GREAT Arsenal news as LETHAL striker says YES!

Perhaps this particular bit of Arsenal news may be something to do with the reports yesterday that the Gunners would not be completing the transfer of the Colombian international star Jackson Martinez from Porto after all, despite a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours claiming that he was the top of Arsene Wenger’s wish list.

Whatever the goings on behind the scenes at the club, and I do hope that the prof is still looking for a top quality alternative to Olivier Giroud, the report by The Independent which reveals that our speedy England striker Theo Walcott has made up his mind to stay with Arsenal and sign a new contract extension is a great bit of news for us.

Arsenal fans will be hoping that the 26-year old can now stay injury free, and even better would be if he can start the next season in a similar manner to the way in which he rounded off the last one, after more than a year of real frustration and hard slog for the striker.

Four goals in our last two games, with three of them being of very high quality, must have been just what the doctor ordered and perhaps the title of most lethal marksman in the Premier League might help to make up for the fact that he missed so much of it.

The report also claims that Walcott is due to start for England in Slovenia tonight and this will be his last game before a summer holiday, so fingers crossed that he plays well, scores and finishes the game fit and looking forward to a fine future with Arsenal.

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  1. He is really a great finisher and can be one of the best. He has now got the hunger as well .. He also said recently that he wants to become like Ronaldo. Walcott has improved his left footed shot. Only things that he needs to improve is Headers. He also has to score from headers. He can be our ronaldo and signning him up will be a massive news.
    If he stays fit, I am expecting 20 plus PL goals for him next season

    1. There is always the Big IF with Walcott. He is fast enough, he needs to start bulking up, hitting the wieghts and working on his technical ability. You see there was a point when he was considered better than ‘Gareth Bale’. Walcotts undoing has been his injuries primarily, but it is also the fact that when he comes back from injury the focus has always “will he be up to speed”? “Can he stay fit” too much focus on his agility never so much his physical traits. Just look at images of Gareth Bale before he joined Real Madrid and Look at him now, he looks like an utter tank. I cant say the same physical developments have occurred in Walcott apart from the obvious maturity. You want Walcott to be held in the same breadth as Ronaldo or Bale, stop using him as a one trick pony for his speed, focus on other aspects of his game because right now he is not even in the same galaxy let alone the same league to Ronaldo.

  2. Ah yes, seems as though you all continue with the click bait ways. ARE YOU GOAL.COM IN DIGUISEEEE, ARE YOU GOAL.COM IN DISGUISE!!

  3. reliable sources….Cech to complete move to arsenal next week(£11)…martinez agrees terms with Milan…
    arsenal to enquire the services of Edin Dzeko..(valued at £20m)
    My own view…Wenger’s big signing to be Vidal coz kodogbia is heading to Milan and M.Schneiderlin off to manutd

    1. vidal is the only “woow” factor signing we have been linked to. Martinez, schnederlin, kondogbia will not lift the club like sanchez and ozil did.

  4. I think we should make a daring 50 million pounds bid for Lewandoski, i think that kind of amount will kindle Bayerns’ interest but i doubt if the player will be willing to come. Therefore, i think we should go for Cavani, he is available to move and will be a major up grade from Giroud and will also combine well with Walcot and Sanchez up front! With three of them up front and fit all through the season they will guarantee nothing less than a combination of 60 goals between them in the EPL alone.

    1. First, Cavani is not going anywhere. Second he is highly overrated and highly overpriced with ridiculous wages Arsenal will never pay.

      1. maybe you might be right on most but wages you are certainly wrong. he is actually on ozil/sanchez type wages.

    1. I like Vidal but don’t think he’s DM. More in the Ramsey mould. Don’t think he’s got the discipline to simply do the dirty work a la Coquelin, Matic et al

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