Great news on Partey and Tierney – Not so good for Pablo Mari

Arsenal were doing so well on the injury front just a couple of weeks ago, and we were only waiting on Thomas Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes to return for Arteta to have a fully fit squad to choose from.

But then we had the scare of Kieran Tierney pulling out of the Crystal Palace game and Arteta was worried about how serious the injury was. But now it has been revealed by David Ornatein that our worries were unfounded….

We also have good news on Thomas Partey, who had a little warm up in the Palace game, and could now be ready to play the full 90 minutes. Mikel Arteta told “Well he’s made the right step. Obviously he hasn’t played much football in the last four months. He had an injury in exactly the same place he had before when he got injured against Spurs. Now we have the reassurance that he can compete. He did it for 25, 30 minutes. He did it well, he didn’t feel anything so now we’re going to be looking for the next step.”

Let’s hope he manages to play more than one game before going down with another injury this time.

But It is not so good news for Pablo Mari, who has been awesome in our recent run of clean sheets. Arteta continued: “He had a calf injury in training [on Wednesday]. I think he will miss a few matches. He’s another one we will lose but we’ve got Gabi [Magalhaes] back after COVID, which is good news, we’ve got Thomas back as well. Let’s focus on the positives.”

Of course we still have David Luiz, Rob Holding and now Gabriel to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too much of a worry for Arteta.

Perhaps our injury list is not so bad after all…

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  1. Arsenal’s at it again, just because we will pay Flamengo £1m if he plays one more game,
    then pheem! Mari is injured.The Arsenal effect in display.

    1. He’s still going to play that one more game eventually anyway, so…. I don’t think Arsenal could be making up an injury to avoid the payment.

      1. Then you don’t really know the Club you support. When it comes to Money Arsenal are capable of something like this

  2. Good news is that Gabi can come in with Holding.

    Kinda worried with this iinjury cycle with Mari. We might want to look for another CB in the summer.

    1. ANOTHER CB??? We already have 8 of them! We need to ship them out, not in. Sokratis, mustafi, Luiz and Chambers (would have preferred Holding instead to go but he’s Arteta’s favourite) out. We should only keep 4 CBs; Gabriel, Saliba, Mari and Holding. If all 4 get injured, Soares and Tierney can do a job there while AMN and Bellerin cover the flanks. All in all I don’t think we will be able to keep more than 4 CBs happy especially now that it seems we will not be making Europa next season.

  3. Heard we aren’t playing him because we owe 1 mil if he plays one more game and that isnt available to pay just yet. It wont be paid while at least February at the earliest.

  4. If Arsenal owed flamengo a fiver they’d say Mari has a serious ankle injury, out for the rest of the season lol. Anyway Gabriel is back and Tierney injury not serious and Ozil is off so looking good.. now sign some one!

      1. Well at least it was good to see him for the 9 games he played Sue he done well, Newcastle was probably his last game in red and white 🤔

          1. Haha I’ve had a Saturday nightmare on my football bets they must be all at the low block now, can’t find a goal anywhere 😂 could be we be signing someone this window what’s the lowdown on twitter Sue ?

          2. You can’t be right every week, Kev 😉
            Not seen a great deal the last few days…apparently we’re interested in Alonso, as the Chavs may let him go on loan 😳

          3. Sue, has the UK converted away from £ sterling to the US$, without telling me? Is my holiday money set aside for post Covid19 now useless? 🤔
            [“Benjamin” – Benjamin Franklin on the US$100 dollar note.]

  5. It might be a blessing in disguise considering that he’s really just cover for Gabriel, so this should help put to bed any ridiculous argument over who should be the regular starter…Arteta obviously developed a connection with Pablo when they were both at City, which is certainly not a negative, so maybe his greatest asset will be his ability to get Arteta’s message across to the younger defenders, especially if Mustafi, Sokratis and Luiz leave by the summer and Saliba and Mavro return next for next season

  6. Hope Partey gets the start on Monday. Mari is a miss but Gabriel is back at least and can hopefully get back to top form quickly.

  7. If, as Sue suggests, Mari costs us an extra £8,000,000 and he is not injury prone, as Grandad suspects, then I think that’s a very good buy.
    We haven’t missed Gabriel and I can see the left side of our defence in very good hands – cover for Tierney being the only concern.

  8. Good as we heard tieney is back and Thomas,i pray Mari not be injury prone player for arsenal.

  9. Hopefully, Arsenal’s injury list is on the decline. The concern continues to be why players such as Thomas Partey, who hardly suffers injury at Atletico Madrid, yet suffer injury at Arsenal?

    1. It’s a great question. Lets remember though that Partey was rushed back and injured himself again. That tells you a lot about fitness expertise. I too hate this pattern. Auba is the only player who hasn’t been a victim of it.

    1. Mish, I don’t disagree. All clubs in the EPL suffer injuries; however for some years now Arsenal has fared worse than most.

  10. There is definitely something wrong about our fitness and injuries. Been rumors about our physical training, training ground being too hard or lack of strength training.

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