HAPPY Welbeck has ONE complaint about joining Arsenal…

You might think that the Arsenal and England international star Danny Welbeck might feel a little put out about having to play second fiddle to Olivier Giroud, in the Premier League games at least, since the Frenchman returned from his lengthy injury lay off, but he doesn´t seem to be.

Welbeck did not say as much anyway as he spoke to Arsenal Player about his first season as a Gunner. Perhaps Welbeck is just grateful that Giroud´s time out this this season allowed the former Man United striker the chance to play in his preferred centre forward position.

The 24-year old actually declared himself delighted with the way things have gone at his new club, thanking all the players as well as the staff behind the scenes and of course, the fans who have taken to him so quickly. The only thing that Welbeck is not so chuffed about it seems, is his goal tally of just eight goals, although he did record his first career hat-trick in the Champions League and that was a big highlight.

Danny is not too concerned about his goal scoring though, as he feels that it being his first season in a new team and city can account for some of that, while he is confident that he will do much better next season in front of goal.

Welbeck said, “It’s been transitional for me, moving down to London, playing in a new system for a new manager and a new team, getting used to new things around the club.

“I’m happy about the move to Arsenal and I think things will go well for me in the future. It’s a good group of lads and everyone’s been class with me since the day I arrived.

“It’s not just my team-mates, it’s the staff around the training ground, at the stadium – everyone’s made me feel welcome. The fans have been brilliant as well so they’ve made it very easy for me.

“It’s not just one thing [that has improved]. My all-round game, getting used to the different systems and different players means you learn a lot more, gather more experience and you just develop naturally.

“There have been a few highlights really. Performance-wise, I’ve had a few good ones and it’s difficult to pick one.

“Scoring my first professional hat-trick was a special moment for me. I want to improve, to keep getting better as a person and a player down here.”

How well do you think Welbeck has done for Arsenal since his transfer?

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  1. Welbeck’s still pretty young and very raw. For his first season I personally think he’s done ok.
    First-touch needs some serious work but if his overall control improves, physically and technically he’s pretty good. Has the tools to be immense if he works hard

    1. Like I’ve always said, I LOVE Danny (hey, I’m straight, ok?), but the thing is that I fear English players. When they have one good season after countless poor ones, they suddenly start feeling like gods and want to dictate matters. All of a sudden, they are too good for the club, they immediately want a bumper pay rise, etc.

      For some reason, I’ve had my eyes on Danny for a while now, but I particularly picked interest in him when he was on loan at Sunderland. He’s not there yet but he’s trying.

      My fear, what if next season Danny goes on to score like 3O goals in all competitions, and has like 15 assists to his name in the EPL, won’t he request for the captain’s armband?

  2. Welbeck is competent on the ball, he has pace and as we saw against Man United he does have a good touch, BUT that being said he only has eight goals because he does not shoot nearly as often as he should. Often I have seen him in great shooting positions but its almost as if he is either too nervous to shoot or does not want to give the ball away. Either way he is good backup to Giroud and I think next season he will be much better as long as Wenger and the coaching staff drum it into his head to take more chances and be more daring in front of goal.

    1. In addition to that, I think sometimes he gets carried away and does not stick to the system or his position. Against Reading he was terrible and left the middle of the pitch too much. Against Monaco he drifted in way too much.

      I don’t think he knows how to be a lone striker yet but that will come with time. If he improved he could be an amazing player as he has pace and power already.

  3. I would like to see our forwards take some serious coaching sessions with thierry henry. Welbeck Walcott campbell chamberlain wellington sanogo gnabry akpom even sanchez and giroud would really benefit from his expertise

  4. Welbeck hasn’t exactly been awesome, but sometimes he does bring a different element to our game. Has physical strength, pace and also assists defensively.
    If only he could stick to his wing position and use the width of the pitch, and not stroll all over the pitch like Gervinhno.
    Remember, Henry once said (at Barca), Pep told him to stick to his wing, or he will join the bench.

  5. Danny has done OK for his first season, and has the youth to continue to improve.
    He’s got pace, he’s a team player and he tackles back.
    2 things to work on are: his ball control, he seems to have a heavy 2nd or 3rd touch and loses possession, and the accuracy of his shooting – his missed a number of clear chances to date.

    My only concern is that he’s another of our England players – Jack, Theo, Ox who seem to regularly get niggling muscle issues that keep them out of the side.

  6. Welbeck is another player which we signed but do not actually need……just like Ozil…

  7. My highlight of welbeck for the is season is: by passing de gea, notch the winner to send Manure packing in the FA cup, it means a lot to me as it tot Manure fans a lesson and they have to understand why we hate RiP

    1. I agree with you,I see Welb as a winger,he just has not the mindset to be a striker,very poor positioning and bad selection of shots.
      That nearly the same reason Walcott did not made it as striker.
      He will be a very good winger for his pace,his dribbles and hard work,good aquisition.

  8. I think Welbeck could be a great player BUT he’s shooting is no where good enough! This can be improved but there are many goals that he should have scored this season.

  9. Haz of a guy should be high school coach…Lol then he will realized that coaching Arsenal is not an easy job…

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