Guendouzi acts like a goner – but is Ozil still a Gooner?

All Arsenal fans know that both Matteo Guendouzi and Mesut Ozil have both been excluded from all our recent games. Ozil hasn’t been seen since the end of the lockdown, except for one of his usual Instagram posts saying “I’m ready” even though being left out of every match-day squad.

Matteo Guendouzi though has been sidelined for ill-discipline after the Brighton defeat, and although Mikel Arteta has been refusing to speak in public about these two issues, the Spaniard was asked if they were part of our cup success, and the Boss responded in the Metro: ‘They’re all part of it,’

‘We don’t have here Matteo and Mesut but they’re a big part of it because they all contributed in here.

‘They all should be a big part of it. All of them contributed to this trophy.’

maybe they “SHOULD” both be included, but the fact is that Ozil was actually in Turkey while the big game was being played. Although he did send a message on instagram after the game…..

But what about Guendouzi?

There has been no congratulatory twitter or instagram post from the young Frenchman, although the Metro printed this from him on instagram…..

That appears to have been deleted as there is nothing now on Guendouzi’s Instagram page, and certainly not even a mention of the Cup Final.

So how does that look? Does that mean that Guendouzi is now not a part of the Arsenal family?

It certainly looks like he is now totally out of Mikel Arteta’s plans, so must surely be a Goner in the transfer window.

But what about Ozil’s continuing support, albeit from afar?


  1. Mkhitaryan, Elneny, Sokratis, Ozil, Guendouzi.
    This 5 players should be sold this summer.

    Nelson, Mavropanos, should go out on loan.

    Bring in a CM/AM that kind drive the ball forward perfectly and we are good to go

  2. Personally I think in Ozil’s heart of heart, he knows he’s a goner, not a gooner. He just has a very good PR team. They know the only thing ozil has going for him now are a section of the fans who still support him.
    Not showing support for the FA Cup win would raise some questions amongst even his own fans who still see him as a Saint that can do no wrong.
    Ozil personally knows he has issues with the way Arsenal has excluded him from the squad, if he didn’t, he wouldn’t go to Turkey (that in itself has started the criticism from not just every fan but even his own fans). The congratulatory message is a PR tactic that would keep his fans loyal and deceive them into thinking he still has the club’s best interest at heart. The irony is that he doesn’t. He, seeing out his contract is in a bid to punish the club and fans for not playing him. If he’s a passionate football player, knowing how bad the financial situation at arsenal is, he’ll go anywhere else, accept a pay cut just for a chance to get regular football. Sokratis is older than he is and still says if he’s not getting regular football, he’ll rather take a pay cut and go to some other team to get regular football than to sit on the bench. That’s honour and passion. You can’t buy that anywhere even if you earn 350k a week.

    I can’t wait for the day Ozil stops to become a major topic on any arsenal forum or anything arsenal-related any more. I personally do not like the distraction it brings to the coach, who is being asked about him at every interview, and the players.

    As for guendouzi, his lack of support for the team after the cup just goes to show the club was right about him all along. His attitude stinks. And at such a young age being this proud, I wonder how far he will go. Talent can only take you so far but attitude takes you farther. The least he could have done was higher a good PR team like ozil did to manage his posts, so the world doesn’t come for him. He doesn’t have to be happy with the club, he can still show his support like ozil did. Clubs looking to sign him will start to take precautions seeing his stinking attitude problem. The thing is, he has always been this way right from when he was in the French ligue, had an attitude problem with his coach. The next club to take him off our hands would certainly be preparing clauses in his contract should he misbehave.

    1. I think you are forgetting the Guendozi who played all year for Arsenal. The biggest effort and husle player on tbe squad. Arteta is a prig for freezing the youngster out over this incident. Makes me like and respect Arteta a good deal less. Also, how ironic that Guendozi is now linked with a player who is his polar opposite, a priss who refuses to dribble or shoot because he hates being tackled, and who actually attempts a tackle a handful of times in a full season.

  3. Does anyone know the reason why Mesut was given permission to go to Turkey?

    As for Guendouzi, I’m really saddened his Arsenal career has ended this way.. I really like him and wish him well in his next venture!
    I just hope these sagas are put to bed sooner rather than later though, as they’ve been dragging on for far too long… ☹

    1. @Sue Agree with you about Guendouzi.

      As for Ozil and Turkey I Wondered myself. I would love for it to be him going for a medical check for a transfer. But going by what his agent has said about him staying it sounds like it is social visit.

      On the other hand, agents are hardly known for always telling the truth to the media. #lettheozilsagaendnowprettyplease

      1. I wish Guendouze and Arteta will settle their difference. Arteta seem to have good man management skills and I want him to TAME the lad like Wenger did with Patrick Viera,Furgeson to Matin Keane,and even Pep did to Aguero.I know this is not above a coach like Arteta.

        If the FA found nothing wrong with guendouze’s behavior why should we Gunners not support the boy? As young boys we made big mistakes and still our parents supports us but don’t abandon us.I will forgive him because of his age.He acts like how a young person will.Give him one last chance.

        Players have done worse things than what guendouze did but were forgiven.This is not to justify his behavior. This is purely from the love for Arsenal and dislike for defeat.

        #Support Arteta

        #Trust Arteta, trust the process.

        1. From what I have heard it was not so much what happened at Brighton as what happened in the disciplinarian talks held with Guendouzi after Brighton.

          What is clear though is that the ball is in Guenouzis court.

        2. It’s different being legal and being moral. While the FA may not get enough evidences to take action, the coach sees him everyday and he must have asked a few things of him. Naturally the guy must think he’s bigger than the club. A simple apology and a positive attitude would have solved this problem ages ago. As they say, one should get half their work done by simple words like “sorry” and “thank you”

        3. Abdul, I really like the sentiments in your post and it shows you have a big heart and a forgiving nature, All are much to your own credit.
          But on Guendouzi, as I see things, the main problem lies not with his behaviour per se but in his arrogant nature and nature is almost impossible to change.

          You are so right to point out that young people -and older folk too, as I am – make mistakes but the mistakes are not the problem but the attitude towards either putting them right OR in not admitting they are wrong, even to themself.

          And THAT is the key difference that, IMO, means Arteta will now make sure that Guendouzi leaves our club. MA will be right to do so too, though it is sad for the young man himself.
          All top sports people need massive self belief , a can do attitude and confidence. But when they cross that sometimes thin line into arrogance and a refusal to admit they are ever wrong, then they are in deep waters. That is the reality of Guendouzis situation, IMO!

          1. Arrogant? The kid’s distinguishing feature is his hustle and nose for the ball. I don’t see any arrogance evident in how he plays or when he celebrates with his teammates. I think the ball is in Arteta’s court.

    2. Had high hopes for guendouzi as well Sue but I don’t think two different clubs and different managers can be wrong about his attitude. I wish him well but he has to work on his attitude. If he manages to keep that in check, guendouzi has a very bright future.

        1. If that’s true, then that’s a fair price. It will go a long way in helping us out this transfer window.

      1. Every club he throws a tantrum he goes up the ladder, next club he will demand more salary and he will have CL football for shore, so is it brainless or really clever I think it’s the later but he probably didn’t think we make Europe

        1. Interesting take on the kid. But I think your scenario only makes sense if he is being advised by someone as mature and wise as yourself.

  4. Well, MO needs AFC, more than AFC needs him. He has to cheer for AFC, he needs AFC to collect his weekly wage packet as no other club on his pretty planet can afford him. Guendozi on the other hand does not care as he has been linked away. Nevertheless, I was never impressed with MG from day 1, and the last I can tolerate is a losing AFC player telling another player how much he earns!! Not the values of our club and right decision by the club to banish him.
    Who cares for both? May be a few of their apologists out here, but without them we did beat the EPL winners, Carabao Cup winners and last years Europa winners, so we can do without the distractions and side way passing these players bring to our team.

    1. Loose Cannon , I much agree with your post and its sound thinking.On a mere technicality though, right now MO needs only the strength of his watertight wage contract, not Arsenal.
      He has made it abundantly clear that for Arsenal, as distinct from his wage contract, he has little but utter contempt. In the vast majority of Gooners minds, that feeling is entirely mutual!

      1. How has he made it clear he has contempt for Arsenal? Do you know you that make things up?

        1. Are you serious? He has not given his all in games for at least four seasons while still drawinghis salary. Are you aware that it is a standard line in contracts of that size and detail to include a clause saying that in return for his salary every player MUST give his best endeavours?

          If you honestly think OZIL has given his best endeavours for our club on the field these past few years , then you are badly out of step with mainstream Gooner opinion. I suggest you take time to read the many comments on this thread, to see what majority fan opinion says. If you are drawing your full salary without honouring each line in your contract then you are showing contempt. I remind you that there is a legal definition of “contempt” that if you had the knowledge of company law that I have , I COULD MORE DEEPLY DISCUSS WITH YOU. Have you that knowledge?

          that Ozil, alone among our players, has refused to accept a wage cut, despite being the best paid. That is not contempt, legally speaking, but merely greed and is the reason why I did not use it in my argument. I just mention it for your consideration.

          1. Jon stop talking rubbish. Of course he isn’t in breach of his contract. He wants to be playing. And he’s one of our world class players so I want him to be playing too. You’re speaking for all Gooners are you? Not for me you’re not. Whether he’s taken a wage cut or not is irrelevant. Which stars at other clubs have also done so? It’s a complex issue and not one we should comment on, especially as it’s hearsay

      2. Ozil was a popular figure in the dressing room, whereas Guendouzi antagonized players. Sadly, both are very talented but are unwilling to follow the manager’s instructions on the pitch and (it seems) in training. That’s not acceptable. I don’t understand why Ozil does not want to play for us or for someone else. Maybe he figures he’ll collect his last year’s absurdly high salary and either retire or try to get some more money out of China or Galatasaray. For sure, he is not going to be sought after by a team in the big five leagues. I can see Guendouzi being a valuable addition to a top six Serie A team if he gets his head straight. He’s young and maybe he’ll learn from his mistakes.

  5. Sell all possible ones, so as to do what #14_AUBUMAGANG wants let him not go like the rest have gone pls management, but take care.

  6. The love and affection Martinez has been getting from arsenal fans worldwide is huge and am so happy for him, the boy deserves it, if you want to talk about loyalty, Martinez is a good example of that. On the ozil issue, I promised myself am not going to say anything about that ‘world class playmaker’ anymore.

  7. I’m not sure what all the fuss is with Ozil .
    Arteta does not want him in the squad so sent him away ,he congratulated the team and then gets slammed for doing so .
    If the boss does not rate him then that’s fine by me .
    We should all be happy that we now have a boss who knows what he’s doing and he’s just lifted a trophy in his 1st 6 months ,but here we are 2 days later worried about a player on holiday and how much money he earns again .

    1. I’m sick and tired of the Ozil discussion… We all know what we want.
      There’s no point in constantly talking about him as if Arsenal revolves around him.
      I don’t want him at the club, but people should let this be. It’s tiring TBH

  8. Guendouzi is gone and i cant see a way back for him,but i really like him cuz hes got superb potential and drive than many of our current midfielders.I wish him all the best.

    As for mesut,pre lockdown under MA he was very consistent and was doing more defensive work than i ever saw him doing.Even against the top six he was superb against the likes of chelsea and man utd.
    post lockdown i couldnt see what the problem was because i didnt see a problem in his training,something has happened between him and the club.Was it the paycut refusal,i dont know but i do like to see him playing atleast in another club.
    He was our top creator in every season he played even last season under Emery.This season as well.He may not have many assists or goals but he creates those oppurtunities.I know people think that chances created stat and pre assists stats are ridiculous but those are what result in a goal.How stupid can they be???Ceballos,xhaka finished the season strong but how many assists do they have.But if you check many other stats you can see how important they were.Forward passes,through balls,interceptions,tackles etc it will all sum up nicely how important they were.
    And the best optiin i think is to pay atleast half of mesuts “reported” 350k and many clubs will willing take him.if mesut is happy in london and dont want to go why is he ready to go next year when season ends,its stupid.He deserved a contract and he got one and if he is holding on to it then AFC has to respect it but that option i pointed out can work.Because clubs will willing take him for half of his salary because he is not just a player,he is a brand…

    1. Sheer fantasy and biased opinion of your perceived nonsensical ” ability ” of OZIL.

    2. Good post Shakir.
      As you say Mesut was playing well under Arteta. He’s a player all attacking players love playing alongside, as he creates so much for others. His vision is still pretty much unsurpassable. Something unrelated to football has happened, and if it’s to do with the controversial issue of paycuts (how many other clubs did the same?), then Arsenal heirarchy, with great personal wealth, should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Those Gooners on here, albeit a minority, who are less worldly wise than most of us, need to start learning to distinguish statements put out by coaches , managers, clubs, players etc from the clear truth.
    Those who study human behaviour deeply and have been alive for a long time , know very well that people do not always speak truth. There are many reasons for this; some bad, some tactical and some sensibly deflective of possible trouble ahead.

    So , of course MA has made a statement, that in the circumstances is tactically wise and will not stir up fan trouble . But only naive fans take it at face value. I have long been trying to get other fans on here to properly understand that is how we humans work.

    But the level of naivety is staggering,even from those who ought to know better but don’t. It is , I repeat, only a small percent of Gooners but only a fool will believe that Ozil AND Guendouzi will be readmitted to the Arsenal team under MA’s DECISIVE AND BRILLIANT LEADERSHIP. As a worldly wise man of senior age , I know that will not happen.

    Ozil will continue to financially leech off the club until the day his contact expires and Guendouzi will be moved on this window, probably used in part exchange, BUT definitely gone. I will glady put money on that happening. Please, certain Gooners, don’t be naive! You let your own intellect down when you are. And don’t take public statements issued for effect as gospel truth. Leave that to little children who know no better in life.

    1. So we shouldn’t take any notice of what Perry Groves said then Jon, is that what your saying?
      Certainly not from your post that followed his viewpoint.

      How staggeringly naive was that of you Jon? You ought to have known better, but as what he was saying agreed with your views, it was met with unparalleled enthusiasm and classed as reality!!!

      As such a world wise man of senior age, why did you take on board the opinion of an ex player who is not employed by the club, but as a pundit, while dismissing the current coach’s perfectly sound statement as something that is only “tactically wise” in order to not stir up trouble?

      If that is true, it certainly hasn’t had the desired effect has it?

      1. KEN, MY NAIVE OLD CHUM, THE KEY WORD IN MY POST WAS “DISTINGUISH”! That means that sometimes the truth is spoken in public statements and discussions , sometimes not. The advantage that many of us older fans have over youngsters is that with our long life experience we are generally, though there are EXCEPTIONS(and “if the cap fits, …”, etc) able to tell truth from non truth. That is , if we actually WANT to! I often wonder if you want to!
        For the record . perhaps you will oblige us all by telling us on here exactly what Groves said that you so disgree with and PRECISELY why?

        1. So when a post is within your views, you DISTINGUISH it as being the truth – when it doesn’t it is false!?!?

          What a wonderful perspective you have in your abilities Jon, I sometimes wonder why the rest of humanity was put on this earth.
          I am starting to believe we all missed the second coming, such is the power you keep telling us you have – humility not being one of them unfortunately.

          As for Perry Groves, he knew nothing about the facts regarding the discussions between MA and MO, but proceeded to tell us all exactly what the answer was – no wonder you found him so compelling, it must have been like talking to yourself.

          I’m surprised you have so much faith in him, after all he’s only a youngster, without the power of wisdom that your age has given you… as you keep telling us all.
          His latest offering? Give Aubameyang £500,000 a week to keep him and prove we are a “big club” – heard that kind of talk before?

  10. For Gouendouzi it’ll be a small door closing and a bigger door opening too wide. If Gouendouzi leaves Arsenal, he’ll go to a bigger club. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and PSG are all interested. Arteta will regret it one day

      1. Its like selling Coquelin and buy Xhaka. Selling Sczesney/Fabianski and buy Leno. Coaches sell better players and buy worse ones

    1. …Still wondering what MG is doing at AFC! The boy is overrated! Personally I hate everything about him. As for MO, fingers crossed hoping he’ll get playing time come next season.

  11. Guendouzi can leave if he wants to….. we can’t keep him against his will afterall. I like that he has drive, and is passionate about the game and his team mates. It shouldn’t be this much of a big deal if he had apologised for the things he said. And remember, it’s not the first time he’s had issues in the team. No matter how talented a player is, he has to be willing to learn from his superiors in order to progress. Balotelli, for all his talent is plying his trade at Ligue 2, and guess what he has in common with Guendouzi, attitude issues!. In my opinion, for him to progress here or elsewhere, he has to fix that.
    I wouldn’t mind selling them both (Özil and Guendouzi), we can’t have all the “world class” at Arsenal afterall. All that matters is that we make the right recruitments this transfer window. It’s not like Guendouzi would be a starter if we signed Partey anyways, so…. I don’t get why some are worried about losing him.

  12. The fact that this site is constantly penningOZIL article sis for onereasononly. They need articles for financail reasons , advertys etc. We who are daft enough to reply on them – myself obviously included – are in a way also guilty of supporting this profit driven JA obsession with Ozil articles. At least JA have a viable reason, MONEY,but we who are silly enough to post our thoughts and thus provide JA with what they want, really have no excuse. Do we!

    1. Well stop doing it then Jon!!!
      As a self confessed man of maturity and wisdom, one would have expected you to lead the way.

      Here’s a challenge for you, let’s both agree not to comment on any Ozil article until he leaves the club?

      I’m sure everyone else will breathe a sigh of relief!!!

      1. KEN, Your final sentence flatters us both. No one wil much care what either of we two think about OZIL. Most Gooners are heartily sick of even hearing his name and have long ago given up expecting this leech to giveany consideration whatever to thr needs of his employers. I will not accept your challenge, because I make it a personal challenge to combat fraudulent and cheating behaviour in our club whereever I see it and from where ever it comes.
        I will continue to hound and criticise OZIL, TIL THIS FRAUD MERCIFULLY LEAVES, NEXT SUMMER.

    2. Jon, when you ever learn that fans actually want to hear about what is happening with our players.
      The cup final was only two days ago. Of course they want to know why guendouzi and Ozil weren’t there. Don’t you?

      1. Ad Pat, No is theeasy answer to your question and the reason is because I and countless thousands of perceptive other GOONERS KNOW THE ANSWER ALREADY AND KNOW IT PERFECTLY WELL.
        The answr is that both are not even a remote part of MA’s future team plans and any interest he has in them now is only a financial one and concerns the need to best and quickly get both gone from our club. That is already widely known in house on JA , esp by your colleague and presumably friend too, MARTIN, whose many OZIL articles have made his personal view on OZIL, perfectly clear and widely known. Widely shared too, me included.

        I can quite easily tell all on JA that I have porridge with lots of fruit every day for breakfast . But if I remind everyone of this several times each week , sometimes more than once a day, I would soon be scorned and rightly so. Think on Pat!
        But then again my porridge makes me no personal money, unlike your constant Ozil articles do for you!

      1. With all due respect Jon there may be wisdom in them but your presentation is lacking. I respect a lot older fans like you as you have seen what we haven’t. And I will give much weight the word of an older fan than a younger one like me.

        But don’t you think based on how toxic your comments are you are letting down your fellow oldies? Take Ken1945 for example, his posts are what I call wisdom.

        Perhaps if you will tone down your wording we younger fans may benefit from your wisdom after all.

        1. Highbury Hero, It is a pity that you prefer not to use your own name and then we could have a more personal discussion. I realise some who are less confident and less forceful prefer to hide behind profiles. That fact that I do use my own name on all social media should provide you with a strong clue as to how I wish to live my life when discussing with others.

          I have nothing to hide and have done the hard yards in life ( and thank you for your polite acknowledgement of my seniority in years). I come on this site to discuss, really discuss Arsenal matters that are important to me. Most threads I never comment upon as the topic is not my cup of tea, so to speak. I see little point in making polite chit chat, as some like to do though it has its place for those who wish to use it that way.
          I do not choose, by and large, mainly because I am serious minded about football as also about life.
          Toxicity is in the minds of the beholder and I maintain that forceful and to the point language used with literacy is a powerful communication tool.

          I write professionallly , though not about sport and have many fulfilling and serious debates with people from many walks of life. Most of them have the skills to properly marshal their thoughts and can reply in kind and do so. That is the joy of real debate.
          That is my point of view, so please reject it or consider it as you wish. It will not change how I think or write.

          1. Even if I use a real name how would you know it’s really mine? I don’t see using real name in the internet shows confidence and more often than not, internet profiles are not real presentation of how an individual is in real life.

            For example I imagine you don’t shout every time you wish to make a point in real life like you do in your posts, do you?

  13. I have we don’t sell guendozi, he is a big player in making and if we do sell him, we will for sure regret in future. The boy has some disciplinary issues but then most at that age do and that is something which can be dealt with. He is not only developing as a player but his personality is developing as well so with right guidence he can excel both on and off the field. He is talent for sure that’s why Juventus and Barcelona are after him. I think one of the recent example that comes into mind is of RVP he was a big trouble maker in youth but look what Wenger did to him. Some people are born talented n that can not be taught like RVP I think Guendozi is one of them. This bit is also part of MA’s job description so I think Arsenal should not take a short cut.

    1. It is my understanding that when they tried to make him change his undesirable behaviours he refused and asked for a transfer.

  14. You all are funny, what if I told you that Ozil is feeling it, the fact that you just are forced to only train every morning for a limited amount of time and then go home every day but must resume for training alone with no playmates,… This can be very frustrating. While saka, nketia, aubameyang, ceballos are being hailed by the world, your life is in speculation. Trust me, both arsenal and ozil are playing a game of holding the hot metal, the thing is who’ll drop the metal?. Arsenal wanted to loan him to fernabache and split the fee with them, which will be favorable for all sides, but Ozil refused to go plus the deal did not work out. So what did Arsenal do?.. They simply made Ozil just train alone in the morning for a particular amount of time then send him home and he’ll do this everyday. So he’s not really keeping in shape and he doesn’t really have freedom to move around cos he must resume training every morning. Arsenal has decided to leave Ozil and guendouzi in that limbo till they’re out of time. By the time they’re done with the exercise, their carriers will take a huge dip and it’ll be hard to get back to the big stage due to long lack of game time. Arsenal is trying to destroy Ozil as he’s trying to squeeze all the milk from them they’re both at choke holds, and all I know is one of them will have the last laugh. Arsenal can always make the money back. But ur careers could end up due to lack of proper training. Ozil has lost his deal with Nike and some other companies cos he’s been outcasted in the club, and he can’t represent the companies no more in terms of popularity cos he’s not playing. He can’t do Pepsi adverts or Nissan or big company representations cos Arsenal has cut him off. Many people hate Ozil now and wish him gone especially Arsenal fans and German people alike. So Ozil too is having his own share of the losses. This is simply a game of who’s holding the hot knife longer but the repercussions will be bad for ozil cos no player can be bigger than the club or its fans. With what everyone has seen from this scenario between ozil and Arsenal, new clubs will put him on a lot of terms and conditions when he wants to sign for them so that when he underperforms, they won’t be chocked with his contract and have a way out…. So let’s leave Ozil, Guendouzi and Arsenal to play their game of tag. All I know is we have Arteta and God on our side and with that Ozil will be a old story for another day

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