Hang on Arsenal – St. Totteringham’s Day can still happen

Just when it looked like the season, for Arsenal fans at least, was all neatly wrapped up with disappointment as wrapping paper and with a nice big ribbon of despair to top it off, a light has appeared at the end of the tunnel. It is only a faint light as yet but it does give the Gunners something to strive for in the remaining three games other than fending off the top four challenge of Manchester United.

Unlike the league leaders and now surely the winners of the Premier League this year Leicester City, our north London rivals are still within reach of Arsenal after being held to a draw by Tony Pulis and his West Brom side last night. Even after the gift of an own goal by Craig Dawson gave the spuds the lead at White Hart Lane against a team with nothing to play for, the pressure was evident in the Spurs side and they were pegged back.

Along with the good news for Arsenal that our rivals will almost certainly not win the EPL title, things could get worse for them and there is now still a chance that we could be having our annual St.Totteringham´s Day celebrations after all. They are five points ahead and there are only nine points to play for, but if the bubble has burst they may find it hard to get the four points they need to guarantee finishing higher than us.

By the time they next play, and it is a tough London derby away to Chelsea, the spuds could have seen their last chance of being champions slip away with Leicester beating Man United, and they could be just two points ahead of Arsenal if we beat Norwich. Then we might see more nerves jangling and more points being dropped.

Yes it is unlikely, but I for one am clinging to the hope that Arsenal might still retain the bragging rights in north London. Do you think it could happen? And would it make you happier about the season in general?

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    1. Agree! ???
      But you have to admire the positive yet delusional attitude! ?
      We couldn’t even beat Palace or Sunderland and we will
      Probably struggle against Norwich too.

      We will be relying on Leicester to beat Utd to have any chance of Wenger claiming his 4th place trophy!

      1. I played the Norwich match on fifa, don’t worry – remove giroud, ramsey, Gabriel and walcott from the squad and we’ll win 5-0, with wilshere and campbell scoring 2 each as subs after iwobi made an amazing solo raid, scoring goals of the season (according to the commentator)

    2. i dn’t effing care what our season has panned out a become………and i also dn’t care bout St totteringham’s bluff

      it will go down as one of our most reckless and useless of seasons…. A season we were supposed to Lift the League but fell behind a recently promoted team…Leicester


  1. reckon spurs with take second the 5 point gap, we look inconsistent an will have to enter the etihad an face a relegation dogfight with norwich.
    really its 3rd and fourth up for grabs

    bus parade has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances…
    however lenny from down the market has lent us his 50 cc honda moped
    an gary ‘down the bookies’ has promised he will let us sit in the backseat of his ford cortina 87′ for 20 mins if we sort him some reefer


  2. I careless about it. All I want is for us to win the title. Oh well, we ain’t gonna win it.

    Arsene Wenger as Stannis Baratheon’. Really ought to be king by now but repeatedly and fatally undone by his own stubbornness.

  3. Would love to see it happen, possible yes. Che hate spu too so that hypothetical might play out. I am a little worried about utd now though. A win in our last match would have given us enough breathing space that the pressure would be off the manc game. I think manu will beat leic and move two points behind, it’ll be tricky now. Whats worse is that our players already look to be on the beach, so all our games become more difficult. Then even if we scrape fourth, Klopp and Liverpool supporters will have liv players buzzing in that Europa, so things are all of a sudden very tricky.

    1. @Trevor
      MU are going to get run through by LC. Those dudes have the taste of blood in their mouths and MU are unable to cope with their run and gun style…As soon as LC scores, MU will fold completely.

      1. Hope your right of course, that Rashford fella is one clever little fox in the box though, it might take a fox to beat the foxes ..lol

      2. It would be good for us if manu lose to leicester, my main concern is that leicester will be without Vardy.

  4. Well honestly it makes no sense beating up on Wenger and the players because based on what leicester has done they have won without relying on others. We fluffed our chances a long time ago when we allowed Manu’s Little Children to beat us. We could have a go at the Spuds by beating them to second. That would be a good psychological achievement for the boys. COYG.

  5. Yes it would make me happier. Not so much because of Totteringham’s. I can only admire how Spurs have played up till yesterday, they’ve given our team a lesson in how to go on a winning run. But if we finished second that would be the first time since the good old days and it would mean something. Don’t think any of us would be kidded into believing that the team have performed well this season. Even in the first half there were always too many disappointing results, even before january when the wheels really came off. It’s been a big disappointment. But coming second instead of fourth would definitely mean something.

  6. so this year we will finish below spuds (thank god they are atleast not winning the league)….

    manu after a pathetic season might till win the fa cup….

    klopp might win the europa for pool…

    we might remain the only so called ‘big club’ in england not to have won the champions league if city wins it….

    and some people think that if any manager replaces wenger then things might go wrong….

    i am not sure what else can go wrong

    1. If utd’s fa cup is so good well we are still the current holders of it. Liv might win and city might win, two weeks ago we might have a title shot. Lets wait til they win them before holding it against the club, shall we. And lets not talk up a utd fa cup when it was used to beat this team over the head, shall we.

  7. If you guys think this season was disappointing, brace yourselves for next season.

    Man city= Pep
    West Ham= Bilic

    We are in serious deep shit, if wenger stays A) Who will sign for a guy who’s leaving in a year, so he’ll likely stay another 3 years to get anyone to sign B) Who will play for a team that still has wenger, instead of pep/conte/mourinho C) We are guaranteed to miss out on top 4 and maybe even top 5. Believe me, we have to get rid of this guy now and attract Simeone.

  8. No, just no. Watch us draw or lose to Norwich, lose to city and even give aston villa some good consolation during the last match. It is simply hard to be confident in this team. Isn’t it sad that the only positive we can have this half of the season is Iwobi’s emergence?

  9. Also 5th can still happen

    We were at the top of the Table in January
    We choked big time.

  10. Looking forward to protest next game. There will be banners raised in the 12th and 78th minutes.

  11. This site has become home to the “Anti-Arsenal Arsenal Whiney-moany Fecks Support Group”

  12. The fans who want Koeman as the next Arsenal manager do not know the guy well enough. There is only one team he dreams of becoming manager of and all other clubs but a stepping stone. Barcelona, this is where he is adored and the feelings are mutual, and even if he didn’t have such history we would never get another manager that after being so successful would turn down the opportunity going to Spain. If Koeman came in and fired our players up claiming some success, the success would be great but not so great would be Koeman saying adios amigos. I want our next manager to see Arsenal as one of the biggest clubs in the world and a place where all his dreams can come true. The amount of time along with respect that we have given Wenger due to his early work of greatness, this will tell managers that Arsenal is a better place to be than any other big club regarding job security. Mourinho, it is easy to see why he was so envious of Wenger. Simeone, he knows he could easily ware the patience out of some owners and fans but he must be looking at the Arsenal situation as a decent place to be. All top managers who got sacked for not delivering in a first, a second or a third season must be looking at Arsenal. I’d be very surprised if Mourinho wouldn’t want the Arsenal job above all others.

    1. Of course Mourinho would like to have Wenger’s job security, but their respective bosses judged them on different criteria. Abramovich judges his managers on the success they bring the club, while Kroenke judges them on the amount of money they make him, and to be fair to Abramovich, he did wait an awful long time before he pulled the trigger on Mourinho.

      Wenger only has his job while Kroenke can take 3.5 million a year out of the club, and Wenger does not have the backing that Mourinho had, when it comes to buying in players… many destined for Arsenal ended up at Chelski… Hazard, Cahill, Cole… I think if Wenger had his way, he would’ve even brought back Fabregas.

      Mourinho is certainly not guaranteed to make the club money, Wenger is, that’s why he stays. If you want anything different, you either have to make the owner change his business model, or get rid of him.

      1. @gmv8
        Yet Abramovich fired Mour after he won the League title. And he sacked Di Matteo after dude won the FA Cup And the Champions League…

        1. Of course he fired Mourinho, because Chelsea were rapidly falling to the bottom, he has no option. He waited a lot longer than he normally does, which ultimately cost Chelski a CL place, you can’t say he was over harsh on Mourinho. Di Matteo is more debatable, but he wasn’t well established as a manager at the time and didn’t do very well in subsequent clubs. I’m not saying Di Matteo was right or fair, but the only time since Abramovich has joined when Chelski have not produced results, is when he became over sentimental about Mourinho.

  13. Hahahaha………. You’ve been so completely weaved on the treadmill of mediocrity for far too Long!

  14. Spuds hit gold recruiting Pochettino, but as much as I hate Dr Evil, he has never stopped caring about them, and that is really what we need at the moment, an owner who cares to take us through the long overdue changes.

  15. We drew, Tottenham drew so point difference is the same with one less game to catch Tottenham. How come we are now discussing catching Tottenham when it is harder to do now than before we played Sunderland. Based on recent form it is us who will “totter” not Spurs.

  16. It is funny how some fans are desperately trying to get anything they can call positive from this season… It is really a pity and funny I must say.

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