Greizmann move blocked by Arsenal board!

Arsene Wenger is claimed to have had his move to sign Antoine Griezmann blocked by the Arsenal board.

The French boss has been said to have been putting in some legwork as he looked to sign this year’s European Championship Golden Boot winner, but it now appears to have been blocked by his board.

A fake Twitter account had been set-up pretending to be David Ornstein, which claimed that our club had a bid of £70 Million rejected for the Atletico forward’s signature, but we know better than to fall for an unofficial account…

Reports in France however insist that Arsene Wenger WAS willing to pay the fee needed to land the left-sided goalscorer, with his minimum fee release clause set at €100 Million, but his board were unwilling to follow through with the coach’s wishes.

Wenger has been at the centre of protests by fans, and the subject of ridicule because of the club’s decision not to spend big while their rivals seemingly invest heavily in their squads, but this report seems to disagree that Arsene is at fault this time around.

This may have been what led to our club signing Lucas Perez from Deportivo La Coruna, who may or may not prove to be an ideal signing for our club.

The forward netted a club record-levelling 17 goals last term, and had already added one goal in his one outing for Deportivo this term, before sealing his switch to the Emirates club.

Would Griezmann have given us a huge chance of winning the Premier League title this term? Could Perez have the same effect? Is the board really the ones refusing to spend?

Pat J

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  1. We’re going to have to wait for Wenger to retire to find out all the Answer’s, in his biography’S, I’m sure that there will be more than one… His gonna need two books just for his ‘I nearly signed him’s’ ?

    1. 3 books, the third one explaining how high the prices risen since he took over Arsenal in the 90s. and why he always had his own prices of each player including Messi and Ronaldo, and he could have gotten them for cheap, that’s why he did not wanna pay over the odd

  2. wat a signing this could have been to our club, but don’t think this was true. and what is the problem with our managements letting gnabry go.

  3. what a load of bull
    now that we have signed OK’ish players the board and AW playing mind games with us, blaming each other making out AW is the innocent one when it comes to sighing new players , why don’t they just say that they are going to offer AW a new CONTRACT,

    don’t get me wrong i’m now happy with our squad but its no CL wieners

    1. unlike last summer/season we now have something to look forward to with our new signings, will Perez be a hit? will Mustafi be a bus? Granit has almost proven him self but will there be more and better to come?

    2. Agreed ,absolute garbage.This is schoolboy playground nonsence. Insult to intelligence with manager and board benefiting slightly. Manager because he did try and board because they are after all in charge. I’m pleased with the team setup without Mertesacker and Giroud. Plenty of pace upfront and at the back. Young Holding is a revelation. I hope he won’t get shut out completely. I think he’s going to be as good as if not better than Stones.

    1. Krish

      if its not AW fault then he should of come out clean long time ago

      i think we all backed him and sported him through the tough years when we were cash struck but last few years he is to blame, at least for not wining the EPL once because lack of decent signings of players desperately needed

      1. “i think we all backed him and sported him through the tough years when we were cash struck”.. this is just not the true.. you know i was here on just arsenal when we still were cash strucken (the year giroud came) and the amount of abuse was already pretty high then.. a lot of people claimed that he had money or that he still should have been able to win the title in the time between 2006-2013 when it should have been clear that he was overachieving.. in that cash strucken time he never got the praise he deserved.. so dont claim that all the fans were sensible and supporting/ praising him in that period.. not even close to the truth!

        1. when Leicester does it with a shoe string budget, it’s a gamble.. a gamble Wenger could not make in 10 years with the same budget. Ranieri took 2 seasons only, one for preparation (they were almost relegated), and the other to win it.

          Mr. I-know-all is stagnant where he was since 2004, blaming the shoe string budget. he should have over achieved more and land the EPL trophy then.

          1. Your talking like that should be easy and everyone not only AFC but everyone should have no trouble in doing it. There’s a reason why we’ve never seen it before. A gamble Arsene could not make in ten years? If any other manager were to recreate that with that type of spend it would be Arsene. But anyway why aren’t you mentioning Pep or Mourinho or anyone, Id love to see them work with a small budget, I already know Arsene is a shrewd customer with limited budget.

          2. @bran99
            How many games a week were LC playing?
            Ranieri took over in 2015.
            Nigel Pearson is responsible for bringing them up the leagues and keeping them from being relegated. He put together that league wining team on a shoe string.

    2. @ Krish

      More like the other way around.
      Wenger’s Gambles and delusional belief’s has cost us dearly, over the last decade.

      1. @Tas look at this comment.. thats what i am talking about 😉 fatty didnt write “over the last three years.” no it is “The last decade” so where is the so called support in that 7-year-period we are talking about? 😉

        1. Hahaha and what? ??
          isn’t 8 millon a year enough support for Wenger? ?

          The last 3 years? when we have won 2 Fa cup’s and improved on our league positioning? ? now why would I moan about that? ?

    1. I do love the thumbs down lol ?
      Hey, I was quicker than this fella ⬇

      David Ornstein 
      Understand Roma (led by Baldini) & Wilshere camp have agreed terms. He’s keen but it’s not done, up to Arsenal #AFC #CPFC #AFCB#DeadlineDay
      3:12 PM – 31 Aug 2016

  4. The Board and Wenger are playing good cop, bad cop here. Wenger says we are on the look for the best talents, Gazidis says we cannot compete financially. Wenger says he was refused funds for Griezmann but I won’t forget that 40 million + 1 bid by Wenger, who is to blame for that farce?

    No sane manager would reject a player of Griezmann’s quality irrespective of strength in depth. He is a kind of player that would take the club to next level. But both Wenger and the Board are looking lost when it comes to signing big players. But as long as the existing players do the job, I will be happy. Just win the goddamn league title, Mr Wenger. COYG!

    1. just stop it with this 40 m + 1 offer.. its ridiculous we all know that a release clause WAS triggered and suarez ultimately didnt want to force a move.. the rest is media and liverpool driven.. ^^

      1. Stop what?… When it’s a fact that Arsenal bid £1 over the supposedly £40 million release clause?

        Suarez was keen to join Arsenal before that bid was offered and he was pushing for the move, to the point where he was made to train alone.

        That pound caused alot of Anger and friction between the two clubs and because of ‘that’ Suarez received a lot of death threats and harm to his family, if he forced the move, so of course he wasn’t going to push for it, after that insulting bid from Arsenal.

        1. @FcG
          Suarez was never keen on joining AFC. At that point he was fed up with England and the English press in general. In his own words his heart was set on playing in Spain to be closer to his woman.
          AW also knew that Pool were trying to wreck our transfer dealings by stringing us along. Hence the 1pound add one…

      2. People make things up in hindsight, Suarez was training on his own, as he was trying to force through a move, but when Arsenal started making silly offers, he didn’t think it was worth putting his neck on the line.

  5. Apparently, Griezmann turned down Wenger before the Euro’s kicked off, Hence Athletico Madrid moving in quickly to get the player to renew his contract and to insert the €80 million buy out clause.

      1. I’m guessing that Wenger tried to tap the player up first and Probably didn’t even put an official bid in.

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out to be true.. in the board’s mind, they dont want to set such precedence as it could lead to fans expecting such signing to be the norm which while it may be good for the team and manager, it will eat up a lot of dividends.

  7. With the price tag on Greizmann and Wenger’s precedence? Believe me Wenger made no real move for him. He probably just did some window shopping on the player.

  8. This wouldn’t surprise me. It is documented that Kroenke was forcing Wenger to sell our top players during paying off the stadium, and Gnabry’s permanent move has Kroenke’s money grabbing fingerprints all over it, as it isn’t something Wenger would do. Unfortunately Silent Stan isn’t so silent behind closed doors. I don’t believe Wenger would loan out Wilshere either, but at least that’s a loan not a sale. Get out of our club, Get out of our club, %$£” off Stan Kroenke, get out of our club.

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