Hang on! Did Arsenal just get relegated?

It’s time to get back on track by Sam P

So Arsene Wenger reckons Arsenal have had a bad week. If you had been reading this site in the last few days you would think that the defeat by Manchester United last weekend has sent Arsenal down to the murky depths of the Conference League!

The reality is a bit tamer. We lost away at Old Trafford, where us and a lot of other have all traditionally struggled, but tonight we get a great chance to regain the three lost points when we beat lowly Swansea at the Emirates tonight. Hang on let me clarify again our last week. We lost two games, one AWAY to the most successful Premier League team in the last 20 years, and the other to the treble-winning best-team-in-the-world Barcelona. So suddenly (as happens every time we lose a game) Arsene Wenger couldn’t manage a pub team and, in fact, most of our players wouldn’t even be good enough for that Sunday League team. Come on let’s keep a little bit of grip on reality shall we?

Arsenal have lost before, and Wenger and the players have been slated before, but somehow they realise that it is only one game, it is only three points out of a season, and they simply have to pick themselves up, dust themselves down, and go out and fight in the next game. That is a bit like life. NOBODY (and I’m talking to all of you) wins every time. We ALL make mistakes, at home or at work. Do you sack yourself every time you make a mistake? Do you get a new manager every time his workforce doesn’t do an absolutely perfect job? Of course you don’t! Everybody would be getting new jobs every month if that was the case.

As Wenger said: “What we want to do is defy all the odds that are against us at the moment,”

“The best way to do it is to fight together for that. We have come out of a bad week so we want to have a good week now.

“It’s as simple as that and that’s why you love competition. A bad week is not permanent, it’s what you make of it and how you respond. That’s the beauty of sport. Things change quickly one way or the other. That’s beautiful as well.

“We are professional and we want to focus on how we respond to the defeat. It can happen. We lost 3-2 at Manchester United, we are not happy with the result but if you analyse the game we had two lapses of focus that we paid for. That made the game difficult for us after.

“We gave a lot against Barcelona and the disappointing outcome certainly had an impact on our belief against Manchester United, but we want to focus on the positives and recover from it. We want to give our best from now until the end of the season.”

You know, strangely enough, I also want the team to give their best, in every game every time, for the rest of the season and the next one too. But I don’t expect them to win EVERY SINGLE GAME! So let’s give the team and the manager a break shall we. Stop screaming obscenities and let them do their job to the best of their abilities without a constant barrage of criticism. That only makes the job harder.

If they are given our support, like they should have, we may even win the League. Now there’s a thought.


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    1. You have no heart. At least not for Arsenal. Not sure what are you doing here but I can tell without a doubt you are not Arsenal supporter. You never had anything good to say, even after the 3-0 in the first part of the season.

      1. @Budd

        If Arsenal do not win the Champions League or League this season, will you finally accept Wenger IS the problem, and that he needs to be replaced? Will you also accept how wrong you got it for always ignoring factual evidence?

        A change in manager can do wonders, just look at Leicester and Spurs. Are Ranieri and Pochettino world class managers…no! Do they have more money than Arsenal…no! Do have a better squad than Arsenal…no! Despite all that, look at what they’re achieving in such a short space of time. It’s only Ranieri’s first season at Leicester and Pochettino’s second at Spurs. There are hundreds of managers out there that could easily achieve consistent mediocrity like Wenger, and for a lot less than £8 million a year!

        The truth is, we’re only still in the title race because of the failings of the big boys, NOT because we’ve improved. If ManU, ManC and Chelsea were not so inconsistent in the league, then Arsenal would easily be in sixth position right now.

      2. Amigo, what’s up btween u and Arsene??? This thing between u two is super crazy now. Just get married aready!!!

        Please guys, Arsene has to leave, he damn has to. Remember that game against Barcelona when he brought Flamini on for Coquelin??? That Killed me, i still have not recovered. Damn it!!! The man has lost it; no passion, dead tactics.

    2. @Budd………funny that my comments make u pi**ed off…….but u are willing and happy to bask in the Light of mediocrity for 12 good yrs

      that’s self infliction…..it’s worse than BDSM L()L

  1. MEN UTD play the kids. We nearly full team and we have NO PASSIONS, NO FIGHTING! No relegation but no title.

      1. @Budd
        I like how some of these “fans” fall for the Goebbbels propaganda move”You tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth”
        The internet is the perfect place for them, because they just let someone else think for them. The media has been running with that same bs mime also.

      1. Hahaha ??
        That’s not nice Budd!

        18 teams?…. I’m sure that 5-8 of them 20 team’s only dream of staying in the premier league, just like Leicester City!

        Whilst being realistic, Only the top 5 clubs have the right to talk of title dreams! … Even though this season has been a bit freaky… that is the norm.

          1. Hey budd you need to learn how to respect other’s opinions and don’t just call fans with different opinions that they don’t love arsenal because they may even love this team more than you do

      2. @Budd,
        I don’t think it’s nice when you use some kind of language here…because you I don’t agree with you does not necessarily mean you are wrong (and vice-versa).
        We are all fans, and we have the right to express our various opinions without making a fan feel less of a fan because we don’t agree.


  2. that wasn’t man-utd out ere

    that was fletcher moss’ academical graduates on parade against us L()L

    1. I call bull on that. A lie repeated long enough becomes truth. There was ONE player from the academy, Rashford. The rest were bought with big money. Here’s the team:
      De Gea, Blind,Carrick,Rojo,Herrera,Mata, Varela, Lingard, Schneiderlin, Depay and Rashford.
      You are yet another liar. And you complain about Wenger. Pffff.

  3. Whoever wrote this article was not watching the match on Sunday..If he did he would understand the pure frustration and disgust we the fans feel..

  4. The last time I commented was before Barca’s game….

    I was sooo excited and expecting these star international players to step up and deliver against barca and United.

    The team had all the mixes and level of confidence(after Leicester game)…Welbeck returning , defence being solid..ozil on form , Coq returning…I honestly thought the players were going to step up….

    What happens?…play good for 70mins and collapse the 20mins against barca?….lose against a 3rd tier United team?….What the actual f##k? sorry Admin

    Joel Campbell who clearlyyyy contributed more in 5+ plus games than OX in his entire 5 years , gets the Nod against Barca?….playing Giroud when knowing fully well we going to play on the counter?….This has to come back to Wenger…he is to blame for that.

    What I expected was that the players to realise that a lot is on the line and play their freaken hearts out.

    Say what you want, but I kinda miss wilshere’s passion that he shows when we losing or can improve….Ozil clearly looks fed up…Sanchez(I think he needs to allow himself to gain form and not force it)..soo whats going on?

    Honestly,…I think T,henry, adams , Dixon needs to pay this team a visit and have a serious prep talk with em.

    We have moreee than enough quality(this season) to win the league and atleast put up a fight in the champions league…..Wenger needs to become ruthless…bench ramsey, theo, giroud for the next 3 ggames, play el neny and campell and Welbeck, let them know their aint no automatic entrance.

    I don’t get the bashing on Gabby?..Yes he made mistakes, but he jussssst came back from injury, he barely plays(so his rusty, lack of confidence) and doesnt speak English well….give him a run..

    Lets put a string of 10 wins together starting with Swansea tonight….and fight for the EPL crown…


  5. The main problem in Arsenal on the field of play is wenger and his half baked british boys. The british lads have got one thing in common AVERAGE QUALITY and the most annoying situation is that wenger has deliberately blind folded himself mentally.

    His inexcusable rhetoric has gone over board already, wenger is delusional and stubborn.

    Theo inconsistent walcot should be sold and be relieved of the burden of 140k/week.

    Ox should be loaned or sold

    Chambers a compulsory loan.

    Jack whilshere a loan to spain (he needs a learning curve on creativity and technical shrewdness on how to manage space and astuteness in managing the ball with deft touches within his stride

    Gibbs should be SOLD! Never gonna improve we need a replacement for an aging Monreal.

    Welbeck is a squad player just has he was at Man u, Arsenal aint a dumping ground.


  6. it seems like AW is busy posting articles here instead of motivating the lads for the coming game.!.. And you wrote “lowly swansea?” forgoten the “lowly” man u ronaldo on sunday.? It could be worse than the prev game if we underestimate them ask spuds.

    1. Now this will be a drama. I can accept lots of things from Arsenal but giving the title to the Spuds? You know what I believe? People wote off City but slowly they do their job. I won’t be surprised to see them top again.

    1. It has been like that since the Liverpool away game,
      Because of his on going foot problem!
      He is on a special training programme, so that he stays available for match days.

      I’m starting to wonder that maybe the whole team are not training properly. … Meaning practicing! … and that they are just doing basic fitness training.

      Which could be the reason for the clueless and lacklustre performances of late.

  7. You are in no position to Judge me or bring down the axe……….. What exactly are u? Barrister george?

    I hold true to my own opinion irrespective of if u agree with it or not…….are u suggesting u are an ardent follower of my comments or just a simple troll waiting for the perfect moment to prey?

    Whatever u are!….i suggest u stop following L()L…..
    and trace ur way back whr u belong

    1. Budd is just a blind supporter bashing on those who can see the reality. I wouldn’t worry about him – because in his eyes, everything is being done as good as possible in arsenal, and nothing could be done in a better way. He’s an extremist

        1. I’m not blind, because i give criticism when it’s due. Unlike the “true arsenal supporters”, I’m capable of saying “What you’re doing is not good enough, and someone out there is able to do it better for the same salary”

          I get what you mean by implying me being an extremist in the opposite end, but unfortunately (for your accusation), I have never called for Wenger’s immediate resignation mid-season, nor before the optimal replacement is found and willing to take over.

          1. So if Wenger does win the League this season, you would still him want him sacked?
            And if you want to go by your previous views, then I think if you look at Budd’s previous posts (without vitriol) you will find that you may be closer to each others positions than you think. But WHATEVER you think his views are, I personally do not allow any personal name-calling or abuse. Discuss your points politely and don’t call anyone an extremist.

            1. If wenger wins the league, he has disproved my statement of him never winning PL or CL again, and I will stand corrected. My beliefs are based on trends from the past 10 years, and when things are going good (like up to around Arsenal 2-1ManC), things looked like he might was going to disprove me. But as always: “Same sh!t, different season” and we hit the annual collapse.

              I don’t mean to be rude or aggressive, but I am pretty passionate about Arsenal, so unfortunately things may escalate from my side every now and then. It is never my intention to attack someone personally. Concerning extremist, it’s more about his beliefs about Arsenal and Wenger – that’s not personal, nor rude in my opinion. Being an extremist only means that when being measured on a scale, you are placed at the ends. Budd is probably the most AKB commentator I’ve noticed on this website – that makes him an “extremist”. Likewise, there was the Hafiz Rahman on the other AOB end, calling for wengers immediate resignation, as well as demanding complete renewal of the squad countless times

            2. Whether he wins the league or not he should go. He’s expired as a manager and he doesn’t have what it takes and he’s a specialist in failure and excuses and blaming other clubs for his failures.

  8. This is an unfair article. AW has asked for time to progress Arsenal having moved from Highbury. Then came along the likes of ManU, ManC and Chelsea with their big buying power. AW said he couldn’t compete with them coz they could buy the EPL. Well this season it’s Leicester and Spurs who are above us, and yet we are falling into the same mistakes. It’s not just one game, we have only won 4 of our last 10 EPL games. That’s awful awful awful. AW and our players should be looking at ManU, ManC and Chelsea and capitalising on their awful, awful awfulness, but no we can’t. That’s why fans are upset… if there was a season when our club has a really good chance of winning we are playing just as awful, awful, awful as the others.

    1. I will point to when Ivan Gazidis came to Arsenal is when Wenger had his hands tied in transfer negotiations.

      Don’t believe me?

      Remember when Arsenal bought Arshavin and we broke our own record to get him… remember that it was after we had debts?

      Few months after Gazidis turns up and we get bargain versions of what we use to buy previously.

      Can you put 1 and 1 together 😛 (joke)

  9. At the end of the day, Arsenal fc are supposedly a Big Club,
    Where Wenger set high standards when winning the premier league in his first year or so in charge and achieved further success in the following seasons, up until the invincibles era! (49 games undefeated in the premier league)

    It’s been a long 12 years without a premier league trophy,
    Filled with the same old senario’s and Groundhog day’s!
    maybe the invincibility season turned wenger into a Frankenstein like monster who eventually lost his NUTS and bolts!
    So it amazes me when Mr wenger suggest’s that the lost to a weakened Utd team was some what exaggerated By the fan’s “As if we were in a relegation battle!”
    Its as if to say that the fan’s should be greatful that we are not in Aston Villa’s position! And that we should be happy as we are over achieving our usually 4th place fight at this stage of the season.

    Where’s the so called positives in losing our last two games?
    All I know is that Wenger and the team need to get their act together tonight against a former Bogey team.
    My Heart says a convincing win for the Gunners tonight but my mind tells me that it will be another dissapointing result, where we fight back to nick a draw.

    West Ham will beat the Spuds tonight!
    And Watford probably won’t lose at Old Trafford, Just to rub salt into our wounds lol ?

    We have gone from invincibles to unpredictables!
    We wait with anticipation and depleted hopes!

    1. It has been a long time without winning the EPL.

      Do you think the next manager will be aloud to spend all of Arsenals funds in a single transfer season to rebuild?


      Will Silent Stan hire someone with a business and accounting degree to make sure the team continues to make a profit.

      I wan’t Arsenal to win the EPL as well dude, all true fans want that ^.^
      How about pointing your anger at the right direction? The owners and the factor which was changed when Arsenal went from investing in players to saving to pay debts… and now just saving to increase club value.

  10. The guy is a master at opening his mouth and contradicting himself in the same moment or with previous statements.

    On the one hand he says the beauty of sport is things change all the time and that a loss can happen. If that is so obvious and acceptable to him then how can it be that the Barca loss shook our confidence to the extend that we lost to kids and barely showed up for the game?

    “We gave a lot against Barcelona and the disappointing outcome certainly had an impact on our belief against Manchester United, ….” Things that are to be expected should not destroy your confidence.

    Isn’t it the same Wenger who says that consistency wins? Well Chelsea were consistent last season until they had all but won the PL title, Barce and Bayern are consistent.

    The only consistent thing about us is that you never know which Arsenal shows up until it is January or February when you know they won’t show up at all and rip your heart out.

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