Guardiola’s next target must be to be “Invincible” – Arsenal can’t keep relying on Tottenham to stop them..

Man United and Arsenal are the clubs that, for years, have boasted of their own unique records. While United bragged about lifting the treble (winning the Premier league, the FA cup, and the Champions League), Arsenal bragged of being the club that has gone unbeaten in a whole league campaign, doing so in the 2003-04 season.

This weekend, Manchester City, who’ve over the past few seasons established themselves as the real deal, finally managed to do what their City rivals United did in 1999: win the treble, after adding the Champions League to their trophy cabinet weeks after lifting the Premier League and the FA Cup.

Man City’s treble win means that Arsenal is the only team with a unique record remaining.

So, is Guardiola’s next goal to be “Invincible” like the 2003–04 Arsenal? It should be. But Guardiola must first find a way to beat Spurs at their own stadium; the North London side, since 2019, has a perfect record of five wins over City at home.

As the Man City boss admitted last month when asked about his targets: “Score a goal against Spurs away. I want to beat Spurs away.”

We can’t count on Spurs to continue being Man City’s bogey team; why don’t Arsenal make it their mission to deal with them? I trust that, starting next season, Arteta will keep his team from gifting City points; collecting points from them is the only way to lift the league, and Arsenal is looking at doing so.


Sam P

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    1. Yes. De Zerbi and Conte could instruct their players to roughen up Man City players, as Caicedo did to Martinelli and our other players

      Arteta could never do that against Guardiola, because it would likely trigger a quarrel between them in the games

      If Guardiola’s team are allowed to play futsal with minimum dirty work from the opposition, they would likely win because they’re the kings of open-play

      The only way to beat Guardiola is becoming more consistent in EPL. We almost did that, before blowing our best chance in the last fifteen years

  1. There biggest challenge is anfield not spurs, we aided their arrogance and gave them the momentum to win the treble, they won the league with i think a lower point margin with what they usually win it with in previous seasons.
    They were nothing special, I watched them against inter and man u in the final and they were very beatable, it’s head scratching how they beat us in 3games this season, I can’t see them becoming invisible or not losing games at stadiums like anfield and old Trafford with few surprises from Emery’s team but if it comes down to us getting on over them to stop them then we must do that, a victory against them is long over due

    1. MC are a great team. To suggest they are nothing special flies in the face of reality.
      What Inter and one or two other teams have shown is that with careful planning, a well drilled team with sensible defenders can hold off MC for most of a match. Combining this with efficiency in attack gives MC trouble. Spurs have used this basic blueprint to hurt MC several times over the last few years.

    1. I agree.

      He always starts the season by shifting his side around, experimenting and giving everyone a go so the squad is in the right mood for the business end of the season.

  2. How about you talk about how Arsenal can win the treble next season. And they will need to add qualities like Osimhen, Rice and Caiciedo to their ranks.

  3. I’m surprised that an “unbeaten” season hasn’t been accomplished more often. All you need is to have one or two divers, draw 12 games and the rest just falls into place, no big deal.
    A much more significant achievement Arsenal should make their objective would be to go undefeated and crash through the 100-point barrier😳.

  4. To me the title was lost when we drew against West Ham, Southampton and the loss against N’ Forest. The title was ours for the taking, still can’t believe how quickly it went down hill 😔

  5. Guardiola has more of ageing players, who now rely on Haaland, the BEAST, but last season our young players did not adopt Brentford fast game to frustrate Man City. Our midfield failed in holding action strategy in the second leg of the season and we lost by 4-0. We must learn to beat them in the middle of the park and/or their counterattacks aided by long ball thrusts. Next season is the right time to look the tiger in the eye and defeat Man City roundly. Respect is reciprocal; we must return to the invincibles we are!

  6. Im afraid bt simmiltanuosly happy that this avhievement won’t be matched. Not in our lifetimes at least.

    Not even Barcelona, Madrid,Citty or Liverpool, who came closest, in their prime eras, will be able to. Also that other Manchester team, who always try to undermine the feat are uncapable.

    So in the meantime we can just tan in the sun whilst other teams will try to emmulate this feat focus on our main objective which is winning UCL.


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