Guendouzi for Partey – Would Arsenal fans accept a straight swap deal?

Thomas Partey move to Arsenal looking more likely as Atletico Madrid consider Guendouzi swap deal by Jack Fealy

Arsenal are looking to strengthen their midfield this summer with the potential signing of Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid, with a possible swap deal for Guendouzi, according to a report from Gol in Spain.

The 27 year old Ghanaian is at the top of Arsenal’s wish list this transfer window, with Mikel Arteta desperate to improve his midfield options for the start of next season. With the addition of Partey to the likes of Xhaka, the midfielder will provide an increase in power and strength to Arteta’s squad.

Thomas Partey currently has a £44.8 million release clause within his contract at Atletico, however the Gunners may find it difficult to provide these funds due to the current pandemic.

Arteta told the Sun in a recent press conference: “At the moment, just to predict what is going to happen in the transfer window is impossible.”

“We have to assess the financial situation and whether we have a narrow or big gap to do deals.”

Although the financial situation may not be promising, the hope to purchase Thomas Partey is not yet lost due to the introduction of Guendouzi.

In the Frenchman’s recent performance, Guendouzi clashed with Brighton forward Neal Maupay after he secured a last minute winner against the Gunners. Guendouzi escaped a potential three-match ban, however the Arsenal boss was not impressed with his recent attitude.

There is a potential move for Guendouzi as Atletico Madrid have sparked interest in the young midfielder, with Arteta looking to include him in the Thomas Partey deal.

It is also rumoured that Guendouzi stated he wanted to leave Arsenal during a disciplinary meeting with the Arsenal board.

The Spanish side have reportedly proposed a new deal to the Ghanaian which would increase his release clause to £92 million. However, Partey is delaying his acceptance due to his “intention to listen to offers,” claims Spanish news outlet AS.

Arsenal have been linked with Partey for many months now, but the uncertainty caused by the pandemic has made it impossible to be sure of a deal, but would Arsenal fans be happy to let Guendouzi leave to secure our main target?

Jack Fealy


  1. We need quality and although I think Guendouzi will improve I cannot pass on Partey he if there is any chance of him coming here and I excuse me for being a pessimist but I doubt that very much,we can not turn that opportunity down.

        1. Everyone want Guendouzi to go because he is not a quality player he make so many mistake you can’t compare him with Thomas Partey for cry aloud next season is going to be fire which player do Arsenal have to even compete Europa?
          Look at of Guendouzi style of playing? Where can you reach with such crab of playing style besides he don’t respect how could he hand over transfer after the board talk to him?
          He need to leave he is even bringing us bad luck each time we start him in a match either we lose or we draw
          See as we keep wining as he is not among the player now that lad is not worth to play in Arsenal

          1. Ahem, Kelvin? Under Unai Emery, almost every time we won, Guendouzi was in the thick of it all. Let’s remember that it was Xhaka’s absence that made us lose, so I wouldn’t bash Guendouzi if I were you.

  2. They can have Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Bellerin & Luiz as well – if we only get this worldclass DM. Thomas Partey is a player that a manager can build a whole team around. This signing would be the way back to the top for Asn’l.

  3. I have my doubts about him rocking up at the Emirates, surely it’s not that easy?!! Put in another solid performance in that crazy game against Barca last night. We’ve been linked with him for what seems like an eternity, I just can’t help but think a better offer will come in or he’ll u-turn and stay where he is!!
    We desperately need him and as much as I love Matteo, I’m afraid I’d let him go…. surely there’d be a little cash involved too though?!

    1. Not just a straight swap deal. Cash plus Guendouzi for Thomas Partey. The DM position is important. We need to sign him asap. Partey in DM will give us options in midfield. Xhaka Partey combination provides height, stamina.

      Also, Nabil Fekir signing a must.

      1. @skills,forget about Fekir we missed the chance to buy him last year for 20M when he was offered to us 😒and Sevilla President recently said that he wasn’t for sale and that the player was happy there and lastly Sevilla will be playing CL football next season,they are 4th in la liga!

        1. I was surprised we let go last season, I dont know who decided against buying him, well, seems arsenal only buy 1 marque player per summer

          1. Very good question which I have asked myself many times,I would love to know who decided against buying him for a poxy 20M,what a mistake!let me know if you ever find out!

    2. You put words to the thoughts in my darkest moments. The hope for this magnificent player is just another way to punish us fools and have us to drink even deeper in the cup of humiliation. If some other team comes and take Thomas Partey away from us now, I have watched my last game of football. That’s something I have promised myself. And I use to keep promises.

      1. “You” here is you, Sue.
        (I’m a poet, I know it, hope I don’t blow it).

        1. Guendouzi is massively overrated and has a horrific attitude.
          Anyone who mocks players from so-called lesser teams regarding their inferior wages is a complete twat.
          This would infuriate players and give them an added incentive to beat Arsenal, which is exactly what happened at Brighton.
          Get him out asap.

  4. Enough of this “one for the future”. Our future is now. We need to get Partey, I would prefer a swap with Xhaka instead, but would Diego want him? If we do transfer Guendozi, a buy back clause should be inserted, as the lad is young and Xhaka will be gone in another 2-3 seasons. Cannot repeat the Fabregas mistake. But our board may include a clause for some cash back if AM win the Liga or UCL!

    1. As you said ‘our future is now’s, Xhaka is a better fit in our current system than Guedozi, ppl say Xhaka is slow but Guedozi is slower in decision making, he retain the ball for too long, has to go for pass after 2-3touches each time, (check his game to confirm) , his recovery rate is slow too, though he is young and can improve, but he already having issues with MA, shows he isn’t ready to learn from his, and his contract expires in 2yrs, the odds are looking bad 4 the team, hence the need to offload asap before he delay contract extension and leave for free

      1. What system is that exactly? 😜 Only joking!

        Seriously though, who would want Xhaka?

        Guendouzi will be a better player in the future. He’s still young and will learn. I would keep him, personally. I’m sure that is why he is wanted as part of the deal. Guendouzi would improve as a player with better players around him, Guaranteed!!

    2. We did insert a clause to buy back Fabregas – we had first option on him before he was offered to other clubs, but because we had a packed midfield at the time with a performing Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla and others it was felt he wasn’t needed.

  5. 44.5m for a 27yrs old in the midst of a pandemic and without CL money is a NO we lost the purchasing power the moment we dropped out of CL.In Arsenal financial accounts there’s no evidence of kreonke taking money out the club,we operate in a self sustaining model.Blame the incompetent scouts an board who signed flops and freebies.I will only blame kreonke for our misery if I see tangible evidence that he is milking the club dry.Fifa fair play doesn’t allow club owners to fund the club but,Arsenal fans hypocrisy, they will celebrate city and Chelsea ban and then tell us how we’re behind them and how our owner should spend like theirs.Who is fooling who.. learn from Liverpool you build first with a top coach and good signings that’s where we lost it big time.

    1. You so much make sense with that summation, I reckon a lot of ppl has issues with the owner but I do not see how?, he may hired people who he seemed competent as managers and from who he had hired, he (Raul) was successful at Barcelona, so he hired the right man, but this right man probably has lost his touch or with brain fart is hard to say, so we are stuck with him for now and in his (Raul) defence, the new management just spent 2 yrs and are still battling with the mess of last management so kroenke can’t access them yet, we have to be patient, at each match day we have at least 5players from last regime in the starting 11, this shows how deep rooted the problem is, and we have to give the new regime at least 5yrs before we judge them

    2. I agree !45M is the original fee paid by. Bayern for Sane on a 5 years contract ,I know it doesn’t include bonuses which could add another 10M but still a very good deal for a 24 years old German international,trophies winner with man city,CL football experience , goals and assists!!

    3. LD, I respect your comments but I believe you’re getting the wrong end of the stick. It’s not that they take money out, it’s that they don’t be smart in trying to put money into the club when the club needs a helping hand. Che and City’s owners are smart at putting money into their clubs, if they were going by the clubs profits alone then things would be very different. They got punished because they wanted an instant bang on an already fairly bloated transfer policy, they knew beforehand that they would likely get punished but they still went ahead with it just to see if the rewards are outweighing the losses. They came out of it all with a bit more insight and knowing where the line is drawn. And now they have large squads and are ready to fund allot of business after the punishment is done with. Merson is already talking about Che as title contenders over the net couple years, and they probably will be. City will be ready for a revamp about that time. We have Newc now getting one of these owners, bet every AFC fan is hoping that Newc don’t get that owner, if Newc can become the wealthiest team in England during FFP, does that not tell you what you need to know.

      1. B-o-t, my big issue with Kroenke is, how someone with his obvious business acumen to build and maintain a fortune, can abjectly fail in choosing and/or retaining a Board and senior executives to competently manage the player and financial assets at Arsenal.

  6. Sell Lacazate and buy Thomas.Or exchange Lacazate with Partey we must not lose Goundoez .Xhaka is needed in the team although a bit slow.Ozil must go now and let’s have a better attacking option.

  7. Outright purchase is better, the Lad is worth waiting for in the nearest future, with Partey in the mix, the lad will develop into a midfield beast. So, let us purchase Thomas Partey outrightly.

    1. Guendouzi is not what waiting for. He is not good enough. He is overrated. Does not offer anything going forward. We need men and not kids in midfield. We cant continue to go into mediocrity by having a Guendouzi in midfield. We need tough guys like Partey. Sell Guendouzi asap. Arteta should not play him in the remaining games of the season. Is Guendouzi a Messi or CR7? I don’t get the hype about him

      1. Thanks skills. Guendouzi is overrated and does not deserve to be in AFC with his kind of attitude. With or without Partey, I will rather sell and play Xhaka. Sign Ceballos permanently or on another loan. With Torreira as backup.
        AFC needs Partey in that midfield, he is tough and he can tackle. He is what we need right now.
        Guendouzi is a No No No for me.

  8. Wasn’t there an article on here a couple of weeks ago about Fenerbahce fans donating to the Özil transfer?

    Let me be the first to lob in a quid to buy Partey

  9. Not even worth talking about because there is no truth or legs in the article. It isn’t a starter.

  10. I would’ve liked it if we’d let Saliba play for St Etienne in that final. We were on good footing with the club and you need to try to keep that. We gave them a good price but it was a good price for us too. They aren’t one of the rip off clubs starting off way too high and then walking away when we lowball that price. Saliba came up through their system, they looked out for his interests and liked what Arsenal were offering. I really would’ve liked it if we stayed on good terms with St Etienne, and am sure Saliba feels like he earned the right to be in that final.

    Saliba and Partey, two powerful looking acquisitions if we can can get them both over here, I really hope we do. Don’t allow someone else to nick Partey, Arsenal, if this is the guy we want, if he checks the boxes, don’t dally around with alternatives.

    1. Apparently they wanted us to pay one of their playing fees if he played in the cup final. That doesn’t really make sense. The terms ended June 30th, and they want US to pay for him to play for THEM? Have to also not be pushovers and do what makes sense. Imagine if he got injured while training too. St. Ettiene needed to meet us somewhere, but they’d rather lose their best CB for a cup final than waive a fee. Yes, it is unfortunate it hurts our relationship with them for a few years tho, but this is a guy we paid 30mill for already and is technically our player.

  11. Hahahaha…that Guendouzi picture is hilarious!! LOL…who couldn’t laugh at that?
    On serious matters, here’s my verdict. Leave Guendouzi and David Luiz and Ozil and Lacazette alone!!!

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