Guess which Hack had ANOTHER biased pop at Arsenal?

If I gave you Arsenal fans out there three guesses which so-called football journalist has launched another uncalled for and misinformed anti-Arsenal attack this week, you would probably get it right. Not the human equivalent of valium that is Michael Owen and his BT sport commentary and not the former Gunner Stewart Robson who seems to think that Arsene Wenger is the devil incarnate. It was the Gooner’s favourite Adrian Durham who wrote a mind boggling attack on Arsenal players and fans in the Daily Mail.

If you don’t want to read it, and if you are easily wound up I suggest that you avoid anything he writes like the plague, then I will give you the general thrust of his argument (or what I think of as deluded ravings). Basically he reckons that we are rubbish, I get that Adey boy, you don’t like Arsenal, we understand.

But he also accuses us fans of a social media campaign to somehow fool the rest of the football world that our players are better than they really are, which is not very good of course according to him. His reasoning is that a lot of Arsenal fans are full of praise for the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Aaron Ramsey, Francis Coquelin, Mesut Ozil and now Santi Cazorla when they are in form. Yes mate, us and every other football fan in the world. Should only the World Cup holders Germany and Club World Cup holders Real Madrid be able to sing `we´re by far the greatest team the world will ever see´?

I think it is worth quoting this great comment from one of his disgruntled readers because it made me chuckle, unlike Mr, Durham who is about as amusing as a dose of crabs.

Tapps from Reading commented, “Oh my God!!!! This is serious! Is Mr Durham seriously claiming that there are some Arsenal fans out there that like some Arsenal players? Whatever next, Tory voters that like Cameron? Dogs that like bones? Moths that like light? What the hell is the world coming to? ISN’T IT ABOUT TIME THAT THIS DISGRACE OF A REPORTER WAS SECTIONED?”

This anti-Arsenal hack seems to think we are talking up our players to make us feel that we are still a big club even though we don’t win trophies, conveniently forgetting the years Wenger kept us among Europe’s elite on a fraction of the money spent by others and that we won the FA cup last season. And he obviously does not read the comments on Arsenal blogs if he thinks we don’t get on the back of Arsenal players performing badly.

The same day he published this garbage, Durham also did a piece saying anyone who thought Rooney should not have won a penalty or that he should have been flagged offside against Preston at the weekend was some kind of deluded fool twisted by hatred of the great Man United. And Arsenal fans are the ones supposed to `avoid at all costs a degree of measured judgement´ are we? Okay mate the nurse will be along in a minute.

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  1. That stupid son of a thousand fathers called Durham will later turn to a Dummy as we step on d stains of his bloody comments to greater heights. Hopefully, this will make the players more determined.

  2. I read that too.

    He sort of the Katie Hopkins of Football. Stupid comments just to be controversial. Remember last time he said Sanchez will leave this summer if we don’t WIN Champions League.

    He is an idiot.

  3. I do usually listen to his ‘Daily Arsenal’ on Talksport…last night he was particularly ‘off the wall’ with his rant about Arsenal fans complaining about the timing of our Monday night FA cup game .

    I wonder if he ever listens back to what he says….He gets more and more ridiculous in his comments as he goes along…sometimes I fear for his sanity as he works himself up into a frenzy about people saying they will find getting to a Monday night game in Manchester difficult.

    I used to get upset by the crazy things he says ( too many to repeat here) but now I just think that it he who is being made to look ‘un-hinged’ and in fact sometimes I find he rants so ridiculous they are funny .

    I wonder id his son & girl friend listen to him…they are Arsenal fans so I believe.

    I think all sensible sane football supporters of any club will realise that he is just being sensationalist….and take no notice of him

  4. I listen to his show , always has me laughing …. !

    You do realise he only does it because a lot of arsenal fans react to him ?

    I don’t even judge him as his producer has clearly ok’d his antics , I judge talksport for reducing their show to nothing more than trying to wind up fans !

    The sooner people ignore him , the sooner he will turn his attention elsewhere ….

  5. I read it but didn’t want to comment on it on here. Closes his eyes and Sings a dmx song, they dnt know who we be………… ,#wearegooners, #theycanhate.

  6. We are looking for a soft tissue therapist due to ramseys injury set back, hope it goes a long way to help our injury ish

  7. Seems this site is divided depending on the browser u are using, cos of the server upgrade, i just used a diff browser n saw diff articles n comment by those i can’t see here

  8. First of all, I should be believing AFC will solve that Monday night transportation problem the Gooners are set to face after the Gunners have nocked out the RedDevils at Old Traford. Arsenal will make arrangement for a delayed night train service to convey the Gooners back from Manchester. Let us not over worry ourselves over the anti Arsenal journalistic ascent of Adrian Durban. If to be disappointed, the Gunners should instead be appointed with his overly over criticizing us. And be determined ever than before to proof Adrian massively wrong by retaining the FA Cup and also win the Champions League.

  9. Arsenal are transitioning into a more pragmatic, defend then counter attack philosophy in big games which will take some time to master. It worked brilliantly vs man city but failed against tottenham but i wouldn’t blame the philosophy, if you compare the two you see we were missing OX who i think would’ve tore the spuds a new one and who in my opinion has at this point surpassed walcott defensively and offensively. We were also missing sanchez that game who’s not only our leading scorer but the best player we have so it is not fair to say the system worked only once and thus a fluke. I think once we have the same team that played against city on the field with Walcott/Ozil coming off the bench i predict no team in England will be able to put the breaks on us perhaps with the exception of maybe Chelsea.

    IMHO there’s no way Walcott should go ahead of OX and Cazorla is ahead of Ozil. Also, it is time to leave BFG on the bench ESPECIALLY in big games because it’s always his lack of speed that makes us play zonal marking as well as a high-line.

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