Guendouzi under the spotlight but he might just be what Arsenal need

Arsenal are very much struggling at present, and while Matteo Guendouzi may well find himself punished for his antics against Brighton, the fight he showed could well be crucial to our campaign.

Our side have dropped down to tenth in the table following back-to-back defeats against City and then Brighton, and our side will need to show real character to get back into the race for the European places.

We look set for a spell without first-choice goalkeeper Bernd Leno, who is definitely amongst the leaders in the squad, and that leaves very few players who have shown enough fight to push the team onto do better, but Guendouzi showed real guile against the Seagulls.

Gabriel Martinelli is another youngster who has shown fight despite being amongst our younger contingent, but for whatever reason Mikel Arteta has overlooked him so far since the restart.

The Spanish boss has previously hailed the leadership qualities shown by David Luiz, but there are huge question marks over whether he will ever play for the club again, with his current contract set to end in around 10 days time.

Guendouzi could well be the man relied upon in the middle to bring the fight to our opponents like he was against Brighton, but he will need more of a reaction from the team around him if we are going to end the season on a positive note.

Does Guendouzi need to be told to reign it in, or is that kind of aggression what our side has been missing since Patrick Vieira left the club in 2005?


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  1. His behaviour- grabbing Maupay by the throat was really silly and will cost us if he receives a suspension.

    Years ago, when Vieira joined the club, he was often foolish and got sent off far too often to the detriment of the team. It used to make me so cross! However, PV turned out brilliantly and became an Arsenal great

    Let’s hope that Guendouzi does the same

    1. Difference is at 20 we knew Patrick was going to be a superstar nothing in Guendouzi shows he will reach those heights.

    2. Guendouzi cannot tackle, cannot head a ball and spends the game rolling about on the floor. He will never be the next Vieira, sell him as soon as possible before the rest of football realises it!

  2. Guendouzi is a whole lot of hype, but also, who does he have to play in midfield with? Willock, Ozil, Xhaka, Ceballos? All disasters, Xhaka is the hardest worker and also the most braindead. He’s also another player who has the wrong attitude and has become bff’s with players who dont care like Lacazette, and partly Auba. Guendouzi will become another uncommitted player the longer we hold onto players that are only here for London, and not for Arsenal. Why is it that nobody is afraid of our players? Everyone knows we are soft, and teams dont have to take us as seriously as they do even Spurs. I have to wonder why that is, and it has to be because, even bottom of the league teams still take thsemlves and their careers more seriously than our players do.

  3. Guendouzi has fire in his belly – pity he’s alone with that!
    For one so young, he’s not afraid to get stuck in… I love his aggression…. he is our future captain, for sure!
    I will be gutted if he gets anything longer than a 1 match ban…

  4. Yes he has fire in his belly more than I can say for some it looks like some are playing for transfer

  5. Gouendouzi is a young maverick who has fight and just what Arsenal need, he needs a guide in the center with him whom he can listen too. We need more players with his attitude and less of the ones who take the money and don’t care.

    1. Every one of you guys (except Ms. Jo) I am with you!
      Fighting spirit is just what an Aresnal (pun intended) needs, and our Moroccan (yes, he is a Moroccan) has it in spades!
      Thank God he won’t be banned and is free to play against Southampton (against his fellow Moroccan Sofianne Boufal)….
      Go Arsenal and May they and Liverpool succeed! 😄😄

  6. Fear the worse for Southampton game they have more desire than us and can see them turning us over and quite easily as well we are nothing now days just a mid table mediocre club that is finished from challenging for the prem league and champions league places ever again all us fans can only gloat about the past but nothing in the future!!

  7. If the fa stays true to form Guendouzi will get a 3 game ban, as a club we have alot to sort out in the off season one of it happens to be the biase of referees and assistants against our club.

    1. So after 30 games of this PL season Arsenal have the most yellow cards (65). The most red cards (4). While being only 14th in number of tackles made (477).

      Would love the pundits to figure out how we are such a ‘soft’ team but yet punished so heavily by referees.

      1. Physically weak mentally reckless … Unfortunately a product of the fading years of the wenger era which seems to have persisted well past his departure …

    I accept he has heart but real toughness is very different from grabbing an opponent by the throat and punching him in the stomach , which I noticed at the end of game. True tough guys have self control and always think of the team first. As for being captaincy material, I had to laugh at that line as its nonsense. The result of his immaturity is that he will almost certainly now get a deserved ban, thus weakening our available midfielders even more. That is not what captains, PROPER captains do!

    1. Fam i am happy to say you are wrong! All great sportsmen and women have a type of aggression which make them terrible losers. Reacting angrily to a loss does not make one an immature OAF! It on means you are hurt that things did not go your way and you naturally take it out on anyone, especially those who try to rub the hurt in. Sadly, Guendouzi, is the only player on the current squad who hates to lose. A great team needs at least half its squad to be this way. You have been an Arsenal fan long enough to see how our previous squads always had tough heads who could become street fighters when needed. Arsenal is the only team i see week in week out whose players smile with the opposition and the referees after every loss. Respect is a 2-way thing. We should only respect referees who respect us to make the right calls consistently. We should also only respect players who respect us on the pitch. Look at the Brighton number 8, lad was getting stuck in dangerously and no one could go to him and warn him to chill. As dangerous as his tackles were all game he did not get even a yellow. Absolutely disgusting. The referee did not even feel the need to toss him a caution. I needed my captain yelling at the referee to step in. We are lucky to have Guendouzzi, and need a couple more like him. Leno too impressed me by calling out the jerk who caused his injury. No coincidence he is on the road to be a great keeper.

    1. Don’t think it really matters who the ref is Sue it won’t be there mistakes costing us the game we do that ourselves and very frequently!!

  9. He is a good young player with agressivity in his game. Unfortunately he can cost us a lot with his thug wannabe ignorant ways.

    Kids are watching as we do, often he gets into nearly starting fights.

    He will be banned several games, one is too much when limited in middle with players as Xhaka, Torreira injured.

    Positive thing as in defense, losing Luiz allows to play Holding, we may see Niles come into the team.

    Bellerin Holding – Mustafi Tierny
    ………… ….Niles………………..Willock
    Niles. …………………………………………. Saka
    …………………………Auba Gabi

    Even tho he has less players to pick from, Arteta won’t play this 442 team.

    He will play Ozil or and Ceballos and do his same non sense upfront. Won’t play Auba laca this way neither, but one behind another…

    2 last games damages came from Arteta line up. He left him on bench cuz i bad and angry.

    But yet he plays him instead of Holding, Luiz kills game as Arteta feared in first place.

    For Brighton he did some crazy line up with no balance, 4 in attack!

    That left side with Bellerin, Ceballos and Pepe! All danger, Leno injury, both goals came from that wing!

    Ceballos snot a defensive fit or minded player, with Pepe above, not defending too; Brighton saw right away where to gin us down from!

    Niles should have been played on that side instead, he defends and runs forward, combines well with Bellerin.

    To me, Arteta will never become a top coach because of his lack of creativity.

    He is coaching copying City and what he was as a player, a fighter but not so creative

    Looking at next 6 fixtures; we will finish betweern 11th & 15th spot.

    Don’t blame players nor Arteta lack of experience but Kroenke who put him there to save money for himself.

    1. I’m starting to think the same.
      I don’t think Arteta is creative as I would like him to be.
      I hope I’m wrong tho

  10. Comparing Guendouzi’s “aggression” to Vieira is like comparing Tyson to Ali, one was a cultured sporting artist and the other just a wannabe thug. Guendouzi needs a slap from someone like Vieira to put him in his place.

      1. Wasn’t answering you Sue, was answering what the article writer said but totally agree about Vieira spitting.

  11. How bloody frustrating Everton hitting the woodwork!! Since Klopp has been at Liverpool, Everton haven’t scored at GP in the derby… Gutted for Everton (& myself haha!)
    Had to chuckle on Twitter… a lot of Evertonians moaning about Iwobi, saying how he brings nothing to the team!! 🤣 Yet someone else said he could walk back into our team and improve it 😱

    1. I was sad for Everton really…… at that moment when Richarlison opted to shoot instead of pass to a better positioned player to score, I was really pissed, that could’ve won the game for them

    2. You are more concern about Iwobi that have left the team than the bunch of garbages we have here

  12. EP & European teams prediction with City ban.

    Chelsea …………..CL teams
    Man U

    Wolves………………EL teams.



    In other words we of course can’t expect Arsenal anywhere higher than 10th but in one of these 3 spots shared with Palace and Saints. Everton will be above in 1 or 2 games.

    Can’t expect to go above Sheffield really…If Everton doesn’t pass them, they will get to EL.

    In other words, we won’t play any Europe football next year… It is now way looking at 6 fixtures coming up! But more likely to finish 12th to 15th.

    Must get back on earth, Wenger made miracles to keep us as long in Top4 which became a top6 he still managed to make with no owner back up nor fans support complaining because spoiled by Miracle Wenger!

    Kicked him out; look at us now and many still are not getting it. Way we fell appart in 18month time shows that Wenger was doing miracles!

    But many will still argue. Wenger out!

  13. He is someone the current Arsenal team craving for. Yes, he is still young But no Arsenal player has showed the same level of passion as Him for along time (maybe since wilshere).
    I even see a future captain in him.

    And I thought Arteta was very conservative against Brighton. He had Mustafi, Holding and Kolasniac staying behind the ball (not involving in any of the attack) plus he had Guendouzi not far from them and Bellerin as the new converted full back didn’t give a lot in the attacking area.

  14. This Formation for energy and fight in midfield




    Or this formation for creativity in midfield




  15. Guendouzi is the WORST midfielder I’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. Every time he’s in the line-up I just know that’s an L coming up. Every midfield combination with him is a disaster.
    Guendouzi- Xhaka- too slow
    Guendouzi- Torreira- no creativity
    Guendouzi- Ceballos- no solidity
    Guendouzi- El Neny- a 90 min joke
    Time we accepted this guy is the problem and has been the problem ever since he joined.

  16. At least he was trying to move around and created some good plays.

    Did anyone saw Ceballos?

  17. I coyldnt watch the brighton game due to some unfortunate personal problem but i saw what guendouzi did on youtube.
    Guendouzi has passion but is also hot headed and tgat can be a serious problem for him.And if he can improve his mentality like his game which i think has massively improved since restart he will be a future captain.

    And to be honest Auba is not captain material.
    Champions league spots are still open and we have to get some results very fast starting from southampton,nothing but a W.
    Any barca supporters here….😂😂

    1. 👍Barca 😄 speaking of La Liga… Hazard’s goal drought continues… he didn’t even play last night 😜

      1. Thats the only league which has some competition for the title.
        And about hazard he will be back stronger(i hope) but ronaldo was a beast in his RM days and wont be easily replaced so was my guy MESUT🙄
        That duo played some beautiful football,oh wait a minute ,they played some nicetiful football😂

  18. OT.. Transfer Checker : “Arsenal have offered David Luiz a one year contract extension. I’m not joking”

    WTH!!!! 😳

  19. Dude can’t make tackles to save his life,
    We v won only 2 or 3 league matches out of 20 dude have started
    Dude can’t make diagonal runs to cover spaces
    Dude will always run away from action and can’t anticipate,
    Dude delays the flow of our ball by stupidly holding onto the ball when a simple forward pass is needed
    Yet he’s always hyped can’t even understand our fans for real!

  20. The fact we rate Guendozi highly shows how we have fallen. He is everything a DM shouldn’t be. He very poor off the ball and even slower than Xhaka

  21. I like his aggression but I think he is now relying on that to get him into the team, i think he is a little too headless chicken like at the moment ,if he calmed down a bit and took time to look up and couple these points with that aggression I can see him getting a regular spot in the middle. He is the only one that looks like he wants to win the game at the moment though,we are now going backwards and all the work put in by Arteta before the lockdown has been undone.

  22. He deserves a ban he seriously needs to grow up this tough guy act seriously needs to stop his arrogance is astounding. I wish he could of found the energy to put a tackle in the game rather than fighting someone when it was finished.

  23. He deserves a ban, but where was the captain grabbing him and pulling him away? it took one of the physios to get hold of him and escort him off the pitch. Captain – absent. I don’t like his sneaky punch in the stomach, but I admire his willingness to get stuck in.
    He could be a good midfielder, but needs to be partnered with a good holding midfielder. He can’t play the holding role. When he’s allowed to get forward he can play some great defence splitting passes.

  24. As many of us Gunners realised we haven’t seen that
    amount fire inside one of our players belly since Tony Adams & Patrick Vieira and to be quite honest l never thought we’d see something like that again, ok Matteo should not have grabbed Maupay round the throat like he did, and Mikel if you do get a fair price from Fernbarche for Ozil l never thought l’d say
    it but please sell him & Lacazette if he don’t start scoring again!!!!!!!

  25. Mouthing off at players during a game is stupid and ignorant in that it only makes the opposition more determined to win.In essence it is usually counterproductive. Far better to save your energy to urge on your teammates to win the ball .Kante of Chelsea is a classic example of how to conduct yourself on the pitch, he never utters a word to an opposition player and is perpetual motion for 90 mins and more.Guendousi will hopefully learn from his antics against Brighton and concentrate on improving his performance.

  26. Patrick Viera was a perfect example of the aggression of Guendouzi. He is being crucified for standing up to fight for his goalkeeper was has just been stretchered off the pitch. It’s rather too unfortunate because if every Arsenal player has been angered enough by that single incident they all would have put up a good fight on the pitch and we would have definitely won the match.

    In the days of Viera we were winning matches cos hence he was able to get away with it without the criticism of our own supporters.

    If you take a proper look at Guendouzi, he hates losing and if all our players hates losing like him, teams like Brighton would never do a double on us. Thus rather coming out publicly to crucifer him in the media, the likes of Arteta should take the positive side of his action and direct him on how to convert the negative end of it into positivity also.

    Every player should learn from the little lad how to fight for one another and the club.

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