  6. If he stays, they should extend him for a year. Otherwise, sell him immediately. He’ll lose his sell-on value in his last year of the contract. Then, even 17M£ would be a stretch.

  7. Please consider my head now officially “done in”!
    Why do we read any of these sites?

    My first reaction was to check today’s date. Now I am alternately calculating how many hours and days I have wasted creating different transfer scenarios for no reason, and questioning my very own existence.
    I trust nobody right now, believe nothing. Have we signed Tavares? Is he actually a hologram? Did Ozal ever actually leave or will I spot him in a coffee shop in Brompton Road?
    Please friends – no immediate debates on whether Xhaka should be sold or kept. I don’t think my sanity could handle it.
    Lies, damned lies and journalists…
    ps from the prose alone I think we all know who the “famous reader” was!

    1. Guy
      Treat yourself to a lie down…..
      What will Jim White do on the last day of the transfer window if there are no deals to get over the line? No rumours to spice up our lives?
      I’m investing in watching the Open at Royal St George’s on the box. Less stressful

      1. I’m a golf nut Sue, so it will help. I recall in my younger days playing in weather I would not otherwise even walk down to the newsagents in to buy a paper! I really miss Peter Alliss though. Like Jonners at cricket he was essential for my maximim enjoyment.

        1. Quite a few years ago now a mate and I were hacking away in the mud during a downpour, we looked at each other asked whether we were enjoying it and agreed no, we walked off and I have never played in the winter since

          So, I am a fair weather golfer these days guy, maybe a few of our JA colleagues might want to ask themselves the same question about watching Arsenal, wishing that Arteta would leave is similar to wishing for it to stop raining during a round of golf

          If it isn’t enjoyable don’t do it, life’s too short, I enjoyed watching the Hibs game for example, rather than dissecting the performance and focussing on the negatives I am looking forward to watching us against Rangers on Saturday

          As for Xhaka, if he stays he will get my support, I don’t really understand what he brings to the team, I would like him to cut out the silly costly mistakes and the dopey cards he picks up but if he is playing for the Arsenal he gets my support

          1. FF
            For my sins, and the fact that a lot of the ladies have already been captain, I’m this year’s vice at my local club having had my arm twisted painfully!

            I’m with you on fair weather golf but it’s the cold I can’t cope with during the worst of the winter- and looking for a ball that remains firmly invisible after plugging in the mud. On a sunny day though, it’s wonderful being out there

          2. Nice philosophy Fingers – I try to follow a similar path although I’m well known for being ratty and unreasonable immediately after a particularly poor performance so please ignore my posts on those occasions! Agree completely on Xhaka – amazing international and would succeed in Europe but he’s not suited to the EPL.

            I too don’t play much golf now – I threw a disc out playing at 6.30am in cold wet foggy weather from damp undergrowth. I compounded it by playing on for 3 holes on one leg, and was unable to walk or work for 6 months after. Hence I am now a very fairweather golfer!
            Stay dry my friend

        2. Now, you’re showing my age and your own😊
          BJ and the clip on the radio still makes me laugh out loud and PA had the most silky voice.

          1. Completely agree SueP, sunshine is the key ingredient to an enjoyable round of golf, particularly the way I play!

          2. Nothing wrong with having a moan up guy, I can see plenty in an Arsenal game that I’m not happy with and shout at the telly all the time (probably more than I do at the Emirates funny enough but that’s likely to be to do with the commentators & pundits), it’s an emotional watch and things happen but ultimately taking the rough with the smooth is what being a footy fan is all about isn’t it

            It’s the extreme negatives and nothing else in some posts on a loop that gives me the hump and trying to predict when Arteta will be sacked is ridiculous, if he does get sacked it means that Arsenal aren’t doing well, is that really what some fans want, for Arsenal not to do well, I don’t get it

            Everybody is entitled to their opinion, no problem, mine is that Arteta is a good Manager now and will get better but I understand if somebody else doesn’t agree with that, however to want him sacked at some point next season just doesn’t make sense to me

            Of course I would rather we had challenged for the title than finished 8th last season but it doesn’t mean that everything about the Club is bad as some seem to think

          3. FF

            Perhaps it is not wanting or wishing him to leave but expecting him to leave based on what we have seen during his time here to form an opinion that he is not the right man for the job.

            In other words I don’t think he is a good coach yet. He may be in the future but now he is not.

            If he gets it right he will get everyone support but some of us are not confident he will, again based on what we have seen so far.

      2. SueP, who’s Jim White? Ben White’s lower priced brother?
        Won’t Arsenal look absolutely idiotic if the Club doesn’t sign Ben White with Gabriel injured and Saliba loaned to Marseille?

        1. We’ve still got Holding, Chambers, Mari, Tierney and the occasional CB Xhaka in our books. We’ll look absolutely idiotic, only if we sign Ben White for anything above 25 million quids and he takes more than half a season to produce the goodies.

  8. If he is not going, let him stay, but hopefully he should be less error prone which led to many goals against Arsenal in the previous seasons. Still another CM and a quality CAM are a must for Arsenal. I would vouch for Pereira of WBA and either Bissouma or Neves.

    1. hi GFL. Good names but not sure I’d be riveted watching Xhaka alongside Neves as our CMs! Bissouma high priced and will join half our team or the Afcon so may not be on. Pereira I like a lot though.

      1. Pereira is being linked with some team in the Saudi league. We simply can’t match their offer. Especially, the guaranteed number of minutes and the super-star status in the squad.

    2. Fair enough HH, I respect your thoughts, they don’t tally with mine but they are considered and balanced so I respect them and I’m sure you are right that there are many other Arsenal fans that agree with them but unfortunately there are other posts that don’t have those values

      Football has always been, still is and always will be about opinion

    3. 👍 👍 👍 Plenty of solid well priced midfielders available. Edu on holidays having dinner with Raul, probably cooking up another “Pepe deal”.
      Xhaka should only be sold if Arsenal is going to bring in an upgrade, which doesn’t seem likely. To be fair to Granit Xhaka he was far from Arsenal’s worst player last season.

  9. Good news then… Get a proper Creator and get out attack firing then I’m good with the team.
    I criticize players but I also support and give them credit when they prove they are improving and becoming better.
    It was madness in the first place to stick with a struggling player, then sell him as he’s getting into his prime as a footballer.
    Get a Betty DLP than Xhaka or let him be

    1. He was our one of the most consistent performers last season except few hiccups…
      If he stays then we need to tie with him another 2 years otherwise his value go down further

  10. To repeat once again Ruben Neves to Arsenal will not happen at Wolves’ current asking price which is around 37m. Locatelli been lost already.

    Ben White to Arsenal is a done deal. Just have to clear doubts there. Everything I’ve gathered has proven so.

    Aouar talks continue. There may be some big news coming in next week if all goes to plan. My prediction before the window opened is that we’d end up with Aouar and Bissouma. Its looking like that though it I won’t be surprised if we end up with Neves instead of Bissouma since he has the higher priority.

    1. So We are not Targeting Maddison?
      And we gonna sign Aouar according to you?
      I would prefer Neves ahead of Bossouma
      I wish we could have gone for Maddison

  11. Have I missed something? Apart from this article, there is no real news stating Xhaka is staying. No quotes, no denials no nothing.

    As it stands it seems like we are in the same place we were before this article.
    That is — Xhaka may go to Roma or elsewhere if Arsenal’s valuation is met. Or maybe he won’t.

    1. True Voyageur – absolutely nobody else is saying what Pat has said – I have scoured the net. But sometimes writing nothing is a signal. For days every second article was Xhaka. Today nobody mentions him at all.
      Journo’s have a habit of not admitting their mistakes, they just drop the story. And it’s been dropped by everyone suddenly…

  12. Is this an April Fool’s post? I don’t get the humour.

    Your conjecture that Xhaka is staying is what? Not based on anything real, obviousl. I’m not getting it.

  13. I hope this article is satire. Fabrizio Romano already confirmed the deal between AS Roma and Arsenal is at the final stages but Arsenal have failed to sign a replacement yet.

    1. DARLING Matthew I am so touched that you care so much for my wellbeing as to ask where I AM. I WAS PREVIOUSLY UNAWARE THAT YOU CARED SO MUCH. Such a nice boy you are!

    2. Matthew So touching to realise that you care for my welfare so much as to ask where I am. I had not previously realised how much you are missing me!

      1. O yes jon,i do care of your well being,i always look forward to your comments anytime i come on here,eventhough you counter every of my contributions in a manner that should make me angry but i still respect&i care about you

        1. What are you doing tonight then sweet MATTHEW! I’d invite you round but the wife might get jealous!

          1. O common now jon,it seems you are making fun of me&i don’t like coffee&again i wouldn’t know why your wife should get jealous seeing you taking coffee with a fellow man

  14. Kev,

    Hope both those are wrong.

    We do not need White or Aouar, they both do not add anything to what we have. White’s passing is not all that and Aouar’s ball progression is not even close to what we need for the money!

    Clowns running our organization with regards to contracts and recruitment.

  15. Why no one is talking about the first pre season friendly loss? It might be just a friendly but there are same worrying stuff and some old same old story being repeated with same old excuses.

    1. Well, there’s no LOGIC in talking about it. We lost. End of story. We move on to the next game.

  16. If all this banter regarding Xhaka’s exodus has been some sort of contrived ruse, especially if Jose, of all people, was somehow in the know and taking the piss out of the fanbase, this just might be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back for me…for now, I’ll wait to see how things actually play out, but if nothing comes to pass and this underwhelming biggity sloth is wearing the red and white come opening day, the gloves will be off when it comes to my open displeasure with this organization…right now, we’re the footballing equivalent of a hot mess

    1. How did you feel when back in the days every summer there was speculation about PV? Were you annoyed that he courted a move to Real? I personally don’t care and when someone is wearing the Arsenal shirt, he has my complete support.

  17. Not an accurate article and nothing to gloat about yet. Roma just putting together an improved offer and the two teams are not miles apart from agreeing.

  18. The biggest news coming out of the club is about Xhaka and maybe he goes or stays?

    Quite telling about transfer business so far, but hey at least we have 2 backups; “the project” on pace to finish 8th again.

    First priority should be a dynamic midfielder, without a doubt.

    We could make decent offer for Maddison with the White money, but why do that? Better we stick with the negative football aye?

    As far as Neves rumors, take Sanches over him everyday and twice on game day.

    Maybe the slow motion and laborious buildup will bore teams into complacency.

  19. So true Reggie – unless it’s on our official website it’s just rumours and that is the case with Pats article… but it is funny to see Pat enjoying himself at others expense.
    Beware though Pat, the worm has been known to turn and IMAGINE the stick you will get if he does leave 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Beware people this is an opinion piece that implies the poster has knowledge that he does not have. There have been no new developments, although the mischievous style of presentation implies otherwise.
    I for one am pretty annoyed as along with many of you I wasted my time posting comments based on a premise that is extremely unlikely to be true, although it was not presented that way.

    1. guy, all the articles regarding transfers are fictional unless our official website at the club confirms it.
      That has always been the case and I’m surprised that Pat’s article has upset you, when others haven’t.

      The egg on Pat’s face will make an omelette if Xhaka does leave and I am sure he will take it with the same grace and humour that Jon Fox has.
      We have been linked with over 70 players in this window and if 10% of them are true, it would be a miracle.

  21. I think fans are harsh on him. He is definitely not a bad performaer last season. will he takes arsenal to next level…like tackling, creating, workrate, pace, dribbling like fans are demanding i dont know im not an expert.

    For me he looks like a leader & has mental strength. If he stays i support him. If he leaves “all the best”. i ll watch him like i did for ramsey.

    i supported wales when ever they play in euro because ramsey is there.

  22. Try to understand. The Euro’s is a short sharp competition. It is easier for players to keep their focus over two or three weeks, than over a 50 game season.
    The EPL is a slog.

    Players like Pogba and Xhaka can look good in the Euro’s, but struggle to maintain focus during a long EPL season.

    In Xhaka’s case, I maintain we desperately need a Bissouma to take up the mantle when Xhaka starts to struggle (as he will – remember he will be another year older).
    Elneny is okay against weaker opposition, but seems to get lost when we play the better teams.

    I doubt the author of this article will begin understand what I am saying!!

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