Guardiola sends a message to Arsenal about sacking Arteta

Pep Guardiola has warned Arsenal not to fire Mikel Arteta because his former Assistant is the best man for the job.

Next week will make it a year since Arsenal made Arteta their manager after firing Unai Emery.

The Spaniard helped the club move from outside the top ten to inside the top half of the table at the end of that campaign.

He also won the FA Cup and the Community Shield in August.

He got a lot of backing from the club in the last transfer window, but his team is struggling at the moment.

They are 15th on the Premier League table after Burnley beat them on Sunday at the Emirates.

The Spaniard has come under pressure because of his team’s performances, and some fans have started demanding his sacking.

However, Guardiola says that Arsenal cannot afford to sack him because he is one of the best managers out there and he only left Manchester City because of his love for Arsenal.

Guardiola said via Sun Sport: “Sometimes when a club comes from a period that is not so good, sometimes it needs time.

“I would say to the board at Arsenal, I do not have any doubts about his quality and capacity to put Arsenal in the place that they deserve to be.

“Arsenal couldn’t have a better manager to lead this club in this year and the next — nobody is better than him.

“He’s one of the best managers I’ve ever worked with and seen directly.

“For his personality and his commitment and his love for his club — because if it were not for the love of his club he would still be here.”

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  1. City held at home by WBA. Spurs draw with Palace Liverpool held at Fulham . Chelsea lose at Everton. Arteta warns clubs not to sack Guardiola Mou Klopp Lampard 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Despite their draw with City, it’s being reported that the Baggies will sack Bilic… he can be added to our list of potentials??!!

  2. Is bcs of Ozil thats why all most of the players teem together,so that they can sack Arteta, but we need to give our manager more time

  3. I will be glad if he can turn around the situation, play good attacking football and we start winning games even if it means he proves all of us wrong who have concerns about him. He needs to evolve as person as well, needs to be less regid and less control freak. Needs to work on his man management skills and stop with this too much micro management. Planning and tactics are good but not to an extent where it stops the players in team to play their natural game and express their talents. Also he needs to learn quickly from his mistakes and should choose players in first team based on merit not liking. He keeps playing Bellerin, Willian and Xhaka when he has better options available. For me a midfield of MG, Saka and Partey is a good midfield.

  4. Who is he to tell Arsenal board what to do. He should concentrate on Man.City management and leave Arsenal staff to the board. When did he see Arteta managing EPL team? How can he say Arteta is one of the best, when it is his first time to manage EPL team

  5. Arsenal will be stupid to believe encouraging words from rivals. You make yr own bed.They want one rival less.
    Arteta has made Arsenal too predictable. And he has tinkered too much with team selection, imno.
    His possession football slows down the attack.
    Beating Dundalk was supposed to ease the gunners nto a winning mood.
    Burnley were not Dundalk.
    Saints with Ings lie in wait and it wouldn’t be a shock if the gunners cant win.

  6. we are currently 15th, we dont score goals, we don’t create. there is a big gap between our defensive block and our attacking block. our midfield are more defenders than anything and we hope to score by putting on maximum crosses to forwards that rarely score with their head. I have plenty more if you want. in any other team the coach would have been already out. but at Arsenal its all good, Arteta is the best.

    i think the defense is good enough, Arsenal needs to start playing normal football, a game that does not consist in 6-7 players in defensive position.

  7. Believing in Arteta and Ozil is a waste of time, because the two gentlemen were given their chances and they blew them. Pep only wants his opponents to be weak, so that he can flourish. How can Arsenal trust a word from the rival

    1. What a woeful mistrust and misunderstanding of human nature. I pity your cynical attitude to life. IF you honestly believe that Pep is saying this for the daft reason you state, then you are beyond hope.

  8. After last night Pep must be missing his former sidekick This season is throwing up some unexpected results as Wyoming has highlighted

    I’m in favour of Arteta and I think he will come good. Not a popular view at the moment but there is a lot wrong at Arsenal which isn’t an overnight fix. I’m not saying he is faultless but a year into the job with a 3 month lay off is hardly enough time to judge

  9. When he won the FA and Community Shield he was the Missing Messiah but now they are calling for his head. Its true hard time we know a proper manager. Let’s give him time and see if he can turn things around. If he does to our favour. Tell me a manager that can take us to Top4 judging from our current position.

    1. @Ben, well the answer to your question is who landed us in this situation?? Now the issue is if we stick with him it can go two ways, either we will turn it around and start winning or we go down hill further to be relegated. Former is more risky then Arteta managing to keep us in upper half of table. As I see it the position we are in at the moment no manager can take us into top 4 bec it’s not only the points tally but team confidence which has hit rock bottom but a good manager can build up some good momentum for a top 4 finsih or maybe a title fight next year, winning FA cup or UEFA cup in the way but if we keep continuing under Aretata then the rewards we can achieve this season in league is way less then loss we can also incur if things go more bad. It’s all about damage control at the moment.

  10. He forced the best goalkeeper to leave the team….who he helped Arsenal win the two trophies….”to my opinion” he’s paying the price and Arsenal should prepare for a new manager without doubts

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