Guendouzi signs for Arsenal – Five players in already!

Arsenal obviously didn’t want to announce two players on the same day, but it would appear that Matteo Guendouzi has also signed on the dotted line yesterday.

It seems that his agent mistakenly added the video to his personal Instagram page but deleted it soon after, but the Express caught it and you can watch it here...

They went on to describe the leak as….

The French youngster is said to have undergone a medical with the Gunners yesterday ahead of putting pen-to-paper on a five-year deal.

And a video of Guendouzi appearing to sign his contract has been doing the rounds on social media.

The clip is thought to have been posted to the Instagram story of Guendouzi’s agent Philippe Nabe before being deleted.

Guendouzi will follow Bernd Leno, Stephan Lichtsteiner, Sokratis Papastathopoulos and Lucas Torreira through the Emirates doors.

So FIVE players already, and we haven’t even started pre-season! Let the Unai Emery era commence on Saturday at Borehamwood!


  1. Phychem says:

    Its on now.

  2. Counsel says:

    Now we have 4 defensive midfielders; Elneny,Xhaka,Matteo and Torreira the good thing is that Emery accepts other people’s recommendations, Wenger with all due respect was stuck in his ways, and we suffered for that.Things are changing

    1. jon fox says:

      Wenger? Never heard of him!

      1. D says:

        Wenger, ya know, that guy that dedicated the later stages of his life to this club, rejecting offers from the biggest clubs in the entire world to help keep us in the top 4 with a negative net-spend for about 10 years. Ya know, that guy that lives and breaths Arsenal and helped make us into one of the biggest clubs in the world. That guy that has produced some of the best football that the PL has ever seen.

        But, sure, lets just keep attacking, belittling and criticising him even after he has left us, because it’s not as if he didn’t get enough of that even whilst leading us to 3 FA cups in 4 years and 20 consecutive years in the Champions League.

        1. Abu says:

          Oh for God sake !
          He made us , “fans” and players believe that being mediocre is okay. Don’t you remember 8-2 6-0 10-0 5-0 4-0 and many more humiliating defeats. Any manager would have quit but he didn’t because of his stubbornness. That’s why he was forced out. Open your God damn eyes . I’m quite sure you haven’t have bought a ticket for home game in your entire life. Cause if you would have bought a ticket for home game then you know what I’m talking about.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            With 20 seasons in the league he’s bound to have more than a few bad ones.
            City bet Liverpool 5 – 0 last season, already one bad one for Klopp.
            PSG beat Barcelona 4 – 0 last season, under Emery.
            Barcelona beat PSG 6 – 1, under Emery.
            S**t happens, this doesn’t really prove anything in the grand scheme.

        2. jon fox says:

          D, No, still never heard of him. Or should I say, I wish I hadn’t! And remind me how long ago he won or even seriously challenged for the Title. 2007-8 it was, when we blew a five point lead in Early MARCH. And how long before he was sacked was it since we had played exciting incisive passing football? Many years ago too. Boring sideways , slow , tedious pass to keep ball but getting nowhere fast was the norm for some years past , as you well know, assuming you have the gift of sight. MANY THOUSANDS OF PAID FOR BUT STILL REGULARLY EMPTY SEATS AGREE WITH ME. WHICH IS WHY – MERCIFULLY – HE WAS FINALLY SACKED . PLEASE TELL THOSE ON HERE WHETHER OR NOT YOU WANT HIM BACK. BUT BE AWARE that good comedy always gets a laugh!

  3. harunah lubs says:

    good prospect for the future

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Lol..Emery says he’s an important part of the first team… Rotation I guess

  4. Well, it has taken Emery ZERO seasons to identify and fix our defensive midfield while the stubborn oldman couldn’t see it even after 14 years!!! Was his pride worth losing his job over? Anyways, well done Emery for sorting out our defence like we have begged it be done for donkey years.

  5. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Emery is a bigger legend that Wenger already even without coaching a single game

    1. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

      Kilode broda,Wenger will always be the greatest manager arsensk ever had until another manager wins the champions league

      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

        broda mii. mi o ko like man ijebu yen nii . oloriburuku ni wenger .

        1. Naija Jollof says:

          Bad guy ???

          1. Senile says:

            9ja…you want to turn here to village meeting, abi?

    2. kev says:

      Please let’s not overrate or underrate Emery.Prior to him coming here I’m sure most didn’t want him until they heard he was linked with us.
      Now everyone is talking about Wenger and wasting their time over someone who’s already left as if the man cares.
      I only hope when the pressure is on Emery will be able to take it.

      1. Sue says:

        This is a huge job, taking over from Arsene. But I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have taken the job if he didn’t think he could do it. He has already identified our weak spots & bought players in…
        A new era has dawned on the Emirates… I’m so excited about our future….starting with the Boreham Wood game on Saturday COYG ?

  6. Squizy says:

    I can hardly believe this is the Arsenal. Other fans will be glued to Transfer Deadline Day news and we’ll be relaxed af. I’m loving this.

    1. Brian Rotich says:

      Am perplexed too bro

  7. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    there should be a clause on his contract that he must not cut his hair

  8. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    I think this is the end of comings but I so would go over the moon if we get s winger in this window.I’m just so particular about a winger/dribbler coz I believe We might find it hard against bus parking teams.
    But all the same I’m sure it’s gonna be a season we’d be proud of. #welcomeguendouzi to the emirates where the #Emeryarmy fights in every game

  9. Kachope patrick says:

    I love the new arsenal management team. Wenger would be doing world Cup Analysis as other teams do transfers. It’s all changed. Change is good.

  10. GB says:

    His shirt number is 29.

    1. Spartan says:

      its 11

      1. Mwsupporter says:

        No it’s 29, Torreira is 11.

  11. Drew says:

    I have a feeling that we are gonna get 1 more BIG signing! We’ve gotten our transfers in before pre season so omwe can still fight for that marqee signing before transfer deadline. Ivan is proving me wrong, thats for sure. The last time i was so excited about Arsenal eas when we went 38 unbeaten. That was special.

  12. Podolski Abel says:

    Up Asenal i like waiting Emery is doing now at Arsenal,he is better than Arsene Wenger am an Arsenal fan up de Gunners 4 Life.pls more player’s especialy defence

  13. benex says:

    now get rid of the deadwoods and sign a wide man

  14. Chiza says:

    Douglas Costa is coming to arsenal!!!…. Juventus are ready to sell him to balance Ronaldo fee..for financial fair play rule… I have a feeling Douglas Costa is coming…prepare to receive the demon of the wings arsenal fans!!!!!

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:


    2. McLovin says:

      How is it possible?

      Costa JUST moved to Juventus, literally he moved there for £36 millions this month.

      Last year he was ON LOAN there, and Juve opted to make that move permanent.

      How many times a player can tranfer in one window?

      1. philip says:

        Ask Benik Afobe.

    3. Mobella says:

      He wasn’t theirs to sell. Costa was there on 2 years loan and this will be his second year if I’m not mistaking. Except they have bought him outrightly otherwise they can’t sell him.

      1. Cosrules says:

        Nah mate, 1 year loan made official earlier on ?

  15. Chiza says:

    Bellerin Sokratis Mavrapanos Kolasinac
    Torriera Ramsey
    Douglas Costa Ozil Mikhitaryan

    1. Spartan says:

      Aubameyang said he is prepared to play wide if he was asked to i think it would be

      Costa Ozil Auba

      Whats the purpose of having a fearsome attack that cant play together?

      1. Unai Emery says:

        Why do you disregard Mkhitaryan, he is a worldie

  16. Chiza says:

    The understanding and close relationship sokratis and mavrapanos are having off the pitch will help us on the pitch.. I prefer their pairing.. Prepare to call them the GREAT GREEK WALL!!

    1. Patrick_G says:

      I was saying the same thing to one of my fellow gunner today, 🙂 i like the partnership, it can turn out to be the best. I like the “Great Greek Wall” title HAHA 🙂

  17. st sass says:

    welcome lad, do as good.

  18. John Ibrahim says:

    5 in and thats a good start….4 more to go

    For now we should all stand together and celebrate the route to the final

    England vs France

    Football coming Home!!!!

  19. Jeremy says:

    5 players? What is the shout about? If we divide 5 by 20 odd years, we don’t even have 1.

    Also, we have yet to see a winger which we yearn.

    1. Elvinho says:

      i just wonder….. thought it was a decent DM we were clamoring for……

  20. ACE says:

    Slightly OT, but what are the chances Arsenal
    could include Mustafi in a potential swoop for
    Douglass Costa? He would still cost an
    additional £25-30M on top of the Germans
    transfer evaluation but the Brazilian would be
    the WC winger that Arsenal fans have been
    crying out for years. Worth a discussion if the
    Old Lady are serious about Mustafi.

    To piggyback this selling Welbeck, El Neny and Ospina could free up funds to acquire Soyuncu
    if Emery and Co. intend to replace SM with
    another CB.

    Torreria…£26M(3 year installments)

    Apprx £110M spent on transfers(Torreria I
    rounded up to £10M this year)

    Possible departures
    El Neny…£10M

    £40M recouped from sales and AFC just happens
    to be at that speculative £70M transfer # for
    the window.

    Would be one of the best transfer windows in
    the clubs storied history. Get it done Emery!!

    1. Innit says:

      Ramsey is a possible departure too. Also Joel Campbell, Jenkinson, Akpom, Mustafi

      1. ACE says:

        I mentioned offering Mustafi to Juve as a
        possible sweetner for acquiring Costa and
        figured his fee in the reduced price for the

        Ramsey is the only other player that would
        demand a significant transfer fee. JC and
        Chuba are both free transfers and CJ will
        probably be allowed to leave for pennies if
        any suitors arise.

        1. McLovin says:

          Actually Joel Campbell will most likely command a transfer fee. He played well in the WC again. Few mils for him.

          1. ACE says:

            Good catch McLovin, thought his contract
            expired the end of June. Probably an
            additional £5M + if the Costan Rican
            decides to take his talents elsewhere

          2. Mobella says:

            According to your valuation, Costa will cost 55- 60m. A player juve just paid 35m for.
            No way Mustafi will go for nothing less 25-30m with all these hike in price. We are OK with caglar for 35m but when it comes to our players we undervalue then. I’m glad fans are not the one in charge of transfer.

  21. benex says:

    what if ramsey fail to put pen to paper, a straight swap would be better.
    if not, at least ramsey market value will be around 40-50m, we sell him then make a straight bid.
    pavon, malcom, brandt and draxler should be our other plans

  22. Raghav says:

    I’m having some difficulty understanding how we’re going to accommodate so many defensive midfielders. We’ve got Torreira, Xhaka, Elneny, AMN and now Guendouzi.
    Do you guys reckon we’re going to sell Elneny and play AMN out wide?Are we going to play with 2 defensive midfielders. Or do you think we’re going to do something different altogether?

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      It’s not an issue, because we don’t actually have that many DM’s. Xhaka is not a DM, and I would say Elneny is more box-to-box. AMN has almost zero experience of playing the DM role in the first team (although I do believe that’ll be his natural position), and still young, so he’ll be more a squad player, maybe even a loan option? Similar with Guendouzi as well.

      Like you say, depends what Emery does. I think he’ll go with a DM (Torreira), with a CM (either one of Ramsey/Xhaka).

      1. Raghav says:

        I understand that Xhaka isn’t a DM in the truest sense. But then again, assuming Ramsey signs a contract extension, I doubt either of them will drop to the bench. After all why would Xhaka sign a contract extension to be a squad player. If both of them are paired up, Xhaka is bound to play as a DM. In that scenario torreira won’t be a sure shot starter but would probably be slowly phased into the team.
        On the flipside, if Ramsey does not sign an extension, the number of recruits in the middle of the park make sense. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this scenario though.

  23. WilliamK says:

    Interesting times ahead.. Cant wait for the new season ahead !!

  24. OzzieGunner says:

    Behind Lucas Torreira, the young players Matteo DM and Sam Greenwood ( England under 16 international striker) from Sunderland may be the best investments Arsenal makes in this window.

  25. kumssa says:

    y do we need this guy? can someone answer me

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      Kumssa, look at planning for the future, with the Arsenal squad aging.

      1. kumssa says:

        yeah but still seri was available nd nt zat old so he would hv been gud for us

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