Guendouzi sends a message to Arsenal loanee after Marseille debut

Matteo Guendouzi seems to have taken to his new teammate and Arsenal loanee Nuno Tavares.

The Portuguese left-back left the Emirates to join Olympique Marseille on loan for the rest of this season after Arsenal signed Oleksandr Zinchenko.

We expect him to get more playing time at the French club and he marked his league debut for them yesterday with a goal.

It is the sort of performance that quickly turns any player into a fan favourite, and Tavares seems to have also gotten the acceptance of his new teammates.

Guendouzi was happy with the left-back’s performance and he posted some of his pictures on Twitter and captioned them:

“You are so beautiful @NunoTavares” with some emojis.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tavares has made the best possible start he could make at Marseille and this will help him settle into the new environment.

The reason why he was sent away on loan is for him to get more playing time and he might enjoy that in France.

Hopefully, he will return to the Emirates as a more accomplished player and fight for a first-team spot from next season.

Kieran Tierney and Zinchenko are now the options Arsenal has at left-back and the Gunners will hope both of them are never unavailable at the same time.

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A happy Arteta would have liked a couple more goals against Palace. Wouldn’t we all!

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  1. Arteta just hates or favours some players over the others. That’s why he has Exiled Tavares to Marseille now..
    It’s Tavares turn to experience Authoritarian/ dictator (Arteta’s) wrath..

    1. Forget the football side of it.Marseille is the right place if you want to toughen up young players, mentally speaking that it they break them.

      1. Give it a rest Goonster, hate, really? What the actual F are you on about? I rate Tavares but he’s obviously behind both Tierney and Zinchenko and will benefit from regular time at Marseilles. All this talk of dictators and authoritarian talk is rubbish. Arteta is the boss ffs! and makes decisions based on what’s best for Arsenal, not on favourites.

      2. Tavares wasn’t good enough to be in Arsenal first team defensively shocking going out on loan was the best thing for him will get regular games and hopefully improve him him as a player!

    2. What on earth are you on about Goonster ? Nothing to do with hate/favour. Also what is the authoritarian/dictator crap ?

        1. Dan kit, I’m wondering…

          1. How you would know that he meant something other than the obvious. I can only think of one way.

          2. If you understand how sarcasm works.

          @Pat – well said. Some of these guys certainly are coming across as trolls with the same anti-MA slant on everything they say. It gets really tiresome.

    3. Are you serious? Why then did Arteta insist on a loan deal but not to sell him outright?

  2. Manchester United fan Saliba was sent on loan he came back a more accomplished player same will happen to Tavares

  3. Arsenal should be watchful of that guy,he might attempt to get into nuno’s head to make him hate arsenal because of arteta just like he attempted with saliba.

    1. Agree Fk, that’s why I was surprised that Marseille were getting any more Arsenal players loaned to them

      Guendouzi is a problem but not the only issue – even their management were trying to turn Saliba to join them. Grrrr.

      They may not have an option to buy, but they seem to feel that they have an option to agitate and stir.

      1. Yeah,the AFC mgt have to be carefull and know what they are doing with their association with marseille.nerves down abit cos they seem not financially capable of making a successfull loan permanent as they could’nt afford at least a £50 million for bid for saliba.

    2. Fk, I consider it insulting to any players IQ level that they should be ever questioned as to anothe rplayer , -and in this case a well rid of trouble maker- getting into TAVARES head.

      This is hardly evewr the case with any players, even ones just starting out Some fans , foolishly, IMO, vastly overestimate the “power to influence other players” that ANY player has. Players decide for themselves, after discussions with those they are close to family, wives, sweethearts etc and are, in some cases, to an extent influenced by agents and money.
      But to suggest one player has any real power to influence another to do something he would rather not do, is extremely immature, unwise and, in the land of we realists, ridiculous!

  4. @fk, Guendouzi actually had problem with MA. He might still love arsenal. Nuno knows what he want therefore i dont see Guendouzi getting into his head

  5. I don’t think tavares should’ve been sent out on loan because he is very good and he can score goals and we need that in the team

  6. Firstly, Guendouzi is a hot head and was toxic and glad he was sold.

    Secondly, Nuno has no doubt shown signs of being a great player, and this loan will be the best thing for him. He needs regular competitive matches and judging by his debut, it seems like a sure thing. I don’t think Guendouzi nor their management will get into his head. I feel that, just like Saliba, he has something to prove at AFC.

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