Happy Arsenal fans as Wenger declares January defender transfer!!

There was only one thing to worry about for Arsenal fans, well for me at least, as the Gunners cruised to a 4-1 victory over a good Newcastle United team fresh from a win over the Premier League leaders Chelsea. And it was not whether Arsene Wenger was so thankful to the Magpies for stopping Jose Mourinho emulating the invincibles season.

With an Arsenal squad and particularly our back four that was ravaged with injury problems, the makeshift defence with Debuchy alongside Mertesacker and Bellerin at right back, put in a really solid showing. The young Spaniard and the Frenchman were particularly good, Gibbs carried on his recent excellent form and our BFG suggested once more that he is world class as long as he is comfortable with the players around him.

And that was what worried me with the January transfer window just around the corner. In previous years we might well have expected to hear the boss then say that these cover players showed that Arsenal do not need to sign another defender.

So it was a great relief to hear the manager say the exact opposite. He did not even beat around the bush but declared flat out that he was going to sign a centre back in January. Who that player is we will have to wait and see, but at least it now seems certain that the Gunners will have another defensive option very soonโ€ฆ

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    1. Here, here! Although it seems the author is a bit too happy….Per world class?? That’s some stretch. Per is everything you want in an able backup/depth player, that’s it.

      Koscielny deserves a top draw partner, or at least a better one than Per. Jan will be tough to find one of that ilk mind.

      1. Per never has been or ever can be World Class. As far as I am concerned nothing has changed, Newcastle never put us under pressure. When we are against stronger teams Per simply cannot hack it. We all know this is true,so in future,go steady with the superlatives. He was throttled by Stoke,and there are more sterner tests to come.

  1. how ignorant Arsenal fans are, how can i be happy? he needed to do this in summer, now we are fighting for 4, happy days LOL
    plus some fans saying they are disgusted at those who were booing wenger, guess what, if they didnt, he wouldnt sign new defender and thats also if !!! ZEN

    1. We all know at leasr one defender should have been signed, and it’s not acceptable to go into a new campaign with such limited cover. However the abuse aimed at AW by those yobs at the station was disgusting, they’re not real Arsenal fans, they’re yobs and idiots.

      You are also an idiot if you think for one minute, that AW would go into the transfer market because of the action of a tiny minority of travelling fans.

      I have heald a season ticket for 36 years, and not once have I booed or abused any players or managers, regardless of the performance, if they’re playing badly, support them, encourage them, don’t turn on them like a bunch of spoiled girls.

      1. You are the idiot! Yot know why? You will always be fooled by Arsene. As old as you are, someone fools you every now and then, does the same thing expecting different results, proves stubborn and arrogant and some people are kicking against him and you call them “idiots”. You must be unwell!

        1. Big headed john is that u? Why must u call a person who has been a fan longer than u have ever been, longer before u stopped being a porsmouth (forgive my spelling) to becoming an arsenal fan, ur just the ugly side of the real john legend, all of me hates all of u type

      2. Whi said I’m an AKB, I’m far from that, but when it comes down to it I will support who ever is at the helm.

        If you think that any amount of booing and abuse thrown at the team and Wenger is going to make the slightest difference to the board you’re wrong. Arsenal are being run as a multi million pound business, by Americans who don’t understand football or it’s fans, no amount of protesting will make a jot of difference. If people must demonstrate, aim your abuse at the board, not the team or Wenger.

        As for calling me a fool, if supporting your team through bad times, as well as the good times makes me fool then so be it, but I’d rather be a fool than a glory hunting, plastic girly.

    1. YES. It’s incredible that a guy of his talent guy rarely sees the light of day in the Real Madrid starting lineup. But then again Pepe and Ramos make a mad duo.

  2. Beautiful game,i was happy and relieved to see the lads take a good win.Best b’dae present for cazorla!
    Meanwhile,as happy as we are for the win,i wouldn’t want us to get carried away,winning 1 match here and loosing dere isn’t what we want,what we want is to consistently win matches against both small teams and big teams, compete at the highest levels with class while also showing strong/high ambbitions!
    -quality signings when required
    -tactical awareness
    -good substitutions and adapted formations to sooth opponents
    -better player/injury management
    -players playing based on form not just favouritism

    All dese are a few of d issues I think need 2 be addressed. #happygunner

    1. Nunca, not with all those misplaced passes we make offensively. But today we were a lot better at that.

  3. I want verane…young and potential to be world class….plus him and the boss plays together for france…I think he would be perfect

  4. I’ve always been more impressed with Bellerin than Debuchy/Chambers at RB. But his inexperience has been exposed in some games. I think he might even develop into a winger in future, similar to Navas.

    – Debuchy: Good in the air. Strong defensively. No major weaknesses. Should give us 3 years at the top level.

    – Chambers: One of best crossers at club. A bit slow for a fullback. Discipline still an issue. His future might actually be in central defence/midfield

    – Bellerin: Most exciting of the 3 in attack. Two-footed. Speed is an asset in attack and defence. Not quite there physically though, but will get there.

  5. Great win today, congratulation to the players, the best performance for a while…. But Newscastle is a team the are supposed to beat easily at the Emirate to get Mr Wenger the 4th place trophee. Next week will be more challenging.. away at Liverpool.

  6. We need to sign them early. We visit the Eithad to play City on the 18th of January and I really don’t want to visit with a makeshift defence..

    1. Wenger is running Arsenal for an absentee owner. Do you in your delusions actually think Kronke will fire a coach, manager and financial whiz in one swoop because you said so?

    1. In his post-match interview.

      Q: Do you still feel you need a CB in January?

      Wenger: Well, yes because with Koscielny we’re a little bit cautious and we need a cover.

      1. An amazing reply from Wenger. Cautious because of Kos??? What ever happened to Wenger’s own rule – 2 quality players for every position.

        Wenger cannot even admit any of his obvious mistakes. He needs to get at least 1 CB because he failed to do so last summer. That is the reality – not this “cover for Kos” nonsense.

  7. Off topic

    How the hell was Cahill not sent off in that game against hull for Chelsea?? If that was one of our players he would have been sent off… No questions asked….. 3 clear dives in that game.


    1. Yeah he had one of the most obvious dives I had ever seen – not even Ronaldo and Ashley Young could top it. Then he had a two-footed challenge earlier that he prob should’ve been sent off for too. Now if it was an Arsenal player who did that…

  8. It will be Reid. Still wanting a matic type of dm player. Got a feeling we may rely on coquelin and a youngster or two, kondogbia please! Great win today ๐Ÿ™‚ coyg!

    1. I can see it now. Wenger will bite on the bait and get the worst defender in the league right now – Nastasic. If it happens I will refuse to watch any game he is a part of. And city will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  9. Well something is better than nothing. A defender is a MUST. But don’t expect a DM or a World Class player, especially with Wenger and especially in January. I think one WC player a year is all Wenger wants and that probably be every summer (ie Ozil, Sanchez)

  10. I know Arsene Wenger is not perfect but to give him abuse he got last week was actually painful to watch and really disrespectful. he doesn’t deserve that for any result. I thought we were classy fans #please.! Saying that, he’s got to improve his formation and substitutions but I suppose it’s hard for him as well when he’s got to reshuffle the defence all the time. It has been hard for Arsene and don’t forget he’s not had a proper stabilised team out this year because of the injuries, the defence has been all over the place. You’ll probably say well that’s his own fault for not buying players. However that’s why most of us wouldn’t be good at coaching and man management because for me you have to be realistic, you can’t just waste money like SPUDS AND LIVERPOOL have done. And when you get players they need playing week in and week out to get confidence. Otherwise they just get upset and not performing well when they have the chance, example being Marouane Chamack, Bentner, or even Vermaelen. However Arsene was hoping to get Koshielny fit and playing but his injury is worsening now. So worst come to worst #January market. However Players are starting to come back now, and I think for the first time in ages Arsenal will have a great second half of the season. If you’re a betting person have Arsenal on the following on the betting slip:

    ARSENAL TO finish 3rd in the PL

    would that be a good season gunners? Considering a shaky start?

  11. So let us praise Wenger for getting an actual defender? Something the worst manager is the world would have already done over the summer?

    He now gets credit for doing the obvious after many months and many points dropped?

    1. If he’d signed defenders instead of Wellbeck and Sanchez and we had our injury crisis up front, you’d be asking why he hadn’t signed strikers. He had a budget and couldn’t strengthen every position, how hard is that to understand? What he did do was sign quality up front, replace Sagna with Debuchy who was unfortunately injured early, signed Chambers as a young prospect to replace Vermaelen, and he promoted Bellerin.

  12. The signing of CB will be just precaution like arsenal did with kim kalstrom. I think it will be same in winter transfer window this season: loan senior player or buy the average one. Moreover, other club will be reluctant to sell their decent players, unless they are surplus for the team. So don’t expect too much ….

  13. Best two games that I’ve seen Arsenal played for quite sometimes. Fast attacking and counterattacking football and also fast retreating to defend as well as a strong desire to get back the ball. Well done lads. If we can keep this tempo plus more accurate passing, I believe we can move to the top two and fight for the title. Its somewhat reversing the momentum that we had in the early part of last season but this time going towards the second half and finishing on a strong and consistent towards the end of the season. C’mon Gunners, we know you can do it!

  14. I fear that there are no quality CB in the market in Jan…we will end up signing someone like vlaar or reid (they are good but arsenal must set a higher standard for themselves)

    I fear if we buy any of the above in jan (or anyone at thier standard) wenger will not go out to get a top class CB in May…someone like Hummels, Varane…we need to stop settling for mediocre players now as arsenal and strive to compete for the best in the game.

    We deserve better, we are the gunners after all.

    I understand though that we desperately need a CB in jan,I just hope Wenger can get a world class one.

  15. I hope it won’t be a center back of silvestre or squillaci quality….. we don’t need a cover for koscielny we need a world class and competitive CB.

  16. In my opinion,i dont think Vlaar is a bad option really and i still prefer him to reid as he is more aggresive and commanding.but actually we are not in a position to select a defender now cos the january window is a tough one even Manure with all their cash coudnt get a good defender all summer and went after Vermaelen so for me,any defender better than Djourou will do

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