Guendouzi is a real Gooner

Arsenal brought in many players this summer, but I am sure that the biggest surprise was the arrival of the 19 year-old Matteo Guendouzi from Ligue 2 Lorient. Nobody over here had heard of him but he immediately looked relaxed and assured despite being surrounded by big money stars and his performances won the fans over very quickly. He has since told the press that that he had no doubts at all about coming to the Emirates. “Arsenal is the club of my heart, the club I’ve supported since I was little,” Guendouzi was quoted as saying.

“I grew up watching, along with my grandfather, videos of Vieira, Henry and the others, the French players who made history. When I knew the club was interested in bringing me in, I didn’t hesitate.”

“It’s another world. Arsenal are an historic club, magnificent, known the world over, one of the best in Europe with big stars in the team. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s another dimension. Everything has changed,”

“In terms of the play, it’s a lot more intense. In the English league, there are great players everywhere, it’s impressive. But I got used to that quite quickly, that’s the most important thing. It’s up to me to be consistent. It’s just the start.”

“I’m staying focused on what I do on the pitch. What happens off it, it’s nice, of course, but football is what I’m most passionate about. Yes, I’m a bit more famous, but I don’t get too mixed up in that. I’ve had my feet on the ground since I was very young. I was brought up like that. I’m going to stay myself,”

“It’s up to me to keep working so that the team wins as many games as possible. In any case, at Arsenal, I have all I need to improve. And we have all we need to have a great season.”

Yes he is still young, and he makes mistakes, but the fact that he is a real trier and a team player makes me think that he is going to have a long, successful career at Arsenal. And the fact that he is a real Gooner only makes things better!



  1. Break-on-through says:

    After seeing Guendouzi in action I wonder if we had of gotten Adli would we still have got Guendouzi. Would’ve liked to have seen another one like him as they look similar are similar size and both are defensive players but good qualities with the ball too. We could’ve made bigger strides with Torriera Guendouzi and Adli, would be great competition. I’d say Adli maybe regrets that decision now after seeing his countryman make such a great impact.

  2. Salley says:

    I’m totally impressed this young lad performance. There’s still a lot of room for improvement and my beloved Arsenal is the best club for him.

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I love the kid, when he speaks you can sense Maturity also… He’s gon be here for a long time, I hope he goes on to be the next big personality at Arsenal..

    P.S: I just logged in this morning, and was reading all the articles I’ve missed and I came across the Koscienly one and how Chiza kept saying stuffs, couldn’t help but laugh…
    Bro I’ve never had anything against you tho and I won’t, but please take the craziness down a notch.. Reading those statements concerning Koscienly from you is a disgrace, and you frequently use “I heard” Man please quit it, at least if you have nothing good to say, always keep it in and speak only when you have to.. Learn from Guendozi

    1. Phil says:

      @Chiza-in other words stop being such a KNOB

    2. Chiza says:

      Hey bro..i’ve heard your point…i have no beef towards koss..i respect him as one of wenger best signings.. . But trust me.. I would still stand on my words that koscielny is more loyal to wenger than to arsenal….you think assuming Wenger left arsenal more earlier like 2012 or think koscielny will still be an arsenal player by now??.. I seriously doubt that… Go and read some of his interviews and you would see where my point is coming from…..i guess maybe after Ramsey has stayed more than 13 years and then retires in arsenal some people would also come out and say Ramsey was loyal to arsenal…after dragging on his contract this way……… People never understand the word LOYALTY ……..i would never talk about this koscielny issue anymore..this is my last comment on his stuff… People can say what they like but I would hold on to my opinion

      1. Onuh says:

        I totally agree with you on this.

  4. Will says:

    I absolutely love this kid!

    Really impressed with his start for the club and hope he goes on to do great things for us!!

  5. Kurt says:

    He reminds me of Cesc back when Cesc came through, no body could touch Cesc back when Cesc had it. His untouchable too.

  6. gotanidea says:

    He reminds me of the peak Flamini

    It’s nice to have a hardworking player with strong physical presence like him in the field

    But now we need a winger

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    He and Lacazette have been the stand out performers for me, along with the Torreira cameos.

  8. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Yes, Guendouzi being a Gooner does make things better for Arsenal. For, he could become more loyal to the cause of the club honestly if things at the club turned out be equaled for him there rather than to be a mercenary that comes to the club to milk it as mostly is the case.

    I don’t know if Matteo Guendouzi is two footed like Santi Cazorla is as I haven’t watch him closely enough in Arsenal matches on the TV to observe this. But even then, Matteo looks to have the football playing attributes of Santi Cazorla to replace him adequately at Arsenal and could even better him if he continues to work very to improve on the quality of his game for Arsenal. I believe he could.

  9. I like the boy Guendozi! I like how he has instantly aadapted to the new team. He is even taking free kicks, very impressive. Unfortunately on the downside, I have a nasty feeling I can’t shake off that his good performances are as a result of eagerness to please and earn his place in the team rather than outright talent and skill. He does too much, chases down every ball, closes down every player..which is great, but I just don’t think it is a sustainable style of play. Eventually when he secures his spot in the team just like Bellerin, his performances will slowly fade away as he sinks ever deeper into his comfort zone..just like Bellerin, Holding, Iwobi, Wilshere, El Neny. All started great but performances have been gradually going downhill. The passion of youth drives them to achieve supercharged but temporary outstanding performances but the moment they sign that new contract boom, they revert back to original settings. Though I could be wrong and I hope I am wrong and he goes the Sterling and Sane route. Like I said, just a nasty feeling.

    1. joe14 says:

      @Dream are you an Arsenal fan??

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Its not the worst theory I ever heard. Looking where he came from, to AFC, he did sort of have to try harder than he ever tried before. That would be natural coming to a big club in a new country. He has mistakes in him, so there is a downside to what we’ve seen its not all promising. I like that he’s aggressive though, you can’t fake that you’re either a roll your sleeves up guy or else you’re a protect your body guy. So he has that. Also he made more successful tackles than any other AFC player so far. That could be due to your theory in some part, but at least we know he’s capable at winning tackles. Its reading the game he needs to improve on. A defensive midfielder for me should be alert for people along the line of the penalty spot, when an opponent has it on the flank and there’re men trying for the near post run – He should let the CB’s do their job, have a look if he can to see if the fullback has back post covered ..if so, watch a player tightly for that cut back. Arteta used that handicap against us, it was clever stuff from Arteta on that first game with the second goal. It was the same problem with our CM’s going back over ten seasons it must, I think Arteta was the only one who watched that killer cut back, everyone else fell in line with CB’s or else was up the other end still. I got off topic there a bit, but yeah I think its possible a bit of what you say is true but I believe Guendouzi has got allot in his locker. He’s an all rounder, I’m fairly certain he’ll be a good all round player just needs the right teammates and manager.

    2. Sumant The Gooner says:

      Different times.. different manager. All the reasons to remain optimistic about him.

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    Koschieny was from Lorient

  11. Namo says:

    Guendouzi has done well so far, kudos to him. I hope the hype doesn’t get to him. It’s early days yet, just a few games into his first season. I hope he stays calm, and composed and focuses on improving his game.
    So far, so good.

  12. Dan says:

    When he goes a few years without winning anything he will soon be looking for the exit door to a bigger club capable of challenging for tittles and cups and playing champions league football with this present team he has no chance of achieving that will prob be gone in about 3 years for bigger and better things and no one could blame him!!!

    1. Chiza says:

      Yeah Dan I understand that…and no one will surely blame him.. Just the way i would never show disrespect to Van Persie…Van Persie made a decision and he showed us he was right to do it.. And guess what??.. Up till now arsenal has not won the premier league…….but I know things will change now that we have Emery….Emery will win us big big titles.. I’m sure of that

    2. A.ball08 says:

      Doom and gloom merchant
      Bet your a bundle of laughs to be around
      For now I am a person who thinks the glass is half full
      So the I believe we will make strides on getting further up the table

  13. AAfrican says:

    The kid runs and runs,most of the time im feeling sorry for him you have to love this kid

  14. The first time I saw his video on youtube I said to myself this boy is a hit.

  15. Kenya001 says:

    Ooh boy how old is he again so mature iron the little mistakes and will b amazing

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