Happy Days at Arsenal as Gabriel Jesus finally confirmed

Arteta: Club did tremendous job to sign Jesus

Arsenal finally announced the signing of Gabriel Jesus from fellow Premier League side Manchester City in a deal worth £45 million.

The club’s faithful have been waiting for the official announcement for more than a week now, and they would be pleased that it has finally got over the line.

After Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette left the Emirates Stadium in the January and summer transfer window respectively, the need for a new center forward was crystal clear.

And the Gunners have done an exceptional job in landing a player of the Brazilian’s caliber.

Our new number nine on the roof of the Emirates Stadium

Mikel Arteta was “very excited” after the club unveiled their new number nine on Monday morning.

The Spaniard said on the Arsenal website, “I’m very excited. The club has done a tremendous job to recruit a player of this stature. I know Gabriel personally very well, and we all know him from his time in the Premier League and being really successful here.”

The Arsenal manager continued, “This is a position that’s been on our radar for a long time now and we have managed to get a player that we all wanted, so I’m really happy.”

This is certainly a position where the North London outfit wanted to strengthen, even before the departures of Aubameyang and Lacazette.

Jesus: The project of the club is amazing

Had one of them left the Emirates Stadium in the last summer transfer window, the Gunners were on course to splash the cash on one of their targets.

Several names were linked in the past for the center forward position such as Tammy Abraham, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Victor Osimhen, Dusan Vlahovic, Alexander Isak, Jonathan David and plenty more.

With the search for a striker now coming to an end, Arsenal and Arteta will be hoping that Jesus would push their current project to another height.

And there is no doubt he possesses the pedigree to do so.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Welcome To The Arsenal – let’s hope that we, now, can stop any articles that say how we “missed out” or “interested in” any of the other named players from the article!!

  2. Welcome to Arsenal, GJ!!

    Hopefully we can get Martinez and Tielemans for pre-season and bash on next season..

  3. This signing suggests to me that we will be keeping the same tactics and set up as the previous 2 seasons as Jesus is a like for like for Laca ,he will be expected to chase and run down every ball .
    Let’s hope that does nOt affect his goal output as it as done for laca and Auba previously.
    Would have loved to have gone down the traditional CF road but obviously not getting CL as probably affected us getting in the Bigger names .
    Welcome to Arsenal ….love the process….

    1. Please tell me what bigger name could we get with CL. Even with CL football I think that GJ would be our first option to buy.

      1. Well then that Goes back to my Point regarding playing the same system as last season if you believe he was our first option as our CF .
        I’m not saying he’s a bad signing by any means but for there are better if only our manager had anything g about him to change up a system that hasn’t worked
        Maybe he will prove me wrong and we go all Wenger like but I very much doubt that .

        1. Yeah, I do expect playing the same system. I even wouldn’t be surprised if we start season with GJ on left wing and Eddie up front. I do hope that he proves you wrong, not that I care if you are wrong or right but that would mean that we are on the right track.

  4. But do we need to spend 50mill to get happy days? Saka, ESR were free and top scored last season. Why not use Eddie Balogun Biereth Azeez all free plus Martinelli 7mill+Marquinos 7mill total 14mill and we get the same number of goals as 50mill Jesus.

    1. @fairfan Damn if you do damn if you dont ! Lets be happy we have a player who has been there at the big stage won the PL several times, he will bring a lot of experience lets forget about the money spend. We as Arsenal fans have been crying for years for the club to invest now that its happening there are complains. If we want to compete put your money where your mouth is, this is a fact that have been proven over & over again

      1. Saka ESR Nketia Martinelli cost 7mill total and scored 31 PL goals. Pepe Auba and Laca cost 182mill and scored 10 goals. Why don’t we trust our own payers to do the job?

    2. Do you think the outputs would be the same this year? What about injuries? I feel that you are looking at this situation a little too primitively, not considering the variables of form, injury, improvement, and development into consideration. Maybe that’s why you might be happy for 6th place this season as that assumption also falls in the safe space of no improvement.

    3. Yeah they could score that many goals but they would all need to be on the field. So that is one player giving you the output of six players. I don’t count Saka and ESR/GM. So you can do the math yourself🤷



      Balogun, Biereth Azeez and such as Patino are not in the team for the obvious reason that they are not ready and may never be good enough.

      Why do you regularly choose to overlook obvious facts?
      SAKA and ESR are youngsters who ARE good enough. That does NOT mean- and obviously so to those who think properly – that ALL youngsters are good enough.

      1. Jon, you really do have some good comments and then you ruin it all with add ons like “and obviously so to those who think properly” to quote you from above comment or something like that is what wiser fans think. Why are you doing that? Is it to build your ego? Is it to convince yourself that you are smart? I would really like to know the answer.
        I really do agree with some of your views and the way that you present them but then you just ruin everything with those kind of comments. Please don’t see my reply as some kind of attack on you, I just want to know why do you do it.

        1. LM. to answer your perfectly fair question, I need to explain that I have never been a man to suffer “fools” gladly.

          I seek to debate with those who can think clearly , who can marshall their thoughts and who have a degree of both knowledge of whatever is the subject AND who can add something of their OWN to the debate.

          I do believe there are many on JA – not only those who post but those who read but choose not to post – who crave reading serious and deeper thought through debate. I am firmly among the group who crave PROPER EDUCATED debate!

          I much dislike the sort of trite comments such as “I hope we win” and other meaningless twaddle. It is taken as read by thinkers that ALL Gooners hope we win and I find it irritating to have to wade through the many childlike posts, in order to find posts from deeper thinkers.

          If that makes me disliked, which it does with some on JA, then that is the cross I have to bear . I cannot and will not be different from my nature and I repeat, I do not suffer fools gladly.

          But equally, I constantly praise educated posts that add something substantial to the debate. I try, almost constantly, to try helping non thinkers to think more deeply before posting what is often nonsense or simply rehashed twaddle.

          Hope that helps you understand and I perfectly understand why and I support the reason you needed to ask me that question.
          Finally I do not seek social media popularity, as that would be to really “build an ego”!

          I seek only to change things I DO NOT THINK ADD ANYTHING TO THE DEBATE.

          1. Fair enough and ty for your thorough explanation. I do understand your reasons now. Althought I think that you are doing Sisyphean effort as I don’t think that “non thinkers” will try to think more deeply because you said something like that. It will probably have the effect of making you disliked. But as you said it is your cross to bear and you can’t change your nature( I do think that “non thinkers” can’t either) and I can respect that.
            All in all tnx for the explanation and have a nice day.

  5. Well, what we need now is progress. Let’s hope signing Jesus will improve our scoring goals. Welcome Gabriel Jesus to the Arsenals!

  6. Welcome GJ, I wish you well!

    OT: City seem to have signed Phillips now as well, their team is terrifying now!

  7. Welcome to Gabriel FC! Our left side attack will be scary with three Gabriels + other Portuguese speakers:

    ……………………….. Ramsdale
    Tomiyasu . Saliba . Gabriel . Tavares
    …………………………… Partey
    ……….. Odegaard …………. Vieira
    Saka …………………………………………… Gabriel
    …………………………… Gabriel

      1. I could see him shipped out after he heavily criticized his teammates. We’ve also got Vieira

    1. I don’t see Tavares in first 11. About Vieira I am not sure if that will be his position but to be honest I don’t know anything about him, didn’t even heard about him before we signed him. And I really wouldn’t be surprised if we start the season with this front 3


      1. Eddie obviously in the middle in front of the other two, don’t know why it posted it like this

      2. I’d be surprised if Martinelli gets benched for Jesus, because Martinelli is our best dribbler last season

        1. First to say that I really love Gabi. I saw a lot of posts where people are saying that they see something of Alexis in him. I can see some things especialy in his later games but totaly different player. When I first saw him and in his early days with us I saw something in him from another player and that is Ronaldo (not CR7), he was much more direct. And I liked more that version of him. He is fast and explosive, likes to track back, his tehnique and finishing is pretty good and will be better as he is still very young. His dribling is ok nowhere near someone like Gervinho whose problem was sadly that he couldn’t hit an open barn. He is very young and I expect that he will improve masively and potentialy become world class player but with all that positives his final output is not good enough for us to go step further. Is it because of our tactics, quality of players around him or some other reasons I don’t know but he would have to up his game on another level and start banging goals because he has natural gift for it, to secure his starting position in first 11. And I really hope he does that.

    2. GAI do you really love anything to do with left, you are so obsessed with left foot all the time and its worrying. What is so special about left so much?

      Actually the right side is as good if not better…

      1. According to a research, there are only 10% left-footed footballers in the world and the good ones are even rarer

        So the coaches who use overload tactics tend to attack or overload the opposition’s right side to open up the space on the left, because LBs who can defend well are rare

        Highly skilled inverted RWs are also more unpredictable than their counterparts, because they are rare breed. This is why inverted RWs are generally more expensive than the conventional ones and the LWs

  8. Welcome to Arsenal, GJ!!
    Nice signing this. Now maybe we should focus on getting our other needs fulfilled like a CM, CDM backup, LB backup, and maybe an RW backup. Based on the media reports, Martinez seems a lost cause, maybe we might focus on Tielemans, Onana, Grimaldo, and Neto. Their price tags seem to be very reasonable and we can get them all for the price range of 77-85 million pounds. Also, it seems that based on the reports about our outgoings, we might get a pretty windfall based on the players sold. Also, all can be done quickly and don’t have problems with players going on holidays or other unwanted delays except for the club’s intent. Anyways, a very good transfer so far. Pleasantly, surprised with the pace of the business so far.

  9. First and foremost welcome Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal. Secondly, kudos to Mikel Arteta and Edu for working consistently to improve our team. Let’s hope for some few more arrivals that will further strengthen our team. Going by what we see the future of our club is very bright. We may not wait too long before we see our old Arsenal which was tearing teams apart resulting in the invincibles. These may seem insignificant achievements but remember a journey of a mile begins with one step. Arsenal is systematically moving forwards and before others realise it we shall be formidable again. Onwards and upwards the Arsenal marches.

  10. Great signing. Am not much excited by what he brings on the skill front, but more by the elite coaching he as received via Pep, and the years of training within that regime. That experience will be helpful for our youngsters. And he has seen it all, toughest strenuous pressure of the top flight football fighting with PL leaders and UCL teams, which is something he can sort of guide our youth team to sort them out and perform under similar circumstances. Very good signing indeed.

  11. Great signing!

    Really happy about it and glad there’s been early summer signings. Jesus and others will have more time to settle in.

    Turner, Saliba, Vieira, Marquinhos and Jesus are joining the squad.

    That’s really exciting!

  12. Won’t say he is great signing or Arsenal did a tremendous job in signing him. When you pay over the odds for transfer fee and salary there is nothing tremendous in it.

    Nonetheless I am very pleased he is here and hope he will be a success.

    1. That’s where i sit on this signing too HH
      Where as we have filled a gap the fee we have payed have made Man City even stronger because they have actually upgraded
      45 million for a player with 12 months left is overpaying in anyones book ,but that’s where we find ourselves because of the mess we made last season .

      1. We can only hope it will work out great otherwise the next manager is going to find himself in the same shoes.

  13. Welcome to Arsenal, Gabriel Jesus. Hope you have a great time here, scoring and assisting and in turn taking Arsenal to the next level. We look forward to seeing your skillsets and talent.

  14. I’m happy as pie to see Jesus finally announced. Watching how certain other teams are striving to improve, especially the N17 Imposters, we still need some positions to be improved a lot. As was said many moons ago in ancient Greece:-

    “One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”

    If we don’t bring in some more ‘swallows’ then other teams will move ahead of us. Just a simple fact. There is still plenty of time to sign a midfielder, a forward and full back cover (what happend to Aaron Hickey who can cover both flanks?). If we don’t sign who we need then we will not get the best of our new signings. Finish the job.

  15. He is not a 20 goal a season striker, but he is right in MA’s wheelhouse. Smart, hard working, provides assists and will provide a dozen or more goals a season. I for one am excited to see what he can add to an already pacey young forward line. I am not lifting the lid off just yet, but add some depth in the DM department and get some luck with injuries we may well be on our way to something special this season.

  16. Welcome GJ, make us proud and win a lot of trophies for us…… You are welcome to gunners family

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