Guendouzi reacts to leaving Arsenal for Marseille

Matteo Guendouzi insists he thought well before agreeing to leave Arsenal for Olympique Marseille permanently.

The Frenchman had been on loan at the Ligue 1 side after a troublesome spell at Arsenal.

He had issues with Mikel Arteta, and he wasn’t getting enough playing time from the Spanish boss.

He was on loan at Hertha Berlin last season and joined Marseille at the start of this campaign.

The midfielder has been in impressive form for them, and they have now signed him permanently for around £9million.

The 22-year-old is convinced he has made the right decision by leaving the Emirates permanently.

‘It was a carefully considered choice,’ he told RMC Sport.

‘There were very good discussions with the president, with the coach and people in my family. We really made the best decision altogether. For me, it’s the best choice I’ve made in many years.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal fans can agree that he made the right choice to leave the club because we are all tired of having him in the team.

His fiery head means he would always attract negative publicity to the club, and we needed to get rid of him.

We wish him the best of luck as he leaves the club permanently. Hopefully, he would be far away from controversy now.

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  1. Arteta has personality problems. I cannot see him becoming a popular coach like Klopp. I also do not see players inspired and smiling and showing positive emotions. It’s to bad.

    1. I see the current squad inspired, smiling and together. Guendouzi had similar problems at Hertha Berlin and his previous club before joining Arsenal. Even his first months at Marseille were rocky. Those who feel they’re bigger than the team values cam leave.

      1. Exactly
        Any chance to swipe at the manager.
        If we were still sitting in 8th with not much of a chance of qualifying for Europe then fine, but to constantly bash and bash again.

  2. Arteta likes players who arse lick. If that’s not your cup of tea you’re out of the door.

    1. That’s why you and I are also managing at a £multi billion global club like Arsenal.
      May be we should also hand in our CV’s at Arsenal and promise the board that we would never sign players that buy into our own plans as managers. “I promise to never buy players that arse lick me”.

      I think that sort of statement would have a massive impact on us being considered.

  3. not surprised whatsoever that he’s gone, as it was a forgone conclusion ever since he was excommunicated to Hertha…no matter your thoughts on this particular player, this situation was totally mismanaged, which has been an all too common occurrence at this club for far too long

      1. SueP he could be corrected, he was 20, there are players with far worse attitudes and their coach got the best out of them instead of throwing them under the bus

        1. I was thinking of the time frame when the players used their power to oust Emery. It may have been a timing issue – as – early in Arteta’s career and needing to stamp his authority but alternatively, Guendouzi was sufficiently disruptive to may have given MA no choice
          I hardly think he was thrown under the bus. He made his own choices

    1. Yea, Diego Costa was fiery too, Just scores goals- not a goody two shoes like our Arsenal Boy Scouts.

  4. We are all tired if him, that is what it reads as Just Arsenal opinion.

    How about you (Just Arsenal) don’t make assumptions on my behalf and just speak for yourself.

  5. One trouble maker less. Why add a rotten apple to the basket of hand chosen delicately picked juicy apples? Trust the master gardener not your instincts when you know zero about the topic.
    I’m delighted he is gone, a player who brought disrepute to the club by bragging about his wages rather than showing his skills during the match. Had he not been hired by us, he could be plying his trade in the second division now. Ungrateful spoilt brat.

    1. @Loose Cannon
      Thing is, he did show his skills during matches. And if winding up the opposition and having a go at one of them for going in hard on our keeper is considered bringing “disrepute” to our club, then you should be supporting “The Lilywhites”…IJS

      1. Running around bragging to Brighton players how much more he gets paid than them is hardly respectful and not the sort of behaviour befitting an Arsenal player.

        1. @Declan
          If that’s the measure, then you need to stop rooting for us to sign Bissouma…IJS

          1. @NY_G, Take a look back through all my posts and you will not find one where I have advocated we sign Bissouma, even before his arrest in January, so I don’t get your comment?

        2. If I remember correctly Lord Bendtner chose number 52 I think,to let everyone know that was the amount he earned per week.

        3. So banishing players and dashing them out for free and still paying their wages befitting? I can see where all these is going

          1. In rebuilding process, you banish some, keep some, you loose some and gain some. The most important thing is the process…

            The fact is, when a new manager is hired, he has the liberty to choose the players he feels he can work with.

            If a particular player doesn’t fit in to the manager’s plan so be it.

            Xaka was close to leaving the club when Arteta took over yet but Arteta restored him back into the team.

            Arteta doesn’t condole indiscipline, which is the culture the boss is trying to establish in the team.

            You may like it, you may not, but as of present Arteta is the boss.

            Judge him by the performance of players he chose to keep and the effect it has on the team.

      2. Pal, maybe you are a recent gunner as per your comment. True gunners never brag about their wages. This fella is a disgrace to all the valiant men who pulled up our jersey and walked on to the pitch since 1886 and so are the rest of lazy players signed during the latter years of Mr. Wenger and Raul/Sven (as Unai had no say in the transfers) and would like to include those fans who consider such players over club morals/ethos and suggest pro Arsenal fans to support some tin pot club. For the sake of clarity, if he had the skills, Muapay would not have reached Leno and it was Leno’s error leading what happened next. The club was in doldrums with such players /fans and now we are marching upwards, one rug every week. Be happy about that rather than crying over a disruptive player gone for good.

        1. @Loose Cannon
          While Jack Wilshere graced the red top headlines, more than once with his drunken antics. Yet, is considered a “True Gooner”… Spare me.

          1. Since has Wilshere ever bragged about his wages on the pitch to opposition players?
            When did Wilshere ever disrespect wenger by refusing to apologise after a disgraceful episode like Guendouzi?

            No one will complain about a player’s passion on the pitch, but acting like a thug who has an ego bigger than trump is different. I heard that Guendouzi was exiled for refusing to apologise for that wage bragging episode.

            He is a nobody to try to stir up such a storm.

    2. Fully agree.
      No pace, no goals, sideways passing and yellow cards.
      Well rid of the spoilt child.

      1. In his first season, Guendouzi played 50 games for us,in a team that finished 5th, reached the EL final, meanwhile Sambi can’t get a game.

  6. contrary to your last statement, I as an Arsenal fan do not agree it was best for him to leave. I think he could have had a good career here under good mentorship. We also could have benefitted from his fiery attributes

    1. The inevitable departure of Guendouzi from Arsenal was a win-win situation for both the club
      and the player
      (1)- The player showed the potential to play well
      but also the potential to disrupt team progress
      through his uncontrolled temper
      (2)- Arsenal players were not happy with his
      misdemeanors during Unai and Arteta

  7. I am not a coach but just a fan, I believe Arteta has done well, it takes a lot to build like-minds, and that’s exactly what Arteta is doing,
    If Guendouzi was that good, I believe clubs would be on him, Hertha didn’t keep him, only his present club seems to want him, that speaks volume,

    The EPL is fierce and changes tactics too often , a lot of players find it hard to adapt, therefore every coach is tasked with the responsibility of finding the player with the right mentality and skill,

    Coaches are also tasked with helping to generate revenue, so if Arteta and Edu decide to cash in on Saliba, that’s fine, but I did like him in Arsenal shirts.

    1. Hertha Berlin couldn’t afford him, that’s the reason they had to sign 7 new players on free during the summer.

      1. Plus the manager who wanted him at HB was sacked; his replacement didn’t want him – it happens, ask MA

    2. When the rookie in charge has sold all the promising players we had and replace them with average like him, some people’s eyes will open. End quote

  8. Haha what he did and what the players did against wolves. Ramsdale in people faces screaming. Don’t get me wrong but that’s the same level of pettiness

    1. @B
      Funny how some people are isn’t it? Any player that outshines MA, he will give the player a bad name and reasons for the player to be banished. Some folks here will buy the crap and support. It makes me wonder if we’re watching arsenal in a different league from them.

  9. Whatever anyone says and anyones opinion, WE HAVE GIVEN HIM AWAY and he will make that decision look stupid.

    1. @Reggie

      You nailed it. It’s only a matter of time before another player follows suit.
      They better get ready. Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham etc are coming 😆😆😆😆😆😆

    1. Sambi is the one who was meant to replace MG and not Partey,even so for 50M bar a game here and there,Partey has been underwhelming since he signed for us.truth being told we all expected more from him.

      1. Can’t agree about Partey, Siam. Last season, yes, but in the second half of this season absolutely not and worth every penny.

        1. Partey was a waste of £45 million plus £250,000 a week.
          And absolutely average player not better than Alex Song but cost 4 times the amount.

  10. Not unhappy to see him go – apparently his off-field antics at Arsenal were far worse than anything we saw vs Brighton. From all that I have heard he was arrogant, insolent and regularly refused to do what he was asked. He was also disruptive and unpopular with most other players. Such characters, regardless of what they do on the pitch, do not help a team trying to build a unified team. Similar disciplinary and unpopularity problems were reported at Lorient, Hertha and even initially at Marseille, so it is unfair to ascribe these purely to Arteta.
    No doubt he has improved since leaving – in skill and perhaps maturity, so he could have still had a future here, but is he a great loss. Are the facts that he is given star status at Marseille (a pre-requisite for him) and that he is more comfortable in his home country also helping? I loved his aggression and energy, but always thought his passing to be fairly negative, and his energy to be largely non-productive. Players with long permed hair are very noticable and I have long felt they look even busier than they are. There are far better and less troublesome midfielders out there for us.
    For me the only screw-up was the ridiculously low option to buy price. That was “la grosse bourde” here.

    1. Guy,I agree this season he’s performed much better but over 2 years, I don’t want use the wrong word”disappointing”maybe or that my expectations for him were too high?

  11. Imo you are the only one tired of him. Arsenal fans loves guendo. He’s young and energetic and could be corrected but what did that fruad of a coach do? What he always does. Threw him out of the door

    1. Report claimed guendouzi was asked to apologise but he refused what would you say or do about that as a manager?



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