Guendouzi criticised for trying to be ‘the show’

Arsenal loanee Matteo Guendouzi has been criticised for his recent performances for Marseille, with French pundit Daniel Riolo claiming he is working too hard on doing the wrong things.

The midfielder is currently with the France squad as they look to win the UEFA Nations League, despite Guendouzi still awaiting his senior debut for his country.

In the run up to the final however, French pundit Riolo has moved to criticise his recent actions, although Marseille may not have helped the situation.

Matteo was given the captain’s armband for their most recent fixture, despite having fallen out with some players within the side, and Riolo has moved to comment on his latest antics.

“Guendouzi, we criticised a lot,” Daniel Riolo told RMC(via Le10Sport). “I saw him in the four corners of the pitch, that’s being generous.

“I’ve seen the old one for two games: the one who gives orders to everyone, who shoots when you shouldn’t shoot, who wants too much to be the boss, the show.

“It’s a bit as if we could never change in the end, nature always catches up with you.”

Guendouzi has already fallen out with Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta, and he clearly has an attitude which isn’t taken well by a number of people, but the comments of Riolo cannot help us with our hopes of offloading him, although his inclusion within the France squad cannot hurt.


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  1. There seems to be a bit of an Agenda here, everything is all conjecture. Patrick i wonder what your goal is.

    1. Sorry Reggie, but Patrick is only reporting what was said about Guendouzi’s performances in France.
      Can’t see that as an “agenda”, just reporting on one of our own loanees.
      The more we know, the better it is to understand the reasoning behind MA’s decisions.

      1. @ken1945
        If he’s so concerned about “one of our own loanees”, then why not report on his good performances as well?
        And if we’re trying to figure out the reasoning behind MA’s decisions, let’s start with those concerning the players who he continues to bench in favour of those who aren’t performing well enough…

      2. But ken its reported by the famous or not so famous Daniel Romio, or whoever the journo maybe. It come on the back of a week when people closer and a lot more capable of critiquing him, his manager who made him captain and the fact he was also called up to the French side. Now some less informed people may listen to an anonymous writer or media hack or some may say, well what on earth were the people who know him better doing and why. If someones opinion of him is to be used, then surely its a good argument to say, it should be the people who are looking after him and not some spurious misinformed writer, with probably not as much credence.

        1. Agree with you on this. This seems like a witch-hunt against a player who clearly needs a good coach and a mentor to solve his issues amongst the positives like being given the armband and being called up to the French national squad. Maybe someone like Unai Emery. Especially when 10 Oct is Mental Health Day.

    1. @Havyn
      And yet, no one in our current midfield breaks up play and converts defence into attack better than him…

  2. So many uninformed and rather silly comments about this rotten apple who, whatever many Gooners may wish, will not play in our shirt again and for a stone cold certainty.

    Hurray for the good sense of MA, say I !

    1. Funny how Jon fox use to talk about players not putting on our jersey again.
      I don’t see any world best wearing our jersey, we only have close to world best and that was like a decade ago.
      So I don’t see what you’re insinuating about him not wearing our Jersey.
      As long as he plays well and turn out to be a worldclass, I don’t see how is relevant to Guendozi himself.

      That MA don’t like him doesn’t mean other coaches don’t see his talent or use there brain.
      The fact that, he won a medal with France national team and even captain Marseille is to show you he’s doing something right.

      So funny how people back Arteta that he only see the players in training but yet have to believe a poor Journalist who has no clue about the training over his coach who made him captain and over France Coach who called him up to the national team.

      It shows how blinded some has supported Arteta.
      No Sin in supporting him but to think every of Arteta’s judgement is right just because one player is not playing for him looks been blinded by his love.

      1. Spot on sir. Probably the best comment on this site today. MA’s ego made him chase Guendouzi away and he’s shown his class everywhere he’s been. Guendouzi has attitude issues. Yes. But how come Emery and now the Marseille coach are getting the best out of him? Herta coach who came out to speak against him has been sacked for poor results. That’s a man who isn’t good at coaching and probably man management too. Why will Marseille coach give him the armband? It means there’s something he’s doing correctly. If we had a fiery attitude player like him, our players will not play like they’re not interested. Yes, he may not play for us again. But MA was wrong to let the situation escalate to this point. His resale value should have at least been considered for the sake of the club’s finances

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