Guardiola on facing Arsenal: “I know how difficult it will be”

Without a doubt, the most important game this week is Manchester City vs. Arsenal. That game will have a significant impact on the Premier League title race; whoever wins it will undoubtedly be the favourites to win the Premier League. All indications point to Man City as favourites to win that match; Arsenal hasn’t won at the Etihad since 2015; they are in poor form; and not to mention, Man City is at full strength with Foden back; almost every key player is fit to face Arsenal, who will be without their key man, William Saliba.

Given the things I’ve listed and several I’ve not addressed, Arsenal appear weak, but Pep Guardiola understands it’s not wise to underestimate this Arsenal team. In his most recent press conference, Man City manager Pep Guardiola discussed why he believes Arsenal are still great and why they haven’t won in their last few games, not because their form has dropped but because the opponents they’ve faced have been eager to fight for their dreams.

“I didn’t see the game against Southampton, but I saw the first half against Liverpool, and they had momentum. I saw the first half hour against West Ham when I was at home, and they had momentum. I know how difficult it will be,” Pep said on

“They are huge competitors, from the manager to the players, and if they sustain that, we have to be there.

“I would say that they went to Anfield and got a result — that’s not easy. You can drop points there, as we know; we won once in the six or seven years I’ve been here. I know how difficult that is.

“When you play teams like West Ham, they are fighting to survive, and it’s difficult for everyone. So the results were tight.

“Everyone plays for something. Champions League, Europa League, staying up. It’s difficult, and of course, it can happen to us. The momentum can go, and we can lose.”

The encounter between Manchester City and Arsenal will not be easy for either team. Pep has just intimated that his team is likewise afraid of losing to Arsenal; therefore, there’s a chance he believes Arsenal can beat them. Arsenal is hungry for the title, and we need to witness that hunger when they meet City.

We need them to win every battle and beat Manchester City comfortably. The Gunners beating Manchester City would undoubtedly be the start of a fantastic run for them till the end of the season.

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  1. ‘I didn’t see the game against Southampton but I saw the first half against Liverpool ‘

    Pep Guardiola is beginning to smell the big jug, A master of the mind games, he’s now cherry picking section of the game he watch and wish to comment on.

    He may have calmed down a bit with his mind games, maybe thinking it would be an over kill.
    But here is where Pep Guardiola is at his most vulnerable, when he’s overthinking.

  2. I think it almost impossible to call our game at City We could beat them and I definitely DO expect us to give it a real try.

    The general fan concensus seems to be- there are of course exceptions- that we hav blown it already, BUT that IF we win at City, we will then go on to win the title..

    I suggest that even if we win at City – and I DO not at all rule that out, and think it quite possible, all things considered – that being eight points clear with a still, probably, inferior goal dfiference and with our harder run in, that City would still be title favourites in that situation. They would have two games in hand and if both are won we would only need to draw ONE of our remaining testing games, for City to overtake us,

    That is IF they won all their remaining Prem games , as I expect, after looking at their games ahead. Of course thye also have two other comps and a tough game at Everton in between the Real Madrid matches.

    But I will not pin much hope on such an upset , given the depth of squad and sheer mighty form of City these last several weeks.

    Even IF we win at City,IMO , we remain title outsiders. I reckon we would be 7/4 in reality, though thE bookies odds would be shorter , to reflect the too optimistic Gooner money certain to be going on us.
    Right now, I reckon at best, and assuming NO MORE key player injuries, we are at least 8/1 outsiders, despite the bookies giving lesser odds of around 7/2. Those odds are crazy and I would not touch them with a bargepole, In fact if you are wise, you will not bet at all. In general either, unless like I do , YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND HOW BOOKIES LURE PEOPLE IN ANDTAKE MONEY OFF MUG PUNTERS

    That is totally unrealistically low and I say this so that no naive Gooner wastes money at miserly odds on the title betting.

    What will be will be, but please folks, do not throw your hard earned money away on sheer unfounded optimism. Especially at MEAN AND MISERLY odds!

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