Great news and some justice for Arsenal from Spain

It will not help Arsenal directly, as we have already lost the game while the villains of the piece Chelsea were gifted a Premier League lifeline with their win over us a couple of weeks ago, but I think all Arsenal fans will be happy and even a little vindicated with the latest news from Spain.

A report in The Mirror has revealed that the reason behind the decision of the manager Vicente Del Bosque not to select the Chelsea front man Diego Costa for the latest round of international games was mainly due to his despicable behaviour in the game against the Gunners at Stamford Bridge.

The Spain boss said, “What he did was unedifying, and that is why he was punished.

“Of course, I didn’t like what he did.”

Costa has already been punished by the FA of course, but he and everyone at Chelsea have been up in arms about the injustice of it all. Perhaps these words from his international coach might get Costa to realise that what he is doing is just not on. It is cheating, plain and simple.

Hopefully now he will come back from his ban after the international break nice and rusty and maybe even think about not trying to get every player on the opposing team sent off or diving to win a penalty or a free kick. I very much doubt it however, especially with the serial cheat Jose Mourinho telling him what to do.

But will this news from Spain make the EPL officials even more vigilant about the antics of Señor Costa? We can only hope and wait and see.

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  1. If suarez could get a 10 match band for violent conduct, costa should have gotten more luckly he didnt try to bite gabriel!

  2. Already Mourine & his gang are suffering d consequences. did U see Fatcow (Falcao) get yellow yesterday for diving?
    Mourinho is so so arrogant not prideful. God hates that!!!!!!

  3. The Russian Chelsea owner needs a new deckhand. so Jose can see out his contract on the owners yacht. Trouble is they’d all mutiny and throw him overboard in 5 minutes cos they wouldn’t put up with his rants.

  4. Great news.

    Costa will pay his antics and he will be a target for all center backs in PL to swallow his own medicine.

  5. We have blog Untold Gooners right if I am not mistaken.
    I wonder if some Mourinho fan will start a blog called Untold Chelsea and keep track of referee decisons and present their statistics as fact. Hahaha somehow I doubt it. Mourinho barking up the wrong excuse tree.
    He failed to strengthen properly in the last tw and relies on old players and chronically injured. Same as Wenger.

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