Hang On! Welbeck to Arsenal NOT done yet!

It shows just how bad the transfer window’s deadline day has been for Arsenal fans that I am not getting worried that the late deal to bring in Danny Welbeck from Man United may not go ahead after all. And I was just warming to the idea as well.

According to the BBC there are still two other Premier League clubs trying to beat the Gunners to the 23-year old forward and so I assume the reports that Welbeck was having his Arsenal medical were a bit premature to say the least.

It sounds to me as if his agent is trying to stir up a bit more interest or push up the price as well, with there now being talk of Louis van Gaal and United allowing him to leave on a permanent basis. His agent Jonathan Hope reckons he can get around £18 million for Welbeck or around £3 million for the use of him for a year (hope is the right word on that one).

The agent said, “There are two clubs who will meet the fee, the other want him on loan. You have got to remember Danny is an established striker. He will change any team in the Premier League.”

So what do you make of this, Gooners, should we push ahead for Welbeck?

Brilliant Wenger Parody of Transfer day deadline – POKER FACE!


  1. the lord answered my prayers right there. Hallelujah. Just use Joel Campbell instead if were targeting players like Welbeck

    1. we are now in scraping the barrel mode.
      anyone wanna hazard a guess as to who we are getting:

      huntelaar? rabiot? kallstrom? bramble? ziggy stardust? penfold from dangermouse?

    2. Wenger is pathetic, time for him to leave Arsenal for good. His running if the team is just not good enough. He cares more lining his and Stan’s pockets every season.

  2. Welbeck on loan for £6 million? What the hell is wrong with our manager?

    That should be his whole transfer price, later on just a loan fee…

    I give up..

  3. Pls let him not come, i will prefer to keep campbell than bring welbeck.

    Now d problem is wenger does not want to play campbell, i mean why, what else does he want campbell to do before he earns his trust

    1. Reportedly £31.7 bid for Reus rejected. Why? HE’S TWICE WORTH THAT MONEY YOU OLD, DELUDED SCROOGE IDIOT!

      23 goals, 23 assists in 44 matches from left wing. Are you f’n stupid or what?!

    2. Like it or not we need additional strikers to Campbell, unless we can pull something out of the hat, which is unlikely, wellbeck is good business, Campbell needs a chance absolutely, but he isnt the answer all season, too young and will need a rest, if injured were in the same boat as we were whewn Giroud got injured.

  4. Welbeck alone would be terrible.

    Welbeck along with a proper striker, proper CDM and CB would be good business. Welbeck is a donkey but you can’t deny his has pace and always pulls defenders away with him and gets behind defences, something only Walcott, Ox and Sanchez seem able to do.

  5. I would rather we keep our Campbell, what has he done wrong to Wenger?

    I have been cursing and laughing at Welbeck since he made the United team a few seasons ago, I don’t rate him one bit..

    Now he is what we are left with to save us?

    I am shaking with disbelief right now.. WELBECK to Arsenal on Loan… Falcao to United on Loan..

    Tell me this is a bad dream…

  6. I actually wouldn’t be too disappointed with Wellbeck. It’s not Cavani but realistically we weren’t going to fork out for his wages. Wellbeck just lacks confidence, he’s got good link up play and hasn’t really been played in his favorite position. Just lacks confidence.

  7. could not be more disgusted and outraged at the lack of ambition shown .. we dont need another so called striker who cant score !!!!!!!!!!!! #WengerOut #WelbeckNotWelcome

  8. Blind to United is done, another massive deal is in the pipeline….when they spend they do it properly…eh Arsene?

    1. As much as I can’t stand SAF, he did it “properly” – what is happening at Manure now is a sick joke. If this is the future then the PL will eat itself and die. Surprised and disappointed no-one in the media has come out and said it. My dearest wish beyond Arsenal success this year is for United to crash and burn.

  9. can you guys smell the desperation? Arsene said the last day of the transfer window was like chess, well you old fool Check mate again.

    No Falcao, No Cavani, No Balotelli, No Lukaku, No Mandzukic, No Suarez, No Lewandowski, none of these players are available anymore.

    So go fight with Spurs and Sunderland for Welback thats what you deserve playing chess at your age. You f_cking old fart, How I wish i could wipe that stupid smirk off your face.

  10. Quote from Wenger:
    “My wish is to sign a player before midnight. I am not in Rome for transfer business, but until the end things can still happen. At the moment there’s nothing, though”

  11. commentato
    BANG!!! MARIO BALOTELLI, mario MARIO and MARIO SCORES YET ANOTHER HAT TRICK AS A GUNNER and seals the EPL for Arsenal!! I have to admit this player is just brutal yet amazing at the same time..he single handedly won the team the EPL AND UEFA CL. JUST BRILLIANT

    but then i woke up and realised i was just dreaming.

  12. Getting confused here – will we be showing proper ambition by not signing Welbeck and ending up with nada?!

  13. Wenger sees the supporters as shit. He is not the good man he makes out to be. He is sabotaging our beloved club. There must be push to get him out or we cannot ever win anything of consequence.

  14. Mind you, it’s still Arsenal. Can’t help support the buggers, no matter who they throw out onto the pitch. It’s Arsenal, no other bloody team that I wanna support and I know for a fact I’ll be there cos thats the team I’ve been burdened with, who I’ll always be behind.

  15. David Ornstein

    BBC Sport
    Welbeck latest

    Posted at 20:03

    “There is interest from Arsenal in Danny Welbeck, but this deal is complicated by a number of conversations that are taking place between Manchester United, Arsenal and the player.

    “This is a bit messy because Tottenham are also involved and there are various agendas at stake. It could happen but at this stage it is not advanced.”

  16. somebody help me because i am trying to get my head around this. welbeck on loan for 6 mill and falcao 5.5 mill what the f$$k is going on here.

  17. The longer wengers in charge of this club the longer we are in decline! Look a at the strikeforces of man c liverpool man utd chelsea were battling everton for europa leauge!!!

  18. Wel-back.. WTF

    Astronomical Falcao, Rooney,v*n persie 866k per-week

    Messi, c-ronaldo, bale 850k per-week

    Isn’t that mastubateling- crazy?

  19. What a shambolic window!!! Even the rate this site is flooded 2day with different articles and comments show how fans expect much from Wenger…
    Welbeck? I will keep my fingers crossed (if we even get him), waiting for an article like “Why Welbeck is good for Arsenal”….
    Gutted to be an Arsenal fan today….Nonetheless, I will always be a gunner

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