Gunners legend saw no change from Arsenal against Bournemouth

Thierry Henry not impressed with Arsenal after Bournemouth game and claims Arteta hasn’t brought any change.

Arsenal played their first game under Mikel Arteta against Bournemouth. The match ended in a 1-1 draw as the Gunners came from behind to earn a point.

It wasn’t the win that Arsenal so desperately needs right now but the overall performance was better than in the team’s other games.

Several players impressed and most fans would argue that the changes Arteta has brought are obvious but Thierry Henry disagrees with that notion and the former attacker argues that he didn’t notice anything new in their performance.

Henry argues that Aubameyang scoring for the team was nothing new and although he decided against mentioning names, he claimed that the Bournemouth goal was similar to the goals that the Gunners have conceded this season and the same players made the mistakes.

He said: “In all fairness it’s very difficult to judge someone after one game and only a few days of training.

“What I’ve seen today is what I’ve seen for a long time with Arsenal. I don’t think they played well but Aubameyang scored. I’ve seen that so many times.

“We go back to the [Bournemouth] goal. I don’t want to name names but we’re talking about the same guys again and again.

“[Alexandre] Lacazette should have won it with a good chance but it’s difficult to judge that team right now. They are trying to learn under a new manager so we will see.

“But what I’ve seen today is what I’ve seen for a long time… not that great and Aubameyang scored.”

The Gunners take on Chelsea next and the result of that game would go a long way to determine if the team is improving or not.


  1. Well he failed at Monaco and came across as abit dim in the studios so who cares. Henry you looked awful for 20 odd games maybe let’s not jump on Arteta yet for what I believe was actually an improved performance.

    1. I would not say dim… I would say sour grapes. Monaco was able to recruit some amazing young talent. Then they were sold. Other teams looked at the same mine… and now have taken Monaco’s edge. Henry is done for now, but he can be a ‘pundit’!

      1. To be fair to Henry, he gave his opinion on the game, including missed chances and commented that you can’t criticize Arteta based on his first game as Head Coach. What did he say that any reasonable person could disagree with?

        1. Very hypocritical of him. He watered down Arteta’s performance on one hand and in another tried to say ….can’t criticize based on one game.
          You either water down the performance or you stay off criticism cos its been just one game.
          I am beginning to think that King Henry might not have been so happy that he was overlooked for the job.

  2. So if Lacazette had scored the two clear cut chances Ozil and Luiz created for him and we won 3-1.
    Would he have said this shît?
    Let him blame the defenders, let’s all blame them and pretend the attack didn’t cost us the three points

    1. Thats also annoying me.. a lot of them are blaming the defense the whole but conceding one away to somebody in the PL is never a shame.. problem is not scoring 2/3 goals if you are having so much possession.. and if we are playing on the frontfoot of course there will be counters.. so no blaming the defense yesterday

  3. Sorry King Henry.. first of his name I don’t quite agree with you.. I think there were lots of signs of improvement and any team can concede goals like Arsenal conceded against Bournemouth.. this is the Prem anybody can score you no matter how good you are.. and the team overall did well case closed.

    1. The goal conceded was from the remnants of Emery ball, play too much from the back, when they just needed to clear the ball down the wing or better down the other wing to catch the opposition on concentrated on the wrong side of field. That is something Areteta mentioned, politely, so as not to lay blame on Emery.

  4. Come off it Thierry, you can’t have been watching the last eighteen months if you think there was no difference in what we saw yesterday.

    Totally different to your days of playing for The Arsenal of course, but that was under the legend Arsene Wenger, not the disaster that was Unai Emery!!!

    Have to admit though, you would have put at least three of the other chances away!!!

  5. Hold it right there Va Va Voom! We did spot some difference in the game play of the boys. Of course it wasn’t that difference we really craved for but it was something and with just a couple of days with the boys, definitely Mikel could not have drummed in all of the elements of change to make us awesome again. Sure we must give this new gaffer some time to blend into the club, it players and even the management before we begin our critic (honestly, in that, I can’t wait). I must say it was a little surprising he could not notice we passed the ball around a little faster than we did against City. Oh! Now I see why, at one time TH14 was also in the running for the Arsenal top position against Arteta, right? Hmmm! Why do I spot that green monster lurking somewhere close to him when he said all that.

  6. I don’t know which game Henry saw, but the team took a step in the right direction. I would’ve thought that all the legends will get behind the team atleast now, but I guess it was too wishful on my part.
    As a fan, I saw encouraging signs on the pitch and am hopeful the improvements in all areas will continue as a process.

  7. We also saw you in monaco.. so I am pretty sure that you are honest and didnt see any difference and thats why you will never be a good football manager

  8. I like Henry’s bluntness. But if he paid attention to the game, there is an improvement on the way the players play

    I think Henry really wants to be Arsenal manager. Unfortunately he played as a forward who didn’t ‘see’ the games as good as the defenders and the DMs, because he played in the front

    He played for Guardiola once, but I bet he just learned very little about Guardiola’s system at that time

  9. Lets face it Arsenal beat a team which had lost 6 of their last 7.
    No more no less.
    I would like to see Arteta have the same squad Emery had.
    See if he can get 5th and make the EL final in his first season like Unai did.
    Giving Arteta players he wants gives him a huge advantage over Emery.
    Remember Arsenal was in 3rd place a point behind Man City after 8 games.
    But the fans demanded Ozil play. They shouted they screamed they moaned.
    Only then did Arsenal’s results fall away.
    When Unai subbed Ozil and later Xhaka they both lost the plot.
    Emery stood them both down which was totally correct.
    Fans wished Xhaka’s family will get cancer helped push Xhaka out also.
    If Unai had been able to do things his way and get the players he wanted
    Arsenal would be in second place right now.

    1. You would love like Artera to have the same squad Emery had? Are you from mass Agu?. This is Emery’s squad and they are a lot better than the squad he failed the final with and he failed with them as well. Emery had every too to succeed but he failed and hoping that the new coach fail to justify your opinion on Emery is not of support Emery was our past and MA is our present and not until he gives us concerns not to support him the statement like yours and Henry should never have been made.

      1. Jon, completely agree, I don’t bother reading them anymore, not because his opinions aren’t as worthwhile as anyone elses, I just cannot follow the thinking behind them and the way he expresses them!!!

        Got over the turkey, sherry and mince pies yet? Happy New year!

    2. This sounds like nonsense
      Are we here sake of Emery or Arsenal Fc? Or our purpose is to stage a contest for who is best coach amongst Emery and Arteta?
      Very shallow of you.
      Who gives a hoot about what Emery had.
      We care for the future so we phuck the past and support the now.

  10. In truth it was one game and people can take and make what they want. I don’t think there was any real improvement but i didn’t and don’t expect there to be any yet, if there is going to be. The bigger picture will start materializing after the jan window and into February. If Arteta survives the season an even bigger picture will emerge after the summer and preseason. Its unrealistic to say we were better, just as it is to say we weren’t, its all too soon to form a realistic opinion. The only realistic statement is we are not the team we were or should be.

  11. Henry is probably my favourite Arsenal player outside of Bergkamp, Wright and Stepanov, but he is a bit thick!

  12. His first remark was spot on, and then he goes against his own advice. How can you expect any real change in a few days. He should’ve looked for different things. He (MA) got them to come in and train on christmas day, that was good. The players who did not play, he had them working on other things while he was preparing this team for the game, that sounds good. He kept pushing the backline up, like how a captain would from the field of play, he’ll eventually have a player or two doing things like that, that was a good sign, because the backline F’s up our shape when they drop back and pull midfielders back with them. These were decent signs after a few days. Overall, the passing might have been a wee bit better but it’s difficult to give credit for that as it was Bour, Bourn let you play and are in bad shape at the minute. You can’t expect to see a massive turnaround in a few days, Klopp and Pep are the two best but they didn’t look it in a few days ..nor months to be fair.

  13. Henry is a legend and it is strange to see comments directly addressing him is shocking and indeed a worry for this club, an awful and ignorant spirit!

    What has he said wrong?

    Isn’t Auba goals are the only lift we get for same result? Look at our 10 or 11 last games! Losing 4, drawing 6 miraculously from Auba goals and 1 win!!!

    He also says that it is bit early to judge which is fare and hopes it changes.

    What has he said wrong here?

    He can it be a change with a same result, same crazy defense and formation?

    An article just highlighted how Auba saves us, he said same and we all point that freaking swiss cheese Central defensive area!

    Have you seen a change there? Sokratis is same CB choice, actually first one!

    He didnt name him but I do, Sokratis – Luiz or Sokratis Chambers or Sokratis Holding or Sokratis with himself, when that dude is picked; every single of us is freaking crying!

    He loves this club and watches every single games as we do and more so.

    Whats next? Go and break his statue, write awful things in it?

    Blasting his Monaco spell and all; that is terrible!

    He said what we all say but in a very respectful way, not naming Sokra who is hanged here every day as Xhaka!

    The first thing we all see and point is FORMATION, SOKRATIS aka the Greek westler.

    Team has no spirit issue but the club lost it’s identity and spirit! It is now Kroenke Enterprise! Wenger was fighting against that; Kroenke had fans kick him out from stadium he freaking built for us!

    Now Henry? Yep, go on, rip his head off that statue!

    It wont change anything! He as some of us are hopeful to see a change, hoping to see it on the pitch; that formation!

    Read your comments from last game team selection and you see everyone scared for Sokratis Luiz duo, Sokratis before all.

    Henry said it, mad to see his beloved club in such position, but holding it, in pain of course.

    He is right, saying what we all do; Holly shit Sokratis Luiz tandem is gonna have us conceid again!

    I guess he is wrong and we should all hope to see same Sokratis Luiz with Xhaka and Torreira defending! It will indeed secure us plenty of attacking football!

  14. It is real sadden, after Wenger, now Henry, and any legend who will dare speak truth with love for this club!

    You haters have no respect and destroying this club with that shameful spirit! All manipultaed to do so by a low life owner who has no respect for any of us, Arsenal but ca$h he gets when we fill stadium!

    1. Wait a minute, Kroenke didn’t have fans booted Wenger out fans did so don’t hang that on Kroenke. Do you know how many clubs who had a single owner in epl? Why don’t their fans called them their owner enterprises. The club management better make the best use of what of whatever resources make available for them to get the club back on track as that is where we are lacking in my opinion. Leicester sit in second can you guess how much they spent last season or season before. There is no point spending over 200m in two seasons on players if we can’t improve them. Some fans need to look at Sallah and Mane now and compare them to where they were when Liverpool got them and look at Laca. We managed to turn a 30 goal plus season into dub and some still think Kroenke is our major problem.

  15. Mogunna, just because Thierry is a legend, doesn’t mean we cannot question him does it?

    Quite recently, Tony Adams was questioned on here, so was Keown and Wrighty.

    As fans and supporters we have every right to question ex players as we do each other.

  16. The question is why is it expected of Arteta to get us going in approximately 3 days yet it took Klopp at Liverpool a couple of seasons to be where they are today too many of our fans lap up the negative publicity from various pundits who themselves never really made it as top level managers or coaches

    1. well said, Mike. If Arteta had Klopp’s silly jokes and hugs then maybe Henry would say something different.

    2. Mike, 100% spot on with your post – including our own ex players who never made it as top level coaches/managers.

      MA has not even had input into one single transfer in or out at present, but he is getting stick for the players he inherited and the formations those players deemed him to play…absolute nonsense.

  17. I’m glad he had these comments;;we conceid for same reason over and over!

    Maybe he will talk to his boy Arteta and make sure we do not see that Sokratis and transfer him asap!

    He is not saying anything new or scoop like; we conceid from same area with same player making it hell! SOKRATIS! He just didn’t named, respectfully, not divide more but showing love!

    We are in huge trouble and hope his concern will lead to positive he of course wish as much and even more than any of us!

    Let’s not destroy our legacy for Kroenke! Hope to see changes asap as Henry and most of us; it is none in one game and as Henry, let’s hope to see one with time.

    Now as long as we can react and address legends this way for no reason too, the spirit of Arsenal will die as it is since chasing our Prof from stadium, home he built and had paid for, for us!

    Kroenke does all this, gaining time, making sure we in stadium for him to make profit.

    I keep pointing how he sucked Wenger blood and Arsenal’s he.represented, promised of budget when stadium paid for, July 2013!

    prof had Suarez wanting to join, agreeing on terms and that greedy Kroenke pig tried to get over on Liverpool, offering 1 cent in top of last 40M bet! Wenger was ashamed , crushed as all of us! Year later in so, Kante wants to join; 30M + wage!!!

    Kroenke refused again! We would be not only be winning EPL til this day but CL with these 2 players, with Ozil followed by Sanchez! Forget it! He had it all perfectly planned for a new etpravof trophies ipat Wenger E!mirates it should be named since start! He paid for it, securing CL footabll!

    It is so beautiful to see how MU treats Sir Alex! Shameful what Kroenke done; he couldn’t fire him, squeezed him to have us kick him out from his home!

    Useless to go on, it is indeed great changes and hope, Hemry is a low life and a nobody, a loser who should not have any word, he failed to save Monaco!

    1. What a load of tripe. Suarez had a release clause of 40 mil+, which we triggered. The truth is Liverpool were allowed by Suarez and his agents to bluff their way out. Arsenal were 100% correct in doing what they did regardless of how it was portrayed by the press. As far as Kante was concerned it was completely wengers decision to get Xhaka in place of Kante. Kante wanted 150k a week and wenger decided he wasn’t worth it, messed Kante around and he alone decided Xhaka was better value. Get your facts right before you print rubbish. I hat Kronk but he had absolutely nothing to do with us not getting Suarez or Kante.

      1. I’m glad everyone read and thought about it, and a true gonna in NY had to back my words which are just common sense!

        You still there as a one Man standing paid by Kroenke to come and dare talk non sense; Suarez was on his way, your low life Kroenke thought she had a release in his contract allowing to leave for more than 40M!

        It’s is a known fact all over, we do not need to Google it! Reds turned down 40M offer but Suarez wanted to join and agreed on his wage!

        Just as Kante, or he would not have been on his way! Kroenke refused to add money for a ridiculous 150k wage for such a player; he signs the checks, not Wenger who pulls this type of players making Arsenal such an attractive club!

        Kante deal was secured by Chelsea for 35,8M, and 150k wage! A total joke, his current value is 100M!

        Oh yeah, Wenger had him on his way, meaning all okay with him as Suarez, but he actually told him to F off to pay 45M and a bigger wage for Xhaka!

        No one is smoking crack here, and even tho we can be wrong sometime, we all full of love Arsenal and know how to shut up, agree when we realise!

        Kroenke is going to drag us in stadium, pulling tricks as much as he can then sell the club!

        What happened to Emery? Desperate and impressed by this club, Wenger work, no money to build team!

        Next year, saw Wenger pb, asked for players; Maguire, Partey, Zaha!

        We all got mad seeing nothing going, had that campaign and Kroenke reacted, got scared to see an empty stadium!

        Pulled Pepe trick! Flashing 75M, but CP were okay to leave Zaha go for 65, who never moved in the end, pissed off! Palace wanted a straight payement deal, Lille accepted a payement plan! Just as for Saliba and Tierny!

        We did not spending over 45M announced! 25M upfront for Pepe, 10 for Tierny and Saliba each. Bought Martinelli for 5M and Luiz as well. But we sold for over 20M!

        Emery came in, out of job, forwarding Wenger path, then was in front of reality Wenger faced for over a decade! Mocked with products if our Academy, making ,top4 ans a CL final! Miracles; we see today what we have lost and work it takes to build!d back up a new era and legacy!

        Of course mate, Suarez and Kante additions would have us writing a new legacy in a paid for stadium! Kroenke only cared and do so for us to fill it; or it is no TV’s, sponsors and ads! No interest to do so in an empty stadium!

      2. Mogunna and Reggie,

        So if Suarez had a release clause of £40,000,000 PLUS, why did we only offer £40,000,000? We WASN’T 100% correct, we got it completely wrong and why?
        Kronkie that’s why!!! They didn’t have to BLUFF THEIR WAY OUT, because we messed it up from the very beginning.
        The truth is, Arsenal allowed Liverpool to bluff their way out, by doing exactly what we have been doing for years, letting kronkie try and buy players for peanuts, expecting coaches/managers to perform miracles in order for him to save a £1.00 here and £40,000 there.

        My opinion is that Suarez and Liverpool laughed our “big club” negotiational skills out of the door and if the player thought that The Arsenal were only prepared to offer £1.00 extra to secure his services, he would have told THE CLUB to shove it!!!

        Xhaka was on a reported £110,000 a week for a transfer fee between £30-£35,000,000 (Daily MAIL).
        Kante was on a reported £150,000 a week for a transfer fee agreed at £32,000,000.

        That means that kronkie saved £2,080,000 a year on the difference in salary…or the equivalent of £6,240,000 on Xhaka’s first three year deal.

        Now, whether it was kronkie, gazidis or AW who decided to go for Xhaka or not, no one knows, except those three men, unless you can supply proof that it was “completely Wengers decision” and “that kronkie had nothing to do with us not getting Suarez or Kante” as another factual comment?

        I doubt it very much, because it was kronkie who made the final decisions and both deals stink of him saving money.

        Exploring and detailing the facts about the players contracts/salaries does help to give a more reasoned argument, not just opinions that read and insinuates that they are facts.
        Perhaps, when kante’s name comes up again, that £2,000,000 plus a year should be taken into account?

        All the above figures are readily available via the internet, by the way…I just checked them out for myself!!!

        1. Ken and Mogunner you are talking rubbish please stick to the facts if you are having an argument, you are wrong. We triggered his release clause, by offering £1 more that was all that was needed, Liverpool were angry Arsenal found this out and did everything they could to delay talks, including getting Gerrard to talk to Suarez to dissuede him from joining Arsenal. Liverpool promised Suarez they would sell him in the summer to Barca and he stayed. Arsenal were 100% correct that infuriated Liverpool. Suarez didn’t want to come in the end, if he did he would have because he and his agents knew about the clause. Liverpool pulled a blinder. Wenger screwed up Kante coming to Arsenal for Xhaka, he thought Xhaka was better value. Get your fact right before calling people and writing tripe.

          1. Reggie, no YOU have got it wrong…Arsenal offered £40 million, not the £40 million plus…and that is why they went back in with the extra PLUS pound.
            I’m not saying that what you think went on after the second bid is wrong, but
            why do you think they asked what we were smoking? A complete joke of a CEO offering an extra pound, presumably sanctioned by kronkie and completely derailing AW’s chosen transfer target yet again, to save ££££’s.

            As for your xhaka statement, I note you didn’t supply ANY proof as to your claims that it was Wenger alone, so can I assume that they were just your OPINIONS also?
            Neither did you question the difference in salaries that were so readily available for anyone to look up and check for themselves, so I guess that part is accepted into the discussion as factual?

            As I said, if kronkie and gazidis thought they could get Suarez for an extra pound, the saving of over £2 million a year must have been irresistable to these two charletons…again just my opinion regarding their motives, but the savings detailed out are actual FACTS, please check them out.

            As for calling peoples opinions “tripe” that’s down to you and your reply to Mogunna, I worded my reply so that I couldn’t be accused of calling anyone out, but it seems facts somehow upset you when they call your opinions into doubt and are questioned…so you attack, why is that?

            My opinions are just that – opinions based on guesswork and gut feeling.
            Researching the subject to get to the facts I quote are just that – proven FACTS (in this instance from the clubs themselves and a national newspaper).

          2. Ken, you are wrong and you never accept it ever, you alway have to be the one who thinks he know it all. Well i can tell you ive told you fact, you have given your opinion. End of. The same with morgunna, its his opinion not fact. I would not state it as fact if it wasnt. I hate Kronk so any chance i had of calling him i would but on both those occasions it was not him who was involved personally. It was Gazidis and Wenger. Gazidis found out about the clause in Suarez contract and Wenger chose xhaka over Kante. Kante new wenger wanted him from January but when he wanted £150k a week Wenger chose xhaka, or to be precise, allowed Kante to join Chelsea then bought “better value” xhaka.

          3. Reggie, all I ask for is the facts as you state them – or should I just accept what you say because of what exactly?

            That’s not the way it is in the real world, so if you believe your right, I won’t waste any more of your time with proven factual evidence for you to digest and discuss, I’ll go along with your opinionated facts and wait for the truth to be disclosed either way.

    1. Not sure who you address here but please show some respect and not forget we are all in same boat, sinking. As much it hurts, let’s be united and help make a change!

      Until we throw out Kroenke, this mess will never end! It I the spirit we all point, he I the one ruining all!

      We should not be having Eddie as a coach nor Arteta but a top manager with experience to replace Wenger, a very difficult task as Sir Alex in MU! Owners respect club and legacy, fans, didn’t have Sir Alex kicked out but very present to keep that brand a top one he made for 2 decades!

      It is simply unreal to not see our Prof anywhere near Emirates and this club!

  18. Kroenke killed our values and identity for his, wants to erase Wenger, but it is a legacy and all of us he worked and dedicated over 2 decades for! Emirates, most players and the ones who joined did because of Wenger legacy and ira in this club!

    None of us would be here without Wenger work! I did not even looking at Arsenal or noticed before Wenger as most of us! Not Kroenke would have bought this club!

  19. Sorry, it is not about Wenger whi was thrown out of home he built for us, but his son now, Henry the King is being destroyed as his statue should!

    Kroenke plays us like idiots laughing, making sure we in stadium!

    Empty stadium and he will fire Arteta as Emery after Franfurt empty Emirates!

    Need to put few signs, in empty stadium we had, Kroenke out! Keep stadium empty,! Kill his assets and value right there! He then must sell to someone who has passion and respect for this great football club!

  20. Henry trying to keep that negative vibe going! He seems to be doing this for tv and im starting to lose some repect for him. What hapoened to sticking together and encouraing our new manager?? Henry sounding like Merse. what a let down

  21. Henry was a great player but is an average pundit and a poor manager. Don’t agree with most things he says. I think I could definitely see a difference in outer play.
    Gutted about not getting a call???

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