Happy Birthday to Arsenal’s own Little Chilli

It is amazing to think that Bukayo Saka was still a teenager up until today, when he turns just 20 years old.

He has had a meteoric rise to stardom At Arsenal and it is incredible what he has achieved already as a teenager. When he made his debut in Jan 2019, he became the first player in the Premier League that was born in this century, and he has never looked back.

The following season he was given some game time in the Europa League but quickly progressed to the first team as cover for the injured Kieran Tierney at left-back, but was earmarked to be a winger when the Scotsman returned to the squad.

He has won an FA cup medal, a Community Shield, and won Arsenal’s Player of the Year last season. And this summer he was a last minute pick for Gareth Southgate, but ended up as one of the stars of the Euros and was unlucky to get beaten in the final.

Now if he has axhieved all that before his 20th birthday, what wonders are we set to see from him in the next decade???

Why Is He Called “Little Chilli”?

“It started from Auba,”

“He said it in French. We’re doing one finishing drill one time in training and he kept staying it, and I kept scoring, I was shooting with so much power and he was calling me little chilli in French.

“I didn’t know what it was. I asked him after and he told me it means little chilli. From then on he kept calling me it and then it became a thing, and now it’s a big thing, a lot of people call me it, and make it my nickname.

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  1. Can any other Gooner think of a single player of ours, recently ex or current, who is so admirable a human as “little Chilli”?

    Many on here will think me an old curmudgeon but I say this freely and openly: the world is breeding countless millions who have the admirable life attitude of SAKA AND THEY WILL BE OUR RACES SALVATION AND TREASURE.

    Of course, as to his football talent, THAT is still exceedingly
    rare , more is the pity!

    Enjoy your birthday dear Bukayo, you thoroughly deserve to!

  2. Happy birthday buddy boy, May you continue to improve and to stay down
    to earth. All the best should come to you.

  3. Happy birthday bro. Birthday blessings, greater height, more success in ur career and by God’s grace u will be one of d arsenal star to win the world best player award

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