Guendouzi ‘exile’ shows things are ‘a lot worse’ behind the scenes at Arsenal

Darren Bent has told the Football Insider that there is more than is being revealed when it comes to the Matteo Guendouzi situation.

The French midfielder hasn’t been in any of the five matchday squad since his controversial showing against Brighton, where he was seen to grab Neal Maupay by the throat, and it has since been revealed by David Ornstein that he has been training alone away from the team ever since.

Darren Bent believes there is much more to it than the Maupay incident to have seen the player completely exiled away from the first-team squad.

“When I first heard this story about him being isolated from the group and training on his own and stuff, the first thing that came to mind was: ‘He’s done something here’,” Bent told Football Insider.

“Something’s gone on because obviously he showed poor attitude when he grabbed Maupay round his throat and all that. Now we know there’s a lot of players in the Premier League and football that have done things worse than that but still train with the group or continue as normal.

“This shows that behind the scenes it must be a lot worse than we think because for a manager to exile a player like that and not have him train in the first team, that shows he’s kind of a bad egg and the manager doesn’t want him around his first-team players.

“There must be something a lot deeper going on than what we’re seeing.”

Guendouzi is not believed to be likely to be a part of the squad for tomorrow’s tie with Tottenham either, but is there really more to meet the eye that is being hidden from the public?


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  1. Of course we all know that it’s more than the disciplinary action of Brighton game, this is a guy who has face disciplinary panel, served the punishment and brought back into the team, he probably have had enough, maybe that’s why he isn’t ready to apologize

  2. What shows is a team in total decline in less than 2 seasons, we went from EL to midtable team. We will finish where we at at best, 9h or 10 spot. Midtable…We can’t catch Wolves nor Sheffield obviously, they are really 2 teams to deserve 6th spot. They been in better position most season, I don’t see them slow but push more so.

    Not like we at 28th game, but 35th!

    We will confirm this status next year fighting to not finish bellow 10th without a major change; board and coach who are working hand in hand.

  3. This question depends on what is meant by” …. “more than what we are seeing”. That question supposes that all peole see the same thing hwereas I havelong known that more perceptiv efolk see far more thanthose who watch but do not see. There is watching, as we all do and quite separately , there is also perceiving which means really watching andreally grasping the MEANING of what you see. Much on this site is always taken at face value and it is those who merely watch but do not truly see who do this face value watching.

    To me and perceptive fans -of which there are many – it ha sbeen quite plain tha Guendouzi is noit in MA s plans and has proved to be a rotten apple who MAwill get sold ASAP. Unlike the contractually unsaleable Ozil, big head Guendouzi has a tangible sale value and perceptive fans realise h ewill be used in a sale / loan / swap deal in the best way to help our club. But whichever way he leaves, he WILL be leaving, next transfer window. I can SEE that is planned. CAN YOU?

    1. Then Jon what is the sense in showing to the whole world that he does not feature in our future plans? Arsenal are good at shooting themselves in the foot. What leverage do we have in negotiations? Stupid strategy IMHO!

      1. Ahmad, with respect you are not thinking about what most matters to the club. It is far more important to set a standard for behaviour that will NOT be tolerated and make that obvious to the whole squad, as MA is doing so well. Other clubs , who may be interested to buy the bigheaded kid will already be aware of the separate training and of the many misdemeanours he hadpreviously done , not just the “how much do you earn, cos I earn more ” nonsense either. This is common knowledge to all clubs and cannot bekept secret not should it be . You are not putting that main and vitally important point of total player discipline in its important place by your, to me, rather naive comment . Bad behaviour destroys the all imprtant team ethic and sets a dreadful example, so MA is totally correct to do as he has done. All top bosses would do likewise, as such as Fergie and many other great managers have done when needed. Think again !

  4. MA is slowly putting his mark on the team. He is telling the squad of players its my way or the high way.
    Guendouzi has immense talent but he has a major attitude problem. The incident at Brighton I think was the last straw from MA and Guendouzi will be leaving at the end of the season. The money earnt will improve the team.

  5. I’m genuinely disappointed that Guendouzi has peed on his chips. He showed energy and desire, but there has to be more than that too and if Arteta can’t rein him in; make him see the bigger picture then that is down to one person alone

  6. The fact that Guendouzi can start matches at Arsenal is a criminal in itself.

    Championship level player that’s it.

    Even this Chelsea (England kid) in middle of park is 50 times better according to my eyes.

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