Granit Xhaka incident passed onto the National Crime Agency’s fraud department

The Premier League has passed on their investigation to the National Crime Agency after their was some suspicious betting during Arsenal’s fixture against Leeds this season.

Granit Xhaka was the subject of an excessively sized bet on him to pick up a yellow card late into the game, with him eventually picking up the caution for time wasting, and it was then reported that an investigation into the matter would be undertaken.

Our side was 4-1 up at the time, with little urgency needed to be had, but referee Andre Marriner opted to reprimand the midfielder after he had taken a while to take a free kick in the final five minutes of normal time, a bet that resulted in a large win for one punter.

The bet has been flagged up however, with the nature of the bet being placed late into the game also, with the price taken one which was shorter than it was pre-kick-off, further heightening the suspicions around the wager, and the DailyMail reports that the information has since been passed onto the National Crime Agency to further investigate.

I understand that betting people will bet on some random events, but this certainly sounds a little suspect, although it seems unlikely that the midfielder would have been involved in any funny business. The truth usually comes out in the end, and we will just have to wait and see I guess.


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  1. I’m incapable of providing an unbias view on this particular subject due to my obvious displeasure that this underwhelming, thirsty wantaway player is still somehow wearing the kit…it will be interesting to see what ultimately transpires when it comes to this rather “suspect” incident

    1. TRVL, I much agree with you. I personally dislike making judgements until I know all the facts but I have to say this looks very suss against Xhaka and he DID dwell on that free kick for ages and it looked at the time as if he was keen to get booked. I allege nothing more than a suspicion however but confes it would be wonderful if he was forced out because of it .

      OR JUST FORCED OUT for ANY reason , as I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO STAND HIM IN OUR TEAM , despite three managers of ours choosing him.

      Though I have always felt MA had at times little practical alternative, as we are hardly teeming with talent in his position. But most of all, I JUST crave his exit!

  2. If this comes out to be true, then I guess it also includes in the allegedly culture this managements are trying to bring back.

  3. Taking side bets on yourself. Sturridge sure missed a trick there. He should’ve asked Granit how it’s done…IJS 😁

  4. Xhaka is not under investigation folks, in fact there isn’t any suspicion of wrongdoing on his side, so not sure why ppl are going after him.

      1. I’ve read lots of other articles on this story and they all went out of their way to make it clear that Xhaka is not under investigation. The clarification is welcome but imo this article should have been much clearer from the start.

        Regardless, disappointing to see some folks here take it as a chance to take a cheap shot at one of our players.

        1. “this article should have been much clearer from the start” 👍👍

          good point Voyageur…are you suggesting that the author might have been engaging in a little late day “trolling”? asking for a friend

      2. AD PAT, I DONT AGREE . There IS circumstantial evidence and common sense indicates that no othe rperson could guarantee a booking unless the player was onside with that plan.
        That may not be “proof” as you say, but it sure looks suss, esp when you consider HOW it was even possible that large bet could have been won WITHOUT XHAKAS connivance.

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