Guendouzi opens up on leaving Arsenal and his relationship with Mikel Arteta

Matteo Guendouzi is one of the few players who have fallen out with Mikel Arteta at Arsenal and the midfielder has attempted to clear some misconceptions about him and his relationship with the Spanish manager.

The Frenchman joined the Gunners under Unai Emery and was a key player in the team under the current Villarreal manager and did well.

However, his fortunes changed when Arteta became the club’s boss and his hot head got the best of him on several occasions, eventually costing him his place on the team.

In a recent interview, he revealed he left because he had to play and wasn’t getting enough chances at the Emirates.

He tells Goal France: “It’s true that I didn’t have the best relationship with him. Beyond that, I always tried to work, always gave the maximum of myself in training and in matches. I still play a few matches with him, I still did great performances.

“He preferred other players and I respect that decision. That’s why, afterwards, I also decided to leave because I was still young. I needed playing time to continue to progress. The most important when you’re young is to play.”

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Guendouzi is a talented boy and he was even one of the players considered to become our captain in 2019, but his spell at the Emirates ended sooner than expected.

It is good that he has cleared the air over his departure and his relationship with Arteta.

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  1. Being reported that Unai Emery has been appointed as the new Villa manager on BBC Sport!!

    Has anyone seen West Hams goal?
    VAR awarded it, after Mike Dean said it wasn’t handball!!!
    When will we get some sane person to kick Mike Dean out of anything to do with footballing decisions?

    1. And now Dean says WHU should be awarded a penalty… has he EVER played a game of football in his life?!?!?!?!

  2. Guendouzi starting to change tone a lil…. Is he becoming matured or just admiring present Arsenal…. U gat to love us right now. His friend saliba is enjoying himself at d Emirate right now

    1. @Savage
      Sounds like he was just tell his side of it. Don’t see why he’d be admiring AFC. He’s playing in the “Champions League , while AFC are trying to get there, next year…IJS

    One prime reasonwhy I stuck by supporting MA when our results and style of play were poor, was because he had the vitallynecessary steel and resolve to kickout such as Guendouzi, Ozil the idle coaster and also playboy self centred Auba out too.

    I thought then and think now “that wise manager will do for me”!

    1. @jon fox
      It turns out that he requested to leave and wasn’t “kicked out” of the club. But you continue your fabricated hatred for Matteo. Whatever floats it for ya…IJS

      1. NY_Gunner,
        My attidude towards Guendouzi is perfectly understandable once you understand my mature view about how ALL players should act. They are ALL paid enormous and undeserved sums of money and paid, albeit indirectly, by we fans, in one way or another.

        They therefore have duty TO WE FANS – who are the vital lifeblood of the game(or do you disagree with that too?) – to do their utmost to help the team.

        And that includes fitting in with other players, not being disruptive and not behaving like a petulant arrogant little boy who is denied chocolate instead of eating his meal.

        Players need discipline and they have a duty to self discipline. You may not accept that obvious truth but that is your problem, not mine

  4. His attitude was terrible. Heard ge also misbehaved when they went to warm weather trsinibg at Qatar

    He did his best instigating Saliba not to come back. Now Saliba doing so well here.

    1. @Howard
      You heard, but don’t factually know for sure. So, it’s easier to follow the bs that others are spewing about the guy.
      Keep hope alive thought…

  5. Hope Guendouzi get his act together, he could be a top player very soon.

    If information received is correct, a wanna welcome Unai Emery back in the league and wanna thank him for that 22 games unbeaten run.
    He is a top coach and will bring much more to the table.

    Special thanks to him for that North London derby in front of the faithfuls, he once said that 4 – 2 win was the best match in the world for football supporters, that weekend

    1. I don’t share your enthusiasm for Emery at all. Unbeaten yes, but it was not a great spectacle rapidly followed by the team imploding if I recall correctly.
      It wasn’t great under Arteta at times but he never lost the support of the players which is something that can’t be said of UE.

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