Guardiola: Man City are not Invincible – We just want to beat Arsenal!

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The Man City manager Pep Guardiola is preparing to face Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal side tomorrow, and with the Citizens having won 9 and drawn just 1 of their first 10 League games, there was no suprise that he was asked if he thought he could emulate Arsene Wenger’s incredible ‘Invincibles’ record of being unbeaten for a whole season.

But with another 28 games to be played in this campaign, he refused to believe that his team are close, and here are his reasons why… “Arsene’s record belongs to him, we are not going to break it,” he said. “He has to be calm. It was an exceptional team, something fantastic.

“We don’t want to break this record, but we want to play good and beat them on Sunday.

“People say we are unbeatable – someone will beat us.

“How we react is how you become a good team.”

“So we are five points ahead – how many games left? How many points.?

“84 points to play for and five in front.

“If you say we will play until next May the we way we play like we have in last two months, I’d say ‘Wow – we have a good chance.’

“But who is going to show me we will not get injuries? Even for the best team it’s hard to maintain. Many circumstances, the opponents will make it tricky and we have to solve it.

“May is the best month to talk about it. But with 84 to play for…”

Guardiola is absolutely right that City will lose one day, but the bad news for him is that day is tomorrow!

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Sam P


  1. Jerick says:

    I believe Wenger is right. We can’t go to Etihad and be solely defensive. We need to have a go at them and exploit their defense. City has a very good attacking bunch and to go there and defend would only be a nightmare because sooner or later they will get in. We need to grab that first goal and open them up. They will be hunting for the equalizer then bam Arsenal 2 up. My team for tomorrow’s game.
    Ozil Alexis

    1. DarkPope says:

      Kolasinac is out

      1. Sue says:

        Oh that’s just f*****g great

    2. Eddy Hoyte says:


      We can only pray Holding and Per put in the she solid performance they put in our FA cup win against Chelsea

  2. Break-on-through says:

    5.94, basically six pounds. And that’s the cheap offer, whoa! just for one day.
    Netflix should cover football games.
    This doesn’t sound like they calculated it fairly, if you bought a day pass for the full year it is way more expensive than calculating the monthly fees.

  3. Tony says:

    we need to park the bus.i would take 1 point in this match.we r already 9 points behind them for a reason. ppl who say they will lose point need to know that we wont finish the rest of the season as invinsible.

  4. John Rambo says:

    Arsenal are the last team to beat Pep City. They have won just once in the last nine games. Obviously these are just stats am throwing about. Am just saying.

  5. Arsenal says:

    We will get battered tomorrow by the citizens .
    RIP Arsenal

  6. deleny says:

    RIP to you too for wishing the team bad luck. Pls do yourself a grt deal by jumping into the nxt lagoon. Come on!!! Where’s the loyalty as fan????!!!

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