Guendouzi rugby tackles Zaha at the end, but had no choice (plus video)

In last night’s game against Crystal Palace, the young Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi could only watch events unfolding when the referee first of all decided that he hadn’t committed a foul on Louis Zaha in the box and, in fact, was going to book Zaha for simulation. But then the VAR intervened and changed the decision completely by then awarding a penalty to Palace, which was duly converted.

This allowed Palace back into the game and a long discussion ensued as to whether Zaha had actually dived or not, but after the game, the youngster did not complain about that decision, in fact he just said on that “Zaha did well to get a penalty.” So, it doesn’t sound like he was upset about it.

In fact if it was the referee who had made an instant decision then it is certain that Matteo would have been given a caution, and it could have been a red.

But luckily for Arsenal, Guendouzi was still on the pitch at the end, and he was there to rugby tackle Zaha again and at that point the referee had no choice but to book him for such a blatant attack, and Guendouzi admitted he had no choice. “I had to foul Zaha at the end, otherwise he is through on goal on his own. I’m the last defender but I’m far from our goal as well. I had to do it.”

So let’s have a look at it again from a home made recording….

Doesn’t that just show how much passion Guendouzi has for playing with Arsenal?


  1. I bet Emery wished he forced the board to pay for Zaha, instead of getting Pepe

    Zaha would have bailed Emery out with the free-kicks and corners he created, whereas Pepe couldn’t even get past Van Aanholt

    Such a skillful winger. Too bad he is playing for a mid-table club, like Adama Traore

    1. Must you always come up with this saga pepe stuff I would take pepe all day long over zaha what makes you feel confident that zaha will bail Emery wearing an arsenal 👕 over all we are not playing well and many players are not playing well as well as the team

      1. I think Gouendouzi rugby tackled Zaha because he was cheating for their first goal and deserved to be downed for his cheek. Gouendouzi for captain! Class player with a class attitude, actually loves arsenal and wants to push us on every game.

    2. Wow what a way to look at it gotanidea, Zaha completes 3 dribbles, dives for a penalty and made one break on the counter at the end, rest of the night he was actually kept quiet.

      Compare to Pepe who put in 3 corners which lead to goals, completed 4 dribbles (most on the night), 4 chances created/key passes (most on the night) and was generally speaking our most dangerous looking forward.

      But Zaha showed Pepe up? 🤔

  2. Guendouzi is such a soldier! Someone needed to take out Zaha! Can you imagine if Zaha scored after we had a goal cancelled? From win to draw to win to draw to loss! One salute for Gwen! 👊

  3. Guendouzi has always left it in the field. The only constitence player under this abracadabra alien formations that even the players don’t understand.
    Ozil always see what many can’t. He once told Emery” you are not a coach”- can’t agree less.
    In the meanwhile Lucazette liked a post that read Emery and Xhaka out. This shows it all. Emery is dividing the fans, the players now and next is the management. He is like a virus and a dangerous one
    . I would rather have Wenger back.
    His only problem was his faith with Deadwood players. Now with the current model where he is not in charge of transfers and many more things, he can be good for us at least as a caretaker manager till end of the season.
    Actually any manager apart from Alegri who is similar to him in all aspects is better than Emery.

  4. Love Guendouzi.

    I’ve been saying this for few weeks already but it’s time to move on with Emery. He needs the sack. Look at the matches we’ve played this season in PL: Not ONE match where we have played well throughout, not one match we’ve won comfortably.

    I know some here don’t like Allegri look at his stats:

    – proven winner: 5 league titles, 4 domestic cups, TWICE Champions League final
    – plays too defensive? 271 matches, 511 goals scored. 70% win rate.
    – 271 matches, only 195 goals conceded. WE NEED THAT NOW! Look at our defense!
    – actually available

    Now, everytime someone mentions Allegri, some doofus mentions that ONE match against Spuds. LOL, like every single time. Anyone remember when Klopp’s Liverpool lost to Man City 5-0? Anyone remember when Pep’s City lost to Everton 4-0? Terrible managers all of them because of that ONE match!

    1. Allegri had by far the best squad in Italy at Juve.

      When he was fired by Milan they were 10th or 11th in the league.

      He’s better than Emery, but we need a more suitable long-term option.

      1. Sorry mate but Milan’s situation wasn’t allegri’s fault.. Most of the team’s starting eleven got old and their contracts ran out and the team stars were sold (ibra.. Thiago silva.. Etc) has nothing to do with allegri

  5. the var referee was a jarred gillett some new boy from australia never refereed a top flight game. thats what riley thinks of the ARSENAL, look him up on the web itwill tell you all

  6. Did you even watch the highlights???

    The penalty was conceded by Chambers not Guendouzi.

    VAR was atrocious again. It also confirmed that there are biases in the EPL and Arsenal as usual isn’t exactly one of those profiting.

    I’m little by little losing interest in the EPL if this continues. Look at how little Liverpool needs to get penalties and look at how Arsenal even at home is treated as some outcast club. Depressing for a league with so much money.

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