Grealish still won’t let Saka off the hook over Chelsea goal

Jack Grealish is refusing to agree that Bukayo Saka meant his chipped goal against Chelsea.

Saka scored the pick of the bunch as Arsenal beat the Blues 3-1 at the Emirates last weekend.

He appeared to be looking to cross the ball when it mistakenly lobbed Edouard Mendy in the Chelsea goal.

After the game, Saka took to Twitter to say that he saw the Senegalese goalkeeper off his line and he decided to chip him.

However, Grealish replied to him that he was lying, and it was a mis-hit cross.

Saka was again in fine form as Arsenal ran out 1-0 winners in their last league game against Brighton.

He provided the assist for the only goal of the game and after the match, Rob Holding started an Instagram live from his account.

Grealish jumped on the comment section to, yet again, tell Saka to stop lying about his chipped goal against Chelsea.

Grealish wrote as quoted by the Metro: ‘Bukayo stop lying saying u meant to chip the keeper’.

Saka, however, insisted: ‘Bro I saw him off his line. Stop hating’.

Saka has been one of the shining lights in the Arsenal team this season and their fans will hope that he will continue his fine run of form for them.

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  1. Seasons Greetings to all lovely gooners. Rise and applaud the “real” assist king – Saka and the “real” CAM – ESR. As we foray into the new year, let us bin the trash of the past and rely on the “real” players for the future. Irrespective of the goal observations of Jacko, who really cares ,end result it was goal,
    Mikel beat ManU and Chelsea, those are 6 points which we would always lose under Wenger.

    1. Because Grealish could not have been so aware as Saka he disputes the intention of Saka. That is shite. Saka has a much better character than Grealish and tells the truth……and doesn’t ‘dive’ everytime he is touched. Grealish is a great footballer but has his head up his own ass.

    2. You were doing so well until your last paragraph when you mentioned AW,6 pts we might have lost under Wenger probably but we would have won the majority of the other games and not have such a winless run , dismissal performances or found ourselves stuck at the bottom of the league for that long..what’s the point of beating Chelsea Manure if you lose against Wolves,Leicester,Villa well basically every other team?

    3. Nothing wrong with Wenger, He was the man for years. Even when he had to sell, sell, sell, he kept us in top four again and again!

  2. As soon as Saks scored that goal I thought this will be just like the famous Dennis Bergkamp goal where everyone argued over whether he meant it or not, and here we go again!

  3. Just let them hate and underrate, they will shut their mouths when he starts doing this sort of thing consistently. If Saka says he meant it, he meant it. Grealish is just sour grapes that he didn’t make that goal.

  4. Now we have the real creator who also works his socks off not the so called creator Ozil who strolls in games.

  5. So Grealish is interested in Arsenal, whao, then let’s sign him. Saka will explain more to him if he join us whether he meant it or not.

  6. Poor old Jack, can’t accept that he has a challenger. For his information: Saka spotted Mendy was bit too far forward, aimed for the far post with a little back spin on the ball and it went in perfectly.🤑

    1. Why is Grealish interested in Saka and Arsenal games? Is it merely because they are England teammate? Could it be a coded message that he could be interested in playing with Saka? For Arsenal? Oh, am I reading too much into the banter? All dreams are valid.

  7. So Grealish and his opinion on something that did not concern him nor his team are now considered worthy of an article Martin? WHY?

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