Guendouzi wanted to join Arsenal since he was a child – “I want titles, titles, titles!”

Not many Arsenal fans would have heard of Matteo Guendouzi before this last week, but the young French lad has obviously heard about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal’s French revolution as it started before he was even born! He would know players like Thierry Henry and the hundreds of other players from his home country that became famous playing in the red and white jersey.

He old on joining the Gunners: “It’s something I’m immensely proud of. Arsenal have always been the team closest to my heart and a side I’ve wanted to join since I was a child. It gives me great pride – it’s incredible. I hope I can do great things here. It doesn’t get any better than coming to a club like this, with so much history, like Arsenal. I’m hugely proud.

“My hope is to become a top player here at Arsenal. A lot of great players have played here. I want to become part of the club’s history and to achieve great things here. I want to win titles, titles, titles. I want to establish myself here, which would be amazing. Winning silverware, as I said, is very important to me and winning things here at Arsenal would be incredible.”

Now this is the type of player we want at Arsenal, who has the ability and the ambition to do great things with our club. I like him a lot already!



  1. gotanidea says:

    Guendouzi and Torreira arrival could mean two of Arsenal’s current non-homegrown CMs must leave

    I’m curious of Xhaka’s role in the upcoming season and Ramsey’s contract extension

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Welcome Guendouzi!
      For a young player, he has a good height which will come in handy in our league
      Going by Emery’s comments, he apparently wants him for the first team seeing as he has already started training.
      Am not sure we will have Xhaka, Elneny, and of course Torreira ready for City, so maybe Niles and Guendouzi will feature in that one….

      1. Enda says:

        Is it just me or is that Theo with big hair

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          it’s coming home, It’s coming home Tell the world It’s coming home Let the rain wash away All the pain of yesterday I know my kingdom awaits And they’ve forgiven my mistakes.. I’m coming home, I’m coming home Tell the world I’m coming.. ???

          1. Reyesorarsenal says:

            England…how market

      2. Lance says:

        Elneny may be ready. Egypt were eliminated from the WC on June 25. If he had a month’s holiday, he should have trained with Arsenal for some 16 days before the Man City game. Xhaka may not be ready.

    2. Naija Jollof says:


      Silly English fans ?

      1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

        It’s coming home , it’s coming home . yes the England plane is coming home.

        Croatia saves the world a great deal of really BAD JOURNALISM by ending what was a very bad football joke.

        if England had won the worldcup, premier league commentary will be like …

        worldcup winner Jordan Henderson wins the tackle
        Eric dier who won the worldcup passes the ball
        young worldcup winner Rashford makes a run behind the defense
        Ashley Young who helped England win the worldcup falls down under a challenge by Laexis Sanchez whose country didn’t even make it to Russia ???

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I’m in stitches after reading that, the mad thing is its true.

      2. dragunov762mm says:

        Where’s John Ibrahim?
        Some dude here were right. Spuds core really did their antics. Over hype at first and bottling it at the end.?
        Lookslike my slogan is much more realistic now: le football rentre a la maison. Viva France.

      3. Dayvid14 says:

        Jealous???? LMFAO…. you lost coz you trusted spurs players

    3. Phelyx says:

      Tony Adams is right about spuds bottlers. One shot on target wtf

    4. tony says:

      he looks like blanka in game street fighter.

    5. Lance says:

      Yes, Campbell and Koscielny. We don’t have to register Kos because he is injured and won’t be back until January 2019. That gives us time to assess the other players and take a decision.

  2. Naija Jollof says:

    OT- It seems Allegri knew about the deal in place to buy Cr7 and opted against joining Arsenal. Now he has a better shot at winning the UCL.
    Smart choice!

    Anyway, welcome Guendouzi now let’s get Zaha and wrap it up

    1. gotanidea says:

      Zaha would be a good option

      But I’d prefer Arsenal lure Manchester City’s wingers, because Mahrez has joined. I wish they put Bernardo Silva on sale

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Read that he’s adept at intercepting and I seen some other clips which showed a little bit of that side of his game. He also looked quicker than the earlier clips I’ve seen. He looks composed with the ball and is a good height, looks strong enough for a youngster. I like that Emery says he’s in his first team plans, which suggest he’s a bit more ahead of schedule than most youngsters who move to bigger clubs. With Torriera, it now it looks like we’ve added a bit of bite to our play. Lichsteiner and Sokratis also seem to add this. Gelling, Sokratis should ease in ok as he has his Dortmund companions. Lichsteiner is extremely experienced so again should be able to help out sooner than expected so long as he understands his teammates. Torriera looks to know his position very well, it’s one of the things that stands out with himself. Still want to see us try to sign more, still room as far as I’m concerned. A top top one would have to improve us a good bit. We have the strikers, are trying to sort out other areas, but another big one somewhere behind the forwards or even at CB would go a long way.

  4. Drew says:

    Viva Emery Viva! Viva Ivan Viva!

  5. Unai Emery says:

    Interesting see how Unai will feature AMN, he is definitely a superstar material in whatever position he plays….
    Let’s wrap it off with Zaha , Lozano or Douglas Costa

  6. McLovin says:

    Pavon has signed an extension. We can forget about him.





    We are really short of English players. I really hope AMN, Nelson, Holding and Chambers would turn out at least decent. Our only player in the national team is Danny Welbeck whom everyone wants to be sold really. He’s terrible!

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    As expected

    England vs France final

    Football coming home

    1. Sue says:

      Stop commenting & watch the damn match ????

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Croatia is too easy for England

        we will hammer France on Sunday

        1. Sue says:

          Is that you I can hear singing it’s coming home?? ?

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            football coming home

            its coming home

            and welbeck has a world cup medal to show

            theres no way croatia will score in 2nd half

          2. Okiror says:


          3. Sue says:

            Don’t give up your day job John! ?
            They’ve been really poor… you have to admit England haven’t played anyone decent

          4. S says:

            Croatia are decent 😉 at least the English media can start talking about the season ahead

          5. Eddie Hoyte says:

            John Ibrahim “It’s coming home it’s coming home” for the past one week you’ve been screaming… Croatia leading look so stupid now don’t you?

          6. Naija Jollof says:

            So stupid mate! Its coming home ?

          7. John Legend says:

            Sorry Ibrahim
            You’d better start praying bronze come home

          8. Oz supporter says:

            ha! with half the team made up of the sounds chokes it was only natural that they would lose with victory within reach…remember 2015-16 when we caught them?

        2. Mobella says:

          At least we can all have peace now.

    2. Kedar says:

      I told you Croatia will make it to final…. So stupid you are who were predicting England to Final…

  8. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    First we sign a player with braces

    Now we sign a player with side show Bob hair

    No wonder we are a laughing stock


    1. Bobby says:

      Football is played with the brain and the feet not with braces or hair

      1. georgie b says:

        Robin, Let them enjoy their youth.

        I enjoyed mine with a lot less money.

  9. Drew says:

    john Ibrahim ?

  10. Dashing Rino says:

    @john ibrahim football has certainly come. As matt hardy would say, wonderfullllllllllllllllllll

  11. Eddie Hoyte says:

    John Ibrahim ????.
    Overrated bunch of players, worst that I’ve seen…
    I told you England is coming home.
    Bro don’t get suicidal though??

  12. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    I’m coming home I’m coming home,tell the world I’m coming home,……hehehehehe

    1. Naija Jollof says:

      Now Belgium will complete the double over England’s bunch of overpaid wackos. SORRY LADS NO MEDAL FOR YOU. Should have just gone out in the first round and save us the stress. JUST ONE SHOT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME. SHAME!! ??

  13. Break-on-through says:

    Should’ve got the home alone kid to do the face!

  14. ger burke. says:

    john ibrahim, my arsenal friend . there is an old irish proverb , and it goes like this ……… never ever plan to cook an ommelette until you check the basket to make sure the eggs are there. in other words, dont start crowing your mouth off until you have the prize in your hand . tough luck buddy .

  15. Dashing Rino says:

    @John ibrahim, Belgium is awiating ur darling team get ready for another heart break please take heart.

  16. RSH says:

    Thank goodness! Croatia saves the world from hearing about England’s world cup every day that humanity still breathes. Well done Croatia. Ontop of the result they earned the victory. England just one shot on goal in 5th minute, far from good enough. Kane, flop if he’s not scoring pens. Just… thank you Croatia.

    1. Sue says:

      I would love Mbappe to score 4 in the final ?

      1. RSH says:

        I’d love France to win, or Croatia. As long as the final is entertaining I’ll be happy.

        1. Sue says:

          I’d rather Kane didn’t win the golden boot…

          1. RSH says:

            Panama should be able to share that trophy lmao

    2. COYG_CA says:

      RSH – with you all the WAY! Thank god, now let’s move on, I was getting so sick! First it was years of, “ENG suck, we suck, coach sucks, blah, blah, lately it’s been, “Southgate the greatest, the boys are the best, open roof parade”, blah, blah!!!! Can we just more on now after ENG lost to tiny CRO, playing their 3rd overtime game in a row . . . . ? Which team looked the worse during the 3rd CRO overtime? I can’t get over how many times I had to listen to FINAL, FINAL, FINAL after we beat the tired CRO team. Enough said.

  17. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The problem with England is that they thought additional lots of spuds in would help give a new direction. Except they just added serial bottlers into a bottler team.

    1. Phil says:

      RVP-my thoughts exactly.To build a “Team” around a nucleus of Serial Choking Spuds And you get what you deserve.The two worst players on the pitch?Harry Kane and Deli Ali.Honestly Danny Welbeck would have performed better than those two over-rated over-hyped plodders tonight.And de we really expect anything different?
      This is really what Arsenal have been associated with when it comes to the big club mentality and it’s the first thing Emery must address in the squad.Winning Mentality is what Big Clubs have.We USED to have it.We MUST get it back.

      1. Rkw says:

        Spot on … But it was a bit like watching a wenger game … Screaming from 60th minute to take of alli and young as they strayed to control the game … Instead southgate leaves em on til they score then takes off sterling whose pace was causing them trouble at least … Oh well i didnt think they’d get past last 16 with such an un creative midfield so they definitely outperformed … But lack of quality in key areas cost in end … Definite lesson for us there

  18. Dan says:

    England were never going to win with them spud players in the team they don’t know how to win the big games look how many times they failed for there club so no the least bit surprised we lost with them in the team!!!

  19. Mobella says:

    There are several continental tournaments that English team can not win. Honestly, the team is most banal team in this competition. They got to where they are purely on luck and week features. Thank God the football is not coming home because they won’t know what to do with it.

  20. nonny says:

    England world cup results 3 wins 2 losses 1 draw
    And we know who they beat in this 3 matches

  21. nonny says:

    Belgium is waiting cause they are the ones who deserve that last medal Not this bunch of overpaid average players

  22. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Kane – we’ve shown we can challenge.

    Yes, but will you ever win anything? Even the league cup with doing rolly Polly’s around the park next to Argos that you call home and making a dvd about beating arsenal? Will you ever actually challenge or just show you can challenge?

    1. Sue says:

      Challenge?! Oh yeah against Tunisia & Panama! ?

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Can’t diss Panama. Our office sweepstake decided to have a prize for worst team at the last moment. I was lucky enough to pick Panama out of the hat.

        I’m minted come Monday.

  23. Hackinubee says:

    the fans reverted to their original song of “we dont want to go home yet”

    They’ll have to wait for the third place anyway…

    1. Sue says:

      Sod that game on Saturday… much rather watch Arsenal v Boreham Wood!!!!

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah me too Sue-what a letdown in the end.But just knew it would end like that.

        1. Sue says:

          Bloody spuds ? didn’t expect anything else Phil!

          1. Phil says:

            It’s the same every time with them Sue-they just can’t get over the line can they?????Cant wait to pick up my winnings at the Golf Club tomorrow.Im playing with 3 Spuds and I bet them all last season that Arsenal would get nearer to a trophy than 5pur2.At the last minute they all brought the World Cup into play so I took it as double the bet.What started as £20 each is now £40 each.Those mugs just NEVER EVER LEARN????????????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??????

          2. Sue says:

            Haha brilliant! That is if they turn up…. bet they’re dreading it, bet they’ll be full of excuses!! Good on you Phil, always nice taking money off spuds!!! ? ka-ching!!!! ???

  24. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    It’s coming home , it’s coming home . yes the England plane is coming home.

    Croatia saves the world a great deal of really BAD JOURNALISM by ending what was a very bad football joke.

    if England had won the worldcup, premier league commentary will be like …

    worldcup winner Jordan Henderson wins the tackle
    Eric dier who won the worldcup passes the ball
    young worldcup winner Rashford makes a run behind the defense
    Ashley Young who helped England win the worldcup falls down under a challenge by Laexis Sanchez whose country didn’t even make it to Russia ???

  25. ruelando says:

    Justice has been served, i said before the world cup that England opportunities would be from set pieces due to the height of their players and the pace of their young players, but they lack players that could dominate the middle of the park. England was very fortunate in their group composition and the draw that they got for the second round. It was not due to any quality football played, therefore it is only fear that they were beaten by a better technical and experienced team in the semi-finals.

    I would also say if they can develop better technical midfielders they can become a force in the world of football. England reaching thus far was not due to the quality football, but simply LUCK.

    1. Someone says:

      One young technical English midfielder is under development at Arsenal : Ainsley Maitland Niles

  26. Mobella says:

    Where is John Ibrahim. When is it coming home?

    1. Sue says:

      Poor sod is probably crying!

  27. Aricha says:

    IVAN PERISIC bossed that left wing i was impressed wicked cross 2 mandzukic

    1. RSH says:

      rebic and peresic have been top players this entire tournament. Modric still leaves me without words. How was that guy not fatigued at any point this tournament? And he was in a UCL final not too long ago working just as hard

      1. ACE says:

        Modric was immense as usual but the entire Croatian midfield was simply spectacular. Any
        of Brozovich, Rakitic, and Perisic would walk
        into Arsenals first 11 and there collective skill
        skill set was the difference today.

        Surprised KEV hasnt chimed in that Wilshere
        would of been the difference. lol

  28. ThirdManJW says:

    How do you get 4 minutes stoppage from a 15 minute half? Where in 99.9% of matches I’ve seen it’s 1 minute stoppage time for first 45 minute half, 3/4 minutes stoppage time for second 45 minute half. I know most things in football, but for the life of me, I have never understood extra time stoppages! I am not complaining, it’s more football to watch, but it’s strange.

    Please someone explain!!

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Not just this game as well. See it all the time with extra time.

    2. jonas Snogdal Adamsen says:

      Each time there is a break the referee stops his clock (substitutions that last too Long, goal celebrations, players pretending to be injured and so on).
      And in sunday league when people kick the ball acroos the road and into the Pond next to the field to get a break. Things like that is added on as extra time.
      I am a referee aswell..

  29. Aricha says:

    its all about the passion he had to take that team all the way that gave him endless stamina….unlike henderson n company

  30. Reyesorarsenal says:

    Where are those English boys making noise?

  31. LENOhappy says:

    @jimoh Ibrahim,it’s coming home,football is coming,?

  32. Innit says:

    Id rather Ramsey stay then get Andre Gomes. Ramsey is better and has years of PL experience. Getting Gomes would be a downgrade.

  33. Arsenal_Girl says:

    good signings

    1. Lance says:

      Arsenal Girl, where have you been? Great to see back on here.

  34. John Ibrahim says:

    A very shocking result

    but rest assure the boys will be making amends and hammer the Belgians on Saturday

    It will be a very entertaining Saturday night football

    We need to stand by the team

    They have surprise everyone and well so far

    Bronze is coming home!!!

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Don’t be too sure about it John! Belgium is equal to Croatia or even stronger. Any team who could defeated Brazil, is a great team.
      Well, at less England will coming home for sure.?

    2. Lance says:

      JI, don’t you ever learn not to count your chicks before they are hatched? Now it’s bronze is coming home. Supposing England lose again to Belgium, what then will your singsong be? Wood is coming home?

  35. OzzieGunner says:

    Admin, I’m having trouble naming “the hundreds of other” French players to plat for the Arsenal. Can you help me out with a list please?

  36. Jeremy says:

    For me, the current England is loaded with scum players, ie England=Spurs.

    With due respect, I’m thrilled not to see Spurs just before Sunday closing ceremony.

    Hope Scum players get completely burnt next season.

    It’s unbearable to see them finishing above us.

    Hooray, Scum players have no WC Gold medals.

    Neutral for bronze medal though.

    1. Phil says:

      Lloris is in goal for France mate so there’s a good chance they will win one.
      What’s the betting Giroud scores the winner with his only shot on target in the whole tournament?

      1. Jeremy says:

        Croatia works hard and France may not have an easy task.

        So maybe we won’t see Spurs having WC Gold afterall.

        France is playing Mourinho style football.

  37. S says:

    I agree that spuds are bottlers 😉 but those who left Spurs just get better. Modric and Corluka 😀 oh, and in 2016, sigurdsson

  38. Declan says:

    Looking at the picture in the article, does anyone think it looks like Walcott in a curly wig? Ok, my meds haven’t kicked in yet……….

    1. Jeremy says:

      Goodness, no please.

      Walcott was just another failed project from Jurassic Park ran by the mad professor.

  39. Chikezie Jr says:

    This season is gonna be a season to remember, honestly! I wish the league starts tomorrow.

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