‘Guardiola would struggle’ to fix Arsenal’s issues claims Redknapp

Jamie Redknapp has claimed that even Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola would struggle to fix the problems at Arsenal FC at present.

The Gunners lost away at Brighton on Saturday to drop down to tenth in the Premier League table, and now have a mountain to climb in order to secure European football for next season.

Arteta was brought in during December with the club on a dire run of results, and with the players showing no fight in a bid to correct things, and the players were immediately uplifted by the appointment, but since the break things have not been so great, and the club is very much under the microscope at present.

“Mikel Arteta took over at Arsenal after working as assistant to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City,” he told his column in the Daily Mail.

“We don’t yet know whether he will live up to the standards set by his former boss. But even Guardiola would struggle to solve the puzzle that is Arsenal.

“Their problems are deep-rooted and Saturday saw another spineless away performance that showed this team is nowhere near being able to compete.

“Who makes the decisions at that club? Who spends the money? What will happen to Mesut Ozil, Arsenal’s highest-paid player, who was warming the bench at Brighton? And enigmatic defender David Luiz? Will Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang commit to a new deal?

“There are so many problems at Arsenal and Arteta needs two things to solve this mess: time and money.”

Does Arteta have what it takes to steer the ship? Will he be given time to accomplish his targets despite the results in the remainder of the campaign?


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  1. 👍 Think we all agree with Jamie. Is it a relief we’ve reached 40 points, I mean will that be enough? I can’t believe I’m even thinking of relegation, but that is how bad it is right now!
    Leno has probably done his ACL… we’ve had so many suffer this injury, it’s crazy. On top of our other injuries/suspensions, it really doesn’t bode well for the remaining fixtures…
    Just when you think we can’t suffer anymore…

  2. Given time and money he has a fair chance. I am not prepared to knock him so soon and with so much that has hampered his progress. Some was made prior to Covid and it seems that they reverted back to type during the lay-off.

    I’m no economist, but it is not good enough for Kroenke to spout about being self sufficient, especially now. He must see that we are rapidly reversing into a Championship level club. He or his son need to act quickly to resolve this crisis that is eating away at our club.

    I’m horrified by how far this club has declined. Please support Arteta in the transfer market as this season is a write off.

    1. Sue, honestly do you think William Saliba ( StE. 17th in the French league) and Pablo Mari (signed by Arteta ) will stand up to the ruthless EPL strikers?Hope Arteta has a vision to implement this summer. Not all signings need to be expensive. CFL has signed Hakim and Timo at reasonable rates, can Arteta himself identify realistic targets?Even Wolves are doing well with mid priced players and dynamic coach. If the board do inject 70-100M, what guarantee is there that we will sign talented hungry to win type players? Pablo Mari did not make me feel confident in those outings I saw him.

      1. I’m with you Loose Cannon
        Fortunes don’t have to be spent
        My concern is that a culture that Sean M mentions below is a massive factor in our decline as well as poor/cheap signings.
        The club finances must be in a pretty parlous state if the likes of Luiz and Marí are signed. Lack of money springs to mind
        Who knows what will happen in the transfer window and how many clubs will be able to afford what’s out there? By the looks of things it won’t be us

  3. Our ship may be heading towards dangerous rocks but the skipper can keep us safe providing he has a change of crew.

  4. I beg to differ after the Everton/Pool match; Carlo’s boys stood up to the would be champs; here we cannot hold on a lead and worse cannot hold on to a point against the bottom 6th club! We have internationals on our roster, who do Everton have?It boils down to the system and structure of the coach (if at all he has one) and his daily training regime. One freak loss here or there can be expected, but not becoming the norm of the day! We need energy in the midfield, AMN is the bench! Guendozi tried his best, unfortunately his best is not AFC’s best.
    Cabellos had no impact. When we are chasing 3 points or at least a point, we do a substitution in the final minutes? This even a school team coach would know. Can Arteta tell us what wrong has Gabreil done to be benched when Willock surely has not been coached for an EPL seniors match? If Eddie could not make it consistently to the pitch for championship matches, can he do it against the second best team in England? Has he been coached correctly, if yes then why was he not effective? These questions Arteta needs to answer, the earlier he fixes it, the better for him and us.

  5. I’m perhaps speaking out of frustration, but at this point I’d advocate a complete overhaul of the club. Aside from Leno, Saka and Martinelli, the whole team should entertain offers. The culture of the club is rotten and needs a bunch of fresh faces to build a new club from the bottom up.

  6. Breathe deeply Sean and your frustrations will abate.Count to ten and you will add more to your retention list..Tierney,ESR, Nketiah etc.We have a number of excellent young players at our Club and I suspect they will be given an opportunity to show their talent in the first team squad next season as we simply do not have the financial resources to shop at M& S let alone Harrods.

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