Great Arsenal Memories – Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona 2011 (Video Highlights)

Because Arsenal and us fans are in turmoil at the moment, I think it would be be a good time for Gooners to look back on some of our happy memories to relieve our stress and remember better rimes in our history. And what better place to start with the highlights from our Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona win, when we managed to beat a team at the highest pinnacle of football at the time with an amzing comeback. In fact this was the only game Barca lost in that season’s competition and endied up beating Man United 3-1 in the Final.

When you compare the two line-ups, you can see why very few people thought we had any chance to win the game at all. It is worth remembering that this was probably Jack Wilshere’s finest game for us ever, and was even hailed by the Barcelona players and Pep Guardiola after the match.

Here is the Arsenal XI that day…

53 Szczesny
06 Koscielny
20 Djourou
22 Clichy
27 Eboue
04 Fabregas
08 Nasri (yellow card)
14 Walcott (Bendtner 77)
17 A Song (yellow card) (Arshavin 68)
19 Wilshere
10 Van Persie (yellow card)

And here is Barcelona’s XI

01 Valdes
02 Daniel
03 Pique (yellow card)
19 Maxwell
22 Abidal
06 Xavi
08 Iniesta (yellow card) (Adriano Correia 89)
16 Busquets
07 Villa (Keita 68)
10 Messi
17 Pedrito

Even in the return match we gave these legends a game, but ultimately ended up losing 3-1, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Enjoy Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona official Uefa highlights below. We may never see us beating them ever again!


  1. Nah… Ain’t interested, I get your point as to why we should discuss and watch it but it’ll do the opposite for me instead.
    I stopped watching all of those videos that Arsenal would post, pointing at a match or performance.
    It’s only a reminder of what we used to be, what we used to do.
    Where I grew up at, there’s a popular saying that “I get am before no be property”
    Meaning showing up and talking about what you used to do or could do in the past is pointless if you can’t do it now or do anything close to it

    1. Yes. We all should keep moving forward, not clinging to the past

      And that 2011 team couldn’t even fill the Invincibles’ boots. That was when Wenger was obsessed with small and slow tactical creative midfielders like Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere and Arshavin

      Had the Invincibles played against them, Henry and co would have blown them out of the water. Because the Invincibles were faster, taller, stronger and more athletic

      1. Gotanidea, but at the moment, our present teams performance couldn’t even tie their shoelaces…how do you think we would fare against Barcelona today?

        So glad you spotted the names you quoted, everyone of them would get in our present squad and let’s not get into Wengers obsessions…such as attacking, attractive, positive football that saw the emirates full at every game.

  2. What I find interesting is some of the “deadwood and dross” players that some on here spout off about so often.

    Walcott – Djourou – Eboue – Bedtner – Arshavin – yet these “spineless, mentally frail, overpaid, lazy good for nothing players were able to beat a Barcelona team that was at the height of it’s dominance…this with a manager who hadn’t achieved anything since 2005.

    Admin, more of these please, as some “fans” on here only seem to want to remember the humiliations – what about the 5-1 away spanking of Inter?

  3. Try again – what I find interesting is the names of some of the “deadwood” players involved that night.

    Walcott-Djourio-Eboue-Bedtner-Arshavin-Song…yet we beat the eventual champions and did so with players who were part of an organised team, with tactics and purpose…a great night to be there and witness the “togetherness” of fans and players.

    It goes to prove that one doesn’t need a star studded team to play good football, or insist players have to run around all over the pitch to prove their worth.

    Admin, some more of these please, they counteract the gloom and doom merchants.

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