Happy New Year to all Arsenal fans around the world – A better year ahead?

Although many fans think that little has changed since Unai Emery replaced Arsene Wenger as Arsenal boss in the summer, but surely there is some extra positivity and hope for the future?

We are right now four points ahead of where we were at this stage last season, despite our recent slump in form, and especially despite our massive injury list! Although it remains to be seen how Emery’s first season will pan out at the end of the campaign. The Gunners traditionally have better results in the last third of the season, and if we get a couple of new arrivals and some of our injured players back, there is still a chance we could finish in the Top Four, so let’s keep being positive for now shall we?

The end of the year celebrations also give me the chance to thank everyone who has contributed to JustArsenal’s success in 2018, from the writers like Konstantin, Dan Smith, Pat J, Nicholas Oyoo, Sean, Bryan Gobbet, Sam P, Darren N, and the loads of other occasional wordsmiths that have sent in their efforts. They have generated much lively discussion amongst our many readers.

And that takes me nicely to the great mix of opinions we have in the comments section, with special thanks to regulars like Lod Jon, the two Kens, Sue, Phil, Midkemma, OzzieGunner, Innit, Break-on-Through, Durand, the Johns, ThirdMan, and the thousands of new and old commentors that have taken the time to join the discussion along the way.

You have all made JustArsenal one of the most diverse Arsenal websites in the world with visitors from all parts of the globe, and I am eternally grateful to you all for coming here and making my vision of an all-inclusive Arsenal website come to light, even if there have been a few small ‘disagreements’ along the way LOL.

Well I hope you all have a great New Years Eve and I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful year ahead.

Thanks to one and all….. See you next year!



  1. Break-on-through says:

    I often hear people saying that we need a Cazorla type in midfield, that would be good of course, but I think it’s more important to have three forwards and one behind who can all link up well together, and take players on. Players that shoot when there’s a sniff at goal, basically having threatening forwards like how Auba and Laca are with won another. Yes you need creativity from midfield, we def need more. Laca and Auba were tearing it up earlier, imagine we had another couple who’re similarly threatening. A play-makers game can be stifled, if you get tight to who he wants to put through, then he can’t do much to force it. If we have more than just Auba and Laca scaring defenders, then it is not so easy to stop a play-making midfielder. This is why Liv are so dangerous, it’s too difficult to stop their creativity because it’s not about a certain player or two making defence splitting passes. Allot of their goals are from panicking players into mistakes and beating their first man, they (forwards) are all taking players on and you need that. City are great at defence splitting passes, but they also have the tricky speedsters who link up well together and have composure in the final third. I look forward to seeing who Emery brings in, Ozil is leaving and he is one of those, that, you stop the player he wants to find, and it breaks down too easily. I hope we get quality players that fit the system, because people are right when they say, we’re too much of a patchwork mentality. We need to have a certain type in mind and we need to not settle for anyone else.

    1. enagic says:

      Yes you need a play maker, Emery is gonna bring in Banega,Denis suarez this january i am sure 100%

    2. enagic says:

      Yes you need a play maker, Emery is gonna bring in Banega,Denis suarez this january i am sure 100%

    3. John Ibrahim says:

      why not just add we need a brand new first 11…each with a 100m tag….

      Emery needs time to build a team….

      Klopp took 5 season to build a team and win the title

      so support even if we lose by 4 or 5 goals

      1. ozziegunner says:


  2. Declan says:

    Happy New Year everyone xx

  3. Invisible says:

    Happy New year to all my fellow gooners, brothers and sisters of all this and that. Leave 2018 as it was, just a bad or a good transitional year, looking forward to a better times ahead. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  4. deepo says:

    Thank you and happy new year gooners around the globe

  5. jon fox says:

    I HOPE AND THINK ALL OF US ON HERE WILL HAPPILY RETURN YOUR BEST WISHES PAT. I want to say , as New Year dawns, that this wonderful site has been a great source of amusement, good and enjoyable debate and much which I have learned too. We are all in your debt; you personally and all who submitted articles. We are quick to criticise, me more than many, I freely admit, BUT looking at the wider picture, this is a marvellous forum to bring together keen Gooners from the world over. More power to your elbow, as they say and a heartfelt THANK YOU for the wonderful job you do. HAPPY NEW YEAR. And I will raise a glass to you at midnight !

    1. Admin says:

      Cheers Lord Jon and I hope we both carry on doing this forany years you old twat x

      1. jon fox says:

        Love the “lord” Pat. Thank you for using my proper title. I had hoped to keep my true rank a secret on here but you have outed me! And I do not mind the “twat” in the least, as you should always speak the truth but not so much of the “old,” you youngster!!! I have a sore head right now but nothing that the hair of the dog won’t cure! HOW ABOUT YOU?

        1. Admin says:

          My lovely lady in her wisdom booked us in for dinner right now (1pm new year’s Day!) so we are having a hair of the wine. Start the year as you mean to go on!

          1. ozziegunner says:

            I second jon’s thoughts and thanks to Admin.
            Wishing everyone a healthy, safe and prosperous 2019.

  6. Sue says:

    Happy 2019 to all my fellow gooners!
    Keep up the great work in the new year Pat, we all love coming on here to discuss that one thing we all have in common – our beloved AFC!!
    I hope we start the new year with a convincing win tomorrow & get back on track! COYG
    I also hope 2019 is a better year for Ken1945 (health wise) and hope you’re back in your seat at the Emirates before you know it

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    Happy New Year everyone, and thanks to admin for keeping this site going. I haven’t written an article on here for a long time, but I comment regularly which I do enjoy.

    Hopefully 2019 will be a lot better for us gooners, and I cannot wait for tomorrow’s game! Have a great night everyone, and for anyone doing some heavy drinking tonight, remember those water breaks…you’ll be very thankful for those in the morning, I promise you! Haha!

  8. Innit says:

    Happy 2019 Everyone
    2019 wasn’t as bad as 2018
    At least there is hope
    Let’s hope we start 2019 with wins and new signings

    2019 ???????????????

  9. ken1945 says:

    Can I also thank everyone for making this site such a great place to debate all things Arsenal.
    I have never enjoyed pitting my wits against such a varied and sensible group so much in my life.
    Thanks Sue, all the best to you and yours.
    Pat (Admin) a special thanks for opening upthis site to us gooners, long may it last.
    All the very best to each and every gooner and may 2019 see Unai Emery bring back glory to our wonderful club.

    1. snowden says:

      Wishng you 12 months of happiness. 52 weeks of good times. 365 days of good health. 525 600 minutes of joy. 3 153 600 seconds of success and a year of peace in the heart.

    2. jon fox says:

      Gosh Ken ! You have “wits”! Where can I get some too!!! Good health this year and sincere best wishes to a fine man.

  10. Happy New Year guys! May we fix the defence in 2019, that’s all I hope for!


    Gunners since 71 from Norway.
    Happy New Year to all Arsenal friends around the world.
    I am celebrating New Year in Reykjavik. English Pub tomorrow. Hopefully 3 points.
    Emery have to start Laccazette and Abu.. every game. Two of the best strikers in the PL.
    The sad truth is that we will never win the PL again without spending money. A lot of MONEY!!!!!

  12. Fanaby says:

    Must you guys end every godamn article title with a question mark?

    1. Admin says:

      And what is your problem with that?
      This site is about discussion. Why on earth do you think that’s a sensible comment?

      1. jon fox says:

        Love the witty irony in your reply. Don’t I? There is always one, eh Pat? The pedant in me noticed he only used one “d” instead of the correct two “d’s”in God Damn.

  13. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Happy new year to you Pat and all Arsenal fans around the world and thank you to your staff for all the hard work you do.

  14. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Happy new year Gunners FAM??…Everything will answer positively to everyone of us this year. This year will take us steps closer to everything we ever wanted.
    Eddie Hoyte

    Admin you mentioned the regulars names with mine, I’m dead??‍♂?…. I’m demanding you erect a statue for me.. Lol..
    BTW! Ozil turned down the chance to go out on loan this Jan!! Let that sink in!! Emery please sort your problems with the players this year

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Without my name*

      1. Sue says:

        Omg Eddie a loan deal for Mesut?? Seriously?? ?

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          Sue Yea…but he turned it down

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Rather, he intends to turn it down according to ESPN’s Ralph Honigstein.. Said he wants to fight for his place

          2. Sue says:

            I am amazed!!! What a joke!

          3. Eddie Hoyte says:

            If it’s true he turned bit down, then Emery’s a big joke… Sell him off, we need the funds… Loan him out and take him back for what exactly?… If he can’t get buyers this Jan, let him be then look for buyers in the summer

    2. Admin says:

      Sorry Eddie I tried to remember everyone but started celebrating too early lol. You are of course one of our mainstays but not statue class yet!

      1. jon fox says:

        Oh Pat. You meannie! Eddie deserves at least a statue! A Knighthood too, while you have that sword in your hand.

  15. snowden says:

    Wishng you 12 months of happiness. 52 weeks of good times. 365 days of good health. 525 600 minutes of joy. 3 153 600 seconds of success and a year of peace in the heart.

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah I got that first time.Amymore and I will be looking for the nearest bridge to jump off.And that’s before I get to the Emirates this afternoon.

  16. Namo says:

    Happy new year to Admin and this great Arsenal Family. I really hope 2019 brings good tidings in our personal lives as well as for our beloved club ARSENAL.
    I read that due to unavailability of funds, the club will be looking more at loan deals during this transfer window. Is that ambitious enough for a club that wants to return to top4?
    I know there’s always this talk about not getting good value in the January window, but I think it depends on where you look. We signed Auba in January. He has been great value so far, hasn’t he?
    When will this penny pinching stop?

  17. Uchman says:

    Happy new year pat, and all gunners all over the world, tnx for creating this wonderful site for all gunners to air their view on things about our dear club! Kudos man

  18. Grandad says:

    Good health and happiness to all who contribute to this addictive site.We may have differing views and ideas but one thing that shines through is our love for the Arsenal.A good year to you all.

    1. Mwsupporter says:

      Happy new year to you all, desperately hoping it’ll be a great one for the club.

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