Guendouzi becomes a cheaper alternative for French giants

L’Equipe via The Sun is claiming that PSG is lining up a move for Matteo Guendouzi as his Arsenal career appears to be coming to an end.

The French midfielder has been axed from the Arsenal first team after he had a bust-up with Mikel Arteta.

The midfielder has repeatedly got into trouble with his manager for a long time now and the last straw seems to be his antics in the game against Brighton.

He hasn’t played for the club since that game and he was even asked to train away from the others before the end of last season.

The report claims that Mikel Arteta has given the club the go-ahead to sell him off this summer as they look to bring more cash in to sign their other transfer targets.

PSG is interested in signing a new midfielder and their number one target is Lazio’s Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, however, the Italians will not sell him on a cheap and the Champions League finalists are looking at alternatives.

They have identified Guendouzi as one player who can do the job and the report claims their former trainee will cost them around 40 million euros.

Arsenal will be shaking up their squad in this transfer window and midfield is one position that they will hope to add some quality.

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  1. Take the money and put it towards the Partey offer. If we are selling players then lets upgrade whenever possible. Unfortunate about AMN if the rumors are true with the Wolves. Good luck to the guy, wish him only the best.

  2. Would be a good move for all parties concerned. Arsenal could reinvest the 40m into a replacement like Aouar

  3. I seriously doubt we will get much more than 25 M for him in the current market.

    Clubs know Arsenal want to get rid of him. They will just wait until the end of the window and then Arsenal will not have much room to negotiate.

    1. When he starts to perform like Gnabry then you will be the first one who is going to come back and start blaming the board for cheap peace of business. Also complaining about why we sell our talented young players. Boy has attitude issues but also has talent. Attitude can be corrected but talent can not be taught it can only be polished.

  4. 40mill would be very very nice. Didn’t think we could get that much out of him, but would be delighted if we could. Seems like the summer is going to be AMN, Guendouzi, Holding(?), Sokratis (?) out. Thats maybe 20+40+15+2= 77mill in sales. That would be a very good return in sales if we get these prices.

    1. And still a possibility Lacazette goes. Probably priced around 35-40mill himself. Idk if Torreira has had any concrete interests but it would be ideal to sell him as well too, and bring in two new midfielders.

      1. Then we will finish worse then what we did last season. We need to invest in good players and keep the young ones at club for us to progress further for years to come.

    2. With a couple of Italian teams interested in him, Torierra should bring in 25-30 million pounds. Elneny £ 5-10 million. There has been at least one report of an Italian club being interested Mustafi, which could add perhaps another £ 15-20 million to the kitty. Throw in another £ 10 million from the sale of the youngsters like Greenwood and Balagun, etc. and that brings the total up to £ 130-140 million without selling Lacazette or resolving Mikhitarian’s situation with Roma.

      Some of that money has to go to paying for Mari, the kids they just signed, a new loan of Ceballos, and Gabriel Magalhaes. An even bigger chunk will have to go to paying the installments that the club still owes for Pepe and Saliba (can’t forget those!). This could easily add up to as much as £ 70-80 million, depending on how much the remaining balance is on Saliba’s purchase and the size of this year’s installment on Pepe’s deal is.

      Still, that should leave enough to pay Partey’s release clause and get a decent midfielder back in a swap deal for Mikhitarian. Even if they started with a budget of £ 30 million before sales, there probably won’t be enough left to make a deal for Coutinho, but they might be able to scrape together enough to buy a decent creative midfielder to share that position with Ceballos and Willock.

      If they could get a bag of practice balls in exchange for Ozil, they should immediately make that deal to get him off their wage bill. The problem will be in finding a team that can pay his wages. They need to be creative in marketing him and make it really painful for him to refuse any chance to leave. I would start by not letting him anywhere near the Colney facilities… not even to relieve himself. Nor would I let him sit around and do nothing while collecting his paycheck: if he’s going to say, “I have a contract, pay me”; Arsenal should say, “Yes, you do have a contract and, if you want to get paid, go teach skills to the kids (if he enjoys that too much, let him cut the grass)”. That “I have a contract” stuff he is hiding behind is a sword that can cut both ways if he refuses to be reasonable.

      If Edu and Arteta can accomplish all of these things this summer, the club should be in a good position to challenge for a top four finish in the PL. They probably won’t be able to close the gap enough to challenge for the crown this season, but they would be close enough to qualify for the Champions League, which is a crucial next step that will allow them to build from there. Selling off all of these players, though, is essential and has to start now.

  5. We will just admire him when he wins trophies with better sides, and wish he could come back one day like Serge Gnabry. Just get the money and reinvest in Partey, and take a lock how long it’ll take him to EPL, coming from French league 2. Gouendouzi is just a special talent. It took him less than 2months to adapt to EPL. How many big name players can do that?

    1. @topgunner I’m with you on this. Wish somehow he could reconcile with Arteta. If he moves on we’ll be rueing this someday very soon.

      1. Agree wholeheartedly with you two. Some people have very short memories how we make errors with our young player. One won the treble last night with the CL.

        1. Make error with our young players…. what error? He openly disrespected the club and the coach by not apologized for his appalling behaviour against Brighton. If it is certain players that does I’m sure you will go for his head. Selling him and using that money to get Aouer is a win-win for Arsenal. I see another Balloteli in him with his larger than life attitude.

          1. oh get over yourself, do you not remember Pizza gate and all the other crap between us and utd. It was nothing, blown up into something.

          2. Hahaha….you make me laugh, Arsenal has a history of hot headed players who have done worse then this in pitch. It shows his passion and commitment, just needs someone to put these energy in right direction RVP was worse then this when Wenger took him on interns of his football and life attitude.

          3. Ok tell me genius, did Cesc refused to apologize to the coach and his teammates or had he been warned for any disreputable behaviour before. There is nothing I have against showing passion to win but telling someone I earned more than you and grabbing someone by the throat when responded in kind is not passion I will take. Show desire to win on the field, yell at his teammates when not showing commitment to tackle, defend or move ball forward, assists and getting a goal during 90mins. So Reggie you need to apply the common sense here that if Guen gets away with this disrespecting of Arteta now he would do it again. Balloteli is a prime example of this. Let’s wait and see how his career will pan out when the coach and club decide to move him on.

          4. The guy just disrespected one Brighton player, but there are those who insult all Arsenal fans in the stadium, and they are being protected. Players are not being treated equally

    2. Completely agree, I could not have put it better then this even if I wanted to. Well said some fans are just blind. How can you hate your own player that much.

  6. Of course we shall get as much as possible for unpleasant Guendouzi, AKA A ROTTEN APPLE, but it is imperative to get this bad egg out of our club ASAP, before he can infect any other young player with his horrible arrogance and dickheadery( yes, I have made this word up but it so suits him!).

  7. I didn’t take long for Arteta to see his limitations and that’s Exactly why he’s up for sale .
    I would be shocked if any team was stupid enough to pay moe than 10 million for him ,I never saw the hype in him and would have played Elneny ahead of him .
    And the whole Brighton thing really showed what a kN0b he is .

    1. haha, wont go as far as saying the Elneny part, but agree on everything else. I know he’s still young but i dont even see these special qualities he has that everyone else is raving about. Besides for his first few months here he’s done nothing since. A player with no discipline and just runs around the midfield. If you are willing to listen to your coaches the chances of you getting better are zero. If we get between 30-40mill for him I’d be very very pleased.

    2. DK We don;t often see eye to eye , which is a shame but on Guendouzi we are firmly on the same page. I just don’t see what some see in him. Energy perhaps and dickheadery! Arrogance and immaturity too. Sideways pasing but no assists nor goals nor key passes, save once in a blue moon. Sell him and ASAP too, as he is a rotten apple . MA saw that quickly and correctly isolated him from the group. I cannot see us getting much money for him and more likely he will be used in a swap deal. PERHAPS YOU AND I CAN GET ON BETTER FROM NOW ON. I WILL TRY ANYWAY!

  8. He is young, and not that raw with all games he played for Arsenal. For PSG, he would only be a squad players for sometime but who knows about the future.
    For Arsenal, would be a great deal.

  9. After losing the CL final, PSG have decided to change strategy when it comes to transfers,from now on they will be buying young french players,they want their team to be made mostly of french players and Tuchel wants to build a proper team , they’ve learnt their lessons and will no longer tolerate the “celebrity” culture at the club.

  10. It would be a really good deal if he’s off for more than £15M.

    This bad-behaviour excuse is just a disguise… The real reason is that there is no talent there whatsoever.

    That’s why they’re chasing scouts left,tight, center.

    Like any layman would see Pepe’s laziness at Lille and Ivory Coast.

  11. The fact that PSG is willing to pay 40 or 30 or even 20M is reason enough not sell him. PSG just played in the Euro finals so if he can play for them he must be good. Those who fault him for the Brighton fiasco should blame his team mates for not being mad as hell for loosing. Arsenal need more a player with a spine like Guendouzi. Artera should GROW UP and show flexibility. He must find a better way to deal with individuals who cross the line otherwise he will have a hard time coaching.

    1. Nah, Guendouzi is not a player with a spine but a thug. I would say good riddance! And for 40 million we should bite their hands off! And off course he may play well in the French(Farmer’s) league where he can endlessly pass sideways and backwards without any worry.

  12. Arteta is interested in players that are on the brink of retirement. Players like Smalling, Alcantara, Boateng, Lovren, Umtiti and Willian. I hope that these players will take Arsenal somewhere better

    1. Do you have proof, bro? Apart from Willian, who else is on our team from that list of yours? And sometimes experience is needed in successful teams. You always slate Arteta as if you have coached a Championship winning team! Bro, calm yourself and try to see what Arteta can do with our squad. He has already improved us massively and won the FA cup in his first half season! Please try to get behind him as other supporters, it is not too hard. As for the league argument of yours, as much as I love Le Prof, his last few successful seasons were ‘only’ cup wins, so according to you he was mediocre?

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