Griezmann: ‘Arsenal play nice football, but I’m not moving clubs’

If the media is to be believed, then it would be expected that Arsenal have really stepped up their game this past week in focusing on potential January transfer targets. In jokingly fashion, perhaps this is why the Gunners have been so poor on the pitch. However of course on a more serious note, Arsenal are starting to be linked with a number of players ahead of the opening of the January transfer window and it’s time to start pulling some truths from amongst the all rumours.

Arsenal have been linked mainly with Draxler and Payet this past week, with both players seeming rather keen on a move to the Emirates according to reports. However one linked player who isn’t so keen on coming to Arsenal, is Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann. Griezmann has released a media statement today that outlined his admiration for the Gunners, but that fans shouldn’t get excited about any potential impending transfer.

Griezmann said: “For Arsenal, he [Koscielny] speaks to me about it often. But I’m good in Madrid. I don’t want to leave. I’m happy here. I have just had a little girl, I play my games, I’m good. Sorry, I’m going to stay. But Arsenal are a good team, they play good football.”

Griezmann revealed that Arsenal centre back Laurent Koscielny often speaks to him about life at the Emirates, when the pair join up for international duty with the French national team. It’s led rumours to suggest that perhaps Agent Kos has been working under Arsene Wenger’s watchful eye to convince the French striker that a move to Arsenal would be a good move for the player.

Griezmann has become a very good striker in La Liga, since switching from the wings of Real Sociedad, to leading the line of Athletico Madrid’s attack. He’s become one of the best strikers currently in the European game and to have a player of his quality on board leading the attack at Arsenal would be a fantastic move for the club.

However based on Griezmann’s statement, it doesn’t seem that the 25 year old plans on coming to the Premier League soon, especially not midway through the season.



  1. Wayne Barker says:

    He is joining Manchester United. No way we can outbid Manchester United.

    1. Budd says:

      We can outbid them if they don’t make UCL next year.

  2. JAmerican says:

    The one player I would love to see combine with Alexis. If there’s a hint of his availability we should be all in. Shame if we were to standby a watch another English club snap him up while doing nothing…

  3. bran99 says:

    “But Arsenal are a good team, they play good football”, that’s all. he meant if you want to play good attractive football go to Arsenal, but if you want success stay at Atletico or move somewhere else where trophies are all that matters

  4. Jansen says:

    Big IFs, IF we qualify for next year’s CL, IF Man U do not qualify for the CL, IF Wenger goes to PSG and IF we manage to convince Simeone to come test himself in the PL, than maybe Griezman can be persuaded to come to Arsenal with his current manager.

  5. Wilshegz says:

    pace, positioning, finishing= Greizmann.. no trickery. He isn’t as special as media n some fans make him out to be.
    If Vardy of last term was in ATM he ll have done same thing as Greiz.

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