Guardiola’s keen and Arsenal CAN beat EPL rivals to him

Arsenal are still seen as the outsiders to win the race to appoint the former Barcelona and current Bayern Munich boss when he moves to the Premier League in the summer. Pep Guardiola has certainly sent the football media into a frenzy of speculation this week, though, as he declared that he would be coming to England but that no deal had been conclusively done as yet.

Maybe that statement was intended to not put too much pressure on Manuel Pellegrini at Man City, where is the favourite to end up but then why would he say he was coming to the Premier League in the first place if he wanted to ease the rumours?

It strikes me that Pep has done this to keep his options open and with reports suggesting that Man United and Chelsea have already been in touch to express their interest, the only club left he could be trying to encourage is Arsenal.

So a report in The Sun this morning which claims that Guardiola has told friends that the Gunners is the perfect place for him and his style of football certainly makes interesting reading.

This source apparently told the paper that the Spaniard said, “Do you imagine how much fun it would be for us to go to Arsenal and coach a squad full of so much attacking talent that matches our philosophy completely? But it is not the most probable option.”

Well maybe it could be, if Arsene Wenger thinks it is the best thing for the club and decides to move upstairs a year early as he has previously suggested he would if the time was right. And for those Arsenal fans who feel that our spending power is not in the same league as the other three EPL clubs, do not forget that because of Wenger´s frugality we currently have around £200 million sat in the bank.

Do you think Arsenal have a chance of getting Guardiola_

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  1. I don’t him at arsenal as much as i’m afraid he will go to a rival
    Guardiola surely knows how to win matches
    I want wenger to stay wenger to stay i love him but sometimes i got mad from some decisions he make and not buying players in position all the world knows that we lack players in
    So It’s a tough decision I’m confused

    1. Tough decision?? really?? it is the easiest decision to make. One is a winner and the other is a stubborn old man that believes 4th place is a trophy. Can it get any easier??

  2. pep in my mind is not in the top 20 managers in the world…
    so many overhype him-

    lets see him keep barca in champions league with all there stars sold. no money and squad filled with cheap buys with no real pedigree- for years an years
    he has only managed teams with the worlds best in nearly every position. at the peak of there of the best players in history let alone the world

    but i see you for what you are pep
    you may fool others but not me pal- not me

    1. Yeah I agree – will be interesting to see him in England when he’s not working with a squad as dominant as Bayern in Germany or Xavi/Iniesta/Messi FC in Spain. Kind of wonder if him not winning the CL with Bayern is also a pretty good illustration – genuinely think his achievements in terms of winning the league so easily is something that I might be able to replicate.

      Saying that, he does clearly have a winning mentality, so wouldn’t be too surprised if he is pretty successful at his next club. Although again that may be because he gets a blank cheque, and his name is a pretty big catch for world class players – Gotze said the only reason he went to Bayern was Pep I think.

  3. We are Arsenal, we shouldn’t be “fighting off” anyone for a manager. The manager WILL absolutely want to manage this great club if he is ever to become the gaffe.

    Besides, Pep is a fraud. How has he established himself? He’s great at managing teams already filled with superstars. That’s his best quality – keeping them all happy. Even the likes of Mourinho who I despise have created strong, winning teams from nothing.

    If it was Pep managing Arsenal, the players such as Koscielny, Coquelin and Bellerin would play now somewhere else. One thing I personally would require from the manager is their ability to see diamonds in the rough.

    Sir Alex had it, Wenger has it, Klopp has it, Simeone has it. Mourinho doesn’t have it, Pellegrini doesn’t have it and Pep most certainly doesn’t have it.

    1. *correction:

      Well Mourinho created the strong team in PORTO. Maybe it’s not much but he started “from the bottom” unlike Pep.

      After that, Mourinho’s been a chequebook manager.

      1. Mourinho never created a team, he never sustained a team. He has always been a great tactical defensive manager, that can get the most of his players, and create a tightly knit unit.
        As for Pep, I agree, he’s doing a Mourinho, getting the most out of a pretty much incredible team … I don’t think he suits arsenal, I dont like his character and I don’t even like his playing style, where possession is valued over directness.
        I know I will get mauled for suggesting this, but I would love Roberto Martinez at Arsenal after Wenger. Young, but with good experience, tactical and offensive minded, and a good eye for spotting talent, seems a good person as well. I think if he improves and stabilizes everton over the next couple of years, Arsenal should really consider him.

  4. This would be the best case scenario, us getting guardiola. Because,let’s face it, the club that gets him are going to be a force to be reckoned with and will dominate the epl.

    The only thing which I disagree with is the notion of wenger moving “upstairs “…this to me is a bad idea and normally works to the detrimental of the next manager who will feel undermined. Let’s give wenger the statue he deserves and send him on his way to pave way for fresh new ideas. Having him in the board along with kroenke, gazidis and sir chips will mean the same old antics that we have seen for the past decade.

    1. I don’t think Wenger would love the idea of a statue. Knowing Wenger he would complain about the costs thing will be to put his name on one of the stands at the Emirates

  5. to be honest i don,t know but i believe pep had showed a lack of respect&class by saying he was coming to the epl in the middle of the season especially going as far as saying he,s had few offers from england putting pressure on some fellow managers!!also do we want a manager even a great one for only a couple years when we will have to look for a new one? like mourinho he doesn,t stay long in the same club even at barca his club(4yrs)then bayern (2yrs)!!

  6. Arsenal have the power force to land guardiola if the want to, but as for now mr wenger is occupying that position at the moment. Wenger has done quite well for the club and every one know’s it. As you stated above, wenger is leaving when the right time comes. It may be summer after lifting the premier league. By then guardiola might have a good chance of coming in as replacement. But is not really neccesary, because arsenal at the moment is not in any rush for a new coach. More over wenger deserves a memorable sent off!!

  7. Arsenal have the power force to land guardiola if the want to, but as for now mr wenger is occupying that position at the moment. Wenger has done quite well for the club and every one know’s it. As you stated above, wenger is leaving when the right time comes. It may be summer after lifting the premier league. By then guardiola might have a good chance of coming in as replacement. But is not really neccesary, because arsenal at the moment is not in any rush for a new coach. More over wenger deserves a memorable sent off just like ferguson!,.

  8. Pep Guardiola would prefer to live in London,
    As it was stated in that same story in the sun.

    At the end of the day, no one can force Wenger to step aside for pep, Wenger has been faithful to Arsenal and his contracts over the past 19 years, He has turned down many offers from Prestigious clubs in the past and it’s only fair for the fan’s and the club to show him that same loyalty.

    Let Wenger step down when he feels that the time is right,
    But in the mean time. … “Spend some xxxxing Money”

    1. Wenger turned down offers from other clubs,specifically Real Madrid,not because he is loyal to Arsenal but because he knew he wouldn’t last 2yrs there before getting the sack.At Arsenal ofcourse he’s untouchable, thus your loyalty argument doesn’t hold water

      1. Hahaha ?
        Who said I was arguing?
        If I wanted something that holds water, I use a glass ?

        I was only stating a fact that you simply refuse to accept and thats not a problem, The real problem lies between your ears and your belly full of beers, mixed with tears from all your sorrows from yester- years!

        Now have a day off from being ignorant and thats putting it politely ?

  9. I have to say he is one of the few managers who guarantees success.Many people notice the talent he works with in variation to his success.But he is a very good man-manager.So many players have made their break throughs under him.
    Pique Messi are just some of them.
    He is a good tactician one of the few who grows talent.There are some special and others not so special.He found douglas costa coman vidal whom appear so special.He knows what his team needs.He
    is capable of turning this team into world beaters.
    Though the future is unpredictable and most managers seem to have problems with english football.Give credit where its due.I also back wenger to find a capable replacement for himself and not because of his nationality like SAF but because he is capable

    1. wtf ?!
      are u serious- wowwwwww
      frank rijkaard promoted messi to first team not pep
      one of the few who grows talent? ffs he had la masia – who wouldnt promote youth from there.
      he found costa? bahahahaha- he was well known to everyone
      he found vidal- looooool- well known globally as one of the best box to box players in world football while at juve

      mate google is your friend -do your research

  10. This was posted 20 minutes ago!
    It just goes to show that even the Dortmund fan’s are ?ing themselves! ?

    B.Dortmund were forced to post a social media update after the clubs fans expressed concern that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was on a plane headed to London in order to negotiate personal terms with Premier League club London.

    The in-demand striker has been the most prolific striker in the Bundesliga thus far this season – even comfortably out-scoring Bayern Munich hotshot Robert Lewandowski – uploaded a photograph of him on an aircraft on Instagram, leading BvB supporters to speculate as to where he was traveling during the January transfer window.

    German media such as Bild confirmed that the Gabon international “is on his way to Nigeria because Aubameyang is among the three finalists for the African Footballer of the Year prize.”

    1. On his way to Abuja in a private Jet? I doubt it. Why is he not here yet then? Since that story broke he hasn’t landed? thats 12 hours ago. Listen I have it on good authority that patrick lands on the British Airways flight in Abuja tomorrow at @430 am. That tells me a few things. 1. That private jet flight is to London (Meet up with Arsenal officials or could it be chelsea?) 2. He flies out of London at 11pm tonight. If wenger pull this through it will be his biggest show of ambition in a long time.

      1. Here’s a fact, London is a transit spot for long distance international flights, if he has a visa for England he can easily visit to the city while waiting for the next flight.. #dare2dream

        1. False!!… as you would Say! ?
          Your geography is as bad as your football knowledge!

          Aubameyang is flying to Africa, So please explain how London is between Germany and Africa? ?

  11. wenger is like the snes console you simple cant get rid off. competition is still very open for many teams to win, if we had a better filled team we could just win the epl with more calm instead of sufering mental break downs week after week.

  12. Pep Guardiola is a top Manager but i think Diego Simeone would suit Arsenal better. He signs good players for decent amount of money, his style of play is good, his man management skill is good and is a loyal Manager too. He also won the La Liga beating Barca and Real Madrid to it too, not to forget so close to winning the champions league as well.

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