Guendouzi’s latest social media activity might be a message on his future

Matteo Guendouzi may have detached himself from Arsenal after he became exiled from the Gunners’ first team.

The Frenchman fell out with Mikel Arteta after Arsenal’s game against Brighton, and he never featured in a matchday squad again.

The final of the FA Cup was another game that he missed as the Gunners won the game to complete a fine turnaround season under Arteta.

Mesut Ozil was another player who missed the showpiece, but the German showed that his mind is still at the Emirates by congratulating his teammates, who had won the trophy in his absence, on social media.

Guendouzi, on the other hand, missed the game and the Frenchman decided against even congratulating his teammates for their achievements.

Instead, he posted an image of himself enjoying his holiday, as reported in the Sun

The Frenchman’s social media activities may have suggested that he has taken his mind off the Gunners.

It remains unclear if he will be given another chance next season or if Arsenal will cash in on him.

Barcelona and Juventus are two of the high profile teams that have been linked with a move for him.

He asked for a move away earlier, but Arsenal told him that he wasn’t for sale, if his attitude continues to be bad, they might cash in on him instead.

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  1. On the article final paragraph – If a player wants to leave while his contract is still running, is it ok for the club to deny him the opportunity?

    1. They’ll play hardball & demand a big fee. Never go cheap when it’ll bite you in the ass afterwards.

      1. But if a player plays hardball while his contract is still running, it becomes a crime? Such entitlement mentality!

    2. Of course he signed the contract. The club are fully within their rights to enforce it. Personally I would sell him to the highest bidder as he only causes unrest within the squad.

  2. He will be gud for a £50m sell him. He is too arrogant for his age this is no longer youthful exuberance, wat if he was Messi or Ronaldo at dat age who are the best of their generation yet still kept a cool head. He is a bad head in the team and wen u keep for too long he will infect others

  3. Realistically, if we get 40m for him we will have done rather well for a change.As it is I suspect he will be used as part of a swap arrangement.Talented as he is, he has an arrogance about him which I find sad for one so young, so I will not be too disappointed to see the back of him.

  4. He hasn’t proven a thing yet, apart from the fact his attitude stinks! His value is a fraction of what it could be because he scuppered any chance of improving his chances of being a regular player in our starting eleven. It’s a shame because he showed some great football earlier in the season. If he had carried on that he could have been worth 10 million more by now. As it is, he became a little lazy in his game and failed to do the basics. His ego grew and his attitude towards other professionals were his downfall. His value will have been hit massively. Now the club are in another dilemma. Cut and run or keep for now?

    He is young and will learn. Maybe the hard way? I would keep for now unless someone like PSG or Barca and the like are willing to take him for the right price? Maybe he should be given another chance to prove himself? Like I said, he is young!!!

  5. Jeez that picture of him and his gf… all that hair… I bet their hairdresser loves them!! 😄

  6. Gouendouzi can see that Arteta doesn’t like him, so playing under Arteta will be a challenge. The guy needs to move on, so that he can do his job under experienced managers. Experienced managers can understand that 21yr olds can make mistakes

  7. I’ve never seen the special talent in Guendouzi that so many claim to see. He had a very good 2nd half against Spurs earlier in the season and a good 2nd half against Villa. Those are the only games that I’ve seen in play well. Most of the time he’s been poor to ok with no sign of a special talent. The only thing I see good about him is that he’s got plenty of energy. If he had a good attitude that should be enough to see him have a good career. I think he needs to develop a much greater awareness of what’s going on around him on the pitch. Stop chasing after the ball like a spaniel in the Park. Playing regularly at a lesser club for a few years may see him develope into a good player. I don’t see him ever becoming an elite/special player, but wherever he goes I shall watch his career and hope he does well.

  8. Since I support Arsenal FootballClub , which is more than just the team and more than the squad too, I always want bad eggs and those who overall harm our club to be gone and out the door.
    I am being entirely consistent to my life long principles and beliefs in wanting Guendouzi out of the door ASAP, but for the best price available ,even so. He is only special in his own immature and arrogant mind.

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