Hammers eyeing Arsenal raid, but should we cut our losses?

West Ham are reported to be keen on landing one of our English contingent this summer, with Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain linked with the exit door.

Both players arrived from Southampton as young future stars, but neither are regular starters for our club, and I’m torn as to whether I would mind seeing the back of them.

Both are known to be rated highly by Arsene Wenger, but after a string of injuries to both stars spread over a number of seasons, their importance to our side has been extremely limited.

Theo Walcott started this season in impressive fashion, challenging Olivier Giroud for a central striking role, and the attacking pair seemed to thrive off each-other, but that didn’t last, and he has been more of a liability since returning from injury in December.

The 27 year-old England hopeful has since come under increased scrutiny from our fans, which was fuelled by Arsene Wenger when he claimed the best was still to come from Walcott, but there is the possibility that the French boss could be trying to maximise his value should he agree to sell.

Oxlade is said to be the preferred purchase for the East London side, and given he has only been selected to start in nine of the club’s fixtures when fit, he could be willing to accept a move this summer.

The 22 year-old must surely retain the most potential however, being five years his team-mates younger, and will surely not be allowed to leave by Wenger, unless the Frenchman agrees to allow him to leave on a temporary deal.

With the other Alex (Iwobi) having emerged from the youth team to nail down a deserved first-team role this season, The Ox could well be allowed to return to form elsewhere, with both Southampton and West Ham believed to be keen, but surely with his current contract set to run until 2018, I just cant comprehend a possible sale.

Do you think Walcott is here to stay? Would you let the midfielder go out on loan to prove himself next year?

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  1. I would like to report that I took a poo this evening and already I have interest from Halifax and Dagenham and Redbridge in signing it as their main striker.

    True or not? You decide…

    1. Is this a randomized contribution? I thought Walcot has scored an equal number of premier league goals as Morata. So Why should Arsenal sell Walcot and buy another player at his level? Is it because he has Real Madrid links?

  2. I can see Walcott starting to play football anywhere else but Arsenal. As for Ox, no fscking way unless you are ready to part with 40 million. If Sterling went for 50 or Delph for 20 I don’t see why Ox won’t make the 40+ list. In any case, I won’t sell Ox this season. He’s 22 ffs! 22!

    1. why thumbs down?
      hes right.
      ox needs right mentorship

      try an say he hasnt got the tools?
      hes a 40 plus easy.

      delph went for like 8 tho not 20

      1. correct, 8 mils. Don’t know why I thought 20, maybe because money is never an issue at Etihad.

  3. They are both average players.
    They would be deadly somewhere in
    ligue 1 or at a mid table team.
    However if we sell them and fail to fix our defense they might come back to haunt us with their speed

    1. Your lack of logic and implicit intel would be very picturesque if it wouldn’t be sad. I suggest you keep playing fifa and let the real things to the big boys to handle.

  4. I think Arsenal should let Walcott go…..We have sold better players. Can’t believe i said that but Walcott shouldn’t be in Arsenal next season.

    If we wanna win major trophies, we need to avoid mediocrity…….

  5. Next manager will have a serious task on his hands…

    65% of this squad needs to go (and that’s if Sanchez and Ozil are still around… Which I doubt because they know they won’t win major trophies here…).
    Walcott, Wilshere, OX, Sanogo (really!! That was not a gamble, that is Wenger love child…) and more need to be sold asap.

    West Ham can have Walcott, he will be as useless for them as he was for us.
    Players like Wilshere and OX won’t improve much because they don’t have the discipline or in fact the talent.
    Gibbs is not a football player.
    Mertesacker is done and dusted.
    A lot of work for a motivated new “young” manager…

  6. The problem is that, no top tier club will bid for Theo Walcot, he is so useless…..i can only see newly promoted teams bidding for him…..Ox, Giroud, gibbs will find sure buyers because they are marketable, Walcot is a liability…i want Ox to stay, this guy has this talent…

  7. I’m just not even seeing any promise anymore from Ox- he was literally better for Southampton & he left them in 2011 just shy of his 18th birthday. He got 9 goals in 36 league games for Southampton, & he’s only got 7 in exactly 100 league games for us- that’s less than 1 in 14, barely an assist either- isn’t he supposed to be an attacking player? I know there’s an age gap, but at least Theo has progressed not regressed. What exactly has Ox shown? I don’t even understand why West Ham would be interested- people are saying here he’s worth £40M, why? Because he’s young and English? So was I a few years back. Theo has shown up in some big games for us, and actually had some match-winning displays including a few hat-tricks, & great goals against rivals- I’ve got more hope for him still than Ox, Theo needs consistency but Ox needs to make a quantum leap to a whole new level. That being said, if we are to sign a worldclass striker – Theo/Giroud would surely be sold. In my opinion though- as both will get goals (as will Welbeck), our most pressing signings should be a worldclass centre back to partner Kos, a physical type, and a new worldclass central midfielder(spesh with Arteta/Flamini/Rosicky exiting).

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