Half-Term School Report – Arsenal squad marked out of ten

Ok Okay I know it’s not quite half way through the season but with there being a break from the Premiership, I thought now a good time to give Unai Emery and his squad their first assessment of the season.

Let the debate commence ….

Unai Emery – 7/10
Some would rate him higher simply because his name’s not Arsene Wenger. The fact is though the level of performances has not been great. That’s a compliment as much as a criticism. He’s improved the mentality of his players, evidenced by their ability to win games when not playing well. That’s something these players couldn’t do in the last two years. Individual talent has improved based on him changing the comfort zone that existed by having the same boss for over two decades. The Spaniard is smart enough to know we won’t keep getting away with not being consistent for a whole 90 minutes. Statistics such as yet to be leading at half time need to change.

Bellerin – 8
One of the players to benefit the most from a new manager. Some feel he’s improved due to some competition for the right back spot. I believe though that he’s been greatly let down by some of his senior peers in the last 24 months. Professionals paid thousands to be dressing room leaders didn’t support youngsters when they were having a loss of confidence. Most noticeable is the Spaniard is now crossing the ball. He’s not always getting it right but trying is better than a fear of failure. Observers of our warm ups will often see him on his own delivering the ball into an empty space. Clearly, he’s being coached 1 on 1 which is the sign of a good manager

Leichtsteiner -7
Apparently not happy about his time on the bench. Understandable for someone who for years domestically dominated with Juventus. The consensus is that he’s having a massive influence off the pitch. A harmless free signing, the type we needed more of over the years.

Monreal -7
Score will go up once he gets a run of games. Our player of the season last year who has grown into one of our few leaders. Over the last two campaigns has added goals to his game

Kolasinac – 5
Only featured a couple of times due to injury. Had one of his poorest games against Wolves. Need longer to see if Emery can work on his weaknesses like he’s managed with others.

Mustafi -7
Still struggles for consistency which is meant to be the difference between a good player to a great one. What separates an individual being at a mid-table club compared to a top 4 side is having the mentality to maintain high standards every week. The German oddly seems to strive on stakes being high. For example, when pundits assumed Liverpool’s attack would be too hot to handle, he looked like a World Cup winner. It’s the easier games on paper where his concentration lets him down. I feel after a few transfer windows, Emery has his own ideas for the type of defenders he wants. Mustafi’s not one of them.

Sokratis – 7
I was worried about him in pre- season. Lower League sides were exploiting his pace. He’s got better with every game though and his latest injury has slowed down his momentum. I’m not sure any of our back 4 are comfortable with building from the back but he makes up for it by being physically dominant. Unlike a Mustafi, doesn’t just look after his own game. The more he settles the bigger leader he will become.

Holding -7
Many were surprised when Chambers was chosen ahead of Holding to go out on loan. That’s not the pecking order Arsene Wenger had in mind last season so his promotion is purely based on what Emery has seen in training. Like in his run to the FA Cup Final he’s benefitting from consecutive starts. Deserves to stay in the first team until he does something wrong.

Jenkinson – 5
Included him just to acknowledge his professionalism. Clinging to his dream by a thread he knows his employers want to sell him but can’t find anyone who will pay his wages. Credit to Emery for involving him and not leaving him to rot. Knowing it’s when and not if he must leave the club he supports and asked to play as a makeshift left back, it be easy for him to go through the motions. He’s done enough to be trusted for a few more cup ties.

Xhaka -8
One of the fascinating things about having a new manager is observing his outlook compared to Arsene Wenger. Clearly, they disagree on where Xhaka should be playing. Unlike the man he’s replaced, the Spaniard does not see the Swiss as a defensive midfielder. By having protection behind him he’s more comfortable in building attacks and dictating the pace of our game. Even his body language is more confident. People still talk about him giving possession away in dangerous areas but he’s the one brave enough to attempt the ambitious pass.

Torreira -9
Gunner of the season so far. Only reason I haven’t given him 10 is I don’t believe anyone is perfect, there’s always room to improve. The biggest compliment I can give the Uruguayan is his presence has made so many of his peers more confident. Others have been our defensive midfielders before, but he seems to love the role. Remember he was benched for the start of the campaign. That suggests his manager feels the South American needs to learn the physical nature of the League. My only concern is at this rate how long until we are fighting off interest from the biggest clubs in the world.
Seriously he’s that good.

Guendouzi -8
Plays with youthful exuberance. You can tell he’s so young by the way he plays without fear, showing zero limitations. It feels odd to say this about a teenager but can see him being a future captain. Based on age will have moments where his form will dip but at the moment, he is a joy to watch. Some of his fellow midfielders could learn from his work ethic and they are meant to be teaching him.

Ramsey -4
I don’t subscribe to the view that there is any positive in Ramsey being allowed to run down his contract but sorry Rambo I can’t defend your form this season. While no one can question the Welshmen’s professionalism, he’s done little to change the club’s perception that’s he’s not worth the 200 000 pound he’s asked for. While Unai Emery insists he has nothing to do with the saga, the Spaniard was having to play him out of position just to get him into his team. It’s hard to justify such a salary if the player isn’t first choice in his preferred role.

Elneny – 6
Reliable squad player who contributed to our advancements in the cups. The type of individual you need, someone to fill in when there’s an injury or suspension.

Iwobi -7
Many have commented about Iwobi looking like a different player under Emery. That’s not hard though as the Nigerian’s form has been poor for a couple of years now to the point he was lucky to be offered a contract extension. Overall his record in terms of goals/assists is poor, which when you’re a creative midfielder doesn’t leave you with a lot else. His pace has been used as a weapon to hurt the opposition but being very much a confidence player, I still trust a Ramsey or Ozil in the crucial moments.

Mkhitaryan -4
Seems to be floating under the radar, escaping any criticism. While everyone refers to wages when Ramsey and Ozil don’t perform, the Armenian is just going through the motions. The midfielder would have wanted his Man United salary at least matched when agreeing to swap with Sanchez, a sum which won’t be too far away from the one some gooners are happy we are not giving to Rambo. Since he’s arrived in the Premiership, he’s yet to show he can adapt to the physical demands of English football. Even in the Europa League and Carabao Cup he hasn’t impressed.

Ozil -7
Ozil will always divide opinion. Every time we drop points, his 300 000 pound a week wages is a stick to beat him with.
Some gooners argue, the highest earner in our history should do more in the big games and goes missing when things are tough. One week he’s stealing the show against Leicester, the next he’s in a strop when subbed at Palace. At this stage of his career, the German’s not going to change. He’s not suddenly going to be sprinting back with tackles or showing off new body language. The facts are he was brought to Arsenal to assist goals, statistics show he’s done that more than any other man in this country. To judge him defensively is harsh as it’s not his fault others can’t do their jobs.
Emery has been credited for dropping him when Arsene Wenger might not have. That’s fine as long as it’s quality you are replacing him with. I think his legacy will always be one that divides opinion.

Smith Rowe- 6
Looks like the most likely to be promoted from the youth side – part of the Job specification. Impressed Emery in pre-season and has shown the character not to be daunted by starts in the cup ties, contributing goals.

Welbeck -6
May have played his last game for the club although still awaiting official time frame of how long he will miss. Even if Arsenal feel he will recover well enough to offer him an extension, he has a decision to make regarding how much he wants to start regular. He’s simply not a good enough finisher for this level but a decent squad player. His contribution has still been vital. He’s led the attack well enough to get us into the QF of the Carabao and the knock out stages of the Europa, allowing us to rest individuals in the process.

Aubameyang- 7
This might not be popular, but I feel there’s more to come. Scoring goals is a good thing but that’s all he does, he’s not offering anything else compared to a Lacazette. In 2018, it’s very rare you can just be a goal poacher. Part of the reason might be he’s starting sometimes on the left. Only when we are chasing games does Emery put him and Lacazette both up front. With the bromance they have quickly developed more is to come from this partnership.

Lacazette -8
Seems to be happier this season. Perhaps when he joined last summer, he was aware of the sagas involving Sanchez and Ozil and he was unsettled trying to form an understanding with two men he wasn’t sure would be around for long. Now it’s like being the main man has made him want to be a leader. We have to see if he can maintain this level for a whole campaign but so far, his attitude has been one of the noticeable changes. Both he and Aubameyang will challenge for the golden boot but it’s his work ethic and desire which gives him the higher rating so far.

I haven’t rated some players who I felt haven’t featured enough due to injuries.

Dan Smith


  1. Sue says:

    Bloody hell… very generous with some of the scores!!
    Poor Kolasinac getting 5.. yes he was poor against Wolves, but then most of the team were!
    Elneny has been awful, Lichtsteiner hasn’t been much better.. and if he’s getting 7 for tying up Smith Rowe’s laces & other things off the pitch, then surely Kolasinac needs at least a 7 for looking that good!
    I agree with all the other scores.. but it is hard to forget Mustafi & Xhaka’s mistakes!!

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Sue I knew you’d defend Kolasinac??… the footballer you have a crush on?… But I’m with Dan on this one, Kolasinac is very poor? Doesn’t seem to be improving at all… Man can’t even keep Monreal uncomfortable. Monreal knows Kola has nothing on him?..oh how I so much miss Monreal ?

      1. Sue says:

        Poor Sead…. I think I’m the only one on here that likes him ?
        You do make me laugh Eddie… very comical ?

    2. jon fox says:

      Sue it is one thing fancying a footballer, another awarding a poor player,in Kolasinac, your 7, the same as Dan awarded Emery and, laughably, also Mustafi too.

      1. Sue says:

        Oh Jon, I was only having a laugh!! He is my eye candy of the team…. I don’t think he’s played enough to score him

  2. McLovin says:

    Mkhitaryan has to go.

    There are actual winger available who can do his job much, much better. Mkhitaryan still has resale value.

    1. Sal says:

      to china, the states ,qatar, india, these are our options if we are lucky, but no he won’t leave those wages or playing for a big club behind, so he’s here for the time being we should get used to it could be better as a 10 if anything happened to ozil , i personally see him running down his contract then moving to one of these four countries…. so we got to support him and his admiration of rolling on the ground for the time being.

      he loves the floor doesn’t he, he has like a deep love connection with the grassed pitch!!
      like a child tumbling down a hill for the very time you can see the joy, the sparkle in his eyes that smile on miki’s face everytime the ball is going to far from him or he missed a control or went for a defensive header, then a beautiful swan leap and oopsy he’s on the floor again!!…. don’t worry now that it’s been mentioned you will notice it for sure 😉

      to me elneny if leicester want him in january, ramsey for some cash that we might not get from the owner come summer, saed as soon as possible as he’s done at this club, he should go to turkey it would be perfect for him! these are the three for now as they add nothing to the team.. we need the rest to carry us for the rest of the season we have depth but it’s limited.

      mustafi, jenkinson, kos (if he wants to return to france up to him, if he wants to retire at our club i would be happy with that as well), welbeck, cech, one year extension to montreal if we haven’t bought a WC LB , as a youngster or most players would need about a year at least to adapt. these are my summer outs, we need ins! in january would be nice at least one!!!

  3. snowden says:

    Me thinks we have gone from ‘Tappy Tappy,’ in front of their goal to ‘Tappy, tappy’ in front of our goal.

    When the former worked we scored. When the latter fails – they score!
    I would appreciate it if the person or persons who has/have acreditied players the notes out of 10 share with us their understanding of what they see on the pitch. Thank you.

    1. Sue says:

      My heart nearly stops with that tappy tappy in front of our goal!!!

      1. Gily says:

        Especially with Cech in the goal mouth???
        By the way, I think Mikhi and Kola did very well under Wenger than presently.
        Who else noticed?

        1. Sue says:

          Hell yes!!
          He had a great start (Kolasinac) for us, then went off the boil… scored a great goal v Burnley though!! Not sure what’ll happen with him. Yes I agree with you about Mkhi too

    2. TH14-TW14 says:

      This is the most precise statement about Arsenal before and now situation. I said last week that we no longer play on the edge of the opposition box as we used to. It needs to return (with more prodding passes).

      At times, it seems we are obsessed with ‘passing out from the back’ rather than doing it when it’s actually necessary.

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Ozil gets a 7, which is the same as Aubameyang! Wtf??? Ozil has been a huge disappointment yet again, and deserves 5.5 at best! Xhaka too high as well, despite his slight improvement. The majority of the other scores are fairy spot on.

    Considering the state of things when Emery took over, the fact we’re on a 16 game unbeaten run, we haven’t lost since mid August, and the ONLY teams to beat us have been Chelsea, and City, I would have to give him at least a 9.

    1. TH14-TW14 says:

      The state of things when Emery took over:

      Second best home record in the leauge – 15 home wins
      Very poor away record – 4 away wins
      Europa leauge Semi-finals
      League cup – runners up
      FA Cup – First knockout (3rd Round for the CUP)

      Arsenal may not have hit the expected hights but this is hardly a terrible state of affairs. There is a tendency to make it seem like Emery inherited a mid-table team or even worse. The difference between Arsenal at this stage last season and now (after 12 EPL games) is just +2 points. Yes, he is new and deserves more patience but stop making it look like he inherited Newcastle.

      1. Phil says:

        If can only say that your expectation levels of Arsenal Football Club are a lot lower than most fans with that statement.So are you happy to be drifting around below the Top 4?Are you pleased and contented with Europa League on a Thursday evening?And are you proud of the fact we reached a Europa Cup Semi-Final (in which we were humiliated)A Carabao Cup Final (in which we were humiliated)and FA Cup third round (automatic qualification in which we were humiliated).
        You enjoy the fact that we were humiliated in most of our away games last season do you?So that’s ok with you?
        The fact Unai Emery is having to work with a completely unbalanced and disjointed squad is ok with you Too is it?
        Instead of believing everything is rosy in the garden you need to realise that we were a Club in dire straights when we had no choice but to sack our previous Manager ( Whose name escapes me).But you are a happy and contented supporter are you?Well I’m not and most others are the same.You are obviously very easily pleased.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Where did he/she say that they had enjoyed being knocked out in cup comps.
          You clearly made an assumption which was wrong.

          1. TH14-TW14 says:

            I don’t think he deserves a reply. Kindly ignore him.

          2. Midkemma says:

            Yeah, I should have.
            I liked what you said and I feel it is good to try and keep perspective.

          3. Phil says:

            The post said,and I quote “the state of things when Emery took over” and it was followed by and again I quote “hardly a terrible state of affairs”.
            It was YOU who wrote this pal not me.I just pointed out the very clear facts that you obviously feel is acceptable.I don’t feel it was acceptable at all.This is expectations levels that differ from supporters.Some appear to accept mediocrity.I am not one of them.

          4. ken1945 says:

            I think it will be more interesting to do this exercise at the end of the season.
            Will Emery be able to boast the second best home record in the league, something that seems to slip under the radar?
            He’s got to make sure he doesn’t lose another game to be able to do that!!
            He has, of course, made inroads into our awful away record.
            Cup matches? Mixed for me, especially after sitting through the SL game.
            I think Unai has been excellent to date, I challenge ANYONE on here to say that they believed we would be where we are at this moment when he started.
            Even looking at the two losses, chelsea were SO fortunate to have won that game, and, if we are honest, City are streets ahead of anyone at the moment.
            My favourite players regarding performance must be Lacs, Torriera and Leno and my most disappointing are Aba, Ramsey and Myk.
            Heartbreak for Welbeck, who in my opinion, was turning into a really valuable squad player…let’s remember every team needs “water carriers”.
            Leave marks up to others, but the end of season report will be most intereesting if we can compare views made now and those made then.

          5. Midkemma says:

            Pointing out very clear facts is not what you did. it is what you moaned about.

            I wrote (and I quote):
            “Yeah, I should have.
            I liked what you said and I feel it is good to try and keep perspective.”

            and before that I wrote:
            “Where did he/she say that they had enjoyed being knocked out in cup comps.
            You clearly made an assumption which was wrong.”

            Oooh, you replied to me when you meant to reply to someone else?
            Don’t know how to reply correctly?
            Then you come on here and try telling people you are talking about facts when you moaned about the facts by claiming someone who listed them as facts is happy about it. Proud about it.

            Before you post a reply to me… Make sure you reply to me. You undermine your own intelligence when you reply to me but the post isn’t to me…

          6. Phil says:

            And YOU question my senses with what you POSTED not too long ago?
            I want replying to YOU.It was YOU who jumped in on my reply if you care to recall.
            But that’s what YOU do isn’t it?How many time did YOU jump on any comment made from Jon Fox just to make yourself feel important?
            Yeah exactly Pal.No answer to that just as you had no answer when someone told you that YOU would be eating through a straw for a month if you dated mention his mother as YOU did the Article writer.

  5. Things are changing says:

    To me, Emery deserves more than a 7. Just changing the mentality of the squad alone after years of them being allowed to remain in a comfort zone is already worthy of more than a 7. But in addition, we play with more disciplined, he has improved individual players and has game plans for specific opponents. On top of that, we are still in for a potential fight for 4th despite a weak squad compared to other top 6 candidates.

    What would he have to do to get an 8 and wheat for a 9 and what for a 10?

    He has over delivered on my expectations thus far.

  6. Big G says:

    It’s a bit early for this report as there are still 6 games to play before the halfway point.

  7. l says:

    Aubameyang does his business which is to score. I think he mostly scores when the attention of the main striker is taken from him, giving him the advantage to take good positions especially from the left side for shots and tap-ins. He is yet to prove his status in big matches. He really need to improve his other sides of the game. He seems to be the opposite of Lacazette in attack. Laca is not as calm as Auba when finishing but he is more aggressive and disturbs the oppositions’ defense. Auba will likely get more goals than Laca.

    Mhki has a major problem. And that is calmness when finishing. He seem to be in haste when he finds himself in good positions. If he can be calmer when finishing, he should be our highest scoring midfielder.

    1. Solwills says:

      Laca is by miles our best finisher, Auba is better in positioning, he’s relentless in his movements more like Cavani, they both score a lot and miss a fair lot too, watch Auba’s Dortmund games and Cavani’s misses a couple of seasons ago in the CL against us to understand more about both their strenghts. Laca’s lies in his first touch to set himself up immediately for the finish since he’s not as pacy or great a mover as both. He is our best striker of the ball.

  8. Lenohappy says:

    really,ramsey should be 2 and ozil should be 5 at most, he’s had one good game this season,and I think 5 is being fair to ozil sorry Sue

    1. Midkemma says:

      Eriksen: 9 games; 0 goals; 1 assist; 1 assist of an assist.
      Ozil: 10 games; 3 goals; 1 assist; 2 assists of an assist.
      Mahrez: 11 games; 4 goals; 1 assist; 0 assists of an assist.

      Only a 5?

      Ozil isn’t that bad, he is a quality player and he is learning a new style of football to one he had with Wenger and he had prior to Arsenal.
      1 goal less than Mahrez but overall contributed towards one extra goal yet Mahrez has been praised while Ozil get bashed?

      1. RSH says:

        what new style is he learning exactly? He’s just as inconsistent as he has always been. I’ve not seen much new from him besides the fact he wins a few more balls, which I do appreciate. But he’s still a no-show for too many games.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Learning high press.
          You think RM did that?
          You think Wenger did that?
          Or is it a new style?

          If you haven’t seen much new from him then I suggest you save up and buy a TV.
          It is easy to spot Ozil tracking back under Emery but under Wenger he would look to move into a spot where he could be useful to the attack for when we won the ball back… Leaving it to the CM.

          I am not going to claim Ozil is a DM or the best pressing number 10, he isn’t. I can see the development though. I know I am not the only one. If you fail to see it then you are the one failing.

      2. stubill says:

        An assist, of an assist! When did that become a stat’?

        As far as I’m concerned the Assist statistic is spurious anyway, but to extend it even further is ridiculous

        1. ken1945 says:

          stubill, I’d like to assist you in this comment, but as I have already commented, it can only be an assit of an assist.
          If you back me up. you can be my assist of an assist of an assist.
          I demand you assist me in this as it will improve my assist stats on this site.
          Everyone needs assistance from the first to the last kick of the match.
          If you insist on this assistance theme I will have to insist that admin bans you for assisting in insisting a sense of sensible assits just to assist in promoting a players record of assists.

          1. Sue says:

            Absolutely brilliant Ken ?????

          2. ken1945 says:

            Glad I was of some assistance to you Sue!!

            Still can’t find any laughing faces on this pc, can you assist me?

          3. Sue says:

            I know on some pc’s you can use semicolon/bracket or whatever punctuation to create a smiley face, then your pc will recognise it & change it to the emoji. If not, there are apps for it. I don’t use my pc, I use my phone (aka my other limb… it’s with me 24/7!!!) So I have all the emoji’s on there. I hope this helps Ken! If not I’m sure someone else will assist…. ?

          4. jon fox says:

            Ken, I hadn’t realised you were in Monty Python. Brilliant satire!

          5. Midkemma says:

            You drifted in from being under everyone’s radar and BOOM, great assist of an assist dude 🙂
            Ozil would be proud of that one.

      3. Goonster says:

        Assist of an Assist? Talk about pandering Stats.

  9. Þorkell Einarsson says:

    jenkinson is an 7 !! for his hunger to succeed and work ethic..
    Also he is not busy flaunting his tasteless jewlry on social media
    like the adebayoor lookalike up-front

    1. sauce NY says:

      please keep comments respectful, this could be perceived as racist

  10. Solwills says:

    Xhaka has been a regular name in the starting XI this season so I pretty much understand the rating he’s got, but, when you consider his mistakes that resulted to goals this season 8/10 is on a high side, that even places him higher than Unsure, how is that even conceivable? He gets a 6 for me, Ozil’s should be dropped by 1 as he’s not been consistent. Torreira deserves every bit of praise he gets, he’s such a great reader of the game pretty much on per with busquet who is slightly more technical but Torreira is faster. I really do hope he developes the top top quality player we are all seeing in him.

    1. Solwills says:

      *higher than Unai*

  11. Solwills says:

    No ratings for both our goalkeepers?
    Cech gets an 8, Leno equally gets an 8. They’ve saved us numerous times this season. Looking back at the game against Wolves lots of people here mentioned we were lucky to get a draw because of Leno’s saves. What clubs jersey does Leno put on? Which team does he play for? Which club pays his bills? Arsenal, represent arsenal and did what he was paid to do like the other players. We criticized our past goalkeepers who were poor, rave about how good other top teams goalkeepers are when they save their team points… and how lucky we were when our goalkeeper does his job? Luck is when they hit the bar, Auba hit the post or we Xhaka gifts you a chance and that made the game difficult for us as we had to move the bus against a well drilled wolves team city struggled to break down.

  12. Solwills says:

    *he represents arsenal* *when Xhaka*

  13. RSH says:

    I’d give Emery a higher grade. No manager would’ve beaten City in their first game, and Chelsea game even though we lost was still decent. Then the winning streak, while the level of performances varied, it was instilling a winning mentality and got us back in the top 4 race.
    I’d give Cech a higher grade too, bad start to the season but was flawless after that. Ozil, 7, why? If he wasn’t Mesut Ozil his grade would not be that high. I might also give Holding an 8, I think he’s been outstanding so far for us. Either way, we’re in an okay position at this point in the season, but we have to pick it up again. Wolves game was definitely not good. Hope we come back refreshed and ready for the busy period.

  14. Sal says:

    great article, good title, good thought into it…i think you are spot on, on most players and manager as well . well done i enjoyed reading it 🙂

    1. Sal says:

      elneny didn’t get a game this season, would rather have a youngster than him on the bench that’s it…hes’s not good he’s not bad he’s just there!!

      1. The correct term is Wengerized ?

          1. ? now let me disappear befor Ken1945 starts with me.

  15. Grandad says:

    To suggest that Mustafi has been the equal of Holding so far this season baffles me?

  16. jon fox says:

    Laughably Dan , you have awartded both the wonderful Emery and the woeful Mustafi each a 7. Don’t you think it would be wise to check the marks you award against each other before finally disclosing them? In this at least, you have made yourself a laughing stock. And football teams have keepers, so why has this “unimportant detail” passed you by? 2 out of 10 for Dan for this hilarious but woeful list.

    1. jon fox says:

      On reflection I thought I should at least put my marks out there against yours, since I made fun of some your fanciful marks. So here goes: Cech 7 (more if he could use his feet) Leno 9, Bellerin 5, Monreal 5, Kolas 4, Holding 7, Sokratis 6, Mustafi 5, Licht 5, Torreira 8, Jenks 4, Guendouzi 7, Mhki 4, Ozil 6, Iwobi 7, Ramsey 4, Smith-Rowe 6, Elneny 4, Xhaka5, Welbeck 6, Auba 7, Laca 8, EMERY 9. My marks summary are: 4 bad, 5 mediocre, 6 average, 7 above average, 8 good, 9 excellent. We have only ONE outfield pure defender above average yet are still top five. Down to the excellent manager . NO OTHER EXPLANATION. DAN AWARDED EMERY AND MUSTAFI BOTH A SEVEN. NO WONDER I REGARD MYSELF AS A REALIST. I refuse to kid myself that our way below par defenders- taken overall- deserve better marks, as Dan kids himself.

    2. Dan says:

      I get criticised for being too negative lol

      1. jon fox says:

        Dan negativity and reality are totally DIFFERENT concepts. Awarding Mustafi a seven as you did was neither of these. Being realistic in knowing our defence-taken as a whole- is way sub par at the level we need, is NOT negativism. It is realism and realism, Dan, is the catalyst to necessary positive action. Negativism is pretending the problems don’t exist- by marking the woeful Mustafi as a seven for example – and thus nothing much is done to make necessary change. Now there’s a thought that may not have occurred to you! I do not criticise your intentions nor most of the time your interesting articles but deeper thought still will make them even more insightful. Lastly, as you are regularly brave enough to post on here- something not many care to do for fear of criticism- please take any constructive criticism as a positive and mine is ONLY meant to help you and your future writing.

  17. I think Xhaka’s rating is too high! His mistakes are too many and too costly for him to get an 8.

  18. Innit says:

    Emery, Kolsanic, Mkhitaryan and Smith-Rowe scores should be a bit higher
    Bellerin and Xhaka should be a tad lower

  19. Xhakazette says:

    Do goalkeepers not count as part of the squad these days admin??

  20. Aubamezzette says:

    How does Ozil who has had just one brilliant game (Leicester) worthy of his wage n hype all season get a 7?
    I wont rate Ozil above Mkhitaryan.

    Leno- 6
    Cech- 6
    Sokratis- 7
    Holding- 6
    Monreal- 6
    Torreira- 8
    Guendouzi- 6.5
    Elneny- 3
    Niles- NA
    Ozil- 5
    Mkhi- 5
    Iwobi- 6.5
    SmithRowe- 7
    Aubameyang- 6.5
    Welbeck- 6.5

  21. Kofi says:

    Ramsey gets 4. Laughable. I wish our team well. He was starting games and Emery started benching him only after the withdrawal of the contract. What a coincidence? It’s politics and not form or the loss of it thereof. Players like Ozil, Mikki, Welbeck, Iwobi, Xhaka have all been picked ahead of Ramsey since. What remains clear in the same period is, Ramsey has won the PL goal of the month, Arsenal goal of the month and more importantly, he’s our joint top goal provider with 4 assists , Bellerin being the other player. Mind you Ramsey has played far less.

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