Great idea – How all Arsenal fans can protest against Kroenke without boycotting games

Our FA Cup tie last weekend coincided with Blackpool’s ongoing protest against their owner. Fans refusing to come and watch the team they love based on, where possible, not wanting to put any more money into Owen Oyston’s pocket. It should be stressed that Seasider supporters grievance against the Oyston family go beyond the footballing side of things but also a moral stance over legal misdemeanours. It wouldn’t be fair to compare him to Stan Kroenke.

Yet in a week where we have been told we can only afford loan deals, the desire for him to sell his shares has returned. Convincing 60,000 people not to go to the Emirates seems unrealistic. Even if a percentage of Gooners didn’t renew their season tickets in an act of going on strike, a greater number is on a waiting list. That’s why the American chose us as the English club to purchase. Such a huge fan base where it’s unrealistic they will ever walk away. Essentially, it’s exploiting people’s love.

He hasn’t attended a fixture this season so is unaffected by any unrest and living across the Atlantic he’s probably unaware of how he’s perceived in North London. Even if he did, history shows he’s got thick skin. We are not the only sport franchise he owns. Working in sports without promotion or relegation, his business model is to make a profit no matter how successful the asset. We are just one of many institutions in his portfolio so even if he suddenly cared about winning titles, I’m not sure we would be top of his priorities.

Just because it’s unlikely that Arsenal fans could dictate to a billionaire what he should do, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Most things in life that are worth anything you have to fight hard for. How can we complain about him not caring then sit and do nothing in response? How do we get his attention? Target what he cares about. As he is valued at over 8 billion USD he speaks just one language, money.

He would be alarmed if he found out his stadium was half empty. That’s half the usual money spent on programmes, drinks and food. But we have to fall a lot further for that to ever be a prospect. So what other revenue streams can we hit?

While it’s asking too much for gunners to walk away from match days, they might find it easier not to purchase the latest kit. How many of you have rolled your eyes for the need of 3 shirts a year with prices going up? Yet, out of duty, how many feel obliged to fork out 60 pound minimum each summer? If though we saw our peers not wearing red and white on a Saturday, knowing it would annoy sponsors, it would be worth it. Adidas are about to pay a huge sum to have their logo printed on our merchandise. How would they respond if their products were not flying off the shelves? Mr Adidas would be on the phone immediately demanding an explanation.

To boycott kit wear to me is feasible. It’s just getting the message out there, we all have to be on the same page. I’m interested how many on Justarsenal agree with this idea and would spread the word? Could we get loads of signatures then pass it on to social media and other fan groups. The odds are against us but what do we gain to lose by trying? I’m not suggesting we are going to impact change, but if every Gooner has that thought process, then Mr Kroenke gets away with it. Let’s have this has featured post for a week and in the comments say if you would agree to not buy a new Arsenal shirt or not.

Then we simply pass it on to other fan groups….

Dan Smith


  1. Jack says:

    We can take this protest further by boycotting all sponsors till kroenke is ousted. That will have multiplied effect of all sponsors forcing Mr Kroenke to sell the club if the valuation falls down. The author is absolutely right valuation is the only thing Mr. Kroenke will ever care for.

    1. Skills1000 says:

      Why it is true that Stan does not invest in the team, but the Manager also should be blamed. His tactics and squad selection leaves a lot to be desired. He should have played Ozil against West Ham. The guy is class. his ability to find a team mate with a pass cannot be matched.

      1. Kay says:

        He gets lost in important and pressure mounting games like that of West Ham. so not playing him was not an issue. Did you see our players? Lava, PEA, Xhaka were all craps. The coach for me should not always be the one taking the blame for lackluster players. I’ve never been a fan of his.

        1. Pat says:

          Kay, am not sure you have watched a lot of Arsenal matches. The pundits reports that Ozil get lost in pressured games and so everyone sees it that way. Am not saying his is fantastic in all games but he has impact. But I can tell you how many times his presence opens up spaces for others to create. Because what oppositions do is to focus on our creative milders and then the supply stops. This was exactly what happened to iwobi in the match against West Ham. The problem with us since the days of Cesc Fabrigas and Nasri, and Hleb is we haven’t had two good creative milders performing absolutely at their best at the same time on the pitch in the same game. Ozil was bought because of the cry that we have sold all our good players and haven’t replaced them. And he is the only very good creative milders in the team. Ramsey is average, Iwobi is upcoming. So it is very easy for everyone to isolate him for criticism whereas the problem lies with the depth of the whole squad. Since Sanchez left Ozil has not been the same. Man City has more than 2 creative milders so it is difficult to pin one down. That is not the case with us

      2. wiszley says:

        Just think before you talk. still to me emery is one of the best coach in the league and before a coach uses a tactics he would have practice that for a whole week in training. Arsenal don’t just have the player to fit in his plans and tactics. they gets tired easily they make so many errors. 80% of the players in arsenal should be playing for wigan athletic not arsenal. then we fans deserve what we got because no matter what like the writer said they will still pay for stadium and bought the kits. all this should be boycotted. when emery was in Valencia and Seville they are not the best teams but their defense then is one of the best. to play the way he want then they need to get him good CB atleast 2. that is why city and Liverpool are flying. even when they are not playing well their defense are there to do the job

        1. Tristan says:

          Sounds like Mourinho is best candidate for the post.
          We are Arsenal.
          We have better attacking players. We must play our strengths and improve our defence in the next few windows. If our defence is not good enough at the moment, we try to outscore our opponents.
          Emery shall know what the club can provide when he took over the job.
          Emery shall adapt this tactics for the current squad and get the best out of them. However, after the winning streak, he wants to buy the players he used to play. Bench warmer from Barcelona, 30 year old from Sevilla.
          Emery shall always put club first instead of his personal ego. However he failed again. The best example was the game against West Ham. In the absence of creative players, Emery would rather exclude a healthy Ozil from the squad.
          I am not saying Ozil is the saviour. But Emery often deploys him on the right flank in stead of using his strength. In a few second half changes, Ozil was put back to the middle and played much better and the team turned momentum around.
          The winning streak did buy some time for Emery. But with current squad having Laca, PEA, Ozil, especially after adding Torierra as a reinforcement. I think we probably could achieve better under Arsene Wenger.
          Btw the rumour that Mislintat is leaving makes me sad and disappointing.
          It’s time to say!

      3. Thickadus says:

        You are missing the point the writer is making

      4. Westlake says:

        I believe Emery is feeling the pressure. If it wasn’t for Obamajamadingdong scoring all those goals, Arsenal would be a middle table team. I think he desperately wants his midfield comfort blanket with him – Ever Banega. I suspect he was told there was not enough money to buy hoim, because Ozil is eating up too much of the pie. I think that is why he has tried to make being at Arsenal untenable for Ozil. An earlier example of keeping the payroll down was his reaction to Ramsey’s new contract demands. Now Cech is leaving probably to free up more money. It is my opinion that Emery is a blue collar coach. One who would rather have 10 guendouzis than 10 Ozils. There is a reason PSG got rid of him!!

    2. Kay says:

      But come to think of it, they’ve spent considerable amount of money lately, just that it was spent on wrong and average players. Xhaka 30+, Ozil 40+, Lava 50+, PAE 50+,Mustafi 30+, Perez 17+= 217+ in the last four or five seasons. I you invest such in your business, you’re definitely looking for something but when your expectations are not met, you’ll not be impressed to do more. For me, I’ll say all the above mentioned player doesn’t deserve the amount spent on acquiring them. If MO. Salah was in our team instead of PAE, he would have scored over 20 goals. That squad is over hyped and needs a complete clear out which can only happen in the summer market.

      1. Gavana says:

        Compare that to CIty, Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea and you’ll realize that you’re at your rightful place.

    3. Thomas Kelly says:

      Just seen that Mislimsntat is set to leave over transfer great it’s just getting better all the time now this to go with we can’t afford to buy players wot a joke arsenal or sad sad days ahead

    4. Ozzy AFC says:

      Kroenke wont EVER be outed, do you guys not realise that he’s one of the richest men on the planet, he also has done exactly what he’s he’s doing to Arsenal to a number of successful clubs in the USA, he is motivated by only one solitary thing and that’s money. He doesn’t care what millions of Arsenal fans across the globe think, he doesn’t give one jot about what the team does in terms of success on the pitch, the one and only thing he cares about is the overall value of the share price and the club so he can use its value to mortgage against other ventures.
      So a few banner will be unfurled at matchday, so a few of us wont buy the kit, so some people will recind their season tickets, so what he doesn’t look or see what goes on in the little world way below him and he doesn’t care.
      Theres only one way this club will EVER get out of this mans insidious clutches and that if some billionair offers him waaaay above the market price for all his shares, and you wanna hope its a genuine Arsenal Fan that does so cos despite it being really bad now….it could possibly get worse.

  2. Nick says:

    I myself have decided that I’m no longer supporting Arsenal through their direct website. If I buy a kit next season it’ll be through a different company, and I’ve urged my followers on my Instagram to do the same if they were planning on buying the kits, or other clothing range. Yes, I agree with you that boycotting by not going to games in close to impossible due to the fact that we have a strong tourist attraction. But not buying things from next seasons range would arise questions to Mr. Kroenke, and maybe he’ll think twice about how he’s running this club

    1. Yes that’s What We Really Need To Do By Not Buying Shirts And Even Not Going For Games.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Stay away if you love the team!!!

    Time to act!!!

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Give up the season ticket and the next person on the waiting list gets it. So he gets his money instead of mine. That won’t work Jeremy. Dan Smith’s right, hit the sponsors, I’ve never bought a shirt, mind you, never had replica shirts in the sixties, however I’ve not bought a programme for at least five years and I no longer even buy drink before a game. Trouble is ten minutes before half time half the crowd are downstairs tucking into their burger an chips, don’t give damn about the game, highlight of their visit to the Emirates. How times have changed.

      1. jon fox says:

        Kenny, I have never understood why, ten minutes before halftime,having spent all that money on a ticket and presumably caring passionately about the whole game, WHY ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, except possibly a hopeless alcoholic, cannot wait til right after the game for a drink! It has puzzled me all my long life and I can only conclude that we either have thousands of alcoholics who attend weekly OR thousands who don’t care that much about the actual game. Mysterious! The same use to apply in the olden dark days of mass hooliganism on the terraces when so many, morons obviously, cared only about shouting insults at away fans(and vice versa), completely ignoring the game in front of them. SAD CREATURES.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Unfortunately Jon it’s the modern way in football. Unlike the old days at Highbury when we remember the only place you could get a cup of tea was the little cafe at the back of the North Bank which held about ten people, nows there’s many outlets for food and drink, meaning a mass exodus ten minutes before half time at every game. To be honest, it drives me mad. You’re in your seat at the start of the game, then constantly having to get up to let latecomers into their seat who have decided to have one more pint before the kick off. It’s the same people every week. They also leave before half time then comeback five minutes into the second half and then leave before the final whistle. These people are not football people like us Jon, they’re there purely for the occasion with no consideration for other fans. Can you imagine them doing it at The Theatre Royal, Haymarket, cause a scandal.

            1. Invisible says:

              I have no idea how many gooners are active at justarsenal but will it really hurt if gooners in London spread the idea of boycotting matches and staying away from the emirates, after all it doesn’t take much to start an avalanche if the conditions are just perfect. I know its very unlikely but will it really hurt if we try. I would if I weren’t a million miles away from Emirates.

          1. jon fox says:

            KENNY, Your last line is esp pertinent since, as a theatre person myself, I know full well that some , indeed many theatres now, do not allow latecomers to enter until the interval, so as not to disturb patrons. A total difference in ethics of course and theatre people do not shout insults- though there have been very rare exceptions to that rule- while the production is going on. Nor do they get noisily and aggressively drunk whilst in the theatres. It is the difference between people who know how to and are intent on behaving , compared to a very FEW, AND IT IS ONLY A RELATIVE FEW at football, who care nothing for the enjoyment and comfort of others. Most football fans are decent, civilised, passionate, partial and good people. Most theatre patrons behave in such a way and are generally also the same, at a core level. But football has always been held back from universal good behaviour because it attracts a small percentage of uncivilised people. Sad but true. I know both of these from vast experience throughout my life of both cultures. I am as passionate about theatre and music as I am about football and Arsenal and have made much of my living from the former.

            1. Kenny Rolfe says:

              Very well summed up Jon, you’d think these people would at least wait for a gap in play to get to their seat but they don’t. They just come charging through without any consideration for other fans just as we’re on the attack or just as a corner is about to be taken. I personally don’t move , I make them wait, I don’t budge until play stops. The ones around me are beginning to get the message.

              1. Kenny Rolfe says:

                Jon, I’m glad my recent attack on Andy Murray hasn’t spoilt our friendship. While I’ve never been a fan of Murray because of his allegiance to Scotland rather than Britain on reflection my attack on him was uncalled for. I’d like to take opportunity to apologise to this forum, yourself and Andy Murray.

                1. Sue says:

                  Kenny you’re such a gent ?

    2. Declan says:

      Ok Jeremy so you’re asking fans who go to games (I’m assuming you don’t?) to perhaps stop doing something they may have been doing for years, possibly decades, travelling in Saturday morning, meeting mates at a pub or restaurant before the game. Walking with the throng of fans to the ground, enjoying the banter, singing and chatting with other fans near where they sit, watching the game live. After the game, couple of pints discussing how great we were or where it all went wrong. Win, loose or draw, fans do this week in week out and you are asking us to stop. So Jeremy, please tell us what you will be doing for the cause if you feel that strongly about it?

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Brilliantly summed up Declan, what I actually do every week and have been doing all my life.

      2. Jeremy says:

        We have to start somewhere. But one thing for sure if we keeps paying SK, he will NEVER leave the club.

        Well, some fans vacated the stadium at half time when teams did badly. In fact, I think we might see more of these cases happening to us. Without money ( as the club had declared), fit players, what else can bring hope to the club?

    3. Blake says:

      Can’t the gunners fans in the States help us wrench the stadiums of the rams and the nuggets to get his attention or fans in ebgland go there and block the roads before games and throw banners around all over paint arsenal logos over that shit nuggets and rams that’s how we cab get his attention

  4. Dee says:

    I suggest that taking this idea further to include food and drink boycott would also be effective. Not only would it hurt Mr Kronke in the pocket it would let the club know how appaling the quality of food and beer is and how infuriating it is to have to wait in line for the entire half time to even get served. Another indication of the contempt in which we paying fans are held.

    1. Ozzy AFC says:

      But you are all missing the point here.
      Stan Kroenke owns the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL, Denver Nuggets of the NBA, Colorado Avalanche of the NHL, Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer, Colorado Mammoth of the National Lacrosse League and the newly formed Los Angeles Gladiators of the Overwatch League.
      H he is worth the net amount of around US$8.5 billion. Arsenal Football club are valued at circa £1.8bn after buying out Usmanov.
      The Board allowed him to do this, the board blocked Usmanov from a place at the table and have therefore allowed SK to buy the club.
      Do you think that NOT buying a few Pies and Pizza’s is going to make any difference at all to stan Kronke??
      FFS he’s the owner, he aint going anywhere and there’s only a handful of people in the world who will have the type of money that SS will want to sell the club.
      Face it we have got this scum bag for life and that’s that.

  5. Everyone miss 1 game together.Ground empty.If he doesn’t sell you miss another.He would soon get the message

  6. John says:

    Liverpool, Man City, Man U item, Wolves, Bournemouth, Watford, etc., clubs at all levels in the premier league backed by their owners, especially financially. As you rightly state, this won’t happen with Kronke, and as a result, he will shoot himself in the foot. As the impact of a spending drought bites, other teams will overtake Arsenal,. Commercial sponsors like Adidas and Emirates will not like being associated with a failing enterprise, consequently, they will withdraw their sponsorship, or at the very least demand a cheaper deal. At the same time, Arsenal become a less attractive proposition for tv, and hence, those revenues reduce. As a result, Kronke’s investment becomes worth a lot less than it is valued now, leaving him with the option of pumping money into the club to protect his investment, or selling. Wishful thinking on my part? Maybe not.

    1. Sam says:

      I believe it has already started happening. Few years back almost every Arsenal game used to be broadcast live in India in preference to other clubs. Now, if the timing clashes, Arsenal game is dropped. Even Spurs get preferentially telecast to Arsenal. Imagine that.

  7. Asif Hussain says:

    What if we all booed at a set time in the game for a whole minute also. The message needs to reach him through the media

  8. Steven Maxwell says:

    you are all deluded if you think that will make one iota of difference!!

  9. Mike S says:

    I have been an Arsenal fan for over 60 years and have seen a lot worse teams that we have now. Yes, some of the players are not fit to wear the shirt, through age, ability or attitude.

    Arsenal have had a financial self-sustaining model for years now, even under the previous ownership and I don’t see that changing. Cutting revenue streams as suggested will not be helpful, nor will it solve the problem of cash available for transfers. The club needs to get rid of the deadwood, mainly accumulated during the previous managerial regime and also give some of the up and coming young players more opportunities, plus be more shrewd with acquisitions.

    It took Liverpool 3 seasons under Klopp to get to the level they are at now. Mr Emery has had half a season. It’s painful at times but we need to be patient – he will get us back at the top. Don’t make it harder for him by withholding match-day revenue and kit revenue.

  10. Cliven says:

    Actually Arsenal is no longer a big club but just a heart breaking club, kroeke out !

  11. GunneRay says:

    Attend match days by all means but make sure the “Wonkey Kronkey” banners are waving by the masses! It’s bad exposure in the stadium on televised games. Turn up late all the time and avoid food and beverages in the stadium. The stadium is the fans and it’s where all protests should be made!!!

    1. Declan says:

      Unfortunately banners are not allowed in the stadium.
      Even if you managed to get one in it would be torn down by the stewards as soon as brought out.

  12. Ddog says:

    So I am slightly conflicted on this issue. On one hand I completely against one man using the club to accumulate wealth, some which comes from our own pockets (whether he is a fan or not) I will always be against that principle. However, I will withhold my resentments as long as we are at least successful. I am curious to see what this club can do. Remember, we have spent reasonably big on players as of late – Auba, Lacazette, Ozil, Sanchez, Mustafi, xhaka. If we are more intelligent with our buying and selling I think Arsenal could succeed. I am willing to hold out see what Emery and the likes of Sven Misilintat and Sanehli etc can achieve. They will need 2 more years I’d say and If we don’t see progress, then I suggest full scale rebellion, boycott protest, the lot. And perhaps look move Arsenal towards a democratic style of ownership that includes fans….

    1. Me says:

      Sokratis, Lichsteiner and Leno are all Mislintat and Sanehli can achieve.
      Worse than useless…

  13. Dan says:

    I believe if you really care you will do your best to get everyone who goes constantly to boycott the games and show an empty stadium as that’s embarrassing. Also boycott the sponsors and ensure they made very aware of the boycott and who is responsible. We need our Arsenal back from this money hungry ass.

    1. Tony says:

      You cannot boycott games. You must renew your season tickets by the 1st of June every season or it will be sold to someone else. If you pay for it and don’t go Kroenke still has your money it’s a lose lose!!
      Don’t buy any merchandise, food, drink or programs and the club would have to listen.

    2. Ozzy AFC says:

      not Mislintat anymore
      He’s gone and this is bad news for us

  14. APANGU IDDI AMIN says:


    1. Declan says:

      However loud you shout you went get Fiszman back, he died 8 years ago.

      1. jon fox says:

        “Danny , Danny come back.” “Why don’t you answer me Danny?” “Sorry love but he died eight years ago, hadn’t you heard?” “Ooops , sorry missus, but I have been living in a cave these last eight years.” Ah bless!

        1. jon fox says:


        2. Ozzy AFC says:

          and its Fizzmans fault that Kroenke got the dge over Usmanov in the share holder stakes so I say ***k Danny Fizzman he’s where he should be.

  15. Bob Smart says:

    Great idea, but in practical terms, where to start?
    a) Adidas. I would suggest 70% of kit is sold overseas but how do you persuade Asian fans to stop buying perhaps their only method of expressing their support?
    b) Emirates. In the early 2000s ie pre-Kroenke, they were our most loyal and beneficial sponsor in helping to finance the stadium. I would be loath to “penalise” them. On the other hand, if someone can ascertain if Emirates are sponsors of other teams in the Kroenke stable, then perhaps they can be a useful tool.
    c) Corporate hospitality. A waste of time unless we can arrange to protest at entrances and car parks used by them. Whilst totally disagreeing with tactics currently being used by Brexit protesters, they sure are getting their message across.
    d) Media. Do anything to get our message across to Sky and other media outlets. If one sees Rednapp, Souness or Neville having a nice cosy pre-match chat on the touchline, go across and tell them as loudly as possible how unhappy we are.
    e) In-house. Does any season ticket-holder need to buy a programme? Surely one can live without a burger or pie for 2 hours. Be seen to eat and drink outside the stadium.
    Blackpool got a lot of publicity for their boycott. It has taken them years to achieve very little, but you have to admire their stamina and determination.
    We do nothing. Not a placard nor any hint of dissatisfaction. No bombarding phone-ins, no letters to the press, nothing. We are getting what we deserve. Unless we decide to do something for ourselves, nothing will change. Kroenke says we need to be self-financing. Just wait till he starts taking money out of the club or loading us with debt to finance another venture.
    If we don’t do anything now we never will.

    1. jon fox says:

      A magnificent and well thought through post. As we all well know, in life generally as also in football, there are people who complain but take no action and there are others , far fewer in number, who have the courage of their convictions and who actually DO something to change matters.

      However all mass campaigns for vital change start with a first step. Once taken, that step can swiftly gain momentum and take you a very long way. That first step is the most difficult to take and always will be.

    2. Ozzy AFC says:

      Kroenke’s only interest in Arsenal football club is the fact that our value can be mortgaged against other potential projects.
      He doesn’t care one IOTA about anything else.

  16. Midkemma says:

    Boycotting the kits and not wearing them sounds like the best idea I have read for a long time.
    I’ve refused to buy kits for years now, I miss them like crazy, I just refused to hand over money to Arsenal when they have lacked ambition.

    If banners are not allowed then how about some kinda protest t-shirt?

    If I had a good business head then I’d make t-shirts like that and sell them, with all profits going to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, call the company FUStan LTD XD

    1. Big G says:

      the making of protest t-shirts, what a fantastic idea.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I think it was Arseovertit that used to help people out with that stuff, the measurements and logos and what not.

    2. RSH says:

      with you on not buying Arsenal gear. the last kit i have is from 13/14 season. I just had enough at that point and am still waiting for a reason to support this owner. Also it was much easier to not buy with Puma making ugly stuff, lol.

      1. Sue says:

        I bet it had Ozil on the back!!
        Have to say though I did really like that kit

      2. Midkemma says:

        It’s gonna be painful with Adidas coming back, they make some beautiful kits… I can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do.

  17. jon fox says:

    Oh YES, you CAN protest against Kroenke without boycotting games. BUT what you cannot do, without boycotting games, is force him to sell. However, I want to be totally plain . I NEITHER HAVE, NOR WISH TO HAVE THE RIGHT, TO TELL ANYONE WHO COMES TO WATCH, whether or not a season ticket holder, what to do. To arrogantly assume such a bogus right, I would be going against ALL I have passionately believed for and fought for, sometimes physically; namely freedom to make ones own decisions and not to be bullied by tyranny / threats/ bribes/ embarrassment or physical action. In life, courage and courage to stand firmly and resoluetly for what you believe is vital, if the world is ever going to become free of “hate”(what some stupidly say when they disagree over a mere footballers on field abilities. Who ever he or she be!!). Yes, I believe that the ONLY effective way to force Kroenke out is a near toyal boycott. BUT if that right EVER becomes mine or anyone eslses, we would then have all lost a far greater battle than merely who owns Arsenal. I beg those with human intelligence and depth to reflect on this truth and understand where the boundary clearly lays.

  18. Big G says:

    nothing new here. the suggestion of not buying merchandise has been made before and fell on deaf ears as far as i’m aware. however its probably the only viable option left to explore in order to force the yank out though i think UE should be given at least 2 more seasons after the current season ends in order to completely rebuild in his own way before us fans really start to jump on his case. he is only in his first season and the change over from wenger era has gone more smoothly than that of man utd since fergie retired.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Big G many on here seem to believe there is a manager, “Merlin the Magician” maybe, who can do better than Unai Emery, with the current squad, the zero transfer budget and Kroenke’s self sustaining financial model.

  19. Break-on-through says:

    Those new Adidas kits will fly off the shelves, we’ll get record sales. I said before that all Arsenal fans could play a part, but it’s too unlikely. Everyone seems to be looking forward to getting Adidas back as our sponsor, allot of people don’t like the Puma, I don’t but am not a big fan of Adidas neither. 20 percent of home fans choosing to miss the odd game would send a message, the TV stations hate when the numbers are low, the PL hates it, and the owner gets a message. He’ll likely try harder at bringing players in rather than selling up, but that is what fans want for now, enough so that we don’t look blown out of the water at the midway point. Even us all just talking about this stuff, it could help.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Adidas Palma 1965, best boots I ever had, no toe cap,moulded sole, every boot made from one piece of Kid leather. Adi Dassler who founded Adidas around 1950 with his brother Rudolf and invented the first screw in studs and was significant in West Germany winning the 1954 World Cup on heavy pitches. After a falling out, Rudolf branched out on his own and founded Puma.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Correction: Adidas Parma.

  20. RAY says:

    helo fellow gunners. i total agree but we have to boycott the stadium too, we just need to let mr kroneke and the world know that we the fans we are not happy.. just imagine spurs having a new buyer and owner, how many of us can stand it….let us do what it takes the social media also is a powerful too.

  21. Break-on-through says:

    There’s an article about under-performing and over-performing teams from PL. Would you believe me if I told you, we are ahead of all the top teams, except Tott. We are fourth in the table, performing on average, higher points gains than expected points gains. Liv are in 6th, Utd in 8th, Che 10th. Tott are 2nd. Top over-performing team is Burnley. The article is on talksport, it’s called – over and under every pl team ranked.

    We would’ve probably been leading everyone just before Christmas hit.

    Read that talksport article/table, then read the previous article to this one up top. There has been a fair bit of good this season too. Auba, who that article attacks, has been a talisman for Arsenal. Before Christmas, Arsenal, have done more running and more sprinting than every other side, yet the article is about us not pressing. We have been pressing this season, but it looks like it is catching up on us. Ozil is mentioned, if pressing is an area of concern, then I don’t get it. No offence to the article writer, but I think he just wanted to vent a little, too many of his ideas/examples are clashing with one another. We all need to vent, so that, I get.

  22. giffgun says:

    start off with a regular mass protest outside the stadium an follow up with the protest shirts at the games.itl get a lot of media attenion to get things started off.the sponsers wont like it at all.this will get kronkes attention.the yanks dont like negative attention

  23. John Wick says:

    Replace your replica shirt with a Stan Kroenke spend or get out t-shirt haha or look Stan I’ve invested more on my t-shirt than you have on Arsenal ? will it work? Probably not but it’ll be cheaper than buying a replica kit ? the owner is a cheapskate so time the fans acted like cheapskates too ?

    1. Sue says:

      Well we have a model for them then ???

      1. John Wick says:

        You volunteering Sue ?

  24. Tom says:

    There is too much negativity around the club from media and fans due to Kroenke not establishing a firm direction of the Arsenal vision.
    Until then, the best thing to do is support the players (who seem to get abused more and more in frustration to the problem).

    With regards to the misdirection of our owner. You can call it blind vision.
    Wouldn’t it be great if 60,000 fans wore blindfold for 90mins in protest against the lack of vision our club are showing? Call it the blind movement!
    As much as it might seem a tall order to sit for 90mins blindfolded…it will be a statement and a half!!

    1. jon fox says:

      It would indeed be a statement and a half. But leaving aside the truth that it would not happen, much as many of us would like it to, even were it to happen, it does not change the fact that billionaires have hides like rhinos and Kroenke would just ignore it. THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD ULTIMATELY WORK, would be a direct challenge to his Arsenal FC asset value. Only a near total boycott of games OR relegation( or at least regular threats of it by poor league position) could have even a hope of working.

  25. zeek says:

    well, I was thinking I was going to see a genuine transfer story.
    anyways, I think the beat way to reach out to kroenke is targeting when he’s gonna be around for a match(so likely a home match) Every fan after the match staying in front of his car, lodge , whatever, dont allow him go out.. and making our case know.
    he has to see it “live”, he has to feel it…not hearing over a paper.
    my piece..

  26. Malik says:

    To be fair, he’s other sporting investments “RAMS” in NFL and “Denver Nuggets” in NBA are all thriving. Denver being 1st on the ladder and RAMS being the NFL finals. Maybe we should stan time to fix what has been a poorly ran club the last few years. He may have a plan to take arsenal forward. After all it is in his best interest for arsenal to succeed

  27. Jeremy says:

    We looked like those recruits from the opening scene of the movie ‘Enemy at the Gates’.

    Completely no ammo and bullied by the puny SK.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Anyway, before SK, every pound you spent, It will be building a legacy for future fans but now, it will be helping SK gets richer

  28. Tom says:




  29. Will says:

    Rumours going round Twitter that Mislintat is due to leave Arsenal – this is a blow if true, gone before he even managed to get started!

  30. ForeverGooner says:

    He isn’t getting on with the Arsenal director Raul and Bayern want him too.

  31. Thomas Kelly says:

    Just seen that Mislimsntat is set to leave over transfer great it’s just getting better all the time now this to go with we can’t afford to buy players wot a joke arsenal or sad sad days ahead

  32. ks-gunner says:

    Everything is currently working against us. Change demands sacrifice and to many fans today watch football for other reason than football. Its a get away where people can escape their reality. Even bad experiences who come from frustration and anger are welcomed for many people for reason non other than that for many life just sucks and they need something which they can keep them self busy with.

    So everyone is going to keep on doing what they are supposed to do, and the american who owns our asses will continue being here.

    Arsenal is Dead due of being unlucky in choosing the wrong person to own this.

  33. Raja Danish says:

    Aliko Dangote to the rescue. He is a billionaire and most richest person in africa plus he is a huge arsenal fan so he must buy arsenal ownership from this stingy and unambitious American Stan kronke at any cost at the end of the season. We will not win any titles with this man as our owner. A new, ambitious who will give funds from his own to raise arsenal to the heights which it was in the past.

  34. Jeremy says:

    Great! We are now losing our recruiters.

    I wonder what’s next?

    With much reluctance, I guess it’s better that way as we don’t have the money to sign anyone.

    And it reduces the wage bills too.

  35. Killamch89 says:

    Somebody blame Ozil for this too…I mean he is obviously the fault why our defense is crap and our manager plays Xhaka at CB and none of our creative players are flourishing.

  36. Roshan says:

    If Sven goes I’m done with this club. He was the only shining light to bring us back to the top by bringing in cheap talent that became world class.

    I’ve never seen a big club being run so poorly, it’s actually a disgrace

  37. David Rusa says:

    Reading the various submissions here has made me realise that it is difficult to come out with a common stand on what to do about Stan Kroenke because Arsenal has such a huge fan base worldwide. Hence, it is very difficult to get the majority of fans to make a common resolution. All Gooners love their club to do well but this must also be, within certain realistic perimetres. Nearly all new managers in EPL have always struggled to make any impact in their first season, the only notable exception being Jose Mourinho at Chelsea in 2004-05 season. However even he took advantage of Abramovic’s unlimited budget. Klopp has just started coming good,; Guardiola struggled in his first season; Pochetino hasn’t won anything yet. Any realistic person should have expected this. Once Emery starts winning again fans will come back on board. It is not all doom and gloom at Arsenal. How has Man U fared since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure? Even now the cracks are still there for all to see in Man U. This current run of games will soon crumble. The one word we Gooners need to guide us is patience for Rome was not built in a day. Obviously not everybody will agree with me but time will vindicate me.

  38. Steven Olanrewaju says:

    Waste of time, the only. Way to get at kreonke is to boycott the games. If he doesn’t lose money he won’t feel it

  39. Sean Williams says:

    Kroenke out T-shirts, scarves and beanie hats all the time, en mass. That way it’s better not to boycott games, we would want them to be seen. The ‘Greedy Man’ Kroenke needs to see them, consistently. If Mr Islington, Corbyn, was to get in to power, or even from opposition, he needs to be lobbied to change the law on ownership. The law may be the place to attack the Greedy Man. In the UK it’s just one club per owner. That makes sense so that any financial focus stays on the club. Sadly internationally thats not the case. The Greedy Man, as we know, owns FIVE clubs and we are far from top of the list. Total grey mediocrity. I’m sure most of you also know that he has invested billions in LA property developments that in effect means we are purely part of a portfolio to him. He will not invest in Arsenal. We are a great financial backup to him. He does not give a shite about our beautiful club. Until Kroenke is out of our great club we will be living on memories. Arsenal needs some love and an owner who will put his hand in his own pocket. Kroenke is a $*&£.

    1. patH says:

      Arsenal Holdings of which Arsenal FC is a subsidiary’ is valued at 1.8 billion. Arsenal Stadium is also as subsidiary and the major asset of Arsenal Holding all owned KSE I doubt if it will be possible to force Kroenke to sell arsenal fc which from a business point of view it is not a major asset given that about 27 million profit is on bottom line. Bearing in mind that most people who could or would buy arsenal are businessmen or women and would want to receive some sort of value/profit from their investment much as some accuse STAN K from doing. ADIDAS has not given Arsenal 300 million for the love of arsenal they expect to gain a considerable profit from their investment or believe me they would not have done it. So the question is who would be better owner than Kroenke. There is no guarantee that things would change, so is it worth the risk. WE might get lucky that a new owner might be able to exploit the ARSENAL brand which we in the eyes of many analyst we lamentably fail to do, and so put money back into the club..

      1. Dboy says:

        Totally disagree. This is where we get things wrong. Arsenal FC generates enough profit to have some of it reinvested in the building of the club. For example : What was Chelsea’s value before R A took over and what would it be now? Problem with Arsenal is that greedy Stan has no intention of making Arsenal great instead he is using Arsenal FC to Channel funds for his own interests.
        It is very possible for Arsenal to get a owner who is interested in growing and building the club itself rather than funding other interests. BTW the club was debt free and Mr. Stan went to make a loan to buy out other shareholders. Guess who is paying the loan back?
        We are right back where we started when we started the Emirates project? Does the transfer dealings seem familiar?
        Let’s band together and be positive. Neighbours Chelsea should inspire you.

  40. Dboy says:

    With the power of persuasion and the power of social media we can bring Kroenke to his knees. We should never doubt or underestimate who really has the final say here. The power is in a united fan base across the world.
    Campaign #SwitchOff!
    First we fire a warning shot. We choose a particular game to protest. We fill the stadium with banners and only protest or ordinary t-shirts. At half time everyone leaves the stadium and continue peaceful protest outside. Those watching on TV and live stream must switch off.
    This will get the attention of Sponsor and Broadcasting stations. When ratings drop Stan will feel it in the pocket.

    Our protest must have a clear and precise message and that is Stan Kroenke must go!

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Totally agree. Power is in the hands of the supporters.

  41. khitb77 says:

    In America, twitter was used to target those companies that had ties to the NRA and advertisers on Fox News. Hundreds of thousands of people emailed the companies asking that they cut ties with the NRA or Fox News.

    To a large extent the protests worked. Dozens of companies cut ties with both companies.

    Why I don’t think Stan Kroenke is as evil as the NRA or Fox News, he is completely unfit to own our club and needs to go.

    If we were able to mobilise our online fan base into targeted action again ALL of our sponsors – threatening to boycott Emirates, Adidas, Rwanda, BYD, Acronis, Cooper Tire Europe, Cover-More Travel Insurance, Gatorade, Vitality, World Remit, plus a whole host of regional partners we have, it might start to get the message across to those companies and perhaps even Kroenke himself.

    Kroenke is married to the Walmart heiress. So if every Arsenal fan boycotted ASDA that would possibly mean he gets an ear bashing from his mrs!

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