Guendouzi takes a sly dig at Arsenal fans too

Does Guendouzi’s latest comment indicate he had problems with Arsenal fans too? By Sylvester Kwentua

The last may not have been heard yet concerning Matteo Guendouzi and his relationship with Arsenal. In recent times, rumours have it that Guendouzi has fallen out with Arteta and was not needed in the club by Arteta, hence his never ending loan deals.
However, a latest report by RMC sports, while quoting Guendouzi as saying he would love to continue his career at Marseille where he is on a year loan, made mention of Guendouzi’s favouritism for Marseille’s fans. He feels Arsenal fans never showed him so much love; something Arsenal fans may not be happy with, considering how much he was loved at Arsenal.
“Today, I am on loan and still bound by my contract at Arsenal. But I’m totally focused on what to do with Olympique de Marseille,” Guendouzi told RMC Sport on his intentions to remain at Marseille. (via The Mirror)
“And yes, it’s a club with which I want to project myself into the future and I want to join in the long term…these are discussions that I had already had with the club before signing and I feel very comfortable there. And that’s why I want to continue to have fun at Olympique de Marseille.” Guendouzi bluntly said.
On his relationship with Marseille fans, who he thinks are worlds apart from Arsenal fans, this is what he had to say..
“The Marseille fans are incomparable. At Arsenal, there’s a big stadium, but it’s totally different.. the best atmosphere is here [at Marseille]. It’s incredible to play in front of a crowd like this… it really lifts the players.”
From my view, I think Guendouzi’s problems at Arsenal began after he got involved in an incident with Brighton’s Neal Maupay following a loss on the south coast.
The Frenchman’s conduct is said to have left its mark on Arteta, who marginalised the Frenchman from that point on.
However, in the midst of the problems he has been having at Arsenal, the fan base have always remained neutral and in some cases, the fan base have even requested that Guendouzi be given a chance to reestablish himself at the club he made an impact in, when he first arrived. But we all know that our fan base don’t choose teams, coaches do, right?
I feel sorry for Matteo Guendouzi to be honest, but right now I think he should be focused on playing well for Marseille and continue to prove his mettle. This will be the best thing for him to do right now, and not aiming digs at a club fan base that onced loved him and still loves him. I am sure that if the fan base was given the power to bring Matteo back, they would, but the fans don’t really have such powers, only the club and the manager do. But this is one thing I am sure Arteta won’t want, judging by his statement earlier in the season.
The Arsenal boss, who was quizzed on his future earlier this season, told reporters: “For right now, he’s gone for the season. I think he’s having a really good spell at Marseille, and it’s part of the plan we made with him.
“He’s continued with his development and we’ll make a decision at the end of the year.”
Of course, we all know that as long as Arteta remains manager of the Arsenal’s first team, Guendouzi getting back to play for Arsenal will be very unlikely indeed.
Or do you guys feel differently? Let me hear from you please…
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  1. I still think Arteta should give him another chance. We the fans still love him. In fact many of us will like to appeal to Arteta to recall both him and Saliba as they appear more mature now.

  2. Sylvester, what the foolish and mostly young fans wish – to get Guendouzi back to Arsenal – is a hopeless quest and will come to nothing.

    I can guarantee that he will never play for us again while Arteta manages us and that is the correct decision, despite the youngsters who seem to care nothing about a rotten apple infecting their club.

    Fortunately, our manager DOES care and will never allow him back. Mercifully for our club and team!

  3. I think the article is different to what the author is trying to mischievously make out but the way some of our fans have been towards him, how could anyone blame him, even if there was a modicum of context to what the author is trying to insinuate. He is at Marseille now, of course he wants to say good things about the fans he is playing for. I dont blame him.

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