Guendouzi dodges fallout questions “I just want to play…”

Matteo Guendouzi hasn’t been seen in an Arsenal shirt since his petulant display against Brighton last season. He even went on holiday rather than go to Wembley to watch us beat Chelsea in the FA Cup Final, and did not even congratulate the players after the game.

We have seen Matteo in occasional training clips since the new season started, but with Arteta continuing to freeze him out, leaving him out of every single squad since the campaign started, we can safely assume that the young Frenchman is not in Arteta’s plans.

So there was little surprise that Guendouzi completed a deadline day move to Hertha Berlin in the Bundesliga and it sounds like he is relieved to get away from the Emirates. He told GetFootballFranceNews: “They are a very good club with big ambitions. So, I have left to go on loan there for a year, so I will give everything I can for this club. I needed playing time, I need to play, I needed to enjoy myself on the pitch and that is what I am going to do this year.”

He was also asked if the situation at Arsenal was untenable and he had to leave, but he simply dodged the question completely: “It is not that, I just really needed to play this year, a new challenge. That was the most important thing for me. I am still young, I am only 21, so playing time was the top priority for me. So Hertha Berlin, I know that I will be able to express myself in a magnificent league.”

I suppose from an Arsenal point of view, we have to hope that he is so impressive in Germany that we can sell him for a big fee next summer, or do you think Arteta may forgive and forget and give him another chance?


  1. I do hope that Matteo improves while in Germany and Arteta will include him in the squad when he is finished at Hertha.
    Matteo needs to at least apologise to Arteta for his previous behaviour and turn over a new leaf.

  2. Your last paragraph though. Seems the only reason you’d like MG to do well in his loan club is so that Arsenal could extract as much money from his sell. Apart from that, I get the impression that you’d like him to flop, so you can feel justified for kicking him out.

    Arsenal didn’t send him out to help him develop his career. They sent him out to get rid of him. Personally, I hope he does well and doesn’t come back. I’d like to see him go on and have a great career and not have to deal with the toxicity of the Arsenal fan base.

    Waiting for those that will quote me and tell me I’m not a “true” Arsenal fan…lol.

    1. Can you name me a massive global club that has no toxicity in its fanbase?
      Barcelona, Madrid, Beyern, United, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Arsenal etc.?

    2. You said it all. what more apology does MG need to render to Arteta before he could be restored. Freezing him out of the first team for whatever offence he commited, for me, is more than enough punishment. I just wish him well in Hertha berlin.

  3. I don’t get this overhype with Guendouzi.
    Okay player but not a cesc, wilshere etc..

    Same with AMN.. I don’t get the overhype.


    1. Never put Cesc and Wilshere in same statement. Wilshere is and still remains a flop. Most English players are always overhyped

  4. As an arch realist I consider that the ONLY use Guendouzi can now be to our club is to bring in a decent sale fee , sooner or later. I have long counselled our club(and others ) to get rotten apples out the door ASAP.

    Many young players make mistakes and most are easily forgiveable and put down to them being young. That is natural and normal. But what Guendouzi has done on a number of occasions is to show an arrogance and mean spirited disregard for his fellow players that mark out as a bad person and that is in stark contrast to the many generous spirited and noble players at our club, Saka, Bellerin, others too AND the impressive RASHFORD TOO!

    Imagine how proud Mand Utd fans will be feeling about him right now. In these bleak times we all need to have heroes, not just as players but as special HUMAN BEINGS.

    Our collective mental wellbeing needs to be in support of such generous spirited and selfless people and GUENDOUZI is the polar opposite to such as SAKA, BELLERIN AND OF COURSE, RASHFORD.

    I am also heartened to see that as an obvious realist himself, MA has quickly got rid of Guendouzi from our club, though not ownership of his contract.

    In that he has my full support and I urge those of you who do not look on Guendouzi in this way to reconsider your view and also support MA, AS HE HAS MADE THE ONLY POSSIBLE AND CORRECT DECISION. Put your club above this spiteful and not needed person!

    1. “But what Guendouzi has done on a number of occasions is to show an arrogance and mean spirited disregard for his fellow players ”

      Can you mention, say, five occasions when he showed mean spirited disregard for fellow players. My memory is not working well.

      1. Diogenes, REAL fans memories DO work well. Perhaps you are not closely involved enough to know? It is well known that his fellow players did not like him and his ways and many avoided him as much as possible off field.

    2. Arrogance? He fought for Leno in that Brighton game, I don’t understand what apology is required from Guendouzi. I hope he succeeds in Germany and get sold to a better team than Arsenal. I am an Arsenal fan, by the way.

  5. \hope Guendouzy comes back as he is a very hard working and good player and needs another chance. Hope he does well and comes back.

    1. Almaria I agree with you. He deserves another chance if he does well in Germany.
      I do think that with his antics, he played right into Arteta’s hands. If Arteta wanted him out then he must have rubbed his hands when Guendouzi acted like he did against the Brighton match.

  6. Arteta has spoken of giving the old slate a good clean enough times now. No grudge but a fully focused manager trying to get Arsenal back to the top.
    Although Elneny was loaned out, it didn’t stop Arteta having another good look on his return

    Guendouzi was an absolute twit and hopefully this change of scene for the next few months will bring improvements. Not everyone has the personality or maturity of say, Saka, but this ‘exile’ may very well be a useful learning curve for him and a new appraisal from Arteta

  7. Lowering the market value of Guen and Torreira are possibly the only major mistakes Arteta has done thus far so I won’t be too critical.

    But I would rather have Guen playing in midfield than Willock, that’s for sure. And I have not seen Guen’s arrogance to be any worse than Nketiah’s who sometimes acts as if he were a world class striker.

    1. I think Corona should take more of th blame than Arteta not playing them. I know it’s a counterfactual but it’s hard to imagine we would have struggled to get rid of so many of our players under normal conditions.

      1. Great point. With the lack of matchday revenue and no guarantee paying fans will be back this season every club has to make their financial decisions with one eye on the next few months.
        Most clubs didn’t splash out because of that uncertainty.
        The one’s that did are being bankrolled or just took a punt.

    2. Diogenes I disagree again. WE URGENTLY NEEDED MONEY TO BRING IN BETTER PLAYERS, Partey etc. To my mind it would be far worse a mistake to keep someone around whom you do not esp rate and/or whom you think a bad influence and alo may not rate. Arteta inherited, not chose, both of them. Best to get rid asap.

      As for their financial value in this Covid time all values are distorted and unless MA was going to play them – which he clearly was not going to do – then their value would not increase, being stuck in our squad but not playing. So I don’t see your argument at all.

      1. They will both leave for free! Bad way to treat people by the Arsenal bosses. This is surely likely to happen to Aubameyang and Willian in the next 2 years.

        Where is the class associated with Arsenal?

  8. My criticism of Guendouzi is sometimes he was indecisive in releasing the ball, held the ball up to long and slowed down the attack.
    Hs could also be hot headed and lose his composure. Taunting fellow professionals on their wages or lack of showed petulance and a lack of class.
    Arteta is right to punish him for his behaviour in that Brighton game. What went on behind the scenes after that is a mystery that we are not privy to. Refusal to apologise for his actions and attitude in training are the rumours.
    Fact is he is young and still has a lot of learning to do in life.
    There’s a talented player in him. Hopefully his loan spell away will teach him humility, composure, class and how to be humble.
    After that who knows what will happen with him.

  9. He might have a little culture shock in Germany. Any messing around definitely won’t be tolerated there and his mind should be concentrated on his work. Speaking as a confirmed germanophile, he will find discipline taken to a whole new level. It depends on whether he’s ready to accept that.

  10. That team is always lacking in the midfield, as in people can’t avail them selves for the ball.
    Today you saying shit on MG en MO, I am tipping you to do that to Auba, in the next few weeks coz it’s already happening. Arteta needs to revise his sort of tactics otherwise they will cost us just like last years Europa league.
    I used to criticize MG but from that day we were kicked out of the Europa league I stopped, Idk y people here don’t analyse there comments here, Matteo has been there in pure moments for us, you could hardly see someone in for the team other than him.

  11. “Forgive and forget”
    Some people do need a good slap. Few choose to change their behavings, more just stuborn enough to save their coward dignity.
    Arsenal need more players with steel nerve mentality. Top level sports need more than just technical and phisical ability. Because most finals are a mental game.
    Just sell MG for a good price.

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