Had to happen – Tottenham trying to hijack Arsenal deal

You just know that when Arsenal get close a to a new signing that Tottenham will be sniffing around in the background ready to take advantage of any opening that we provide for them.

It is being reported that Spurs are looking to pounce on St Etienne defender William Saliba. They would not be in a position to do so if we had already agreed on a fee with the Ligue 1 outfit but such is the Arsenal way of doing transfer business.

In fact, I am just waiting for the headlines claiming that our bitter rivals have decided they like the look of Celtic’s Kieran Tierney and will be making a bid.

You cannot blame Tottenham, they sit back and see developments unfold, get to know the price and see Arsenal dithering and then bang, in they go.

We would do exactly the same if the shoe was on the other foot but it simply does not have to be that way.

It does not mean we pay exorbitant fees and be blackmailed but if we know how much a club wants, if we think that is a fair price then just get it bloody done, stop the haggling.

The only purpose all this messing around serves is to notify the others clubs what we are doing and we are not in a position to be losing quality cheapish players because of our negotiating style.

Like I say, wait for it, Tottenham make a move for Kieran Tierney, you just know it’s coming.


  1. Some facts need to be made clear.Arsenal have already agreed personal terms with Saliba and the fee isn’t a problem.So what’s the problem??Arsenal do not want him to be loaned back to Saint Etienne but Saint Etienne want him back on loan.Same with Zouma when Chelsea signed him.Saliba also doesn’t want to go back.Due to this a 6 month option is being quoted as a possible agreement.City have already tried to hijack and failed so forget Spurs.They are too late on this one because the player prefers Arsenal and only the loan condition is what is holding up this deal.

    On Tierney, no info has come on him yet except of a bid which I expected to be submitted yesterday.The info was wrong on that one but it is all in Arsenal’s hands.We could still see Jenkinson and Osei-Tutu(loan) or Nketiah or Smith Rowe as part of the deal.

      1. I’ve never said Saliba was a done deal.I said the deal hinges on us being able to agree with Saint Etienne to loan him back or cone to an agreement that will suit both parties.
        As for Tierney we will go back in with another bud.There seems to be a feeling that he will imminently be our player.

        The media is just playing with our heads.Some are saying we are now set to open talks for Saliba.How can we now open talks for a player with whom we have already agreed personal terms with??

  2. I believe Arsenal would have clinched Saliba’s and Tierney’s deals sooner if they could, as when they purchased Sanchez and Kolasinac

    But Arsenal still cannot ship out the highly paid Gunners that have only two years left on their contracts, such as Aubameyang, Ozil, Mustafi and Mkhitaryan

    Once Arsenal are able to sell one of them, I think we would see these minor signings soon and could be followed by a marquee signing by the end of the transfer window

  3. Spurs have been linked with Tierney for years. The truth is arsenal are behind the big 4 when it comes to attracting players……how long will it take them to get back into the top 4? Years?

    1. Thta’s right mate. WE are rich but laim cheap Arsenal, idiots; nothing is yet signed.

      But Spurs about to sign Dombele we need and Saliba will of course realize as Teiney that Spurs are best team beside CL football they offer.

      We are acting too big, using our Wenger legacy with no ambition next to it; killing all Arsene’s greqg work and input; a brand New stadium paid for. But non money since! Hurts indeed but we should step us
      Up. The board is dead as Arsenal without us in that stadium and buying Shirts.

      Putting signs : “Wenger out” was terribly wrong and we pay for it, as everytbing in life.

      Transfer window highlighted Arsenal’s place ans ambition ; none! Cet real, we should be on Koulibali and let Saliba on Loan. Peace mates, sorry it is wy too much and we have the power to stop this or wtach board kill this club…

  4. These are the words of Sam Dean, a football reporter at Telegraph on Twitter:
    A source close to Torreira has told me that the midfielder is happy at #AFC and is not agitating for a move. Working with Giampaolo again has obvious appeal but he is by no means desperate to go. I’m told it’s “*******” that he wants to leave because of the English weather.

      1. Saliba and Tierney currently on the cards.With Saliba all that remains is the loan back or not which parties are ironing out.
        We will make another bid for Tierney.
        Claude-Maurice links have cooled down as we may have set our sights on different targets.Read West Ham are back in for him.All I see now is Pepe and Zaha being linked.

    1. Key according to goal, base on the report from sky Italia….
      Arsenal midfielder could reunite with Marco Giampaolo at San Siro
      Lucas Torreira could be on his way out of Arsenal after just one season, going by a report by Sky Sport in Italy.
      The Serie A side have approached the Uruguayan’s agent over a move and they have given the green light.
      Torreira played under new Milan boss Marco Giampaolo when he was at Sampdoria and is keen to reunite with him. Everything about this news is wrong. Arsenal is not mentioned for once and the supposed agreement is between Torreria agent and ac Milan. Does own Torreria buy any chance or he works for arsenal. This is to get our attention, by ours I mean arsenal fans. They know we are desperate for info both negative and positive to crucify or praise our club. ???

      1. Yes, it’s annoying we have to put up with them.They are always taking players comments from interviews out of context to suit their narrative.Torreira implied he’s feeling the pressure from the weather as compared to Italy and all of a sudden we start hearing about him wanting to leave and work under his former manager.I believe he is open to a move but is not pushing for a move out of the club.

  5. tierney (£20+jenko), saliba (£25m)…. out;auba(£70m), torreira (£35m) total £105m IN;zaha(£55m), ndidi £45m….. why sell auba n torreira? auba is 30yrs with 2 year remain in his contract, extending 32yrs player contract or losing £70m on the expenses of 25 goals a season is a pathetic, on torreira case, he is good but not what we want to back where we belong, on top of that he is not happy with london life remember we lost £60m from city for similar case..

    1. Why 35 got Torreria why not 15m. Cebellose went to Real for less than 20m and after two years of not much football they want 45m for him. And you want 35 for a player we bought 30m and given 4m a year. By your value we make 1m as a profit, later you will come here to say Kroenke is killing our club because he doesn’t put his own money. ???

    2. Well said 100% behind selling 30-year-old AUBA for £70 million that’s good business and if Torreira wants out get rid of we want players who want to play for Arsenal coyg

  6. The rumour of Spuds to outbid us for Kierney is Transfer Window Licking of the highest order !…………I want more !

  7. AdMart is it possible to have Transfer Window Licking chart on the side somewhere ?………….1-10 (or 1-5) On The Transfer Window Licking Scale.
    Each rumour would be rated with 10 being the most silly rumour that the person who rumours it possibly has a Windolene intravenous drip attached to their tongue or Barry Scott spraying Cillit Bang up their Ar$e !

    1. So far Spurs has been rumoured to want Ndombele, Rabiot, Asensio, Cebellose, Anderson, Kierneny,… these players will attract over 300m in transfer plus handsome wages. Where will spurs get that…

      1. ?????????? Mobella, that`s a 10/10 rating on the Transfer Window Licking Scale 😆

  8. I am less impatient than many on here for our summer transfers to be done immediately. This is,in the main, because I retain complete faith in Emery and the negotiating team to get the very best deals possible under the appalling ownership of Kroenke. Kroenkes complete uninterest in the team and in all things Arsenal, save only his investment value, is a massive and ongoing problem that will continue to frustrate serious success in bringing in the very best players. But WITHIN THE LIMITS OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE , GIVEN KROENKE, I AM CONFIDENT IN EMERY AND CO. UNLIKE SO MANY, I DO NOT EXPECT MIRACLES AND RECOGNISE THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF WINNING THE TITLE OR SERIOUSLY CHALLENGING FOR IT EVER AGAIN , WHILE KROENKE REMAINS AS OWNER.

    1. Agree with that Jon except the “complete faith” bit.

      Deluded people put complete faith in someone who aparrently lives on a cloudy thing in the sky and that has not stopped the pain and suffering of millions in this world !

      I keep praying at the altar of Mesut and I think he was on vacation last year as even the almighty needs a holiday !

  9. I am more excited about the rumors linking us with Zaha. He is the ideal candidate for the left wing position and has proven himself in the EPL. This is a no brainer for me. If we snap him together with Tierney, our left wing will be so devastating. However, this is Kroenke F.C and I am not gonna raise my hopes high

      1. Sue, the answer lies with those negotiating on behalf of the club.
        If we didn’t try and get players on the cheap and just offered a sensible figure, other clubs wouldn’t be able to hijack our plans would they?

        I thought all this was going to stop once the almighty had been stripped of his unique powers over two years ago, but that seems to be another fable currently proving to all and sundry as completely wrong (along with so many others I should add).

        Tierney is just another example of what I mean, SOMEONE is still doing the same thing…and the only one left to blame now is kronkie, which means he did//does have his hands in the cookie jar and it’s UE who now has to offer up the begging bowl.

        Funny how time always allows the truth to be exposed!!!

        1. What makes me laugh Ken – is how I get sucked in, with regards to the rumours! Yes I’d love Zaha, but realistically we’re not spending that sort of money on just 1 player!! But i still think “ooh we might” haha!!
          Yes all the penny pinching & haggling is still going on, which means we’ll miss out on however many players.. So frustrating!
          We’ll have to wait & see Ken, you never know they might surprise us (I’m doing it again ?)
          One thing’s for sure – I wouldn’t want Unai’s job (felt the same with Arsene) the stress of it all!!

  10. Tierney and Saliba sagas are going to drag for at least half a month longer. This is what Arsenal does 😐

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